Insane Motivational Memes For Guys


  1. Gracinator 101

    Gracinator 10146 분 전

    I iz girl gender

  2. Heyec

    Heyec46 분 전

    Look I know we've never spoken before, and I know I got your number by breaking into my friends phone, I know that you have me blocked because I keep sending you weird messages like I want you to have my babies. but I just wanna let you know that, there's nothing you can do to stop me from imagining a world where we are together, and you love me, and you're birthing my children, we have have three beautiful children together Vanessa, please respond at your earliest convenience.

  3. joefla70

    joefla7046 분 전

    React to smosh

  4. Ian Richins

    Ian Richins46 분 전

    you sould react to this weird youtube channel called Ice Cream rolls. check it out...

  5. Aidan Warren

    Aidan Warren47 분 전

    This is some vaguely alt-right MGTOW stuff. I suspect that commentary KOreporter just broke into a whole nest of misogynist dudebros

  6. Amelia Knust

    Amelia Knust47 분 전

    G- fastest R- growing E- army G- don't search that up

  7. Sarah Mohamed

    Sarah Mohamed47 분 전

    *this is what happens when cringy single guys try to be relatable*

  8. Ara the Songmaster

    Ara the Songmaster47 분 전

    notifications on 🤙🏻🦔

  9. Flikkii

    Flikkii48 분 전

    my kids are gonna have diabetes

  10. 🔑 ThatcringyKey

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    What if I identify as an attack helicopter?

  11. Gacha Aioki

    Gacha Aioki48 분 전

    I am A TRUE GREG

  12. Masky Illusion

    Masky Illusion48 분 전

    No wonder diabetes runs in my family. I wear glasses, too. Cuz I’m a neerd

  13. *Mini*

    *Mini*49 분 전

    You and drew have a thing going on?

  14. 48th Ronin

    48th Ronin49 분 전

    We all have a Facebook "friend" who posts memes like that all the time. The *CRINGE* every time I see them !!!!

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  16. 100 Miles

    100 Miles50 분 전

    notifications have been on for like 6 months now...

  17. Jessica Voss

    Jessica Voss50 분 전

    i have a theory that danny and drew are the same person

  18. Saint Shorty

    Saint Shorty51 분 전

    G R E G R R E E G R E G

  19. Dante Padilla

    Dante Padilla51 분 전

    Subscribed with notifications on... I AM *GREG*

  20. Minty Tree

    Minty Tree51 분 전

    Wow I love that first "motivational meme" because it's a Audi r8 meaning there is no back seat. So a back seat is stuffing people where the engine is probably slowly burning them with the size of the engine. Wow 10/10

  21. ReiPops

    ReiPops51 분 전

    Notifications turned on forever... (not really cause I'll die)

  22. Hi There

    Hi There52 분 전

    So this is basically “Haha I’m not like other guys XD”

  23. Galv

    Galv52 분 전

    7:23 He isn't even eating chicken.

  24. Anna Kramer

    Anna Kramer52 분 전

    in the ‘darn-verse’ you asked where you were and I just wanted to tell you that you were in Minnesota!

  25. _sweetcaroline_ 23

    _sweetcaroline_ 2353 분 전

    @ Danny Just so you know I love you more than chicken even though it died for me also I am truly Greg

  26. ZS0UR

    ZS0UR53 분 전

    “ItS ThE bOyS ClUb” -Danny Gonzalez

  27. Onion Boi

    Onion Boi53 분 전

    Just walk up to a person, tell them hi I'm facebook status, and they say back, I'm not facebook status, you don't have to like me. And you're like, well duh, I don't. Honestly I don't know where I was going with that

  28. Ruby B.

    Ruby B.53 분 전

    i turned on notifications and i can feel my nose getting bigger

  29. Isabella Pagowska

    Isabella Pagowska53 분 전

    What do ya see me goin to Disney World and lickin the floor?? yA dUmB bItCh

  30. Neydine Segura

    Neydine Segura54 분 전

    I subscribed and turned on notifications.... am I a jakepauler now? :))

  31. Mechelle Butler

    Mechelle Butler54 분 전

    Why the *frick* am I here I'm a fricken girl *SON* skkskkks. *hello darkness my old friend I came to talk with you again* my comment don't make no fricken sence* at least y'all boys as getting very inspiring and inspirational quotes *Sksksk*:/ ( ^ _^ ) BTW I have no friends and this why. *crys in corner*

  32. //Accio Harry Potter\\

    //Accio Harry Potter\\54 분 전


  33. Menschenleer L'amour

    Menschenleer L'amour54 분 전

    Let's go ride bikes, i heard the ice cream truck! congrats on the album!!!

