I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To


  1. Emily Jane

    Emily Jane13 시간 전

    ‘As usual I’m not going to look up symptoms or side effects until after I’ve done the challenge as I don’t want it to scue my perception’ *10 seconds later reads out list of symptoms from ‘Keto flu’*

  2. mackenzie jones

    mackenzie jones20 시간 전

    My dad literally does this every day. The taste of sugar now makes him gag The reason being he has risk of diabetes... Just sayin

  3. Cait D

    Cait D일 전

    haha gabs i think you did this wrong cause my father does keto every 4 months on and off and this has never happened to him.

  4. Cait D

    Cait D일 전

    either that, or keto just doesnt work for you. it really f*cks with some people lol

  5. Gamer Gal

    Gamer Gal일 전

    Your body went on Keto to fast you ditched everything you have to be slow , I felt this until after a while of being on it and had energy, but that may just be me

  6. Gamer Gal

    Gamer Gal일 전

    I can’t go full Keto because 1 there is a lot of eggs and things like that I have good allergies , and I don’t like a lot of veggies, but I did get the Keto flu one time from going to Keto in the beginning and I’m only 13 but I went from 138.7 pounds and now I weigh 117.2 !! I’m really proud 🙃 but if you quit you gain it all back so I’m stuck with it

  7. Gypsy Mellefont

    Gypsy Mellefont일 전

    That shirt looks really cute

  8. Ella Cline

    Ella Cline2 일 전

    Don't try it FOR A WEEK when you try the keto "LIFESTYLE" you go through DETOX which the first week you start you feel sick as crap and constantly wanting to pee. Try it for a month girly.

  9. Desiree Dondiego

    Desiree Dondiego2 일 전

    If you have diabetes, eating no sugar and consuming only low carbs is the best thing you can do.

  10. Sam Patterson

    Sam Patterson3 일 전

    love your pose. legs up.that booty

  11. Julia Phillips

    Julia Phillips3 일 전

    I know that she got a lot of hate for this video but I just need to say that this is what NOT to do when doing Keto. You need to have planned out meals and replacements for your normal diet. You need to look up symptoms so that you know how to deal with them.

  12. Leah Hathaway

    Leah Hathaway3 일 전

    The sugar and carbs cravings is cravings not hunger

  13. Lydia Lyrical

    Lydia Lyrical4 일 전

    My brother is diabetic and I cant even imagine how much it would suck to have to do ketosis for your whole life and still not be able to eat some carb free or sugar free foods.

  14. Kasey Da Gamer 10

    Kasey Da Gamer 104 일 전

    Is it just me and gabbie that have an problem with watermelon if I take one bite you know imma eat the hole thing

  15. Lilla Fedics

    Lilla Fedics4 일 전

    “So you don’t have to”. How can someone start a video like that? That is just so closed-minded, negative and goofy to say because every single person’s body reacts differently. Shouting around and panicking in the whole video. How old is this girl? 5? Horrible, unreliable content. Childish, hysterical girl.

  16. lucy mayer

    lucy mayer5 일 전

    leto diet will not work in just 1 week ,ITS JUST SCIENCE

  17. harley10037

    harley100375 일 전

    you can have blueberry and a type of good popcorn and I know because me, my mom, and my sister are doing keto for 3 years

  18. charlotte rist

    charlotte rist5 일 전

    Very informative video thanks Gabby love you to .....

  19. meg patrick

    meg patrick5 일 전

    People need to chill and realize that most people when they start they don’t know it all and most would start out like this for the first week chill and appreciate the content

  20. Abigail Holbrook

    Abigail Holbrook5 일 전

    Also have almond butter not peanut butter. Have butter in your coffee. There are a couple other easier ways to be on keto.

  21. Abigail Holbrook

    Abigail Holbrook5 일 전

    My father stayed on the keto diet for 6 MONTHS!. HOW??!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. brittanyathomas

    brittanyathomas6 일 전

    Keto flu does not occur (at least not for everyone) when you START keto...so her saying “these are the symptoms of the diet” is literally hysterical. The only time I experienced a flu-like feeling, was when I cheated one week in and reversed everything my body was adjusting to way too soon.

  23. Alison Mercer

    Alison Mercer6 일 전

    All the triggered keto dieters in the comments 😂

  24. Kylie Roth

    Kylie Roth7 일 전

    My grandma is on this diet. Guess it works for her. For now. She wants me on it. But I don’t want to die. So nah.

