I Turned My Hair Into A Hot Wheels Track


  1. Andelle kotze

    Andelle kotze일 전

    This woman makes the absolute craziest content on KOreporter! And I love it!

  2. Rhianna Rajput

    Rhianna Rajput일 전

    ngl Kermit always be cryin

  3. S.C. Loranger

    S.C. Loranger일 전

    I love how the ratchet salon playlist starts out pretty tame with “ratchet nail salon” and has evolved into turning your hair into a fricking hot wheels track god bless

  4. Death Larsen

    Death Larsen일 전

    this is retarded. AS IF I sat through this. I am amazed people still watch her. She looks like she's in her 40s with caked on makeup. it's not cute or funny like she first began well over 10 years ago. she has run out of material like a tv series that should have been canceled after 3 seasons. Proof how dumb people are that they still follow her and watch this idiocy. her life (and you people watching it) is playing with her hair so a hotwheel can go down it. what an achievement! its just stupid and BORING.

  5. Animal Tales 27

    Animal Tales 27일 전

    Cermit is so curte and so happy, healthy and is going to live such a long and great life!

  6. Animal Tales 27

    Animal Tales 27일 전

    Pure genius

  7. celeste brown

    celeste brown일 전

    For a truly great time watch this at super slow play back speed

  8. Ghaztly Guy

    Ghaztly Guy일 전

    Mom: what is crackhead energy?!? Janna Marbles intensifies

  9. ThatKelley

    ThatKelley일 전

    Tell me why my dumbass was waiting to see my own face when Julien held the mirror up to the camera

  10. Corrupt Disk

    Corrupt Disk일 전

    Kermit's like can I eat it?

  11. Alyssa Kelley

    Alyssa Kelley2 일 전

    I can't beleive there is never click bait with jenna 😂😂❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Madison Hicks

    Madison Hicks2 일 전

    Get you a man that hypes you up as much as Julien Hypes up Jenna. 😂

  13. Alex Stowe

    Alex Stowe2 일 전

    When julian said "look in the mirror, that is perfection" was so cute

  14. PewDieWoto

    PewDieWoto2 일 전

    as someone with long, thicky, and curly hair - i feel bad for how long its gonna take to get all of that shit out of your hairr i don't think this is how hair works jenna

  15. Madeline Van Zandt

    Madeline Van Zandt2 일 전

    Julian is the kid we all had in science class who when told not to touch anything would touch literally everything during an experiment

  16. Hazel.

    Hazel.2 일 전

    I was confused when I didn’t see my face in the mirror

  17. Best Bird Buds

    Best Bird Buds19 시간 전

    I was shook

  18. Best Bird Buds

    Best Bird Buds19 시간 전


  19. Sara

    Sara2 일 전

    This is why i love you

  20. Genius Zeal

    Genius Zeal3 일 전

    Everyone, ask God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost to show you all the people who have harassed me in the past and are still harassing me! If this is you, share this!

  21. Lacey

    Lacey3 일 전

    I want Jenna to make an entire loop out of her hair now. I also want her to remake her wig 😂

  22. Maria Nolasco

    Maria Nolasco3 일 전

    3:37 Ohh Gawd ..... I'm Beautiful

  23. Dummythicc Draws

    Dummythicc Draws3 일 전

    After some time jenna looked like a wacky anime charecter

  24. Miss Art Maker

    Miss Art Maker3 일 전

    I picked the perfect video to be the first Jenna Marbles video I ever saw.

  25. khris fisher

    khris fisher3 일 전

    Son mas bonitos los videos cuando le ponen esa musica instrumental clasica jaja ;)

  26. Ace Diamonds

    Ace Diamonds3 일 전

    you need some of juliens special hair gel

  27. Cooper Cash

    Cooper Cash3 일 전


  28. Bootz_The_Cat

    Bootz_The_Cat3 일 전

    The fact this was only four weeks ago is scary it feels like this was last year to me the fuck

  29. TayRiz

    TayRiz4 일 전

    Can we talk about Julien doin it to 'em at 2:41

  30. Sammi Issa

    Sammi Issa4 일 전

    “Why do you love Jenna?” This. This is why.

