Intel's PRE-OVERCLOCKED CPU... Core i9 9900KS


  1. nazım nazım

    nazım nazım16 분 전

    stil going percent by percent for fukin money . we are in their menus guys !

  2. Josip Penezić

    Josip Penezić시간 전

    I have request for you ! Can you make pc in oil in a freezer and overclock all you can ?

  3. Filip Pilipovic

    Filip Pilipovic8 시간 전

    Cant wait for i9 9900kys model,i whould like that one

  4. Edwin

    Edwin일 전

    Would a big AirCooler, like a Noctua nh-d15 be comfortable for one of these?

  5. Kabuki Syneri

    Kabuki Syneri일 전

    Usually though most can't overclock it more than 20% increase in performance. You need like nitrogen cooled processor to run 50% speed increase.

  6. Aleksandar Sretko Bosnjak

    Aleksandar Sretko Bosnjak일 전

    God bless you @Linus Tech Tips !!!

  7. Pete Lorenzo

    Pete Lorenzo2 일 전

    fukin shill

  8. Music and Truth

    Music and Truth3 일 전

    soo close to buying a 3900x from my i7-700k for a pc that is used only for gaming.... But the intel i9 900K versions are still the best buy for a gaming pc?............. what a gamble...

  9. Miraç S.

    Miraç S.3 일 전

    Intel's new 14+++++++++++nm CPU :D The slogan is; just a little faster than before. Me: Thanks, I will select Ryzen 9 3950X!

  10. Bear Player908

    Bear Player9085 일 전

    And im watching this on my i3 inside@2.4Ghz...i wish i was rich, even tho im still a teenager... Whatevs

  11. Jason Matiteeb

    Jason Matiteeb6 일 전

    “These are super cool” I see what you did there

  12. AyoByron

    AyoByron6 일 전

    I felt so much sexual tension between shroud and Linus in this one

  13. TaunyTiger

    TaunyTiger6 일 전

    2080ti sli. Do you recommend that setup for your followers? Not even 2080ti will run 4k@144hz. Sli support ingame? Do you recommend it?

  14. rogue veteran 77

    rogue veteran 777 일 전

    Cracked up over the LTT shop tosses. Clever

  15. Jason Biehn

    Jason Biehn7 일 전

    LMAO You know he does he probably walks around on day hold hands and sing Kumbaya or singing Hakuna Matata all dame day I like Linus pretty dame cool he knock you out that boy got's skills and move I've never seen I don't even think that guy is human tell him to do a magic Mike for you blow you out of the water bro i bet he a dick head or asshat off set hell who know right I enjoy his video taught me a lot computers learn more here .I actually learn more from Linus and I have ever did School...?.P.S Don't LET GO TO YOUR HEAD...LOL..:) dude 600 dollars gaming PC...?WoW...!!.You guys are so lucky because I could build gaming PC for 200 Dollars blow you guys out of the water send Magic Biehn Plane ticket show you how its done you going to take Red pill or the Blue Pill baby fallow the rabbit down the rabbit hole see how far take you creep huh.? you

  16. IMAGINE MY FREEDOMS third templers

    IMAGINE MY FREEDOMS third templers7 일 전

    It's amazing on how gullible most techies, gamers and hackers have became to pay to weaponize their own homes for their chinese communist handlers to infiltrate and spy using the retarded gullible behaviors of these brainwashed sellout traitors and enemies to their own countries using these devices to also hack many neighborhood homes in its range like any good google chinese owned sellout techie employees, investors and creators.

  17. Timothy Brown

    Timothy Brown7 일 전

    Coffee lake at be the greatest name for an overclocked cpu EVER!!!

  18. Seer King

    Seer King7 일 전

    Linus can I buy your i9 9900ks pls, because I can't find a reasonable price or seller anywhere. Amazon is the only safe place and they are all being sold for $800-900 by resellers:( help me somebody pls. Im building my first ultimate gaming pc for Christmas, my wife is letting me. It's going to have an i9 9900ks (hopefully), rtx 2080ti, Msi Godlike motherboard, corsair 32gb of c18 3600mhz rgb ram, 2 TB of Samsung 970 evo plus NV.ME, seasonic gold 850watt psu, corsair crystal 680x white rgb case, white corsair rgb aio, I really would like the i9-9900ks but I might be stuck with am i9 9900k, I'm worried theyll come out with a better i9 with 10 gen desktop right after I buy the 9th gen. I'm also worried theyll come out with the rtx 2080 ti super or rtx 3080ti right after I buy the rtx 2080 ti. Oh well guess I'll see what I'll do.

  19. someguy099 [ADMISSION]

    someguy099 [ADMISSION]7 일 전

    Can i have this?

  20. Moʀɖɛռ iֆ Aʟɨʋɛ

    Moʀɖɛռ iֆ Aʟɨʋɛ7 일 전

    The package max temp is 100C, if you're at 96C (11:42) at 5.2GHz, you're pushing too hard and need to stop, you *definitely* don't need to raise the voltage ffs. Is Linus *TRYING* to fry this CPU?

  21. iNeato

    iNeato8 일 전

    is that a LTT gaming mouse or are you just happy to see me?

  22. Jonathon bachan

    Jonathon bachan8 일 전

    i cant be the only one with an i9 9900k on all core 5 GHz right? its been stable since i got it in April.

