International Soda Taste Test


  1. regularwonderland

    regularwonderland4 개월 전

    Ya’ll keep saying Link doesn’t have killer instinct....Chase would beg to differ 😂

  2. Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix개월 전

    regularwonderland o no poor Chase

  3. Crap Alert

    Crap Alert2 개월 전

    +sean c they should give them some tarhun

  4. Daniel McGuinness

    Daniel McGuinness2 개월 전

    +ThaiNiTeddy pppppppp

  5. Augustogabe dot com

    Augustogabe dot com2 개월 전

    Ugh huh

  6. TheMinifigMaker

    TheMinifigMaker3 개월 전

    regularwonderland I had Inca cola it really does smell like bubblegum

  7. DrDrova

    DrDrova9 시간 전

    Show used to be great befire it became just another food show.

  8. Barbed Two

    Barbed Two16 시간 전

    Why you not gettin into Irn bru

  9. Brad Westlund

    Brad Westlund19 시간 전

    Who is the woman who reads the answers?

  10. DaddyO's Ink

    DaddyO's Ink18 시간 전

    That would be Stevie.... soothing voice, right?

  11. Katudon 2464

    Katudon 2464일 전

    メロンソーダis pretty good



    Lol she pronounced the Persian drink wrong sorry not trying to hate

  13. Overcoming Gravity Official

    Overcoming Gravity Official일 전

    #lamamilk #hahahahahah

  14. Abha Singh

    Abha Singh2 일 전

    I am an Indian but I have never seen that Indian drink

  15. Super Nova Nightmare

    Super Nova Nightmare2 일 전

    Okay I love love love your videos and I love love LOVE your channel but, I just have to point this out cause It is really pissin me off, the way you sad lychee was incorrect you it like Lai-chi is Lee-Chi Gosh, i'm sorry but that annoys me so much when someone mispronounces something.... XD

  16. Lillie Watkins

    Lillie Watkins2 일 전

    13:35 and 13:36

  17. The iiPatch

    The iiPatch2 일 전


  18. Melina Rahimi

    Melina Rahimi3 일 전

    8:40 - 10:48

  19. Melina Rahimi

    Melina Rahimi3 일 전

    This was so funny to watch bc when they tried the Persian "soda" their reaction was so hilarious, ps. Im Persian

  20. ii_kiwi _ii

    ii_kiwi _ii3 일 전

    >no kvass

  21. Rok Leben

    Rok Leben3 일 전

    The Earth isnt flat guys... You are measuring it as it is.

  22. Adrian Goodman

    Adrian Goodman3 일 전

    I've had that Iran soda, it's the most nasty disgusting thing I've ever had the displeasure of trying

  23. Вадим Чайкин

    Вадим Чайкин3 일 전

    There should be a Baikal soda from Mother Russia, guys. =) Taste it.

  24. jazzy girl

    jazzy girl3 일 전

    wasn’t rhett closer in the Jamaica round bc the world isn’t flat

  25. Greg Battis

    Greg Battis4 일 전

    Love the melon Japanese sodas. Had them both times flown through Japan.

  26. April Lynn

    April Lynn4 일 전

    "mexican bev, if you're watching..." LOL

  27. Ryan Kharbanda

    Ryan Kharbanda4 일 전

    When link said licorice I heard liquor-ish

  28. Fluffy_109

    Fluffy_1094 일 전

    Its pop

  29. daniel pereira

    daniel pereira4 일 전

    9:30 "or somewhere in the middle..." i live there :)

  30. JackieChin Channydog

    JackieChin Channydog4 일 전

    Hey I'm from Malaysia 🙋🙋

  31. I Created An Account For This

    I Created An Account For This5 일 전

    Jamaican me crazy

  32. Monii Bunny ♡

    Monii Bunny ♡5 일 전

    How'd that pee taste? 😖😂

  33. Normal Person

    Normal Person5 일 전


  34. RukiaKyoyaFemPoland UnchoMisonoEvaAbridged

    RukiaKyoyaFemPoland UnchoMisonoEvaAbridged6 일 전

    is Doritos and pickled beet flavored sprite or Hungarian sausage flavored Pepsi.

