I Want To Be Tall




    im tall

  2. brenda kish

    brenda kish15 시간 전


  3. ava smith

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  4. fiercest B-dub

    fiercest B-dub18 시간 전

    @5:15.... someone’s finally done it. Someone has finally made me spit out my soup.... I was not expecting you to look like that😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Wolfiebubbles AJ

    Wolfiebubbles AJ18 시간 전

    me in the corner) HEEELL YEAH BEACH

  6. ava smith

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  7. first notion

    first notion일 전

    I mean mostly this video taught us that julien does NOT like being topped

  8. Aspen Frost

    Aspen Frost일 전

    From the side, she looks like that old lady on New Groove.

  9. CestLaVie

    CestLaVie일 전

    I wish she had done her hair like Cynthia from Rugrats..

  10. Ella Vazquez

    Ella Vazquez일 전

    She looks like Cynthia from Rugrats 😂😂😂😂

  11. ava smith

    ava smith일 전

    i want to be short.. *but i'm tall* she wants to be tall *but she's short*

  12. hope lee

    hope lee2 일 전

    If joana and jenna ever meet irl i need to see it

  13. Caroline

    Caroline2 일 전

    You think your life is hard I wear a size thirteen Nike’s *mens* size thirteen Nike’s Beat that That’s the energy I got form tall Jenna

  14. Don Hajek

    Don Hajek2 일 전

    Can we just take a moment to just appreciate her amazing purse

  15. Isabel Monachello

    Isabel Monachello2 일 전

    Bitch I look like PAULY D OMFG AHAHAH JENNA

  16. Anonymuse

    Anonymuse2 일 전

    I know I’m late on this and Jenna won’t see it but I legit grew taller by using an aerial yoga and an inversion table. It didn’t take long either and I swore the nurses were incorrect when they measured me. I knew I lost 2” yrs so due to too much backpacking and the Dr explained I gained my height back by restretching my vertebrae. Apparently there’s a lot of fluid between them and you can compress and decompress your spine so get to hangin Jenna. You might not gain 7” but you’ll be 5’7 again. I believe in you girl.

  17. Morgan Hicks

    Morgan Hicks3 일 전

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 me

  18. Nicholas Britton

    Nicholas Britton3 일 전

    The beginning of this video is the greatest

  19. Dana Yakobchuk

    Dana Yakobchuk3 일 전

    I love how at 1:50 u can see dogs just chilling while Jenna is religiously hitting that piano

  20. Parinoor Kaur

    Parinoor Kaur4 일 전

    Jenna marbles watches Joana Ceddia... my liiifeeee isss coooommmmplleeettte. I caaaan diiiieee nowwww. ohhh myy godddd. iiii looove thiiis

  21. Kylie Nelson

    Kylie Nelson4 일 전

    jenna. redo this video, but this time get the punk boots online and liberty spike your hair. you would look extremely tall but also fucking rad.

  22. Nina Fontes

    Nina Fontes4 일 전

    This video cured my depression

  23. Gfcxxj Ccvvhhhjnkm

    Gfcxxj Ccvvhhhjnkm5 일 전

    Like Pauly D😂

  24. Psycho Gurl

    Psycho Gurl5 일 전

    Me a 5 9’ middle school girl who is still growing: I wanna be short Jenna:makes a wonderful song about being tall Me: um take my height thank you

  25. Alyssa Stack

    Alyssa Stack5 일 전

    We need an update. Has she grown yet?

  26. Ryan Meneo

    Ryan Meneo5 일 전

    As we head to the end of the year, we got to remember where we started

  27. Melanie Carter

    Melanie Carter6 일 전

    its Jamie Lee Curtis

  28. Breanna Kay

    Breanna Kay6 일 전

    Julien should get Jenna stilts for Christmas

  29. omnomnom21

    omnomnom216 일 전

    vm.tiktok.com/uSyxpA/ I know you fucking love tik toks. I thought of you..YOU ARE TALLER THAN HER RIGHT?!

  30. Lil' Cat

    Lil' Cat7 일 전

    so is this available on iTunes or...?

