INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY (2018) Ending Explained


  1. ZaphGaming

    ZaphGaming7 일 전

    who else came here after seeing the 1-3 ending explained?

  2. Major Mayhem

    Major Mayhem7 일 전

    What happened to the First key?

  3. xXMr0LinkXx

    xXMr0LinkXx8 일 전

    This woman just can't catch a break!

  4. Isaiah Turner

    Isaiah Turner10 일 전

    All of it comes full circle up until whatever Elise saw at the end of chapter 2. Maybe that's why her niece was introduced?

  5. Paul Munn

    Paul Munn12 일 전

    Thank you foundflix I was rolling up my weed and u did the pop up of the first insidious demon and I dropped my shit 😂😂😂

  6. D Rodriguez

    D Rodriguez16 일 전

    keyface has zero keys on his face, 0/10 movie.

  7. Aracystic

    Aracystic16 일 전

    The theory of it being Elise's fault, y'all give no credit to the woman. As if any of you would astral project and be like, "Oh yea, let me NOT FORGET TO CLOSE THIS DOOR." Pfft. Okay.

  8. Don Tha Dolla

    Don Tha Dolla19 일 전

    Ok let’s all be honest that the red devil looks like a mess up of a Halloween costume

  9. Anon Chan

    Anon Chan21 일 전

    What’s with the ign watermark?

  10. Shaniqua Ross

    Shaniqua Ross22 일 전

    are we forgetting part 3? with the girl and the dead mom?

  11. Disk Drive

    Disk Drive23 일 전 don’t fuck with time, or time will fuck with you

  12. Adventure Time

    Adventure Time25 일 전



    CLAW_SPECTER27 일 전

    I dont see ted I see DIAZ!!!!

  14. Its Yah boi

    Its Yah boi28 일 전

    So dont open red doors that talk. Got it

  15. TrivialLigerr

    TrivialLigerr29 일 전

    the first film had me so scared. i had nightmares and shit for the next month

  16. Chance Sola

    Chance Sola29 일 전

    5 keys mexico.... the demon has 5 key fingers..... coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  17. Tony bubonic

    Tony bubonic개월 전

    Only the weak minded can be possessed.

  18. Tony bubonic

    Tony bubonic개월 전

    Little Elise was a moron hehe

  19. abc abc

    abc abc개월 전

    What would happen if they tried to close the red doors to prevent keyface and the red devil from entering in the first place and stopping the chain of events that led to her getting choked by the black bride and stopping the girl from accidently releasing the weezhing devil?

  20. Jackie Pyzocha

    Jackie Pyzocha개월 전

    The father should be in jail.

  21. z NightOwl z

    z NightOwl z개월 전

    I’m assuming that if you die in the further you’re permanently thrown into the afterlife given that the further is just a place spirits stay when they won’t willingly leave the world of the living

  22. Battle Royale Gaming

    Battle Royale Gaming개월 전

    Elise’s nephews are hot

  23. Potatoe Skinz

    Potatoe Skinz개월 전

    So the main monster is Excalibur prime... cool

  24. Kalis X1

    Kalis X1개월 전

    Lowkey waiting for a spinoff show. Featuring Specs and Tucker still in the ghost hunter business alongside Elise’s spirit in the further kicking demon ass, this needs to be a TV series since Supernatural is ending. Either this plot or when Elise was younger and started contacting spirits. Either will do....

  25. DOG is da best Kajus

    DOG is da best Kajus개월 전

    Me to bat I lost my arm end 2 dogs 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹

  26. 레온KpopZombieLover

    레온KpopZombieLover개월 전

    7:58 theres two alternate scenes XD

  27. hapfish

    hapfish개월 전

    I believe the follow up on 3 was the entire 1st movie. She let lipstick face demon in (I still don't get that name haha I like the name Dalton gave him better) and it passes through the door in the attic to get to Dalton. It left Elise alone bc she was too strong to fuck with. Also, for some reason the lipstick face demon always gets me. The other baddies were ok and spooky but the lipstick guy fucks me up.

