In Praise Of Bias


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    What are your views on bias? Tell us in the comments or on our app:

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    And the new devil in the dark....Facebook....or should we call it, "Fake Newsbook"

  3. acacacacac acaccaca

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    what happens when people have drastically different values? what happens when i disagree on what the people presenting the news think is best for me and my society? what happens when the lines between fact and bias are intentionally blured? what happens when the people who is suppossed to keep me informed have an anti information bias? what if they decide that its best for the people to just not know certain things? who decides what bias is bad bias? what happens to the people with bad bias? do they get punished for doing the exact same thing you are doing?

  4. Tobias Hagström

    Tobias Hagström2 년 전

    I think there's a strawman in saying that being anti-bias means you believe that it's feasible or even really possible to be completely objective and un-biased. I am anti-bias in the sense that I think that it ought to be exhaustively demonstrated to people how prone to bias human beings are, how that affects what we do, or even what we think. Educate people on what the limitation in their own thinking are and what to watch out for to avoid excessive bias. I don't believe you can simply get rid of bias, but that's no excuse for stubbornness, hubris, irreflectiveness, etc. The problem with biased news sources isn't just that they're not minimizing their own biases, but it's that they frigging LIE, and misrepresent things to inexcusable extents. It's not just that people are biased when they ought to be looking at the fact, it's that they seem unwilling to be reflective of their own values, why they have those values, what might have contributed to them having those values, and that they don't seem willing to sympathetically examine another's point of view on an issue. They don't try to understand, they're happy just to dismiss and misrepresent, they divide people into camps, they stifle genuine discourse, they whip up resentment and misunderstanding, and it's completely retarding our discourse, especially socially, ideologically, politically, regarding identity, etc. I think this kind of close-mindedness prevents understanding, and I think there are people who really wouldn't hold the positions they do, if they worked to take a step back and examine their biases. Being against bias is ALL ABOUT facing the hard choices, instead of just going the easy road, by taking whatever rout you're immediately most biased towards, and the further entrenching yourself in that position. If you're "pro-bias", then how are you supposed to to categorize "bad" and "good" bias? I myself am someone who can see in myself a lot of ideological and narrative bias, and I really don't want this to be validated. I'm relieved that I am at least aware of at least some of my biases, but it distresses me. But at least when I struggle with this kind of stuff I know that I'm trying to be a better person, and it is my hope that I will continue to be able to genuinely search within myself for more biases, so I can be aware of them. And it's frankly something that I think the world could use a lot more people who are willing to do. That's what I think being against bias means. I appreciate reminding people that everyone is biased, that we often simplify the kinds of biases there are, or that people ought to be more open with what their agenda/narratives are, but other than that, I think this video is kind of harmful.


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    And the news tonight "the war in Syria, err, the conflict in Syria, err ummm, the trouble in Syria" The news tonight is unclear.

  6. JoysticKnight

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    I applaud the idea in concept and nearly pulls to the concepts of pluralism and maybe even hyper-pluralism, but if this is the case, then what I believe is that while we all will inevitable will be driven in part by our biases, we should not be absolutely blinded by them. As this team generally is with their videos, and is somewhat stated, information may be better off presented not as fact but as opinion, not that anyone ideology is "correct" but that this way of thinking may better suite your bias, and our bias takes further control. A "middle ground" in that there is no true influence except that an option is merely presented and not forced. This also may be the "worse" that you speak of, that many of these news outlets while are free in their biases create a follower blinded by the shear amount of bias to the point that they cannot properly assess the situations based on empirical evidence but instead take the evidence and conform it purely to their own "facts" with no clause or open minded-ness to debate what so ever. This may be the true nature of pluralism, hyper-bias. But honestly I could be completely wrong about all this. It's just a thought. But truly, I would love to see a news source who plays devils advocate for everyone.

  7. David J. Jr.

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    I enjoyed this video about the bias against bias.

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    Thanks to put the Arabic ❤️

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    Every U.S. media organization seems to be biased these days.

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    Luckily my bias doesn't matter.

  11. lorenmark

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    To sum up: bias is impossible to remove from the human endeavor. It is always present in every facet. Nothing is ever *not* biased.

