I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To


  1. Diamond Johnson

    Diamond Johnson23 시간 전

    Just stick to intermittent fasting and a whole foods diet. You get the same results having a shorter feeding period than you do avoiding foods groups. And intermittent fasting doesn't feel like dieting. Keto is lame AF.

  2. ITScookie_gurl

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    Srsly in life My dinner is salad and fish Then I have icecream arfter XD Then i do 5 hours for tramp And 4 hours for rhythmic me:WHY AM I NOT A TWIG YET

  3. ITScookie_gurl

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    I need to do the Keto diet 0- XD I need to loose my leg fat to be a twig

  4. alex russo

    alex russo2 일 전

    I’m literally dying at how dramatic you are

  5. Owen Love

    Owen Love2 일 전

    Nope, not dramatic

  6. Hdfdghdhbhc

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    My parents have been doing this diet for a while now and are doing great for anyone interested it is hard at first but you get great results But no I’ll will towards my fav youtuber you should just do a little research first

  7. amaze_ queen0

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    A good replacement to coffee is green tea because it has caffeine and it tastes good!

  8. christina Maxwell

    christina Maxwell2 일 전

    If you keep up with your electrolytes like research tells you to do, you most likely will not get the keto flu. I had a headache one time during the first 2 weeks of keto, and no other symptoms. You should also have maybe eaten more food? Carbohydrate dense foods are also calorically dense, so omitting those foods from your daily intake also decreases the amount of calories you are taking in. Duh. No wonder you were hungry. Also, you are insanely addicted to sugar if this is your reaction to not having carbs/sweets for 3 days. Pro tip: find a low carb protein powder, add that to cold coffee in the morning with ice and it tastes like a starbucks frappuccino. Also, you know, heavy whipping cream and stevia drops. High fat. Like you're supposed to do on keto.

  9. Ana Conda

    Ana Conda3 일 전

    Go watch the response video from "That vegan couple" really interesting and full response!

  10. Angelina Dean

    Angelina Dean3 일 전

    Ok, so Gabbie when you did a keto diet you can't just jump into having no carbs once your body is so used to carbs and sugar for energy you have to lean your body off of that energy fuel and onto fat for energy

  11. Charli Fury

    Charli Fury4 일 전

    Some people (most people) are effected differently by this diet. My. Mother tried a bunch of other diets and this is the diet for her. So this proves why their is more than 1 diet. Because people fit into diets differently. So I am raging alittle bit about how you end the video, but its fine its your opinion so yeah. Just want to say this diet is fine but you have to try it and you have to prep for it. Before you go all in you should take some carb off one at a time then when its all done then tou can start. Gabbie just went right to it which is not smart to do for any diet. All diets have side effects and usually its rare to get those side effects. So if you want to go on a diet, prep for it (taking off some bad food you eat 1 by 1) and if it doesnt work for you then thats to bad. Alot of people the diet works for but if its just not your thing that's fine.

  12. Charli Fury

    Charli Fury4 일 전

    I got a add during this video....what ad? A KETO AD... I never had a keto ad before. WOW

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    Lol before this video is a Keto diet ad, lol.

  14. annie v.

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    ok all this people telling her she made a MISTAKE needs to chill. We are HUMAN we are allowed to screw up! I dont understand why people get to leave hate comments all they want but the youtubers who work SO HARD to make sure they are not offending anyone or trying to make everyone HAPPY get shit on for making a MISTAKE!!! I love you gabby

  15. Deidre Betts

    Deidre Betts4 일 전

    I love how everyone here is talking about keto diets and ketosis like it's so healthy when, if you take two seconds to look up what ketosis is, you'll realize that it's essentially your body experiencing diabetes, and how keto diets are high amounts of fat when FOR YEARS, it's been proven that high amounts of fat is incredibly unhealthy for anybody. But that's none of my business, tho...

  16. KS

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    Every Ad I got was Promoting Keto 🙄

  17. Aynur Tümbek

    Aynur Tümbek5 일 전

    Keto diet needs to be much more than 1 week. You need on average 5 days to even enter Ketosis. If you are not a dietician, you should not advise people not to do Keto and suggest that it is detrimental to health without reading ALL research about it.