  28. Key Super Nova

    Key Super Nova개월 전

    Does everybody have special abilities like oml

  29. terrell frank

    terrell frank개월 전

    Like if he should do the explaing of Conjuring

  30. Steven Nguyen

    Steven Nguyen개월 전


  31. boblovepotato 113

    boblovepotato 113개월 전

    I love josh Stewart. Such a good actor. Especially in scary movies

  32. Inks Hermit

    Inks Hermit개월 전

    If you've seen the first 3 you might as well see the last

  33. Ana Pais

    Ana Pais개월 전

    1:45 The ghost didn't make Elise go into the fallout shelter...her dad put her there after beating her. He says 'You can either follow my rules and sleep under my roof or you can break them and sleep under my floor.' The ghost just entices Elise to open the door. 5:23 The girls aren't in the fallout shelter, they were in a room in the laundry, hidden behind a wall (I didn't get if the whistling was from the ghost or the real girl, but I think the ghost told Elise where the key was. 6:20 Elise remembers the woman when she gets the slip from the grate, only after that does she go int the vent. Remembering the woman was the catalyst to go into the vent. 8:30 Her brother is in the hospital, where his daughter is in a coma. The girl tells him that Elise saved her, and when the team and Imogen goes to check on them, the brother relents to talking to her and she gives him the whistle... *gets ready for the hate*

  34. harry Adkins

    harry Adkins개월 전

    Thx for not making it scary I watched the movie jumped a lot

  35. noah kael allison

    noah kael allison2 개월 전

    i definitely agree that they should bring elsie back and have a part 5

  36. Gabriel Curtis

    Gabriel Curtis2 개월 전

    it’s horrorble MR?

  37. Samira Rodriguez

    Samira Rodriguez2 개월 전

    Bro I’m so confused on the movie order

  38. Lunatic 0verlord

    Lunatic 0verlord2 개월 전

    3:33 I would've just murdered that fucker. Then gone to the Further to rip his spirit a new one.

  39. Gigi Hide

    Gigi Hide2 개월 전

    With bringing Elise back, that is an illegal thing to do. You are not allowed to change history.

  40. DonutsRYummy

    DonutsRYummy2 개월 전

    Nope cause that would create a paradox in that she was dead and now she’s alive. It’s not back to the future.

  41. QueenMadison 27

    QueenMadison 272 개월 전

    I think Insidious The Last Key wasn’t scary as more as an adventure. It was like It, not so much afraid of anything but just very adventurous.

  42. Najmah Chant

    Najmah Chant2 개월 전

    The fifth film is probably gonna have the sister who has the astral projection ability

  43. Carmelle Claude

    Carmelle Claude2 개월 전

    Why is his voice a little deeper than when he did the Insidious trilogy video?

  44. My other account Got banned

    My other account Got banned2 개월 전

    It’s like the statement “I have no mouth, and I must scream” which is my favorite quote because of the horrific history of it

  45. arise griffis

    arise griffis2 개월 전

    Do on the paranormal activity

  46. Fernando_

    Fernando_2 개월 전


  47. agiuggio1

    agiuggio12 개월 전

    the last major key: khaled's nightmare

  48. LyricLuke.

    LyricLuke.2 개월 전

    In the words of Ryan Higa, "If there's a kid astral projecting, G T F O!"

  49. Gasss McFlippy

    Gasss McFlippy2 개월 전

    “5 keys Mexico” “key face” coincidence? I think not

  50. Louie Parnala

    Louie Parnala2 개월 전

    If Elise will be alive There will be no Insidious 2

  51. Mingle Dingle

    Mingle Dingle2 개월 전

    What is rule Nr. One in horror games Close. The. Doors.

  52. Homophobic Asswipe

    Homophobic Asswipe2 개월 전

    4312 is the order

  53. JustDom

    JustDom2 개월 전

    id watch all the movies . but dont have enough time

  54. Shane 808

    Shane 8082 개월 전

    Her fathers actor is the same actor as the main character in “the collector”

  55. Gillian L

    Gillian L2 개월 전

    I believe the closure of Lipstick Face demon showing up in Insidious 3 was to show that its already attached to Elise at that time as she travels to and from The Further quite a bit while helping Quinn. In the 1st movie, we see the same shot of Dalton looking at the direction of the red door curiously after his fall. He wasn't afraid as he most likely saw Elise who opened the door (4th movie). Then, we cut to the living room before we hear him screaming but doesn't show what he's screaming at. If you remember, when his parents arrived to the attic, he wasn't even that hurt by his fall. As Elise left w/o shutting the door, the demon who was following her the whole time came through which terrified him.

  56. Kaurdi

    Kaurdi2 개월 전

    I wAtCh fOuNd fLiX bEcUz i'M tOo sCarEd tO- *NOBODY CARES!*

  57. Nathan Caraway

    Nathan Caraway2 개월 전

    What's funny if she didn't leave the red door open none of it would have happened

  58. Nina Raii

    Nina Raii2 개월 전

    The keeper would of been a better name for key face, but I do love these flims😍

  59. junaid iqbal 24

    junaid iqbal 242 개월 전

    Is there gana be another insidious movie

  60. fofomanboy

    fofomanboy2 개월 전