  35. Francis Finne

    Francis Finne6 일 전

    the distance from the dart to jamaica depends which way you go around earth! Rhett wins! omg

  36. Alba S

    Alba S6 일 전

    Mexico this and Mexico that 🙄..... just bc it taste like a taco it’s from Mexico ?... uhm no!

  37. genuinely dont know what to put here

    genuinely dont know what to put here7 일 전

    Isn't the non fizzy of the iranian drink called ayran?

  38. Syed Yunus

    Syed Yunus7 일 전

    I’m Indian and I have never heard or seen that soda

  39. Ava Lima

    Ava Lima7 일 전

    ive had the melon soda from japan i loved it and was awesome

  40. Dan C

    Dan C7 일 전

    Jamaica is close to Japan if you go east not west. The earth is 3rd not a 2 map.

  41. WeebTrash Ari

    WeebTrash Ari8 일 전

    I've had that melon soda before and I think it's pretty good

  42. Madison Bruh!

    Madison Bruh!8 일 전

    I ♥️ your videos

  43. Killuminati1blood

    Killuminati1blood8 일 전

    how can you not know ginger beer is from jamaica? xD

  44. MegaMoto85

    MegaMoto859 일 전

    *Bacon*soda from Iran? Am i the only who found that funny

  45. July

    July10 일 전

    Please make a video of trying exotic Asian fruits. Durian especially!

  46. Ravage

    Ravage10 일 전

    Here it is Moxie

  47. Terroy Panton

    Terroy Panton10 일 전

    I'm from Jamaica

  48. That Ukrainian slav

    That Ukrainian slav10 일 전

    It’s so funny when link is super sure that the melon one is from mexico

  49. Lily and Kagome Animelovers 2

    Lily and Kagome Animelovers 210 일 전

    Mmm inca kola is really good. I got it from my church one time I think in the food pantry but I've never been able to find it again. It's yummy.

  50. Mexican Bev

    Mexican Bev10 일 전


  51. Mark Mywords

    Mark Mywords10 일 전

    "Pellegrino flavour"

  52. Patrick O'Donnell

    Patrick O'Donnell10 일 전

    "I'm always feeling Estonia." Rhett

  53. Edward Long

    Edward Long11 일 전

    We need eyes glow meme for Rhett

  54. ava camille

    ava camille11 일 전

    I thought the first one was Beverly but I was wrong

  55. ronindebeatrice

    ronindebeatrice11 일 전

    Damn I would love a ginger beer...

  56. juicybaka12761276

    juicybaka1276127611 일 전

    Need to see more of the commentator 😍

  57. Kipdynamite

    Kipdynamite11 일 전

    im from Waco and we have big red.

  58. ruska vee

    ruska vee11 일 전

    They should try sima from finland...

  59. Alex Oberg

    Alex Oberg11 일 전

    “Where is the world is Superwoman today ay.” Am I the only one who got that reference?

  60. Sir Memes a Lot

    Sir Memes a Lot12 일 전

    I've had the soda on the thumbnail before

  61. RIP Mr Krabs

    RIP Mr Krabs12 일 전

    It’s pronounced shin-oh-toe. You uncultured swine (jk about the swine but)

  62. Potato Chips Bleach Flavored

    Potato Chips Bleach Flavored12 일 전

    Ogarame un caballito.

  63. Holly Parsons

    Holly Parsons13 일 전

    Surprised they didn’t taste “Dandelion and burdock” from UK or Irn-Bru from Scotland (old recipe obviously) 👐🏼

  64. Gacha Shy

    Gacha Shy13 일 전

    I see there very bad at aiming.and there is a person sitting RIGHT BESIDE the board they are throwing VERY SHARP DARTS! They better have a hospital nearby..

  65. Cyan N

    Cyan N14 일 전

    Did any one else think Cell Block Tango at 0:14?

  66. Darian Rice

    Darian Rice14 일 전

    Is it just because im high or, does Rhett seam high

  67. Steeve Morel

    Steeve Morel14 일 전

    I say iran like bush xD

  68. Adam johansson

    Adam johansson14 일 전

    Here is a question for you all americans from a swedish person. When you think about northern part of europe, is your thought that there is more polar-bears than people and we all live in igloos?

  69. Porple Geraffe

    Porple Geraffe14 일 전

    Hey, ultra instinct shaggy

  70. Dennis Hamilton

    Dennis Hamilton14 일 전

    No way they didn’t know ginger beer is from Jamaica....

