Inside The Mind of Jake Paul


  1. Missy Jay

    Missy Jay37 분 전

    Theres a post on Twitter of netflix replying about if the tweet reaches 20,000 likes or retweets our man Shane will get his own netflix documentary and they will get ahold of his managment team!! Im so proud of Shane and the successes he came all they way back to Shanaynay days!! I feel like Shane has total power and if he doesnt want to take part in it for his own mental health and his struggles i say he will always have a number one fan

  2. Sachin Nagadev

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  3. Emily Bouchet

    Emily Bouchet37 분 전

    omg i loved this series, i'm so glad Jake has two sides and i'd be interested to see him more genuine.

  4. Samarth Patil

    Samarth Patil37 분 전

    3:16 that was so awkward

  5. yza dominguez

    yza dominguez37 분 전

    took words right out my mouth. I never hated Jake to begin with and I disliked his actions, I knew there was more beyond the Jake people perceive and paint him to be. But I totally respect him more and I'd give his videos a chance. People make mistakes and we shouldn't let Jake's mistakes define them as he owned up to it and was raised in a unhealthy environment, he knew nothing but the bad things he was taught growing up. He only started realising alot when had gained control of certain things, people who meant to him the most fucked him over so much times he had at one point didn't feel for others at the shitty things he's done. I'm not saying that he's been in the right on this, he's had his obvious faults. Life is a trial and error which is why I don't let this wagon of hate towards a person I only see online totally define my perception of them, unless series like these change my mind with hard cold facts and views and points with full honesty and no bias. On the other hand, I will never gain any sort of respect for Alissa as she only took advantage of the fact that she can manipulate the internet to hate Jake and the decisions he made. Jake wouldn't have done those shitty things for no reason. Although it wasn't okay to take things to a far extent, I don't like the fact that Alissa didn't own up to her faults and she knew for herself she had the intentions of hurting Jake through Logan and other things to slowly captivate him in a space where literally everyone even your own family can betray you at the worst way possible. Jake definately deserves a chance and he should carefully choose people like Erica. I feel for Jake, he's really been fucked over and pushed in the shade after all the things he's done for them.

  6. Robyn Le Grange

    Robyn Le Grange37 분 전

    People are moaning Shane didn't do more about the family and interview Logan.Yes we want to know everything but Shane didnt want to cause trouble with family .He respected that but still atleast asked and spoke about them

  7. pogthehog games

    pogthehog games37 분 전

    1:20:30 Jake paul has gone afk

  8. Jesse Dorran

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    DRINKING GAME : 1 Like = 1 shot

  9. Potato toes

    Potato toes38 분 전

    When Alissa comes in the conversation you can clearly see how Jake starts to explain himself but he's struggling and holding too much back.

  10. Natquan Savoy

    Natquan Savoy38 분 전

    I love this

  11. Nina Petravic

    Nina Petravic38 분 전

    wait, did no one else cry at the end...???

  12. FraG69 Gt

    FraG69 Gt38 분 전

    Can we count how many times Jake said ,,Like"?

  13. amber findlay

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  14. Nova Alexius

    Nova Alexius38 분 전

    Take a shot every time jake says “like”

  15. Jowie Faks

    Jowie Faks38 분 전

    I Low Key like Jake now

  16. Elizabeth Dionysus

    Elizabeth Dionysus38 분 전

    I dont usually comment on things, but holy shit this series is good. Shane has talent and this is so well edited.


    QUEEN TINGZ38 분 전


  18. Marie's wacky fun family Glens

    Marie's wacky fun family Glens38 분 전

    I'm pausing to comment. He was a child! He obviously didn't think about the consequences. I really feel for him. Being demonized on the Internet is going to stay with him forever.

  19. Lena Caric

    Lena Caric38 분 전

    I have all respect for you shane, this was absolutly amazing. Despite all the drama and hate you have been getting about this i think you should continue because, let's be honest, it is one of the best things on youtube right now.💙

  20. Moghster

    Moghster38 분 전

    I'm just really sad about what Logan has become. I thought he'd marry Chloe but once the boxing match was over, he just went stray.

