I Want To Be Tall


  1. Carrie Lowery

    Carrie Lowery5 시간 전

    Walk on stilts

  2. Amy Hitchcock

    Amy Hitchcock7 시간 전

    And she wants to know why her hair is damaged 🤣🤣 jk I love you Jenna

  3. brynnexsmile

    brynnexsmile8 시간 전

    i legit was supposed to be 5’8 and i’m 5’3 so idk what happened so i get jenna

  4. taccos101

    taccos1019 시간 전

    Me: Mom can we get a wily wonka? Mom: we already have a wily wonka at home! Wily Wonka at home: 9:16

  5. Atomic dreamz

    Atomic dreamz11 시간 전

    I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched the intro

  6. Sage_The _Aesthetic

    Sage_The _Aesthetic11 시간 전

    Jenna giving off some big Julian vibes in this video

  7. It’s Isa

    It’s Isa12 시간 전

    Can’t believe that it’s been a year already since this video came out

  8. Zoruagames

    Zoruagames14 시간 전

    The dislikes are just people jealous of Jenna's 6'2"ness

  9. PurpleBirdy

    PurpleBirdy21 시간 전

    Why is the part of this video that makes me actually laugh every time 'No no no you put that sentence back in your mouth".

  10. lindsey davis

    lindsey davis일 전


  11. Kristie PuffinPenguin

    Kristie PuffinPenguin일 전

    My younger brother is a foot taller than me too. I feel your pain Jenna.

  12. Samantha Kroemer

    Samantha Kroemer일 전

    Tall Jenna has Chillary Clinton vibes

  13. Clara Brandão

    Clara Brandão2 일 전

    1 hell yeah = 1 more inch of tallnes

  14. Brian Yu

    Brian Yu2 일 전


  15. Yourthe1iknwyour

    Yourthe1iknwyour2 일 전

    Jenna I feel like I need to tell you that this is your greatest video you ever made 😂🤣 it’s literally KOreporter gold. Any of my friends that I am trying to get them to watch your videos I show them this first and they’re hooked🙌🏻

  16. C E

    C E2 일 전

    Would you like to play a game of pickup basketball where I will most for sure dunk on you? *I died*

  17. Elyse Terreri

    Elyse Terreri2 일 전

    I was looking away and then she said für Elise and I whipped around and was like WHAT

  18. FaithQueens

    FaithQueens3 일 전

    Me everyday

  19. the name's derek

    the name's derek3 일 전

    why does she look like she bout to walk down to the met gala

  20. Farid A. Hode

    Farid A. Hode3 일 전

    Hey Jenna, can you defend your masters thesis? -love, your super biggest fan

  21. Jerica Barnhill

    Jerica Barnhill4 일 전

    Sore Jenna hobbling around in high heels & fan hair 😂 10/10

  22. Ruin Me

    Ruin Me4 일 전

    I don’t remember this Jojo villain

  23. Elena Animatics

    Elena Animatics4 일 전


  24. Not a Beauty Guru

    Not a Beauty Guru5 일 전

    Bitch I look looe pauly dEeeee

  25. Giovanna Ferri

    Giovanna Ferri5 일 전

    i am CACKLING. you are perfect.

  26. Annette Holmes

    Annette Holmes5 일 전

    "i wanna be tall" needs its own video.. JENNA WE DEMAND AN OFFICIAL "I wanna be tall" SONG.

  27. Determined DIYer

    Determined DIYer6 일 전

    did she make it?

  28. Chloe Lynn

    Chloe Lynn6 일 전

    I showed my dad this and he said "is she always thing dumb? "

  29. ensis7

    ensis76 일 전

    Jenna, when I was 23 or 24 years old, I grew another inch and my feet grew a full foot size... also this may have been said a thousand times but do you wish you were a baller and if you had a gf you would call her?

  30. onceandforall85

    onceandforall856 일 전

    I just started watching this chicks videos but NONE have made me fuckin laugh as hard as this one!!!!! Omg the keyboard at the beggining..im cryinggg

  31. REMI

    REMI7 일 전

    I wonder how high they got.

  32. Bonnie Koo

    Bonnie Koo7 일 전

    before this video started i got an ad on how to be taller like- 💀💀💀💀

  33. Brittany Chezem

    Brittany Chezem7 일 전

    Your poor neighbors

  34. Brittany Chezem

    Brittany Chezem7 일 전


  35. Sarah Bischoff

    Sarah Bischoff7 일 전

    As a lady who is 6'1'' I can confirm that I am always on the phone. It plagues me

  36. Zee Kane

    Zee Kane7 일 전

    God Jenna, I adore you. I’m 5’1” but watching your videos make me feel 6’7”

  37. Diamond Willow

    Diamond Willow8 일 전

    I’m 5’1...

  38. Kayla Dubose

    Kayla Dubose8 일 전

    Woman you do not look like you like alfalfa

  39. Kayla Dubose

    Kayla Dubose8 일 전

    This was made up my birthday

  40. Kayla Dubose

    Kayla Dubose8 일 전

    Mmy birthday is that day

  41. zion smith

    zion smith8 일 전

    im 15 6ft3 boy

  42. Monique Escalante

    Monique Escalante9 일 전

    Omg when I saw Julian brush her hair up I thought about that doll from rugrats😂😂

  43. MiriMoo

    MiriMoo9 일 전

    How it feels to go back to ur elementary school years later:

  44. Alex van den Berg

    Alex van den Berg9 일 전

    What's the function on the keyboard she's using to make those notes?

  45. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader9 일 전

    13:13 😂😂

  46. crystalfire294

    crystalfire2949 일 전

    It's 2020. We need a tallness report! ;)

  47. SamIsNoPrincess

    SamIsNoPrincess10 일 전

    Fin hair

  48. Elif Koç

    Elif Koç10 일 전

    Such a relationship goals

  49. Hannah Neighbour

    Hannah Neighbour10 일 전

    This has the vibe of "they tried to put me on the cover of vogue, but my legs were just TOO long."

  50. Kayla and Hannah:RFIH

    Kayla and Hannah:RFIH10 일 전

    This is so hilarious 😆 way to go Jenna and Julian

  51. Varonica Diaz

    Varonica Diaz10 일 전

    It's me Beech 😂😂

  52. xVybZz

    xVybZz10 일 전

    She look like a Dr.Seuss character

  53. Madison Wilbur

    Madison Wilbur10 일 전

    4:05 is the best part of the song 😂

  54. Galaxiimira

    Galaxiimira10 일 전

    9:15 why...why does she look like she dressed and got tall like Goofy? 🤣

  55. Christie

    Christie10 일 전

    Girl... this video still kills me. 😂😂😂

  56. pyroFallen

    pyroFallen10 일 전

    Fun fact, vertical stripes make you appear taller.

  57. MiscellaneousJellyfish

    MiscellaneousJellyfish11 일 전

    I refuse to acknowledge the fact that this is over a year old

  58. No Bozos

    No Bozos11 일 전

    Funniest video so far. LOL!!!

  59. Rogue Darko

    Rogue Darko11 일 전

    Too bad this was the first video of yours I chose to watch. I won’t be watching another 😐

  60. Siobhan Connolly

    Siobhan Connolly3 일 전

    No one fucking asked

  61. Redd Spider Lilly

    Redd Spider Lilly7 일 전


  62. Chad Harger

    Chad Harger12 일 전

    Can I just have a 15 minute long video of Jenna playing with that keyboard though?

  63. Life Cereal

    Life Cereal12 일 전

    Tall Jenna is a new horror villain