International Soda Taste Test


  1. regularwonderland

    regularwonderland2 개월 전

    Ya’ll keep saying Link doesn’t have killer instinct....Chase would beg to differ 😂

  2. Daniel McGuinness

    Daniel McGuinness2 일 전

    +ThaiNiTeddy pppppppp

  3. Augustogabe dot com

    Augustogabe dot com3 일 전

    Ugh huh

  4. TheMinifigMaker

    TheMinifigMaker21 일 전

    regularwonderland I had Inca cola it really does smell like bubblegum

  5. Mika Magnol

    Mika Magnol개월 전

    +Maple Leaf So random. xD

  6. Maple Leaf

    Maple Leaf개월 전

    +Mika Magnol Theres this one melon soda that i love but i can only get it at a small Japanese store

  7. Madison Barlow

    Madison Barlow시간 전

    In Canada where I'm from, we call "soda".... *Pop* Idk, do other Canadians do this? And is it weird?

  8. Elaine Cook

    Elaine Cook12 시간 전

    They should’ve had Manzanita Sol from Mexico, it’s sooooo good🤪

  9. Kyle Jones

    Kyle Jones22 시간 전

    10:15 she's really cute... first time seeing her

  10. Kyle Jones

    Kyle Jones22 시간 전

    Are you flat earthers cuz Rhett won the Jamaica one, he was closer on a globe... I can't be the only one that noticed this... surely

  11. o0ps

    o0ps일 전

    flat earth measurements!! lmao

  12. Emma Hudroge

    Emma Hudroge일 전

    I freakin love ginger beer

  13. ravenclaw Red head

    ravenclaw Red head일 전

    Is there cream soda in the usa

  14. Connor Slape

    Connor Slape일 전


  15. Tim Blis

    Tim Blis2 일 전

    I just have to say for the ginger beer you should have done our one here in Australia “Bundaberg ginger beer”

  16. RyanTheLion

    RyanTheLion2 일 전

    it bugs me that malaysia on the map is not the correct country size

  17. Yoke Chin Chong

    Yoke Chin Chong3 일 전

    One of the most famous malaysian soda is 100plus, and we ain't git any i said *ANY* melon flavor. And btw, if you ain't got the soda from that country, then don't put it on the board

  18. Jkbn Schlauch

    Jkbn Schlauch3 일 전

    why does link have 4 darts???

  19. Sofia Reyes`

    Sofia Reyes`4 일 전

    who else was thinking that pineapple crush (from Canada) was gonna be showcased?

  20. Max Bertrand

    Max Bertrand4 일 전

    The 2 one was easy!!!😂😂😂

  21. Matthew Lafferty

    Matthew Lafferty4 일 전

    When will you do Will it Barbecue?

  22. Christopher Marks

    Christopher Marks4 일 전

    Chase though. ♥

  23. Rambo Jhon

    Rambo Jhon5 일 전

    i'm an Indian and to be honest i have never seen or tasted or heard about that drink myself.. :| :| i think Indians gonna disown me now :V

  24. Patrick Fairbanks

    Patrick Fairbanks5 일 전

    Cumin is what made you think tacos. lol

  25. Patrick Fairbanks

    Patrick Fairbanks5 일 전

    May 41 RIP.



    I was waiting for Malaysia. D=

  27. Megan Buhanan

    Megan Buhanan6 일 전

    Am 13 weeks pregnant and i was going to name my daughter Melanie thanks Rhett now i am going to name her Melanie.😊

  28. AlbertScoot

    AlbertScoot6 일 전

    Stop trying to foist off all the weird drinks and food onto Mexico.

  29. Carolina Hedqvist

    Carolina Hedqvist6 일 전

    Inca cola

  30. Gary Murphy

    Gary Murphy6 일 전

    I can't believe ginger beer isn't a thing in America. Its well known in literally the rest of the world lol

  31. Haydar Esaleh

    Haydar Esaleh6 일 전

    That yogurt Iran drink taste good sometimes I think link and Rhett over exaggerate to much

  32. Aiat Hussein

    Aiat Hussein일 전


  33. Connor Godshall

    Connor Godshall6 일 전

    Bacon soda I got bacon soda

  34. XxGacha_ LoverXX

    XxGacha_ LoverXX6 일 전

    Chase: No, no, no,no, stop My favorite part. I have no idea how many times he said "no" but that was my favorite part.