  21. Suavesito

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  22. Fellen Denegerous

    Fellen Denegerous38 분 전

    Big ass titties

  23. Ashley Bamp

    Ashley Bamp38 분 전

    Jake, start making videos being yourself and showing everyone who you really are.

  24. k21kawats

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  25. Yulisa Maya

    Yulisa Maya38 분 전

    I think the whole merch plugging being manipulative on children is dumb. Part of him making a living n getting money from the social media world is to sell merch. It's just advertising, of course hes going to mention it, this is just overthinking it now.

  26. Toad Day Get Toad

    Toad Day Get Toad38 분 전

    Shane. Amazing job. You too, Andrew. I finally got internet back at 230-3a, and started’s 5a now, lol. Worth it. Proud of y’all.

  27. kimjongdae chen

    kimjongdae chen38 분 전

    that was amazing.. it really was because i didn't like Jake at the beginning because of all the bad stuff i heard about him. Also in his Videos i didn't really like his personality shown in the Videos but now, seeing him talking about anything and being honest is just wow.. he went through so much and people didn't see that. People were always just like Jake is the bad one.. that's why i'm so glad that Shane did this because we saw the REAL Jake Paul and i really really hope that Jake is going to live in a House with Erika alone.. without all those People. Just him and her having a normal live together. That would be so beautiful. I really hope that this vacation.. this break is going to change him and i hope he's gonna find out who he really is. I wish him so much luck with that.

  28. Anusha Muralidhar

    Anusha Muralidhar38 분 전

    Shane is such a good parent :')

  29. Julie VB

    Julie VB38 분 전

    the problem is that Jake is just not that smart lol


    MURCI BOOO38 분 전

    Am I the only Person, who realizes how Jake is looking at Shane, when he was speaking about the Alissa thing? He’s looking at him, how kids literally look at their parents telling the truth.. to catch this on camera... SHANE AND ANDREW YOU REALLY DID THAT

  31. Outragebox763

    Outragebox76338 분 전

    this is the best

  32. Tazman 93

    Tazman 9338 분 전

    If only they were all in the same room talking “their” sides of the truth, a lot more would spew out!

  33. Lauren Thornton

    Lauren Thornton38 분 전

    What an amazing series shane, so excited to see what you create next ❤️ although, it would’ve been amazing if you went more into his family, maybe even done this full series on the entire Paul family? Like have each video on a certain member of the family... because I think you could’ve gone really really deep with Greg and Logan... but otherwise, thank you for changing my view on Jake, someone who I’ve had such a sour opinion on for the longest time - please continue to keep people’s mind open, love you


    QUEEN TINGZ38 분 전


  35. Rebecca O'Connor

    Rebecca O'Connor38 분 전

    Shane you deserve an award for this series BRAVO!!!!!!!! 👏👌🏆🏅

  36. Jowie Faks

    Jowie Faks38 분 전

    I cant lie the way Shane is asking the questions I'm like oh you the KOreporter Oprah

  37. Noelle

    Noelle39 분 전

    This is my favorite thing on the internet.

  38. Jasper

    Jasper39 분 전

    Do The Mind of Justin Roberts next


    QUEEN TINGZ39 분 전


  40. my name is not important

    my name is not important39 분 전

    2 fucking hours?!

  41. Kookies and Tae

    Kookies and Tae39 분 전

    Thank you for this series Shane.. It has changed my perspective. I hope Jake stops doing stupid shit and actually learns from this. People are forgiving him after this series and I hope he uses this and gets his life together. He can be a pretty good KOreporterr if he let's his real personality show. I'm subscribing to him now hoping his content gets better. *Fuck Logan tho*

  42. Lee Marie

    Lee Marie39 분 전

    Damn, Shane. This was a whole masterpiece. Best content on youtube ever made. We bow down.