  12. David Birr

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    Sounds very good and thought out. A mature adult view of the nature of people around us .Not dependent on the Cultural opinions of common complaint we hear everday.

  13. LoyalWolfHeart

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    I like the idea that bias is just having a take on existence.

  14. Ruby

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    My school is effing biassed. I hate my school. I should be top 2 but the Principal wanted me to become top 3 😭😭😭😭

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    Reminds me of what’s happening with so many pet owners lately: The misinformation from the natural, raw, food, homeopathic market verses the science based medicine of veterinarians and “EVIL” -poison-peddling big pet food manufactures..Why don’t people do the research?

  16. chucksl21

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    What if the answers to life's big questions have been there all along? Right in front of us... Perhaps an ancient book that provides the answers as to how and why we got here, how to live and why the world is in the fallen state it is now, what will be done about it and how to cope with it in the meantime...

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    The background noise makes this unwatchable.

  18. Thomas Headley

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    Is that bias or prejudice? Using well examined previous personal experiences to influence future decisions is not bias. Allowing unexamined projections of others to influence judgement is a poor strategy at best. U have a brain, use it!

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    News should be fact driven rather than agenda driven. A good news story will shape its story around the facts, while a poorly written news story will shape the facts around the story.

  23. Department of Analytics

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    Serious, executive summary of this video: we should not try to be perfectionists with denial issues but spoken in a different way.

  24. Department of Analytics

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    I believe what you are talking about is heuristics, second order rationality and imaginaries(sociology). Biases are just unconcious neglect of infomation that is bad because we have no power over it. Though I agree we should not try to be perfectionists with denial issues.

  25. joyful journey

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    Hey, school of life! My request is unrelated to this video (which was incredible, just like all your content), but I was wondering if it’s possible for you to make a psychology video on Carl Rogers. He’s my favourite psychology thinker and I think it would be important to make him more known by making a video on him. Thank you!

  26. MC

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    About leading our lives according to values and the misconception that science does not have a say in such matters, I invite you to watch this TEDTalk: The Moral Landscape - It’s important to be careful not to view things in black and white; pitting logic and reason against emotions is wrong. The mind can see things the heart cannot, and the heart can see things the mind cannot. Heart and mind must be partners, working in unisson, helping each other seeing their respective “blindspots”.

  27. N.S.

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    Lately, a pattern of thought has been stirring through my mind that there is no such thing as truth. Everybody has their own perspective and interpretation, especially when it comes to reality. Psychology states that memory is constructed and we can't process everything we experience. Even science itself is an agreement upon a mass group of people that share the same experience, but some things are beyond the reach of these experiences that science defines (or the "truth"). If someone says that the sky is green, scientifically they are wrong, but if they visualize the sky as green, we cant knock them for that because we can't enter their brain and experience their life. Even if the masses have come up with an explanation for that person's experience (color blindness), you can't take away that person's truth. So when it comes to things like bias, I just see it as everyone stating their own truth. Nobody is wrong, nobody is right. It just is what it is ( i know i sound hipster). but like the video stated, u have to choose your own truth, otherwise i think you'll go insane. just my view sorry for the essay.

  28. Guersom Falcon

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    We could say the same for science before newton discover the laws of physics , not having the answers now does not mean that we will never have them

  29. Norm Babbitt

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    This talk is spot on! This is what I have come to learn. So much of what I hold dear originates from my own temperament and experience. This truth about clarity of bias helps me to be open to others' perspectives and biases. I am so appreciative now of communication and mutual conversations between those with differing views. This is how we learn, expand and mature.

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    Intellectual idealism is a lovely art.

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    KIM Taehyung wrecked my life

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    Synonymous of "bias"? It's difficult to translate it to another language...

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    Good God, this is so biased,

  35. Gerrit Ter Haar

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    How you determine a higher bias from a weaker one. How do you judge which bias is better without being biased? haha it sounds circular.

  36. theQiwiMan

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    Except reality isn't a "democratic process". You can't vote on whether gravity should be in effect on any given day. No matter how many people choose not to believe Communist bullets and intentional starvation accounted for over 100 MILLION murders in the 20th century, those people still died. (Communism killed 10 times as many people as the murderous Nazis) So yeah, there is no such thing as an "unbiased" source of information. And if that bias is against individual liberty, and pro-State power, it doesn't matter what other intentions that person has, they have a crappy bias.