  35. Spence MX

    Spence MX6 일 전

    RIP bush 😂😢

  36. Jali Sa

    Jali Sa6 일 전

    EWW no chinotto! My nonna is probably the only one that loves it lol

  37. Luke Pruitt

    Luke Pruitt7 일 전

    Am I the only one that thinks link kinda looks like Garth from Wayne's world

  38. spo

    spo7 일 전

    Why do they say Iran like that?? 😂😂

  39. Agar-Craps

    Agar-Craps7 일 전

    We don’t drink chinoto in italy we drink mostly coca cola, pepsi, estathè. That’s it

  40. Aryaman Tiwari

    Aryaman Tiwari7 일 전


  41. Dustin H

    Dustin H7 일 전

    I really like the San Pellegrino Limonata

  42. cian caffrey

    cian caffrey7 일 전

    this game shows that the good mythical morning crew are flat "earthers" ....

  43. Trey Reeves

    Trey Reeves7 일 전

    No Irn Bru? Awww

  44. Helia Neissi

    Helia Neissi7 일 전

    I’m soo happy the are using Iran because that’s we’re I come from and usually people don’t talk about it at all but you guys do with I’m proud about

  45. ReggieZ

    ReggieZ7 일 전

    Rhett: you gotta have a killer instinct Link: nearly kills chase with dart

  46. ReggieZ

    ReggieZ7 일 전

    Chase must be on edge at all times during these dart throwing games 😂

  47. Liisa-Meta Kurina

    Liisa-Meta Kurina7 일 전

    "I'm always feeling Estonia" 💕🇪🇪💕

  48. Wizard

    Wizard7 일 전

    I expected Thums Up from India

  49. R Smiles

    R Smiles8 일 전

    Link: this is strait out of Mexico me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA no

  50. Cassandra Gaitan

    Cassandra Gaitan8 일 전

    Rip Bush

  51. Elyse Howard

    Elyse Howard8 일 전

    The Japanese soda should have been easy

  52. Perceptual Tree

    Perceptual Tree8 일 전

    Anyone notice that Japan got said multiple times and Rhett did react? Haha

  53. CrazyFriend26

    CrazyFriend268 일 전


  54. Maimunah Zailani

    Maimunah Zailani8 일 전


  55. Poppy

    Poppy8 일 전


  56. Alex

    Alex9 일 전

    Cant believe you didnt include irn-bru!

  57. Agil Gaming

    Agil Gaming9 일 전

    i wanna buy that collegiate sweater but its sold out :(

  58. Никита Павлович

    Никита Павлович9 일 전

    You should've tried tarhun as well. It's a Georgian tarragon-flavoured drink with a rather partical taste. Just how you love it, guys

  59. drschplatt

    drschplatt9 일 전

    Ginger Beer is made in the USA too. Kind of odd to call it Jamaican specifically

  60. Neil MacPherson

    Neil MacPherson10 일 전

    international drinks so metric measurements.

  61. 1423 171

    1423 17110 일 전

    It's strange cause when you meet indian people because of the amount of the cumin spice they eat in their food they smell like tacos

  62. a person

    a person10 일 전

    It was never mexico

  63. a4une *

    a4une *10 일 전

    Instead of a cartographer, can Chase be called a “dart-tagropher”?

  64. DefinitelyNotClickbait

    DefinitelyNotClickbait10 일 전

    i’ve has the pop from peru

  65. Sean Ryu

    Sean Ryu10 일 전

    Wait for the ginger beer wasn’t Rhett technically closer

  66. Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM10 일 전

    The soda water challenge awesome👍👍👍

  67. Ellie Santos

    Ellie Santos10 일 전

    Link: “I don’t like Dr Pepper” Rhett: “DONT INSULT DR PEPPER, MAN!” Me: “YAS Rhett you tell him”

  68. boy boll

    boy boll10 일 전

    I wanna taste Italy one

  69. Erp

    Erp10 일 전

    No Limca?

  70. Can we get 1000 subs with 2 crap videos?

    Can we get 1000 subs with 2 crap videos?11 일 전

    Lol canada (my county) is so big and easy to hit

  71. twocsies

    twocsies11 일 전

    This flat earth game is in the can.

  72. randomgamer 9780

    randomgamer 978011 일 전

    Was hoping to see IRN Bru.

  73. randomgamer 9780

    randomgamer 978011 일 전

    But where is the fizzy bubbli?

