International Soda Taste Test


  1. regularwonderland

    regularwonderland7 개월 전

    Ya’ll keep saying Link doesn’t have killer instinct....Chase would beg to differ 😂

  2. Kayagorzan

    Kayagorzan3 일 전


  3. charles reed

    charles reed개월 전

    chaeyoung willneverchaeold l

  4. Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix4 개월 전

    regularwonderland o no poor Chase

  5. Crap Alert

    Crap Alert5 개월 전

    +sean c they should give them some tarhun

  6. Daniel McGuinness

    Daniel McGuinness5 개월 전

    +ThaiNiTeddy pppppppp

  7. CelixGawd

    CelixGawd9 시간 전

    The earth is round so even if it was Mexico Rhett would have won

  8. Whitney Elizabeth

    Whitney Elizabeth13 시간 전

    Any other Disney fans that heard them go “it tastes like Bubblegum” and IMMEDIATELY go “it’s the Peru one”? (I didn’t see the bottle at the bottom beforehand)

  9. Whitney Elizabeth

    Whitney Elizabeth17 시간 전

    When they said “salty yogurt drink”, I lost it...

  10. Nick

    Nick21 시간 전

    ugh these episodes are so hard to watch. seeing link fail miserably in every episode makes me face palm.

  11. Bashful Wolfo

    Bashful Wolfo21 시간 전

    The first time I had Inca Kola was when I went with my dad to a Peruvian restaurant and I instantly fell in love with the soda. I've only been to the restaurant twice and I really missed the soda.. Thankfully ones of my friends is Peruvian and every snack and drink she has is also Peruvian.. I had like 5 cans of Inca Kola.

  12. Maria Leonard

    Maria Leonard일 전

    Shouldn't they have known by now that anything with a melon flavor is gonna be from an asian country, especially unnaturally colored like that? And anything with that weird spicy, sweet fruit thing is from Mexico....

  13. Dexter Morgan

    Dexter Morgan일 전

    I almost disliked it as soon as link said he didnt like dr pepper

  14. Cole Rohatinsky

    Cole Rohatinsky일 전

    We call it pop in Canada

  15. Nayan Nair

    Nayan Nair일 전

    We don’t have that drink in india

  16. Henji 123

    Henji 1232 일 전


  17. gokaury

    gokaury2 일 전

    Melonade soda in Japan? Homestar Runner would love this soda.

  18. garner berry

    garner berry2 일 전

    Imagine not liking Dr Pepper

  19. Luiza S

    Luiza S2 일 전

    There was no Brazil there afff

  20. CapLightning 75

    CapLightning 752 일 전

    Green melon is... Melon

  21. Podcrash200

    Podcrash2002 일 전

    I’m glad Jamaica got noticed it never does.

  22. Avery Hughes

    Avery Hughes3 일 전

    for Italy I would have chosen beverly

  23. Crack Superman

    Crack Superman3 일 전

    Damn that dude who measures the distances is soooooo gay

  24. Vinnie Wilson

    Vinnie Wilson3 일 전

    Rhett: 7 Link: 4

  25. BoredPerson

    BoredPerson3 일 전

    Whats that girls name at 10:14

  26. zaki zakwan

    zaki zakwan3 일 전

    Yeah rhett im from malaysia. Hahahha

  27. 謝秉希

    謝秉希3 일 전

    Ginger is the stem

  28. Asher Chaison

    Asher Chaison4 일 전


  29. fullyarmoredinchrist

    fullyarmoredinchrist4 일 전

    I'm just commenting because you thank me for it.

  30. BNR Music

    BNR Music4 일 전

    Like kui oled eestlane.

  31. Melanie Gorall

    Melanie Gorall4 일 전

    6:12 yes hi hello; I love honeydew and it's very underrated

  32. - flostaring -

    - flostaring -4 일 전

    12:25 Link’s face tho

  33. Melanie Volk

    Melanie Volk5 일 전

    They said my name like 7 times Hi I'm watching right now.

  34. Talia Bruzzese

    Talia Bruzzese5 일 전

    I love when they say Golly like Gaawwlley 😊😊😊

  35. Austracy

    Austracy5 일 전

    I think they should measure to the outside of the board if it's technically closer, the earth is a sphere. Go by geographical distance and not board distance.

