I Want A New Face


  1. Sara and Brandon

    Sara and Brandon4 시간 전

    “Oh what’s that smell?” *“It’s bullshit”*

  2. Samantha F

    Samantha F4 시간 전

    Why does she look like cher tho

  3. niall Boland

    niall Boland7 시간 전

    Why does 7:10 hit me so hard

  4. ανώνυμος

    ανώνυμος8 시간 전

    "How do I delete a clip while Im filming it?" lmao

  5. Jack Honsinger

    Jack Honsinger8 시간 전

    I love this video

  6. Nilcelene Santos

    Nilcelene Santos13 시간 전

    Não sei falar em ingles

  7. Yellow C-A-R-D

    Yellow C-A-R-D16 시간 전

    Oli london

  8. astralbabydoll

    astralbabydoll23 시간 전

    i just realized she used the music Mykie (Glam&Gore) uses in the background lolol

  9. bobbie johnna

    bobbie johnna일 전

    do another one plz lmfaoooooo

  10. web foot

    web foot일 전

    WE 👏 NEED 👏 NEW 👏 FACE 👏 2 👏

  11. Abigale Rose

    Abigale Rose일 전

    I need a part 2

  12. Fisk 123

    Fisk 123일 전

    You look like a burn survivor

  13. kirishima the neko puppy

    kirishima the neko puppy2 일 전

    the grinches lover.

  14. Leo Chen

    Leo Chen2 일 전

    Another unrealistic female beauty standards 😔

  15. Isabel Fairbanks

    Isabel Fairbanks2 일 전

    Jenna: how does it look Julien: (in will Smith voice) yYyyeeEeaaaHH that’s hot

  16. Maddy Tupper

    Maddy Tupper3 일 전

    why does she look like julien

  17. Ona Stone

    Ona Stone3 일 전

    Jenna has finally reached her final form and unlocked her truest self lmao 😂

  18. Scottish Quiney

    Scottish Quiney3 일 전

    The grinches daughter

  19. Scottish Quiney

    Scottish Quiney3 일 전


  20. Jordan Newman

    Jordan Newman3 일 전

    When she’s running 😂😂😂

  21. Jackkai

    Jackkai3 일 전

    she look like the mayor from the live action grinch movie

  22. Grace M

    Grace M4 일 전

    8:17 tell me why she reminds me of Hillary Clinton 💀

  23. Aly Heumann

    Aly Heumann4 일 전

    cindy loo who meets cat in the hat

  24. Sarah Yruegas

    Sarah Yruegas4 일 전

    Straight up looks like a the grinch as a drag queen and makes it amazing

  25. Old Hag73

    Old Hag734 일 전

    You could probably fit in Babylon 5

  26. Jaya Duffy

    Jaya Duffy5 일 전

    Can we just talk about how good she can pull off not wearing makeup

  27. Blake Belladonna

    Blake Belladonna5 일 전

    10:58, wish I could remove my own unwanted facial features as easily

  28. SoniaAndWhatever PlusNothing

    SoniaAndWhatever PlusNothing5 일 전

    Why does it looks like julien’s forehead...

  29. ahmed shaker

    ahmed shaker5 일 전

    So if you dont like bloody things dont watch JOHN WICK

  30. TeddyLuvsKitty

    TeddyLuvsKitty5 일 전

    Why is it every time I watch this all i think of is old gregg

  31. denna fox

    denna fox5 일 전

    why does she look like Jeffrey star

  32. Kermit plus marbles equals mermit. science.

    Kermit plus marbles equals mermit. science.5 일 전

    Kermit: cermit needs cHicKeN Marbles: ☠️ Peach: I want food Bunny: 🐴

  33. Allison Schukai

    Allison Schukai5 일 전

    I just don’t understand Whyyy does she have to play the NUTCRACKER over an unholy video of a pink cave rat?!?!? I don’t understand I can’t tell if I love it or hate it.

  34. Brooklynn King

    Brooklynn King6 일 전

    I've rewatched this 10 times and it still hasn't gotten old

  35. Connie Canto

    Connie Canto6 일 전

    Pink Panther who?

  36. jasmine jackson

    jasmine jackson6 일 전

    no one: sleep paralysis demon: 9:28

  37. Kaikenlee

    Kaikenlee6 일 전

    She looks like the grinches wife

  38. Emma Gross

    Emma Gross6 일 전

    forever my favorite jenna video 🖤

  39. LittleCutie ABDL

    LittleCutie ABDL6 일 전

    9:39 reminds me of one of my friends😂 literal attitude and everything, she's pretty though and you are too Jenna....without those scary prosthetics though.

  40. burano peach

    burano peach7 일 전

    Jenna: this is Bunny, she's adopted, we will do everything in our power to make sure she feels safe and not scared Jenna : fucking look at me bitch