International Hot Sauce Taste Test


  1. Grace Potter

    Grace Potter개월 전

    “You don’t have to throw the dart through the board.” *You don’t have to throw the dart at Chase, Link*

  2. ?

    ?4 일 전

    +DUB DUB420 They did

  3. Hope Phillips

    Hope Phillips12 일 전

    Bruh, GMM went all out with this comment. Liked, commented, and pinned 😂

  4. Ethan Does YouTube

    Ethan Does YouTube20 일 전

    This is an account thats been active for a few months you morons.

  5. Super Max

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    Grace Potter n

  6. 19mackay92

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    +Simon Van Liew no

  7. Nathan Roberts

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  8. RockForYou1

    RockForYou1일 전

    That finger action from Link.

  9. MyoclonicJerk

    MyoclonicJerk일 전

    Okay, you need to redo this using actual distance and not measurement off of a geographically inaccurate map. Tunisia is 10.5k km away from Japan whereas Tunisia is 7.8k km away from Japan. This would make Link the winner and not Rhett on the first hot sauce alone.

  10. Fa Rivera

    Fa Rivera일 전

    We don't eat burritos at Mexico g.g


    ALLAN ALIEN2 일 전

    no longer following this ,,, after all that sponsorship shit

  12. Bass Is Lif

    Bass Is Lif2 일 전

    no need for pixel 3



    Onesia Why

  14. Krapsie K

    Krapsie K2 일 전

    Ghana 🇬🇭 🙌🙌🙌

  15. Solar Bear

    Solar Bear2 일 전

    I have a Google pixel 3 XL and it's a really good phone so far.

  16. Dexterror

    Dexterror3 일 전

    Yeah the pixel 3 does everything a smartphone could do 10 years ago but with a few more gimmicks

  17. Dexterror

    Dexterror3 일 전

    Rhett looks well uncomfortable with the overselling of the pixel 3

  18. Dexterror

    Dexterror3 일 전

    Well they're finally complete sell-outs RIP GMM

  19. Dexterror

    Dexterror3 일 전

    Why do Americans pronounce words so weird and wrong? It's like the whole country is dyslexic or something?

  20. Sophester Animates

    Sophester Animates4 일 전

    Honestly rhett and link made me want the Google pixel lol

  21. I am a guy from the internet and this is my account

    I am a guy from the internet and this is my account4 일 전

    i dont like the add taking time from the show.

  22. FreewayKingz

    FreewayKingz4 일 전

    Who's the chick talking? She sounds hot

  23. pavita sirju

    pavita sirju4 일 전

    can't stop watching this video because of how much they talk about my country , Trinidad and Tobago

  24. D'ondre T

    D'ondre T5 일 전

    Gmm musta got LOADED by google for this 15 min ad

  25. Victoria Koehler

    Victoria Koehler5 일 전

    Peruvian puff pepper

  26. Joseph Crews

    Joseph Crews5 일 전

    Lol nice way to plug google ha

  27. Code Voltage

    Code Voltage5 일 전


  28. Matt Chavez

    Matt Chavez5 일 전

    I LOVE hot/spicy food and my mouth is watering this whole episode.

  29. danny youkhan

    danny youkhan5 일 전

    Because of this episode I'm buying an iPhone

  30. Octane

    Octane6 일 전

    Hey guys can you do a international choclate taste test? from japan, belgiun, USA, .... Love your show

  31. Ryo Down

    Ryo Down7 일 전

    f GMM

  32. second time i dropped my potatoes in 3 months

    second time i dropped my potatoes in 3 months7 일 전

    I saw kokita i upvote

  33. LaurenK

    LaurenK7 일 전

    That selfie thing was so lame

  34. Soul-Ring Games

    Soul-Ring Games8 일 전

    Link has scarred Chase for life XD.

  35. Hyungwon Trash

    Hyungwon Trash8 일 전

    Harisa definitely doesn't go on fish asdfjkgll

  36. Naz Sen

    Naz Sen9 일 전

    next episode sponored by gas ex

  37. kallum pearson

    kallum pearson9 일 전

    Anyone else confused as to how they pronounce Tunisia

  38. JJ Julie

    JJ Julie9 일 전


  39. Clavin

    Clavin9 일 전

    I don’t think New Zealand has any popular native hot sauce considering I’m from NZ

  40. Smartees

    Smartees10 일 전

    Guys,less is more...