  31. Emilee Peterson

    Emilee Peterson4 일 전

    Do a full face of Makeup with a qtip

  32. Ellie Hopkins

    Ellie Hopkins4 일 전

    I'm drunk for my 2yr wedding anniversary and Jenna is my spirit animal

  33. Noor Zakari

    Noor Zakari4 일 전

    3:54 I can't 😂😂😂

  34. bttxmn

    bttxmn4 일 전

    ♥️ the celebratory run 🏃

  35. CatGirl

    CatGirl4 일 전

    why does jenna look so pretty even in slow motion?☺️

  36. 川副セルマ

    川副セルマ4 일 전

    8:34 is my favorite part.

  37. Allison Bennett

    Allison Bennett4 일 전

    Please make your whole head into a Mohawk with that same hairspray

  38. Molly Quinn

    Molly Quinn5 일 전


  39. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr5 일 전


  40. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr5 일 전


  41. bec100ful

    bec100ful5 일 전

    I LOVE this !!! 🥺❤️

  42. QueenOfSnakes

    QueenOfSnakes5 일 전

    Not now Mom I'm watching a masterpiece!

  43. Lauren Addison

    Lauren Addison5 일 전

    Can you PLEASE do this to every strand of hair, like it looks like every woman stick figures hair I've ever drew😂😂

  44. Dr. Tony Huge

    Dr. Tony Huge5 일 전

    You are still looking pretty delicious. When are you going to put out another self made porno?

  45. Unwanted Galaxy

    Unwanted Galaxy5 일 전

    She straight up has anime hair.

  46. Andrew Wayand

    Andrew Wayand5 일 전


  47. Margot Fisher

    Margot Fisher5 일 전

    “We’re perfect and we’re dudes” -Julian

  48. Marguerite

    Marguerite6 일 전

    When Julien held up the mirror, I expected to see myself

  49. Kammaflaje

    Kammaflaje6 일 전

    Haven't seen a video of you for like 10 years. Last video I saw was when you was living with someone that you hated and was throwing him out. Something like that. Fierst though I got when I saw this video was "have it really been that long since I saw a video of you" no offence intended.

  50. Kammaflaje

    Kammaflaje6 일 전

    Found the last video but part 2 is gone? 9 years god... koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-9roYzkkiMY0.html

  51. Hannah Hutchison

    Hannah Hutchison6 일 전

    Jenna your long hair is amazing! I grew out dyed fried ends and now just want long healthy hair. So tired of dying and changing it. Long hair is so relaxed and chill. Don't need to do much to make it look fab. Anyway you inspire me to keep going for what I want!! 30 year old ladies Unite!!

  52. Chloë Albert

    Chloë Albert6 일 전

    Do other cool hair stufffff

  53. Ping Quana

    Ping Quana6 일 전

    Never have I ever made my hair into a hot wheels track. Jenna:

  54. Claire Alcorn

    Claire Alcorn6 일 전

    The first half is like Jojo Swia’s ponytail tutorial

  55. Jennie Franklin

    Jennie Franklin7 일 전

    At 2:40 julien did it to us and nobody noticed!!

  56. Nikki G

    Nikki G7 일 전

    Freakin dope! I need to do this for my son!!!

  57. jager watson

    jager watson7 일 전

    Nobody: Julien: off the table.

  58. the big one

    the big one7 일 전

    So what did you do over the weekend Me with a hot wheel car in my hair : I don't know

  59. Pastel Baby

    Pastel Baby8 일 전

    Please do your entire head like this

  60. MikaelaElle

    MikaelaElle8 일 전

    Take it to the next level with a full hot wheels track out of hair extensions...

  61. Meghan Orelli

    Meghan Orelli8 일 전

    Um Jenna u are dressed causal u are supposed to have only have 3 looks 3 looks 3 looks

  62. Snorri Ö.K.

    Snorri Ö.K.8 일 전

    Use egg whites instead.

  63. Sam Holder

    Sam Holder8 일 전

    I love how Jenna has achieved "do anything" status. I'm here for it.