  25. Max Powers

    Max Powers8 일 전

    Moron smh

  26. Lone Duo

    Lone Duo8 일 전

    FYI your brain only runs on carbs so cutting out all carbs from your diet could give you irreversible brain damage and you wouldn't even know, since the brain doesn't know if it's damaged or not.

  27. Lone Duo

    Lone Duo8 일 전

    Also lettuce is just crunchy water with almost no nutrience.

  28. Monique Castelli

    Monique Castelli8 일 전

    Lol, I’m on day 2 of Leto... I’m only doing it to see if it helps my hormones balance out.

  29. Lucid Labyrinth

    Lucid Labyrinth8 일 전

    I don't agree with the keto diet, but at the same time 1 week isn't really long enough, it takes at least 3 weeks to adjust to something new

  30. Anonymous Vlogs

    Anonymous Vlogs9 일 전

    I don't know if you like dark chocolate but they have a keto friendly dark chocolate bar called Lilly's I'm going to try it because I'm on the keto diet and craving massive sugar right now

  31. AllAboutBraces221

    AllAboutBraces22110 일 전

    Try iced cold brew with just sugar, i normally don't drink black coffee but it's actually sweeter than regular coffee so no creamer needed, a small one from dunkin is 130 calories and 156mg caffeine 😁

  32. YaoiDay Cosplay

    YaoiDay Cosplay11 일 전

    Guys. She didn't do Reaserch as not to make her mind think things we're happening when they weren't. So stop saying she could of done this or should have done this. She literally said she didn't do research for a reason. Thanks bye.

  33. Keylime kk

    Keylime kk12 일 전

    I’m doing this for a month and I actually like it.

  34. Delany Danger

    Delany Danger14 일 전

    Hahaha you did this so wrong. I did keto for 8 months. I felt the best I've ever felt and I lost 120lbs. You can have coffee with heavy whipping cream or coconut oil...it's a great way to get extra fat in your diet. Why were you eating so much lean protein? Also, low carb means low NET carb (total carbs-fiber). Most ketoers eat between 20-50 net carbs a day to stay in ketosis which is actually a lot of total carbs. Peanut butter is very much on keto. There are quite a few organic peanut butters that have 2 net carbs per 2 tablespoons. There is so much you can eat on keto. Stevia and so many other artificial sweeteners can help replace sugar. If you're going to do keto, you need to research what you're doing. I've had so many people ask me how I lost weight and then fail keto because they didn't take the time to learn to do it the right way. It takes 2 days to reach ketosis. The first week to 2 weeks is difficult because you are changing your body process. Once your body becomes fat adapted you feel amazing.

  35. Montana van Zandbergen

    Montana van Zandbergen14 일 전

    Key note when doing this diet...u have to ease ur body into and the meal plans and at the 21 day mark that’s when u start to feel like urself again This is stuff my dad was saying...he did this diet

  36. AnnoyedRoogArt

    AnnoyedRoogArt15 일 전


  37. Missing In Action

    Missing In Action15 일 전

    The side effects of keto sounds like caffeine withdrawal

  38. Bree Booth

    Bree Booth17 일 전

    I love watermelon I wot totally do what she did watermelon is my baby ❤️

  39. R School

    R School17 일 전

    I have never been on a diet but I used to not eat breakfast and eat too much in the afternoon because of that and at night. I changed my diet and when you started talking about having stomach pains I remembered that I almost don't have them anymore and that's such a good feeling❤

  40. gerry

    gerry17 일 전

    Such an unhealthy diet. I could never

  41. dattchickovatherre96

    dattchickovatherre9617 일 전

    I’m on Keto and can clearly see that she’s not doing the diet correctly which is probably why she’s so hungry



    dattchickovatherre96 what is she doing wrong?

  43. Life with Lily

    Life with Lily17 일 전

    Did you drink 8 bottles of water a day? That’s how you stay away from getting sick

  44. Life with Lily

    Life with Lily17 일 전

    My mom is doing this

  45. Christopher Jayton

    Christopher Jayton17 일 전

    I cannot believe someone recommended this to me. I am ADDICTED to SUGAR and CAFFEINE. As well as my body hates me!! I have stomach issues. A suppressed immune system. Serious Fatigue. I have anger issues. I am horribly impulsive. I have heart problems. And I have had NUMEROUS blood sugar drop scares. W H A T W O R L D I S T H I S G O O D F O R M E

  46. Sofia Austin

    Sofia Austin17 일 전

    Low key wanted to see her eat 3 watermelons

  47. Fun times Avenue

    Fun times Avenue17 일 전

    My mom is on the diet that happed to my mom but after she felt better and lost 20 pounds

  48. Hufflepuff Squad

    Hufflepuff Squad17 일 전

    I know someone who is vegetarian, Keri. She’s a young model. And she makes it look so easy, and it’s crazy to see you struggle with it.