  36. KANG

    KANG5 일 전

    Should of done Limca for India, legit the best soda ever

  37. Joyal Patel

    Joyal Patel5 일 전

    Well I am from India and I bet no Indian has heard of this Kashmira ! Still love you Rhett and Link

  38. Accelerator !

    Accelerator !4 일 전

    I'm from india too I've never heard of it I think thumbs up would have been a better choice

  39. Samil Parikh

    Samil Parikh6 일 전

    You should do an International beer taste test

  40. Daisy Anderson

    Daisy Anderson7 일 전

    Mexico makes some of the greatest and most normal to a western pallet in the world lol jaritos anyone?

  41. Chloe Dwinger

    Chloe Dwinger8 일 전

    What Is With You And Tacos Heheh he Hehehe Heheh Heheheh Heheh

  42. Maral Rooei

    Maral Rooei9 일 전

    the moment I saw that creamy mellon soda I thought of an anime called “Amnesia” cause one of the characters really liked that so it woulda been an easy guess for me that it was from japan without seeing the tag XDDD

  43. Loven Sadullah

    Loven Sadullah9 일 전

    Where is the radnor fizz

  44. // Sarah Levesque //

    // Sarah Levesque //12 일 전

    They should’ve tried the Beverly 🤧

  45. Furious Dogerz

    Furious Dogerz12 일 전

    Inca kola is the best

  46. Jacoby Boyer

    Jacoby Boyer13 일 전

    I knew I liked Rhett for a reason, its cause he likes Dr. Pepper. The objectively best soda.

  47. Axel Wallström

    Axel Wallström14 일 전

    Should've had julmust among the sodas

  48. Marcocastello89

    Marcocastello8915 일 전

    Only elderly people drink chinotto.

  49. rAcHeL CaStRo

    rAcHeL CaStRo15 일 전

    Jamacing me crazy😭😂

  50. Coast Malone

    Coast Malone15 일 전

    Goddammnit link whyyyyyyyy are you so baaaaaaaaad

  51. Matthew Austin

    Matthew Austin17 일 전

    How do they do this without a thousand takes?!?!

  52. Hando Kuiv

    Hando Kuiv17 일 전


  53. Hadi Hijazi

    Hadi Hijazi19 일 전

    "Im always feeling estonia" xD

  54. Brandon Akey

    Brandon Akey19 일 전

    But I love the game

  55. Brandon Akey

    Brandon Akey19 일 전

    The earths a circle use a globe!

  56. xyungx

    xyungx20 일 전

    8:43 Thanos went Ant Man goes up his ass

  57. ZaikobonTV

    ZaikobonTV20 일 전

    6:51 me being Malaysian be like "awwww"

  58. Isadora Frediano

    Isadora Frediano21 일 전

    Almost choked on my icecream at "Mexican Bev". Too damn funny!

  59. BZ1 W

    BZ1 W21 일 전

    Are you going to eat that?

  60. matt1234424

    matt123442421 일 전

    Why didn’t you do Beverly for Italy

  61. Selina Light

    Selina Light22 일 전

    New superhero: The Green Melon

  62. blueBANAN A

    blueBANAN A23 일 전


  63. Chicken Licken

    Chicken Licken24 일 전


  64. MrFelixify

    MrFelixify24 일 전

    you should have Swedish Julmust

  65. hugomarkuskelk

    hugomarkuskelk25 일 전

    Im happy to see Estonia as a choice

  66. Melanie Hornstein

    Melanie Hornstein26 일 전

    Why hello there 😉

  67. Harsh Raghuwanshi

    Harsh Raghuwanshi26 일 전

    Hajoori kashmira soda is a company based in surat where i live. #fellingproud

  68. AJ •

    AJ •27 일 전

    They live in LA and they’ve never had doogh? I’m not even middle eastern and I know that yogurt soda is everywhere!

  69. Grant Redacted

    Grant Redacted27 일 전

    As a Peruvian, I can say anything I damn well please

  70. Luca Sergi

    Luca Sergi27 일 전

    Chinotto is amazing

  71. Stephen May

    Stephen May28 일 전

    Was that a Superwoman pun????