  41. ghost278

    ghost27810 일 전

    I see that Taiwan wasn't oranged out as part of China.

  42. Dark Gable

    Dark Gable11 일 전

    Cell phone commercial?

  43. dax

    dax11 일 전

    Link is always agrees on rhetts responses

  44. Moo

    Moo11 일 전

    True dat.

  45. Colby McGuire

    Colby McGuire11 일 전

    Tik tok is gay like if you agree 👌

  46. Random PC Test

    Random PC Test11 일 전

    that photobooth mode is dumb XDD

  47. Hilal Haqiqi

    Hilal Haqiqi11 일 전

    Why the crew gotta use an unloved sauce from indonesia? Why not the popular brand? SMH.

  48. Adam Davenport

    Adam Davenport12 일 전

    This video is such an add

  49. ThePsychoDog

    ThePsychoDog12 일 전

    Wow, the shilling utterly ruined what could have been a great episode. Sad.

  50. Bobby Mellow

    Bobby Mellow13 일 전

    Trinidad and tobago are sister islands

  51. I rage Too much

    I rage Too much13 일 전

    9:22 "i cant feel my math anymore" Link

  52. Sage

    Sage13 일 전

    that second one, the ahi, is great by the way. It's used in peruvian comfort food known as ahi gallina (i probably spelled it wrong sorry) and it's amazing

  53. Samar Yahia

    Samar Yahia13 일 전

    Hey Guys! Long time fan here! I’m actually from Tunisia, and would love to tell you more about it if you’re interested! 🤓 Keep up the good work 💙

  54. josiah Dennie

    josiah Dennie13 일 전

    Any trinis out here

  55. circuswannabe

    circuswannabe13 일 전

    Bananas help get rid of spice better than milk. I did a spicy noodles challenge.

  56. circuswannabe

    circuswannabe13 일 전

    Bananas help get rid of spice better than milk. I did a spicy noodles challenge.

  57. circuswannabe

    circuswannabe13 일 전

    Do this but with drunk food from all over the world! Like this comment so they see.

  58. circuswannabe

    circuswannabe13 일 전

    Please do a video tasting munchies food.

  59. trinirocker101

    trinirocker10114 일 전

    also, in trinidad we have something called 7 pot pepper...if you think the matouks was bad, come try the 7...and if youre especially brave, try the roasted 7...youll never want pepper again

  60. trinirocker101

    trinirocker10114 일 전

    as a trinidadian, i am glad we got a little air time on this episode. and to answer link's question, we have cocoa in trinidad :)

  61. Jacob steez O

    Jacob steez O14 일 전

    Burritos came from America not Mexico !!!😑

  62. Brianna Chapman

    Brianna Chapman14 일 전


  63. Megan Ober

    Megan Ober15 일 전

    Link was so close to winning

  64. Tattoo Girl

    Tattoo Girl15 일 전

    Honest Feedback: While I understand how big it is for you all to get a Google sponsorship, I really felt a lack of authenticity when you spoke about and interacted with the product you were trying to sell. It's not about how hard you push a product, or even how long you talk about it. It's about choosing products you love, use and can easily use in videos without seeming disingenuous.

  65. Rosa Fang

    Rosa Fang16 일 전

    Is this the reason I can't stop getting Google pixel 3 ads on Rhett and Links videos?

  66. ii_yah

    ii_yah16 일 전

    Amarillo means yellow ryt?

  67. Nicholas John

    Nicholas John16 일 전

    Trinis allyuh big allyuh self✊🏾🇹🇹. But we still hv jouvert lock down🇬🇩🇬🇩🇬🇩🇬🇩

  68. Jiru Candy

    Jiru Candy16 일 전

    Make that money, boys~~ Like seriously, idky people are so upset... they're giving you tons of free content and it's less intrusive than that one apple fan/friend who is constantly hyping their iphone tbqh XD;;;;;

  69. Tony Nur Rahman

    Tony Nur Rahman17 일 전

    This is why iPhone doesn't need to do ads like this.

  70. trueictoann

    trueictoann17 일 전

    A bit WAY to much promo for the PoS pixel 3... no thanks...