  49. Hufflepuff Squad

    Hufflepuff Squad17 일 전

    I meant Keto

  50. Berenice Ortega

    Berenice Ortega18 일 전

    Stop at 1.55 lol ❤️

  51. Mafer produce

    Mafer produce18 일 전

    Didn't research, didn't follow instructions and cried the whole time hahahhahaha

  52. Halley Dem

    Halley Dem18 일 전

    OXOXKSKSK OKAY BUT does evreyone have that white plate with the black dots and designs like I have it and so do a lot of my friends

  53. Phabs Jackson

    Phabs Jackson18 일 전

    Gabbie if you research properly and try this video idea again I’d watch it 10 times over🙏🏻

  54. Amy Rivera

    Amy Rivera19 일 전

    Maybe be more informed next time you try something? Maybe that would be an actual good idea.

  55. JwieJassii

    JwieJassii19 일 전

    dude this video makes me mad and i love you gabs but... girl you did not do any research. you ate chicken and eggs? chicken is the worst keto meat you need fat!! and keep the protein in check. you can add heavy cream in your coffe and have you heard about sweeteners? also you literally mentioned you wanted blueberries and you can have them on keto!! just because your own diet works good for you doesn‘t mean you have to shit talk another one. it‘s not 0 carbs, it‘s 20-30g of carbs a day. if you do this again DO YOUR RESEARCH

  56. Skylor Wiltbank

    Skylor Wiltbank19 일 전

    I'm so blown away by how angry and hateful people can be. Even if she did or didnt eat the "right" things for keto she tried. This video was just her testing the waters and she decided she didnt like it nothing wrong with that.

  57. Camarie Brooke

    Camarie Brooke20 일 전

    You didn’t research enough. You pretty much did the Adkins diet which we all know is terrible or you. You can have berries. You can have peanut butter. You can basically have anything that is high protein and high fat and LOW carb not NO carb. You can have 50 net carbs more or less depending on the person. If you do it right you won’t be hungry, you will high energy, you will not crave. Do keto the right way people!!😂

  58. SomeRandom Chick

    SomeRandom Chick20 일 전

    Ive asked 2 of my doctors (neuro and gp) about keto, and they both gave me a hard no. So..

  59. thatonegamergirl 11

    thatonegamergirl 1118 일 전

    Did they mention why?

  60. Paige Cox

    Paige Cox20 일 전

    Bottom line is she ate too much protein and not enough fat. She did not research enough.

  61. Jamie G.

    Jamie G.21 일 전

    Fun game: take a shot every time Gabbie mentions wanting a sweet potato

  62. Dianizz R

    Dianizz R21 일 전


  63. The Kind Word

    The Kind Word22 일 전

    As far as I know you should not workout in the first month of keto... I'm in keto and i feel good you actually did it wrong you can eat peanut butter and blue Perry ..i really don't know what happened with you but wish you good luck .

  64. redheadedtempt

    redheadedtempt22 일 전

    Can't you have berries, like strawberries, raspberries.. on keto?

  65. Paige Cox

    Paige Cox20 일 전

    Yes you definitely can, she could have even had a small amount of watermelon if it fit into her macros. She should of done more research before starting this.

  66. Jordan Sedgwick

    Jordan Sedgwick22 일 전

    Love people telling her how to do keto knowing she’s stopped and would never do it again. Also my moms doing keto, but it’s just for money

  67. Shanna Hill

    Shanna Hill22 일 전

    I know this is old and doesn't matter anymore but you can have blueberries and watermelon on Keto. My husband lost 115 lbs in a year doing Keto. It is also something you have to really work up to. It won't help you in a week. It takes weeks or months really to even get into it fully. I also don't think Keto is for everyone. It wouldn't be for me.

  68. anna parham

    anna parham23 일 전

    I do shibboleth and it works for me! I’ve lost 42.2 in 3 months!!!!

  69. Owl Love123

    Owl Love12324 일 전

    Keto guido



    wow weird in the middle of watching this i got an ad about the keto diet

  71. Kaylee Bear

    Kaylee Bear25 일 전

    I hate all the hate on this video so much, its stupid.

