If You Say WOW, You LOSE! (HARDEST) Ft. Christian Delgrosso


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    I somehow got 6 lives. Oh that’s right, I got James Charles’ KOreporter career

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    I didn't say wow dang it I just said it

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    at 11:47 he says wow

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    Is this the if you say whoa, you lose ? NO!

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    All this is fake asf i hate these type of white people overexaggerate

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    Again, 7:06 Whoa is NOT wow! You guys suck at making rules and keeping them.

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    VINES. **Christen's mom** Christen! Christen! Who remembers

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    Don't agree with that half life. Should have been completely gone.

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    I don't suffer from motion sickness but these edits and this camera work is just nauseating.

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    5:20 he says whoa which is NOT wow! You guys suck!

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    All the nonesense to make the video longer. KOreporter has become so damn annoying.

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    10:45 loOk At aLl ThOsE cHiCkEnS

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    Your friend said wow and said shhhh

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    I hate you

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    0:23 turn on caption

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    Christian said wow when the green marshmellow came.

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    Omg I got a challange! New one! Try not to /say aww+wow+eww+ not to feel bad+not to cry. Am I crazy XD

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    Whoa is spelled different than wow

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    Someone said wow and they didn't notice it

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    Don't say UwU challenge wish there was a challenge like this heheheh

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    He said wow at 3:01 with no punishment!

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