If Hogwarts Were an Inner-City School - Key & Peele


  1. Kenneth Wong

    Kenneth Wong10 시간 전

    "WIZZARD PEPPER" "Unbelievable."

  2. sanoban

    sanoban22 시간 전

    It might be my favorite sketch from them. They have a cat with a durag !

  3. Michael

    Michael22 시간 전


  4. Victoria Whitehead

    Victoria Whitehead일 전

    This is so intelligent as well as funny! Way to point out the educational gap within the country as well as the lack of economical support for poverty based schools!

  5. W0Y4K

    W0Y4K일 전

    Hogwarts in London, I take it? Not a Brit, but I don't think I'm wrong.

  6. Deez Nughts

    Deez Nughts일 전

    1:20 guy on the left in red teleports backwards...

  7. Jaques Rautenbach

    Jaques Rautenbach2 일 전

    you guys need to do a skit on beyond scared strait plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. No Name

    No Name2 일 전

    Better than the Cursed Child


    CGMSQAXD2 일 전

    “We got two lil nigas on swiffers” 😂💀

  10. james61985

    james619852 일 전

    "1 out 5 childern is pregnant with a demon baby!" That's better than my school.

  11. 2xTeezyy Project

    2xTeezyy Project2 일 전

    This damn LeBron ad lowkey got me shook after what happened with Kobe lol frfr

  12. TheMayer

    TheMayer2 일 전

    This is by far my favorite Key and Peele sketch lol

  13. Shawn HTPC

    Shawn HTPC2 일 전

    This is the Harry Potter spinoff the world needs in 2020.

  14. Soft Drink

    Soft Drink2 일 전

    “A wand with a silencer on it” that may be the single greatest thing I’ve ever heard of.

  15. Jamie Nicholls

    Jamie Nicholls2 일 전

    "This wand has a silencer... Why ?!". *Kids messing around doing magic janitor unleashes huge spell* "Y'all kids knock it off !!"

  16. rvgog247

    rvgog2472 일 전


  17. JayCookies

    JayCookies2 일 전

    Harrilus Potterbankz: The Nigga With The Shiny Ass Stone Deadass Part 2

  18. Timothy Jackson

    Timothy Jackson2 일 전

    He just goes to put the rat back lmao

  19. An Nguyen

    An Nguyen3 일 전

    I want a tv show of this

  20. MyName Jeff

    MyName Jeff3 일 전

    That list goes from 21 to 158

  21. Washington3600

    Washington36003 일 전

    Agent blueberry pie

  22. Nick Kempster

    Nick Kempster3 일 전

    This is canon and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise.

  23. Christopher Vick

    Christopher Vick3 일 전

    "We do score lower on the standardized tests but there is a cultural bias." If the culture doesn't meet the standard, then the culture is the problem.

  24. BJP 95

    BJP 953 일 전

    How they gonna put a Durag on a cat like that 😂

  25. Kevin Robinson

    Kevin Robinson4 일 전

    I love that Jamar the cat is wearing a durag lol

  26. David Sibbald

    David Sibbald4 일 전

    I dropped out of Moomy Plopfern's High School for Dolts.

  27. Gabe the Grill Stealer

    Gabe the Grill Stealer4 일 전

    _get your ass out of my office_ _i will turn you into a _*_S P I D E R_*

  28. tom bickers

    tom bickers4 일 전


  29. czzvui

    czzvui5 일 전

    now I wanna see this movie

  30. Maryam - Master of Movement

    Maryam - Master of Movement5 일 전

    The cat is wearing a durag!!! 😂😂😂

  31. 15gladuis

    15gladuis5 일 전

    Number 161.) Abracadabra school for special needs Wizards lol

  32. Universe88productions

    Universe88productions5 일 전

    Would love to see this as a series or film top concept well executed

  33. Luís Laranjeira

    Luís Laranjeira5 일 전


  34. Shao Quan

    Shao Quan5 일 전

    I bet love potion is the hottest commodity in that place

  35. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader5 일 전

    Those kids at 0:10 will grow up to be Stanley and Carl in Magical Negro Fight

  36. Amirul Ashraf

    Amirul Ashraf5 일 전

    The magical n was from this school probably 🤣

  37. Ridho Adi

    Ridho Adi5 일 전

    You guys should make 7 books about this

  38. Cr3w IronWolf

    Cr3w IronWolf5 일 전


  39. carrotyfiber

    carrotyfiber5 일 전

    Subscribe to carrotyfiber

  40. Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy

    Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy5 일 전

    Imagine if they did the East vs West thing but with schools of magic.