  43. maria l Soto

    maria l Soto39 분 전

    Anyone else realize Shane took Katie “the therapist” out of the series after the backlash? Also the assistant situation still bothers me. Was it true ? Was it not ? And does Jake still think she got choked out? Towards the end of the topic he was saying he thinks Banks is a good person.

  44. D&E SQUAD

    D&E SQUAD39 분 전

    Team 10 fans. Got the whole assaulted video. :( sadly you can’t erase anything from social media. Just grow from it jake. And become a better you!!!! ❤️❤️ support from me !! All the way

  45. ScoutFinch713

    ScoutFinch71339 분 전

    Shane hates Logan lol

  46. Chiara Al

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  47. donna roberts

    donna roberts39 분 전

    I can't watch this. Shane dude the only people interested in this brain damaged fool are other fools. Youth, money & way too much time to spare = Like Like Like he said she said totally self absorbed crap. You would get more sense out of a chimp.

  48. l m f a o

    l m f a o39 분 전

    The song on the end is bitter heart

  49. Dishank Gharat

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  50. AznnNikki

    AznnNikki39 분 전

    Shane actually hit the questions that most people wanted to hear. A few times in this video I had to take a break because he wasn’t in agreement with Jake so it was making things uncomfortable in the interview. Good job Shane.

  51. Kristen Miner

    Kristen Miner39 분 전

    Jake is soo humble !

  52. Brayden Doucette

    Brayden Doucette39 분 전

    Anyone else mad this isnt on the trending page?

  53. Stella Kulic

    Stella Kulic39 분 전

    Jake can't even say his brother's name...

  54. Faith Rasmussen

    Faith Rasmussen39 분 전

    Wait. What was the "thing" at 13:50???

  55. Safia

    Safia39 분 전

    Is Shane gonna do a series on Donald Trump next? LOL


    QUEEN TINGZ39 분 전


  57. Avelix

    Avelix39 분 전

    Jake legit struggled hard to express himself here, he searched in his mind for what to say and what not to say, it's written all over him with his body language. It's a huge thing with guys, especially ones that were raised like him. I feel he did his best to say what he could yet people still reaching or calling "bullshit" it's a deep situation where it's hard to find words. Thank you for this series Shane. along with this I've watch reaction videos, especially some from a channel that talks about mental health. This series wasn't just entertainment for me, it's helped me learn a lot about life and how I view and judge others when I fuck up too. Only difference between Jake and the rest of us is he's put his whole life online for us to watch and judge and we feel the right to sit on a high horse and do so? Why? we're all human. we've all done fucked up, horrible things. I just feel I've learned a lot myself and have a new respect for Jake...and some of the other people involved as well, trying to keep respect is very important. we all have our own truth even if some things and some people here I don't agree with. This must have been so exhausting for you Shane, I hope you relax and take a break now, I think you should pursue friendship with Jake it's clear you guys get along really well!

  58. Barborka Schönová

    Barborka Schönová39 분 전

    For anyone trying to find the song at the end of the vid. It's Bitter Heart ❤

  59. zoya butt

    zoya butt39 분 전

    Which song is playing at the end???????

  60. Safi Nasir

    Safi Nasir39 분 전

    What my teachers taught me 50% of it i used in my uni and now in my job. The other 50% i would've used if i was into a different career, doing a different job. I thank my teachers everyday. Just because your career choice doesn't need you to learn school, it doesn't mean fuck school.

  61. Jowie Faks

    Jowie Faks39 분 전

    I never thought i would say this but I can kinda relate to Jake coz my best friend of 12 years fucked my boyfriend. It's very hard to deal with you never really get over it you just have mad trust issues. Even in new relationships.