  34. Cait Deal

    Cait Deal54 분 전

    just became greg. hopefully my kids don't get diabetes

  35. Sophia Clay

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    but what if u marry your OWN handsome enemy

  36. Photonx12

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    Notification squad subscribe to pewdiepie and Danny gonzalez

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    Danny Danny Danny DaDaY

  38. //Accio Harry Potter\\

    //Accio Harry Potter\\56 분 전

    2:25 two minutes and 25 seconds into the video and its already getting creepy...

  39. mable maballeen mae carl elise puckett

    mable maballeen mae carl elise puckett56 분 전

    Do a vid on BTS! Please??!!?

  40. Zoe Hayes

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    Sub pls I’ll do anything I’m desperate I’m at work in the break room and need to get out from the bottom

  41. salty icecream

    salty icecream58 분 전

    Imagine if someone took "if someone tells you to stop doing what you love just keep doing it because they are just haters"-they out of context and a cop said "Hey stop littering"and the person littering said"NO I do what I want and if you don't like what I'm doing then your a hater" yeah he would probably get a life sentence

  42. Harris Mitchell

    Harris Mitchell58 분 전

    This channel keeps me sane😂😂😂

  43. Werple

    Werple58 분 전

    Wow this really helped me understand boys.

  44. Nycole Imperium

    Nycole Imperium59 분 전

    I wheezed so much during this video thank you

  45. Sophia Roberts

    Sophia Roberts59 분 전

    Who's video do I watch first?



    Danny: I need to fall in love with a car *Roger Taylor wants to know your location*

  47. Jeff Rey

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    What if I'm the handsome enemy?

  48. slime asmr

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    I am truly greg

  49. Makiah Muffin

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    Were getting fooled

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    aw man, handsome gru just.. stealing all our wives

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    Notifications are onnnn

  52. EpicGoat

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    1:00 the Audi R8 in the picture doesn’t have a backseat

  53. Paul Clark

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    Americans know that’s Mr. Bean on top of the car, right? He’s a legend. And he’s not letting anyone tell him what to do.

  54. Leah Stewart

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    😂😂😂😂 0:53

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    notifications on!! am i greg yet?

  56. Morgan Sylvestre

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    Virgins for life despite the wife’s

  57. Zoe Isamess

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    D Da Dan Dann Drew Gooden.

  58. arfun shkers

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    did danny not recognize mr. bean ? fucking millenials

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    Notifications are on and I’m subscribed. Am true Greg.

  60. Ceci

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    NICE new music

  61. Zia Sante

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    8:00 G o s h that was legit the funniest thing I've ever heard out of context

  62. Phe123

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    What about a boyfriend I mean I have no self respect but if I had a boyfriend could I have self respect

  63. Taboo Groundhog

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    😁best revenge

  64. Toxic Twister C

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    I thought I was having a stroke holy fuck

  65. mia naret

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    can u do a video of the dumb shit people post on vsco

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    I'm truly Greg!

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    I have one question Why are we called greg

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    Why the fuck would we be anything else? Greg is a powerful name and the fastest growing army on the internet, and hell, anywhere in the world

  69. pieisnotreal

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    This feels like mgtow dogwhistles.

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    😁 Best Revenge

  71. Robyn Holley

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    you brighten my day and make me laugh even on the toughest of days. thank you Danny! and thank you greg!

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  74. Lisa Jacobs

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  75. Christian W

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    All of these insta channels are started by foreigners and followed almost specifically by other foreigners. That's why they are so cringe.

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    The camera is sooo close to youre face i cant focus on what ur sayin

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    Well, doulingo says if u wanna be a good boy, take your spanish lesson

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    my whole life revolves around waiting for you to post

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    i literally sat down to watch this video but i thought i had watched it before and then danny said the part about cody making a video on this

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    I’ve subscribed and had motifs on for a LONG time I also have Greg merch!

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    I want to have a kid just to name them facebook status

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    Boy zone

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    all my enemies are handsome compared to me

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    “I’ve got big dreams, but an even bigger ass.” -Danny Gonzalez 2019

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    Yay ur back :)

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    I love my girlfriend, AT LEAST she died for me. And then I ate her.

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    I'm not even Joking fellow Gregs and Danny, but I came here for the Sponsor Ad only.

  97. the FBI agent who monitors your web history

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    *the incels have gotten **_s t r o n g e r_*

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    A gOoOoOoD bOyYyYyYyYy

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