  72. La Croix

    La Croix28 일 전

    I love San Pellegrino with a burning passion

  73. Amber Dsouza

    Amber Dsouza29 일 전

    Anyone from India who's never heard of that soda? cause me too 😂

  74. Kushaagra Jain

    Kushaagra Jain29 일 전

    I didn't know that link was such a wuss man.

  75. Epic_404

    Epic_404개월 전


  76. Patrick Jones

    Patrick Jones개월 전

    I love rhetts comment about always feeling astonia is he a hidden stoner lmao jk jk

  77. Stranger Danger

    Stranger Danger개월 전

    9:09 is he talking about horchata??

  78. Sergej Blyatislavovich

    Sergej Blyatislavovich개월 전

    Where is kvas, blyat?

  79. salman jafri

    salman jafri개월 전

    try pakistan things

  80. Vincent Floyd

    Vincent Floyd개월 전

    they should try the Beverly like from disney

  81. Gabriele Nicoli

    Gabriele Nicoli개월 전

    nobody ever like chinotto outside of italy ahah

  82. Katkin Is Drawing

    Katkin Is Drawing개월 전

    Should of done iru Breu from Scotland/uk

  83. mojtaba nikoo

    mojtaba nikoo개월 전

    you should try doogh on your test called "the shelf that we leave things on it" :) :)

  84. Koiya

    Koiya개월 전

    Rhett: Mexican Bev this is for you😏😘 Mexican Bev: *boy holding cup meme

  85. Koiya

    Koiya개월 전

    the one time i wish youtube allowed pic😭

  86. Paris Graciano

    Paris Graciano개월 전

    R we jus ganna ignore that Link almost killed the guy that was measuring the distances????!!!!!

  87. Kaixe Rho

    Kaixe Rho개월 전

    For any americans reading this, you might wonder why everyone else's soda is so strange and different. So you know, to literally everyone else, Root Beer is just as strange and confusing to the rest of the world.

  88. Petar Panev

    Petar Panev개월 전

    hang on! you are american but you use a map with Europe in the center and you use centimeters insted of inches... WHAT is wrong with you guys? LOL

  89. SilentViper

    SilentViper개월 전

    These are perfect videos to binge, its new everytime and always fun to watch

  90. Emilee Howard

    Emilee Howard개월 전

    It’s not Soda it’s Pop!

  91. Michael Rowley

    Michael Rowley개월 전

    Replace link

  92. Finlay Winter

    Finlay Winter개월 전

    shoulda used irn bru

  93. SSGSSG887

    SSGSSG887개월 전

    I swear link loses every time lol it Is sad to see him lose so much

  94. Apoorva S

    Apoorva S개월 전

    I'm from India and I've never had that drink before lol

  95. Dipsydoodled

    Dipsydoodled개월 전

    Rhett looks like one of the Hanson Brothers...

  96. Zay 95

    Zay 95개월 전

    2:10 Bless you



    You should have done irn bru which is from scotland

  98. KatyAlexandra

    KatyAlexandra개월 전

    COREY PLAYZ literally was thinking that :( so sad it’s sooooo ideal

  99. Matthew Moffitt

    Matthew Moffitt개월 전

    Can we have the season 9 into back, thanks -everyone

  100. Jayadev Kannan

    Jayadev Kannan개월 전

    No one in India haven't even heard of Kashmira. No one drinks it man. If u wanna taste Indian cola, taste Thums Up(with no 's' yeah)

  101. strongarm328 life sucks

    strongarm328 life sucks개월 전

    anyone know who has won more games/challenges on GMM

  102. GatorGaming

    GatorGaming개월 전

    Where I’m from they call Soda, pop

  103. Memefully YT

    Memefully YT개월 전

    U should of tried irn bru

  104. ProxUrAimz

    ProxUrAimz개월 전

    "Estonia is too cold to have stuff grow in the ground" I'm dying lmao

  105. Milagros Brizuela

    Milagros Brizuela개월 전

    I'm from preu so I tried Inca cola

  106. hita- lia

    hita- lia개월 전

    I'm so happy they pronounce Iran correctly. Also I love the yogurt drink so much!

  107. Samantha Holland

    Samantha Holland개월 전

    Dr Pepper is the best. Link I’m sorry your opinion is wrong.

  108. Saphira

    Saphira개월 전

    I always worry for Chase during these things