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    Cnn likes this video

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    Really changed my mind!

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    I’m sorry, but Fox news is brain cancer. Simple as that.

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    Thank you.

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    Why does such a video have so high dislike ratio?

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    I'm writing fiction, and you are spot on about values. They are an important part of character-driven stories, and there's a good reason for that: they are also an important part of people-driven societies, as you point out.

  46. macronencer

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    Thank you for pronouncing it 'BIASSIZ'. Too many people say 'BIASSEEZ', which is wrong. It sounds like the plural of 'biasis', which isn't a word.

  47. Creepzza

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    Interesting. As a philosopher I have a really hard time finding any strong belief to stand by so I don't even know what I think myself.

  48. Javier Derteano

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    News companies doesn't want people to know about their "bias" because the "bias" of big companies goes against the interests of the majority of people who watch them.

  49. SB

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    there is good bias and bad bias, however what we should aim for is the least biased, most factual evidence to base the way we live our lives on. having no bias at all is on the verge of impossible, however combating negative bias is imperative to a functioning society

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    Love that frame about voting between red poop and blue poop.

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    What a gorgeous sound design!

  53. Ali Syed

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    post-truthist bullshit.. maybe i'd agree with this if we weren't living in an era rife fake news, identity politics, and institutional tribalism. facts matter, there are correct economic doctrines, better relationships, and virtuous lifestyles. Whether or not you want to use your brain to discover them is entirely up to you.

  54. Beatness

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    I don't think there are correct economic doctrine, relationships, or lifestyles. I don't think there is a perfect economy, or a perfect relationship, or a perfect lifestyle. That said, for most people there is a better option and a worse option. But what is best for one person might not be best for another. There is no "one-size-fits-all" in life.

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    Thank you!! That is exactly what I needed. And (to my biased view) the world.

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    Hey you beautiful and warm hearted people, when will your app be released for android?

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    Oh, wow. What a load of pseudo-intellectual regression. No wonder they had to present it as a cartoon drawn by preschoolers ....if not, retards or animals. But, that is centrism for you: Intellectualizing the behaviors of the mob...

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    CNN is badly bias news

  59. Samuel Penn

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    Devoured Eagle idiot

  60. Alibi Bagdaulet

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    dont you find these cartoons distracting, i cant make a connection between what i see and hear

  61. ノ

    2 년 전

    really a very pedantic look on a topic that has largely come about simply from people opposing bias, when at least i interpret them as opposing bias either conflicting with their views, or bias that conflicts with broader societal morals and ideals. this video does not do the topic much justice or provide much original insight or content outside of pedanticism until the closing statement, where it for some reason tells a new train of thought about publicising bias and ideals, which was a good and novel thought compared to giving a false presentation of factual journalism. i understand that these videos are mostly thought streams or rambles a lot of the time but it would be cool to have videos that are less focused on just a technicality such as people saying that they oppose bias in general

  62. الحمد الله

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    You are also atheistic bias.

  63. Artsy_Judoka

    Artsy_Judoka2 년 전

    I think referring to a news organization as biased isn't just supposed to mean that they have a world view, but that they care a lot less about what's actually going on than about promoting that world view. To effectively make value decisions about a situation you have to be able to take an unfiltered look at what the situation actually is first.

  64. TheGerogero

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    The philosophy whose central spirit found expression in Kant's exhortation to "dare to know" ended up ironically producing epistemically paralyzed people.

  65. Robert Bethell

    Robert Bethell2 년 전

    I'm confused! I probably missed something but how does one decided what is 'good bias'? Or good values? Surely a media producer that at least tries to be balanced, however impossible, is better than propaganda? Also. What about the facts from social science or psychology or biology? Surely they point to some truths about how we should live or set up systems?

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    Incredible. Just 10/10 absolutely incredible. Bravo times 1 million. Seriously. Thank you to the highest of sincerity for your content, thank you.

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    ahh CNN, BBC, The Independent...are pretty biased as well