  62. Brooke

    Brooke39 분 전

    Did... Shane just make me LIKE Jake Paul?... god dammit

  63. Sylvia Peacock

    Sylvia Peacock39 분 전

    Always so sad when a Shane series ends...can't wait for the next one

  64. Hannah 994

    Hannah 99439 분 전

    you should do one with logan 🤭

  65. Rachel Slutz

    Rachel Slutz39 분 전

    I personally think after watching and rewatching all the parts of this series that jake shouldnt take logan as much into mind. I think that jake needs to take a break from all social media because this series is focusing in on a lot of the things that hurt jake and everybody in the situation, i think that he needs to take more than just a vacation and a month and a half away from youtube. He needs to heal, accept what happened and look at the fact that with everything that happened shows how the people he used to be around actually are. Actions and hurting people is more than any words someone can give. Since when people talk, they can say and make things seem anything they want while when people act there is the proof of them wanting to do that. With actions, it shows that people wanted or felt like they had to do it. People cannot make people act on certain things. I think that he needs to get away from logan for a long time and along with greg paul. They hurt jake repeatedly and very personally and jake doesnt want to let family go but at the same time these actions that greg and Logan paul did to jake are very toxic and i think it may be very hard to let them go or distance himself but it is crucial to jake not getting himself into more harmful and toxic situations with these people. Jake honestly needs to step back from all social media since this series and the events that it touches on are going to be talked about and trend for a while, that if he takes a break from all social media then he can take time to heal and cope and reflect on it all. He shouldnt come back to social media until it dies down again and stops trending because it will be harmful to jake to see and relive it all again.

  66. Pie

    Pie39 분 전

    I love how Shane became Jeffree's needed friend & Jake's needed brother

  67. maski

    maski39 분 전

    Dear Shane, please stop picking your face......

  68. M Good

    M Good39 분 전

    Great job Shane I have to say that I don't think Jake Paul is a total douchebag anymore I think he just was like any kid enjoying the Limelight and not giving a fuck and just doing what you want to do like anybody does when they're young God knows I've done it not like that but in some ways


    QUEEN TINGZ39 분 전


  70. Madeline Kondarios

    Madeline Kondarios40 분 전

    Good job Shane for doing this whole series - I've learnt so much more now about how Jake is off camera and what he has been through!

  71. Ellie-Jean

    Ellie-Jean40 분 전

    I’m literally so excited for this episode

  72. TechnoLegit

    TechnoLegit40 분 전

    Y'all realise how many "like"s there are in the conversation?

  73. The Naive Guy

    The Naive Guy40 분 전

    The good thing is he admits he fucked up...... An the other good thing would be if we all give hima chance to change...

  74. Joxstar 9

    Joxstar 940 분 전

    Whats with all the cuts?

  75. Kiah Mody

    Kiah Mody40 분 전

    fav series!

  76. Isphandyar Paracha

    Isphandyar Paracha40 분 전

    Shane has really changed the youtube game.hes like the jimmy kemmel of youtube but in a more intimate way.but over all shane took youtube to the level it had to be on.

  77. M. Aburas

    M. Aburas40 분 전

    Here is an idea for Jake: start a professional dare devil show where all the stunts are done away from public places, with professional support around him (ambulance and fire fighters) to interfere when needed. This way he can still do his thing but target the appropriate audience. This can even be shown on TV or Netflix. He has a talent but he used it the wrong way.. I think

  78. Chance Iconic

    Chance Iconic40 분 전

    Why did you add these racist advertisements? I don’t want to see those between these videos 😒

  79. Mels Benson

    Mels Benson40 분 전

    Smh he can’t even admit that the “jalissa” was a fake relationship.


    QUEEN TINGZ40 분 전


  81. Sue0098

    Sue009840 분 전

    Can I just say, never stop creating stuff like this, no matter what people might think. I LOVED every second of this series, I was waiting for the next episodes like for my favourite tv series. I'm so sad it's over, and I love that you genuinely wanted to show us what Jake really is like. I love that you shown us that Logan is not Jake, and people just can't treat Jake like shit for what his brother did. I feel really bad for him that he owns up for his brother mistakes. It's just not fair man. The part when he said, he never felt so alone. I so get it. I just imagined for a second what I would feel if my whole family was a joke, and my own brother would betray me like that for views. It's just not okay, and nobody should get through it. I almost cried watching this. Well edited. Love you Shane, always follow your gut and heart

  82. XxRCL G4m3rxX

    XxRCL G4m3rxX40 분 전

    I finally understand jake I used to hate him,Thank you sooo much Shane for this finally jake has spoken and I truly understand everything💗💗💗

  83. ilove2929

    ilove292940 분 전

    Worry about Shane..he is an emotion sponge, he needs to go see therapist after this or end up depressed.