  71. Liam Barnett

    Liam Barnett14 일 전

    You guys should do a weird canned food taste test.

  72. Meredith Alice

    Meredith Alice15 일 전

    you know it's asian when it's melon lol

  73. TooManyTaco 2000

    TooManyTaco 200015 일 전

    Link + darts = disaster

  74. Astral Trippin

    Astral Trippin15 일 전

    Inca kola is fire

  75. Olga Soto

    Olga Soto15 일 전

    Did Rhett say he’s high?!?

  76. DJ flying taco

    DJ flying taco16 일 전

    I've had inca cola dat shit is fire

  77. Autumn Leaves

    Autumn Leaves16 일 전

    This has to be one of the best GMM episodes. Currently rewatching a bunch of episodes and this is really standing out so far, really funny and well done.

  78. Lizzie Dabenett

    Lizzie Dabenett16 일 전

    These were all so did they not get them? Everyone knows ginger beer comes from Jamaica. 😂

  79. Ruuben Soosaar

    Ruuben Soosaar16 일 전


  80. Süñdiål gîrl

    Süñdiål gîrl16 일 전

    Dont kill Chase XD

  81. Eddiev8

    Eddiev816 일 전

    Mexico doesn’t make nasty drinks wtf Seriously? Taco soda? Cmon. Mexico makes sugary drinks like jarritos (most popular) or beer

  82. Gojira Guy

    Gojira Guy16 일 전

    In Shanghai, I went to a restaurant and they had melon flavored ice cream.

  83. Scott the Paleontologist

    Scott the Paleontologist16 일 전

    I’m hella thirsty rn and for some reason it’s making me mad that they’re taking the worlds smallest sips and not just chugging it.

  84. Itz Dusty

    Itz Dusty17 일 전

    Do you in America have Fanta?

  85. Firdaus Abdullah

    Firdaus Abdullah17 일 전

    Malaysia Melon. Haha btw Hei from Malaysia

  86. Izz Nation

    Izz Nation17 일 전

    Why did you give Link darts have you guys not learn anything haha🤣

  87. sudheep es

    sudheep es18 일 전

    i am from India, and i never had that😂😂

  88. Joe Picone

    Joe Picone18 일 전

    Link doesnt need to guess ,doesnt make a difference just throw lol

  89. B Punk

    B Punk18 일 전

    They were so close to knocking the drinks over like ten times

  90. Dr4g0n Sl4y3r308

    Dr4g0n Sl4y3r30818 일 전

    I saw this drink in a store once and IRAN because it repulsed me so much

  91. Jasmine H

    Jasmine H18 일 전

    where in the world is Carmen sandiego?

  92. Melanie Barker

    Melanie Barker18 일 전

    Hahaha hi there!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Melanie checking in!! 😂😂😂

  93. Gausal Patel

    Gausal Patel18 일 전

    Thumps up should’ve been the soda for India!

  94. ¢hippy Kidd

    ¢hippy Kidd18 일 전

    Why did link get more points than rhett after the Japanese one?? Rhett’s dart was like a centimeter away from japan

  95. Blank Name

    Blank Name18 일 전

    LA has Sprite Cranberry

  96. bullittcrazy

    bullittcrazy19 일 전

    Click a link to see the end of this video? That wasn't the deal....

  97. JPlava

    JPlava19 일 전

    i come from south america so the peruvien soda wasn't the hardest guess

  98. Purplesanta7

    Purplesanta719 일 전

    Chase the dart board

  99. JordanH

    JordanH19 일 전

    what the shit, no Iru Bru from Alba

  100. Melanie Hines

    Melanie Hines19 일 전

    I’m thankful for my dart




  102. Janilyn Manibusan

    Janilyn Manibusan20 일 전

    Wanna know how I escaped Iraq? Iran.

  103. jb4966

    jb496620 일 전

    Why do they all pronounce it as "are-inge"?

  104. Janilyn Manibusan

    Janilyn Manibusan20 일 전

    Whoever comes up with these titles for the games/tests, they are.... genius.

  105. logan mckeage

    logan mckeage20 일 전

    2:05 yeah I had a weird grape fruit drink from Italy and I did not like

  106. Ethereal Hawk

    Ethereal Hawk20 일 전

    Apparently the world isn't round? Lmao