  41. Austin Huber

    Austin Huber5 일 전

    (Looks into camera) The babies ARE evil.

  42. Polar Pi

    Polar Pi5 일 전

    The taller dude is lame. He is so not funny. He has a job only because the Chappelles of the world are busy with other things.

  43. hugo trejo

    hugo trejo5 일 전

    wand with a silencer lmao

  44. Jzeaser

    Jzeaser6 일 전

    "oh thats a natural rat". 2:33 freaken hilarious

  45. Lazy Rabbit

    Lazy Rabbit6 일 전

    *Parnabus Jackson*

  46. Mika Ross

    Mika Ross6 일 전

    This is fucking genius

  47. Ang Jo

    Ang Jo6 일 전

    Even the graffiti he wrote cracked me up 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. crannbeathadh

    crannbeathadh6 일 전


  49. 4HN

    4HN6 일 전

    There is more magic in this sketch then in all the HP movies

  50. keno كينو

    keno كينو6 일 전

    Jamar the cat wearing a du rag 💀😂

  51. napalm

    napalm6 일 전

    Vince Clortho! OMG! Keymaster of Gozer, Volguus Zildrohoar, Lord of the Seboullia! I didn't know they named a school after him. Gozer the Traveller, he will come in one of the pre-chosen forms. During the rectification of the Vuldronaii, the Traveller came as a large and moving Torb! Then, during the third reconciliation of the last of the Meketrex Supplicants they chose a new form for him... that of a Giant Sloar! Many Shubs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Sloar that day I can tell you.

  52. Juventus Ventuno

    Juventus Ventuno6 일 전

    Darquilius Quidditch

  53. soundcloud Cdog CLT

    soundcloud Cdog CLT6 일 전

    Bruh they needa make a movie on this😂😂😂

  54. Nerdy Alien

    Nerdy Alien6 일 전

    Yeah call it "Harry Potter the ghetto ass edition"


    SAINT PEPSI6 일 전

    this could be a show

  56. 3AMStudios

    3AMStudios6 일 전

    see when they announced American wizard schools this is how i pictured it

  57. Blake Wickman

    Blake Wickman4 일 전

    @EmmaJ.K.88 and apparently Salem's got a pretty good one as it was in the top ten... kinda weird they built a wizarding school in SALEM.

  58. EmmaJ.K.88

    EmmaJ.K.886 일 전

    3AMStudios Only Illvermorny is on the same level of equal excellence as Hogwarts. Lol

  59. Orbit Medical

    Orbit Medical6 일 전

    If this was a series I’d beinge watch

  60. Andrew Animates

    Andrew Animates6 일 전

    I will turn you into a spider!

  61. Jozinek

    Jozinek6 일 전

    Rowling should be taking notes instead of making fanfiction level changes to her universe.

  62. Jozinek

    Jozinek6 일 전

    @Nerdy Alien yes, she said it on Twitter

  63. Nerdy Alien

    Nerdy Alien6 일 전

    @Jozinek wait JK Rowling actually did that?

  64. Jozinek

    Jozinek6 일 전

    @Nerdy Alien and saying that Hermione is a black woman (even though she was white in the books and movies).

  65. Jozinek

    Jozinek6 일 전

    @Nerdy Alien yep

  66. Nerdy Alien

    Nerdy Alien6 일 전

    Like saying one of the characters was gay all along?

  67. Rage Raptor

    Rage Raptor7 일 전

    2:20 is the best part omg lol 😂

  68. Pete Marczyk

    Pete Marczyk7 일 전

    Uhhh that’s a lil more then a dime bag bud😂