  84. Charlotte Thomas

    Charlotte Thomas40 분 전

    Did anyone else find it super hard watching him talk about Alissa and Logan sleeping together?! That was horrible

  85. Sandeep Pandey

    Sandeep Pandey40 분 전

    Next Series:- The memes of PewDiePie???. Like for Shane to make it happen!!

  86. Judysallyyellow2

    Judysallyyellow240 분 전

    1:43:01 why is this part so sad... ESPECIALLY WITH THE MUSIC? I'm starting to like/ have sympathy​ for Jake now.

  87. Francisco Acosta

    Francisco Acosta40 분 전

    Just finished the video🤧 Shane just revolutionized KOreporter, and Jake has just been fucked up too many times tbh, and seems like he just does what he does (his vids) to get away from the true problems that are in his life.

  88. hill top

    hill top40 분 전

    The jerk is racist . He was racist to a fan before .

  89. Jazz Soriano

    Jazz Soriano40 분 전

    And BTW i am sooooo speechless that i can’t describe my feelings. I like jake when he was doing vines etc. but I lost my like on him when he was crazy bout stuff that a parent shouldn’t show their kids ok mine are toddler and baby but still I gain more respect for him now because he is changing and being mature. Which he should. He wants to be settled one day and have is own family. I think jake should show the opposite of how he went through as a kid, Teenie & everything to his future kids so they will know this is life but you can be better than me Blabla or give them the opportunity to live and not working already at age of 7/8 and doing chores their dad or mom told them to. House chores are normal and I know in some country children are push to work at such a young age because they have nothing. Oh man i getting too deep sorry... this world sucks. I love the Series Shane. I think you should do more stuff about the life of the people, who are poor and terrorized. Many people doesn’t know how it’s like or look like


    QUEEN TINGZ40 분 전


  91. Nick Fincher

    Nick Fincher40 분 전

    Honestly I feel that same as Shane like how is he not pissed at her and at his brother! I would never NEVER get over my brother sleeping with my girlfriend. That's just wrong I can't even imagine that!!!!

  92. Blueyes

    Blueyes40 분 전

    OMG! This series was beautiful. Shane Dawson thank you for making a wonderful video series about a person who was probably troubled but now people got to see who he really is. I used to never like him & thought he was a dip shit, but now I think you might have changed my mind.

  93. Laney Lion

    Laney Lion40 분 전

    This was a whole ass SHOW I'm emotional

  94. atArturojr

    atArturojr41 분 전

    Everything shane is telling jake is not getting through jakes skull.

  95. Erin Shardlow

    Erin Shardlow41 분 전

    why am i starting to like jake?

  96. Jade Costello

    Jade Costello41 분 전

    I’ve been watching Shane for 10 years (maybe more) and it’s just amazing how he is literally a KOreporter genius. I’ve thought that forever but this series really cemented it for me. He is the best human 🙌🏼

  97. Alexa Blair

    Alexa Blair41 분 전

    This was soooo cool.

  98. S Tiankova

    S Tiankova41 분 전

    Shane was so dramatic about the Alissa thing.

  99. Ocean Waves

    Ocean Waves41 분 전

    Jake admitted he hurt Alissa, but Shane never asked him about what he did because it doesn't fit his now "Jake is a victim" narrative. Shane seemed more sympathetic towards Jake for the Logan-Alissa situation, than towards Alissa for the emotional and mental abuse she went through. They both fucked up, but that shouldn't mean taking sides and painting Alissa as a slut or the villain of the story, so solely for that reason I'm disappointed in this series, women being abused shouldn't be overlooked or result in victim blaming as has been the response for these last 2 videos

  100. melvin Witt

    melvin Witt41 분 전

    Wow this is amazing ...