I Want A New Face


  1. Gaige Thompson

    Gaige Thompson10 시간 전

    Michael Jackson + Thanos + cat =

  2. Xx_emo420_xX

    Xx_emo420_xX12 시간 전

    she kinda looks like julien in a weird way

  3. Marley Randolph

    Marley Randolph14 시간 전

    You should do this to Julian

  4. Sarah Mayes

    Sarah Mayes일 전

    I never in my life laughed sooooooo fucking hard omg 😂😂😂😂

  5. naah harriton

    naah harriton일 전


  6. claf 5994

    claf 5994일 전

    You look like a mix of thanos,the grinch,a who,and a witch

  7. Grenade Gacha

    Grenade Gacha일 전

    You look like pink panther

  8. smol fries

    smol fries일 전

    Forehead, who is she?

  9. skyler boi

    skyler boi일 전

    U look like the Energizer bunny in a way.

  10. zara buultjens

    zara buultjens일 전

    Girl grinch

  11. Vio Venda

    Vio Venda일 전

    I think this is my absolute favorite Jenna video. Also I want that shimmery eye shadow

  12. leylo

    leylo일 전

    this looks like a person who would be dating Tammy Radbody

  13. Valeska Ester Muñoz Valenzuela

    Valeska Ester Muñoz Valenzuela일 전

    need part two .... pleasee beechhhhhhhh

  14. Dani Stratosphere

    Dani Stratosphere일 전

    Me too! I pass out from looking at blood too 😭

  15. Polar Storm Animations

    Polar Storm Animations2 일 전

    She looks like Jeffree Star got an allergic reaction. Love you Jenna 😂❤️


    DARK WATER2 일 전

    Looks like the grinch

  17. Sarah Frick

    Sarah Frick2 일 전

    Why does she look like Jeffree Star tho

  18. Nicholas Queen

    Nicholas Queen2 일 전

    When she walked in at 8:10 she looked like post op Lil Kim

  19. This channel no longer exists

    This channel no longer exists2 일 전

    She looks like grinch thanos-

  20. Kambria Johnson

    Kambria Johnson2 일 전

    If Jeffree Star lived in whoville

  21. Vegetable Oil

    Vegetable Oil2 일 전

    what the fuck lmao

  22. Albino Saschoopasquatch

    Albino Saschoopasquatch2 일 전

    She's the kid from the original Jumanji that turned into the monkey

  23. Bethan Ward

    Bethan Ward2 일 전

    The eyeshadow reminds me of that vine with the sad little girl wearing glitter eyeshadow Omfg I commented this before she said it now I’m kinda scared

  24. Kholby Hughes

    Kholby Hughes2 일 전

    U look like my penis

  25. Leah Payne

    Leah Payne2 일 전

    she looks like someone from Halloweentown

  26. Shelby O'Neill

    Shelby O'Neill2 일 전

    why would anyone dislike this like what has to go through your mind to have to do that

  27. hugo hugo

    hugo hugo2 일 전

    I like how when Jenna asked Julien to help her get a hair out of her prosthetics, he actually did try to help her while filming instead of just filming her.

  28. Benjie Bautista

    Benjie Bautista2 일 전

    seeing you run with that face gave me PTSD. it's funny yet it makes me anxious. HAHAHAHA

  29. Kathy Brideau

    Kathy Brideau2 일 전

    Okay how is she somehow still cute with all that...

  30. Peter Jacobsen

    Peter Jacobsen2 일 전

    When you tell the Aliens about female beauty standards

  31. imeantloveyou5eva

    imeantloveyou5eva3 일 전

    "i talked to the guy at the store how to do all of thi-" *chair scrapes against the floor* "tHe FuCk, dOg??" 😂😂

  32. Kam B.

    Kam B.3 일 전

    The thumbnail reminded me of the Grinch when he dyed his fur platinum blonde

  33. Ace of Hearts

    Ace of Hearts3 일 전

    this is so cursed

  34. Oliver Manring

    Oliver Manring3 일 전

    next we need her to give julian a new face

  35. Peachy ._. Bear

    Peachy ._. Bear3 일 전

    9:28 when the dogs have been quiet for too long

  36. harlemblue26

    harlemblue263 일 전

    This is the greatest video I ever watched lmfaooo

  37. Skulletta Bones

    Skulletta Bones3 일 전

    This is the Grinch's scary sister.

  38. Adrian vaughn

    Adrian vaughn3 일 전

    y does she look like jared leto

  39. Sirius Black

    Sirius Black3 일 전

    9:28 When you fall asleep in class and the sleep paralysis demon runs towards you

  40. Yanelis Velazquez

    Yanelis Velazquez3 일 전

    10:54 Jenna thats a perfect gif/meme thank you very much😂

  41. Emily

    Emily3 일 전

    I think this is going to be my Halloween costume

  42. sun shine daises

    sun shine daises3 일 전

    Bunny’s like who the hell is you

  43. Windy S

    Windy S4 일 전

    Bunny: Who the hell did i get adopted by

  44. EggLord667

    EggLord6674 일 전

    The most interesting thing about Jenna is she still has a tumblr.

  45. Cappy Spruance

    Cappy Spruance4 일 전

    She looks like a white walker.

  46. Tanner Zipperer

    Tanner Zipperer4 일 전

    My mom asked me what I was watching and I said I honestly have no idea

  47. Utty Marsrose

    Utty Marsrose4 일 전

    Don’t tell me she ain’t a who

  48. Saania Salahuddin

    Saania Salahuddin4 일 전


  49. Lewis Manners

    Lewis Manners4 일 전

    6:48 - why does she look like Jim Carrey?!

  50. Ramira Evlyn

    Ramira Evlyn4 일 전

    When thanos and pink panther get married and have children:

  51. Hannah Burdett

    Hannah Burdett4 일 전

    Rewatching this 5 months later I both love this more but also hate it so much more as well 😂 the rabwitch = an icon of our generation

  52. Rae Lynne

    Rae Lynne5 일 전

    Were you in The Dark Crystal?

  53. Trenton Stewart

    Trenton Stewart5 일 전

    Tana looks so good here

  54. Mirpanda Beech

    Mirpanda Beech5 일 전

    I know she was calling it rabwitch but I personally think it should be ravewitch.

  55. Theana Brooks

    Theana Brooks5 일 전

    She look like the grinch just the pink version🤣🤣

  56. LeaveTheDungeon

    LeaveTheDungeon5 일 전

    To all my lesbians out there 9:39

  57. whimsikate

    whimsikate5 일 전

    this is the funniest fcking thing I've ever seen

  58. Yes I know. I'm Gay. Thanks for noticing

    Yes I know. I'm Gay. Thanks for noticing5 일 전

    I wanna see Jenna go on faceoff and be a judge for funsies and just watch her tell everyone their work was perfect and she loves it.

  59. A_Very_Large_ Noob

    A_Very_Large_ Noob5 일 전


  60. Amberger

    Amberger6 일 전

    If the Energizer Bunny did drag.