  71. Pablo Monkeybar

    Pablo Monkeybar17 일 전

    Love matouks, it tastes like home🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹

  72. corey rork

    corey rork17 일 전

    I would definitely do this because im a spice lover I put hot sauce on every food I eat

  73. Nararya Wibowo

    Nararya Wibowo17 일 전

    I’m in indonesia

  74. Lucille Adams

    Lucille Adams17 일 전

    *it has a baby f- WHOA!*

  75. Gregory Blanton

    Gregory Blanton17 일 전

    This was pretty cringe ad placement

  76. Carnako benson

    Carnako benson17 일 전

    Didn't even mind the sponsor

  77. Matt Harris

    Matt Harris17 일 전

    You guys are just living advertisements now. Shameless.

  78. Crackerz GD

    Crackerz GD17 일 전

    I'm eating ice cream as I watch :)

  79. OoF ItZ MeH aMbErLy :3

    OoF ItZ MeH aMbErLy :318 일 전

    I'm watching this on my google pixel 2

  80. miles crouse

    miles crouse18 일 전

    Will it bubblegum?

  81. Leah Harper

    Leah Harper18 일 전

    Hearing Link say my country's name "Trinidad & Tobago" made me so happy. I love this show and the entire mythical crew.

  82. Jackson Miles

    Jackson Miles18 일 전

    An Arange and a lime 😂

  83. bongocatz0

    bongocatz018 일 전

    released on my birthday

  84. Gym Rat Drew

    Gym Rat Drew18 일 전

    Trader Joe's Green Dragon Sauce 👍

  85. Joseph Meade

    Joseph Meade18 일 전

    Fishes R Smeats

  86. My favorite is #13

    My favorite is #1318 일 전


  87. Ardesh Rambarran

    Ardesh Rambarran18 일 전

    We do like it hot 🇹🇹🇹🇹

  88. Sharna Dixon-Scott

    Sharna Dixon-Scott18 일 전

    Want one

  89. Mende P

    Mende P18 일 전

    Mythical Chef Josh!! I work in a kitchen and love berries however, I don't have the resources to get whole berries. Can you guess do an International exotic Berries taste test? Like, Cloudberries, Pichuberry, Heidelberries etc. This would be a great to experience it vicariously.

  90. Rob Barrowman

    Rob Barrowman18 일 전

    Tunisia is not pronounced that way.. I love you guys and have watched you for many years but please research your pronunciations of countries before you do a show, it's not hard and it makes all the difference.. it's not pronounced 'chooneesha' it's 'choonizia'.. it's happened so many times in these segments it's just laziness and ignorance.. please sort it guys, pleeeeaaase..

  91. Evil Fever

    Evil Fever18 일 전

    I feel like they do these dart games just to pick on Link cause he can't throw worth shit😂😂😂😂

  92. someone3

    someone318 일 전

    more!! 😀

  93. Ainsley Recker

    Ainsley Recker18 일 전

    Can people stop complaining about the over use of advertising and just enjoy the stinking video? Please?

  94. Darb Nation

    Darb Nation19 일 전

    Keep em high and tight, this episode was good right now right now right now, great job mami, test me, beat me piss on me, try it out

  95. PopulationParallax

    PopulationParallax19 일 전

    Ughh c'mon guys...there are enough ads on YT as it is!

  96. Joe Breezy

    Joe Breezy19 일 전

    If you have ad blocker on and you're complaining about the in video ads, you're part of the problem

  97. Zuemy Apaza

    Zuemy Apaza19 일 전

    it's not a llama it's a vicuña, which is the national animal of Perú, aji amarillo is used for so many foods i even use it with recipes from other countries it gives it a special flavor that reminds me of home

  98. Larissa Stevenson

    Larissa Stevenson19 일 전

    Is Chase Gay???? Someone please answer me!!!!!

  99. JLee

    JLee19 일 전

    Disappointed sean evans wasnt a feature

  100. D L

    D L19 일 전

    Wow, "I'm gonna butcher this" and then says "la flamme du pape" with only the slightest of accents! Well done Stevie!

  101. QueerBiNatureNYC

    QueerBiNatureNYC19 일 전

    sequences simulated

  102. Mr. Mr

    Mr. Mr19 일 전

    Hi guys I’m from Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹 and that pepper sauce really is death still love it tho 😂😂

  103. Dejane James

    Dejane James19 일 전

    Was anticipating Rhett’s usually Japan “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

  104. Rodrigo Aceves

    Rodrigo Aceves19 일 전

    if the earth is round, why does Rhett and Link measure the dart distances proportionately to the 2d coordinate? Rhett and link know the truth.

  105. Emilio Roman

    Emilio Roman19 일 전

    Should have collaborated with first we feast on this one. Still a great episode, just seems like a missed opportunity.