  72. Alpacappreciation

    Alpacappreciation25 일 전

    to be honest im proud that she gave up the diet

  73. HawkeyedSentinel

    HawkeyedSentinel25 일 전

    15:23 the reason you had heart problem was because you was deficient in potassium, same as how you were craving sugar, that also is a potassium deficiency, you need a minimum of 4700mg a day. Stop back lashing the keto diet just because you felt sick about the symptoms. You were just doing this keto diet wrong. You even went lean protein which is a bad idea and didn't do it with intermittent fasting.

  74. hattie belle

    hattie belle25 일 전

    this was barely even keto at all lmao it was more high protein, mod fat, low carb but should have been high fat, mod protein, low carb

  75. HawkeyedSentinel

    HawkeyedSentinel25 일 전

    Not just that, she didn't eat enough vegetables in her diet let alone she barely consumed salt as that is needed when doing keto. Her symptoms of tiredness, nausea and such would have easily been solved if she were to get enough B vitamins and potassium and sodium. She didn't even do intermittent fasting as that helps the fat burning and reduce cravings.

  76. Aleksandra Lis

    Aleksandra Lis26 일 전

    Maybe it is better for bigger girls? If you are about 100 kilo it can halp?

  77. Blackhawks1337

    Blackhawks133726 일 전

    High fat, low carb. Eats super lean chicken and a shit ton of fruit with very little fat. Me: “face palms”.

  78. Sara Is Reading

    Sara Is Reading26 일 전

    The keto diet was developed to help kids with epilepsy who didn't have success being treated with medication. It's extreme because it's an alternative to frequent seizures. You're right that it's not good unless you need it for that very specific reason! There's a really good episode of the podcast Sawbones about it.

  79. Yma10

    Yma1026 일 전

    In the middle of the video, I got an ad about not doing Keto. 👏😂👏😂👏😂👏😂👏😂👏



    Could you give us an example of healthy eating?

  81. fallin

    fallin26 일 전

    My mum did keto for 10 days and lost 8lbs she felt bad for the first couple of days but then you get over it it's really not this bad I tried it for a week too and you need to eat more fatty meat and things like boiled eats mayo cream cheese eat more bacon in your breakfast it's not this bad!

  82. Squishney

    Squishney27 일 전

    Literally same about the watermelon. I will get watermelon flavored anything. the fruit itself. the pattern. design. anything

  83. Nicole Maloney

    Nicole Maloney27 일 전

    Gabbie buying three watermelons because she is addicted to watermelon and loves a good bargain is actually an accurate representation of my life and i've never laughed harder

  84. Fluffy guinea pig

    Fluffy guinea pig27 일 전

    at first i thought that she was over reacting and there is no such pain, but i remembered that i went threw the very same thing. Dont quote me but its true and VERY rare you may have H-pylori (if im spelling that correctly) and i have been suffering with H-pylori and a diseas in my small intestate. Some humans may have that reaction to the keto diet when they are going through major depression. and until ur depression is 97% gone u will have to deal with this for a while. good luck. (still have depression ;)

  85. Fluffy guinea pig

    Fluffy guinea pig27 일 전

    the point of it is instead of eating unhealthy food u eat healthy food but a lot of it.

  86. Fluffy guinea pig

    Fluffy guinea pig27 일 전

    U can eat fruit

  87. Fluffy guinea pig

    Fluffy guinea pig27 일 전

    ATTENTION ANYONE WHO INTRESTED IN DOING THIS!! If you want to learn more about the keto diet search The Magic Pill on Netflix.

  88. Eduardo Padilla

    Eduardo Padilla27 일 전

    I dont believe in youtubers in general anymore, because they show in the camera what they dont do in their real life.

  89. Gabrielle Le Grange

    Gabrielle Le Grange27 일 전

    I've heard really good things about this diet ♡ great video

  90. Danna sophia

    Danna sophia27 일 전

    Wanna be skinny? Me:yeah!!! Do the keto diet Me:Ok And no SUGAR Me:O HEEEEEEEELL NO ,no sugar no keto diet BICHHH

  91. HawkeyedSentinel

    HawkeyedSentinel25 일 전

    NANI?! The fuck do you mean by NO?! DO IT YA SISSY! >:(

  92. Stephanie Sings

    Stephanie Sings28 일 전

    Thank you Gabbie for showing me that because I'm trying to go on a diet but I can't and I never heard of this so I was going to try it but once you tried, I backed out. So, thank you for saving my hunger!