  31. sommer loehr

    sommer loehr7 일 전

    I want a sequel to I wanna be tall I wanna be taller and it’s just Jenna trying to walk on stilts

  32. Tessa Fontaine

    Tessa Fontaine7 일 전

    When her hair falls she looks like Powerline, outfit and all😂😂😂

  33. Tegan Grace

    Tegan Grace7 일 전

    Het bby

  34. JazzyGayGirl 120

    JazzyGayGirl 1208 일 전

    Me at the start of the vid: HELL YEAAAA! I'm tiny too if you can grow 7in I can too TwT

  35. JadeHeartOfFire

    JadeHeartOfFire8 일 전

    It’s November. How’s your height, Jenna?

  36. sophia lloyd

    sophia lloyd8 일 전

    you and I need to make a movie called "Short girl"

  37. Leila Hogan

    Leila Hogan8 일 전

    After having such a horrible day where I cried at the end of it I couldn't stop laughing at this this was the high point of my day

  38. Original Cat

    Original Cat8 일 전

    😂 julian the skin Walker

  39. Noémie Claire

    Noémie Claire8 일 전

    The amount of chaotic energy that radiates from this video is just off the charts

  40. Fire Willow

    Fire Willow9 일 전

    Hey Jenna how tall are you now

  41. Grey Wings

    Grey Wings10 일 전

    no one: literally no one: Jenna: *becomes a peacock*

  42. Viridis Astro

    Viridis Astro10 일 전

    I always DIE when she says THAT. BITCH. 3:47

  43. Neon Panda Jason

    Neon Panda Jason10 일 전

    That old man sucks he's a total buzz kill>o

  44. marry marry

    marry marry10 일 전

    I was told by doctors when I was kid that I was going to be 5’11. I’m 5’2. I say, bitch, where?!

  45. glittery_cucumber

    glittery_cucumber11 일 전

    The best part of this is that the video doesn't convey her looking any taller at all

  46. Ксения Носкова

    Ксения Носкова11 일 전

    Ля, добавьте русских субтитров

  47. Suhylah Sharif

    Suhylah Sharif11 일 전

    Tall girl (2019)

  48. Hannah E Peterson

    Hannah E Peterson11 일 전

    lochs looks like a fan brush 14:20

  49. Corib33

    Corib3311 일 전

    💯 centauri vibes

  50. Emilia Cox

    Emilia Cox11 일 전

    Jenna was the inspiration for that “Tall Girl“ movie

  51. Braiden Carter

    Braiden Carter12 일 전

    As a 6’2” person I can confirm that we are just like this.

  52. Holly Maire

    Holly Maire12 일 전

    9 months later I return to this video because this is still the best video intro I've ever seen and it haunts me.

  53. Star

    Star12 일 전

    Its 2nd of november 2019 and the only thing I want to know is... DID SHE GREW AT LEAST 1 INCH TALLER?

  54. insert name here

    insert name here13 일 전

    With every seemingly stupid video I rewatch on this channel I love this channel more. This glorious woman just does whatever the fuck she feels like and I. AM. LIVING. FOR. EVERY. SECOND. OF. IT.

  55. Samantha Cravinhos

    Samantha Cravinhos13 일 전

    still waiting on the spotify link 😤

  56. Britney Tsai

    Britney Tsai13 일 전

    But does Jenna wear size thirteen Nike’s ... MENS size thirteen Nike’s

  57. Jared Phillips

    Jared Phillips13 일 전

    I'm SO late, but... *why has no one photo shopped her head on, like a makeup brush*

  58. Emma Kramer

    Emma Kramer14 일 전

    ....Still waiting for her to grow 7 inches

  59. Taylor Rice

    Taylor Rice14 일 전

    Why do I keep coming back and watching this song over and over? I want it to be my ringtone.

  60. Kasey Leavitt

    Kasey Leavitt14 일 전

    I watch this video when I have an absolutely terrible day and there has not been a single time in the 5+ times I've watched it that it hasn't made me at least crack a smile.

  61. W A T E R

    W A T E R14 일 전

    12:38 was me in 2 grade being like 4 foot 5 🤣

  62. Parker Sterling

    Parker Sterling15 일 전

    so thankful for Jenna