  23. Finkstar

    Finkstar6 일 전

    Jonathon bachan i have 8700k at 5 on all cores since July 2018

  24. Alaistair Preece

    Alaistair Preece9 일 전

    Intel have run out of new architecture and ideas! Ryzen is the way to go now

  25. mrShazam

    mrShazam9 일 전

    oh my lord! i need one of this in my life!

  26. MyStiC

    MyStiC9 일 전

    My 9900k hits 5.2ghz @ 1.30vcore and 5.3ghz below 1.41v

  27. SubHero4eveR

    SubHero4eveR10 일 전

    holy shet Linus..... WHAT AREEEEE THOSEEE?! loll

  28. db six

    db six10 일 전

    nice to have that kind of money.

  29. daniels squad

    daniels squad10 일 전

    Bro im so sad because i cant get a pc because my mom dont got a lot of money man i wish i was you you have computer's that are like 1,200 dollar's.

  30. PlyingElm

    PlyingElm11 일 전

    "Oh, shoot, I just realized we've got a problem here." Me fearing the worst: Linus: "uh, That's dual RTX 2080 Tis and this is just a 1440p monitor." *Grabs a 4K monitor.* Me putting my hand on my face.

  31. VoVillia Corp.

    VoVillia Corp.11 일 전

    You know what would be really nice, if Intel can give us the boosted TDP numbers. *Mumbles* AMD does it.....

  32. Sales A

    Sales A11 일 전


  33. Dylan David Vindas Lopez

    Dylan David Vindas Lopez12 일 전

    get another of those and DELID IT, run it without the IHS, and see id you can drop the temps

  34. Jeremy Raines

    Jeremy Raines13 일 전

    Buid your computer in a small refrigerator

  35. Valer-Ilie Cormoș

    Valer-Ilie Cormoș13 일 전

    So i should sell my i9900k that pass cinebench15 and 12 hours gaming at 5.2 at 1.35 on a crap corsair 240 cooler and z370 f mb :)?


    V3XD STUDIO13 일 전

    7:05 smoothest advertisement I’ve ever seen

  37. eric campbell

    eric campbell14 일 전

    time to play some csgo on my 50 inch bravia 60hz ftw!!!

  38. abdullah abdulaziz

    abdullah abdulaziz15 일 전

    I have a feeling that this thing is little cheaper than the apple computer

  39. Ethan Dehoff

    Ethan Dehoff15 일 전

    I'm a little confused... Isn't overclocking by definition pushing the clock speed past factory specifications? "Pre-Overclocking" is just raising the factory specifications, is it not?

  40. Richard OBrien

    Richard OBrien15 일 전


  41. Effs.

    Effs.16 일 전

    Im really jealous

  42. Elijah Chavarria

    Elijah Chavarria16 일 전

    7:21 why does he have to flex soo hard

  43. Bryce Czirr

    Bryce Czirr17 일 전

    That case is taller than him (not difficult to do but still)

  44. Mr Murloc

    Mr Murloc17 일 전

    so the thing is... Id kill for this setup.... Linus prepare yourself

  45. Bharath Hariharan

    Bharath Hariharan17 일 전

    I am still gaming with my i7 2600k🤷🏼‍♂️

  46. Gavin Chick

    Gavin Chick18 일 전

    Do i need fans or water cooling?

  47. Gavin Chick

    Gavin Chick14 일 전

    FocusPics thx!

  48. FocusPics

    FocusPics17 일 전

    Gavin Chick water cooling would be the better choice

  49. Kevin  DeLuna

    Kevin DeLuna18 일 전

    Wow 5.2 gigahertz they stepping up into a new generation and setting new standards

  50. Andrii Povkh

    Andrii Povkh19 일 전

    wtf bbq? :)

  51. Rol Tol

    Rol Tol19 일 전

    Run this on Noctua nh-d15

  52. Andres Coria

    Andres Coria19 일 전

    And I have a dual core 1.8mhz with 2gb of ram and barely runs diablo 3 in lowes settings. Life is just unfair

  53. Gabriel

    Gabriel19 일 전


  54. Xipyx

    Xipyx19 일 전

    Linus kids: Dad my bottle is broken Linus: It's ok son you can get one from

  55. jholotan best

    jholotan best19 일 전

    Fuck Intel for putting so bad thermal past in these. It would cost them maybe a few dollars more the use the best thermal paste...

  56. Selairium

    Selairium20 일 전

    are we able to buy that setup from digital storm themselves? what if we had the money to buy that build? how come linus doesn't drop the link in the description to buy this build if we wanted one?

  57. Carlos

    Carlos20 일 전

    13:32 it frose at 5.1 Ghz lmao

  58. capitalD D

    capitalD D20 일 전

    It's all good till ya get goop somewhere ya shouldn't get goop - then someone notices that goop and starts wondering why and how ya goop there. Then they start asking ya a million questions and wind up moving out and back in with her mother..... a pure hypothetical.

  59. Michplay

    Michplay20 일 전

    12:25 That's what AMD does with their CPU`s

  60. Bernard Roth

    Bernard Roth20 일 전

    Who makes that QD connector?

  61. Roland's Recycling

    Roland's Recycling20 일 전

    Come on, no link to Phil even though you used shots from five of his videos?

  62. Mitchel

    Mitchel20 일 전

    Kinda sucks when they make a computer with your logo on it but then you got to send it back :(

  63. irlrp

    irlrp20 일 전

    I would've loved to have some info about how warm the water in the cooling system is, to know if this system was actually overkill or not