  93. pink pony squad

    pink pony squad28 일 전

    May I just say I do that diet in knowingly most of the time ummm and I’m HYPE

  94. S. M.

    S. M.28 일 전

    Honestly a big part of not getting the keto flu (for a lot of ppl) is to eat pretty regularly..

  95. Lisp Girl

    Lisp Girl28 일 전

    See for lent i gave up sugar and im a vegetarian also i still go to school lol. And watching this i was like how the hell did i survive and gabbie is being honest it is horrible, you are constantly dizzy and fatigued

  96. Lisp Girl

    Lisp Girl28 일 전

    I gave up sugar for lent and i would not be able to live without the carbs

  97. maryam

    maryam28 일 전

    I did a keto diet and honestly it was the only diet that worked for me to lose weight I lost about 8 to 9 kg in 1 and a half month even though I eat so much watermelon I was crazy about watermelons at the time but I felt more energized and much better I am O blood so my body need protein maybe that's why it worked but I usually eat eggs in the morning and a big salad at night with maybe chicken or something filling I don't have lunch so that was it for me and just so u know berries are allowed in a keto diet

  98. Lillian Benbrook

    Lillian Benbrook28 일 전

    “I could eat 3 watermelons right now!” *slurps the juice out of my watermelon”🍉🍉

  99. Keryn Lafferty

    Keryn Lafferty28 일 전

    I'm on the keto diet now and I love it, it makes me feel healthier and better you got keto flu and u need to do your research and if you feel bad you could try balance your diet a little if it has a bad effect on you. I personally love it and I have previously researed it alot and I also didn't start straight away I eased into.

  100. Ani Miteva

    Ani Miteva28 일 전

    I like you Gabbie but this video completely ruined Keto for everybody. When done right, you have the problem of NOT BEING HUNGRY for all the calories you need to consume, not starving. I struggle to eat all my calories for the day due to lack of hunger on Keto. You should have done research on at least how to do it correctly. You made it seem like some sort of a satanic diet that everyone should run away from.

  101. Mike Hassel

    Mike Hassel29 일 전

    You didn’t really do a Keto diet. You did it all wrong and you said you wouldn’t look up potential symptoms and then the next sentence is you looking up potential symptoms. Hypocritical to start. You should really delete this video because it is a false representation of a beneficial diet that you didn’t do enough research to gain any benefit from. Stop trying to “debunk” diets just because you decided to start working out for the first time in your life and are seeing results from that process.

  102. Cassicorn cotton candy face

    Cassicorn cotton candy face29 일 전

    I’ve watched this video about 7 times since it’s been uploaded, and now I only eat frozen blueberries, don’t know if you eat them frozen but now I do so yeah.

  103. Madeline Lawrence

    Madeline Lawrence29 일 전

    I just wanted to say that I actually did keto once, and I had constant headaches, hunger and my hair started falling out (and for those wondering, I did it for about 4 months, and I did lose over 50 lbs). keto is not for everybody, everybody's genetics are different, and everybody needs different types of food to stay healthy and have good energy, so if keto did not work for gabbie, and she is having all the symptoms and reactions, don't beat her up for it, everyone is different.

  104. pink HEARTS

    pink HEARTS29 일 전

    Hey it's so funny that I see someone do the keto diet. I have been on the keto diet since I was 3 Because I could have an episode if I eat carbohydrate I need fat I hate it but I need it so it's funny

  105. Reese Marie

    Reese Marie29 일 전

    My mom did the keto diet for over a month without any complications. You’re not eating the right foods.

  106. Stefanius Paralvicius

    Stefanius Paralvicius29 일 전

    I lost 22LBS from taking the Keto Diet Challenge in just shy of 90 days. I used the KetoDietSecrets.xyz

  107. Kacey Urie

    Kacey Urie29 일 전

    I did the wwe diet for 2 weeks and It caused some health issues. Just watch what you are doing.

  108. Madison Elizabeth

    Madison Elizabeth개월 전

    Gabbie: Right now, coffee is just medicine to me. Nobody: Me: CAN YOU MEDICATE, A BROKEN HEART

  109. BW0 23

    BW0 235 일 전


  110. Quinn Seavey

    Quinn Seavey8 일 전

    Shelbie Benner I hope your being real.

  111. Shelbie Benner

    Shelbie Benner28 일 전

    Great comment and very creative.