  74. Nick Bundy

    Nick Bundy11 일 전

    It's frustrating to me that they aren't taking into account the fact that the distance may be shorter in the other direction - that is, going off one side of the map and continuing from the other The world is a globe, sheeple!

  75. Vicky Tang

    Vicky Tang12 일 전

    the melon drink is so good i love japanese drinkd

  76. William Kappler

    William Kappler12 일 전

    Rhett is closer to Jamaica I think, going around the pacific!

  77. GeoJake

    GeoJake12 일 전

    There should be 1 point for guessing the right country and 1 point for having the closest dart on the board

  78. diegamer23 25

    diegamer23 2512 일 전

    "God dammit! i got japan!" -the winner of the japan round

  79. Box

    Box12 일 전

    No Estonian drinks!! Why? Super Monki is best energy drink

  80. Isak Wendesten

    Isak Wendesten12 일 전

    Japan is closer to Jamaica than russia is

  81. Slashersaurus Rex

    Slashersaurus Rex12 일 전

    this would have been a good episode to have h3h3 on.

  82. Gavin Remme

    Gavin Remme12 일 전

    Doesn't seeing the can give it away?

  83. A.J. Young

    A.J. Young12 일 전

    Here in Maine, that soda is called Moxie. And the state is split into two types of people: Those who love it, and those who think it's vile. I am in the latter.

  84. lolatJESS

    lolatJESS12 일 전

    Did...did he just measure that map flat? BOY Jamaica and Japan are close together....if you know Earth is round. What?

  85. Sean Abreu

    Sean Abreu13 일 전

    Inks cola is reallly good and it is the main drink in peru

  86. Sean Abreu

    Sean Abreu13 일 전

    I am from peruuuuuu

  87. Isaac Anastas

    Isaac Anastas13 일 전

    Why cant they go the other way

  88. Thomas Clauson

    Thomas Clauson13 일 전

    What about MOXIE!!!

  89. Lucy Sutherland

    Lucy Sutherland13 일 전

    should’ve tried irn bru

  90. Larissa Stevenson

    Larissa Stevenson13 일 전

    I don't like how they measure the long way around, they could fit so much more drinks or food in the episode if they changed the map....

  91. laxNbass W

    laxNbass W13 일 전

    I love Inca Kola!

  92. David Davtyan

    David Davtyan14 일 전

    The carbonated yogurt drink is actually called “tan”.

  93. OddthehoodDead

    OddthehoodDead14 일 전


  94. Sheida Taghbostani

    Sheida Taghbostani14 일 전

    My name is ابدس backwards I think, in Iran we right right to left

  95. LilPiliceMan Yeah My Dude

    LilPiliceMan Yeah My Dude14 일 전

    Do will it soda

  96. Sheida Taghbostani

    Sheida Taghbostani14 일 전

    Love yogurt soda mhhh it’s Persian

  97. Sheida Taghbostani

    Sheida Taghbostani14 일 전

    I’m Persian and Iran is known for also coke

  98. Sheida Taghbostani

    Sheida Taghbostani14 일 전

    Omg I can’t belief I forgot dogh

  99. Sheida Taghbostani

    Sheida Taghbostani14 일 전


  100. Princess Hidalgo

    Princess Hidalgo14 일 전

    ... it was so weird ... when they said it smells like you Melanie.. my name is Melanie...

  101. AllAroundSports

    AllAroundSports14 일 전

    Why u always put Canada on map but never anything

  102. Roraigh Price

    Roraigh Price14 일 전

    does this game have a name i want more of the same, i can not! contain my need, for more of this game.

  103. Esha Saini

    Esha Saini14 일 전

    Superwoman is shook... where in the world is superwoman today-ay

  104. Sprint Wyvern

    Sprint Wyvern14 일 전

    if ya want a "mexican bev" try some jarritos they pretty oki

  105. Austin Coombs

    Austin Coombs14 일 전

    Was it just me or did it really seem like the guy measuring had the hots for Rhett big time.

  106. Jeff Pagan

    Jeff Pagan14 일 전

    They had to taste cola champagne delicious.

  107. Sam Gallardo

    Sam Gallardo14 일 전

    8:39 “Looks to be milk.”

  108. Roman Johnson

    Roman Johnson14 일 전

    Jamaican me crazy

  109. Professor Eggplant

    Professor Eggplant14 일 전

    Should have doubled the distance if they hit a blue nation and can't identify the name..