  18. Ariaisaweirdo

    Ariaisaweirdo5 일 전

    Omg I’m so scared right now! While I was watching this the add recommended was about Keto and the dangers of it, I’m so scared! This is proof that KOreporter or google sees what you watch

  19. Life of Julia

    Life of Julia5 일 전

    Hey Gabbie! I noticed something while watching this video and wanted to point it out. My mom has been studying and using the keto diet for 2 years now and has lost a significant amount of weight through it. One thing to remember is that you are allowed 20-30 carbs a day, and sweet potatoes are allowed as long as they are small. You can also have VERY dark chocolate if you are still craving something sweet. Another great thing that saved me (I have a giant sweet tooth) when I was on keto was fat bombs. Fat bombs are these high fat candy-like things that you can make. My mom has made cheesecake bites, cookie dough, and chocolate-peanut butter cups and they were all delicious. The last thing is that keto is mainly for people who want to lose weight and fast, and most people who have as intense of a workout regimen as you tend to move it up to around 25-40 carbs a day. Just as someone who knows a lot about the diet that wanted to give you a few tips. Not sure if you'll ever see it but miracles happen!! Love you the most Gabbie, thanks for making great content!!

  20. ashlynn angell

    ashlynn angell5 일 전

    Okay so since you were wondering “how do people do this as a lifestyle?” The thing is, you do the diet without any cheats for about 2 weeks and then you go into ketosis (you get into it quicker if you work out though). Ketosis is when your body starts using your lipids as energy aka burning them. During this you become much more use to it and you actually don’t crave the sugar. I have been told that doing the keto diet so strictly for a long time is actually dangerous, and by a long time I mean months without ANY sugar. But anyways if you want it as a lifestyle you can have some cheat days, just don’t go full out cause you could get knocked out of ketosis.

  21. Angel Gilliam

    Angel Gilliam5 일 전

    my mom and dad do it

  22. Grace Giles

    Grace Giles5 일 전

    That was a regular potato 🥔 not a sweet potato 🍠

  23. Samantha Hall

    Samantha Hall5 일 전

    PLEASE consult your doctor before starting Keto. This diet is not for everyone and you really shouldn’t be doing this diet if you are working out the way Gabbie does. Your muscles need carbs. And honestly, I work in the medical field and most doctors don’t like the Keto diet anyway. Keto nazi’s keep your comments to yourself please. 👌🏼

  24. Kittykat33

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  25. Raven Crabtree

    Raven Crabtree5 일 전

    Watch Dr. Eric Berg

  26. Raven Crabtree

    Raven Crabtree5 일 전

    It’s supposed to be high fat and moderate protein

  27. Raven Crabtree

    Raven Crabtree5 일 전

    You did not eat enough fat that’s why you felt the way you did

  28. Anna Swindle

    Anna Swindle5 일 전

    I’m only 5 minutes in and this is too much for me. I started keto on January 1st and I did so much research and you CAN have carbs. You should have about 75% of fat 20% of protein and 5% of carbs. Even if you get an app for keto to track your macros they have you still eating carbs. Keto is a low carb diet not a no carb diet. As much as I love Gabbie I really don’t like this video.

  29. Kelly Mc

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    Take a shot every time she said she wants a sweet potato or watermelon

  30. Nonnie Wright

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    take a shot every time she says “sweet potato”

  31. Lel Nyaa

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    Doooo more of these food/diet things i love them

  32. Andreea Luca

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    she just proved that she”s a sugar junkie

  33. Elizabeth Dull

    Elizabeth Dull5 일 전

    i got 3 ads for keto in this video edit: day 3: please send halp (me in class)

  34. Elizabeth Dull

    Elizabeth Dull5 일 전

    everyone is different and some people love keto i know people who have been on keto for 2 years and they love it but others just hate it and i think what you have been doing in your normal routine is really working for you and you seem to love it. so just do what makes you happy

  35. Wolfcub 101

    Wolfcub 1016 일 전

    OMG!!! whilst I was watching this I got THREE ads about the keto diet!!! P.S. GO GABBIE!!!

  36. Sandy Hager

    Sandy Hager6 일 전

    I would love to see you do this again but after you do some research and do it for a month. Check out keto connect react video koreporter.com/v/비디오-B0lz5Mfzgg8.html

  37. Sandy Hager

    Sandy Hager6 일 전

    You can have berries and peanut butter (check nutrition label for sugars). Keto is high fat and low carb. It looks like you did low fat and low carb low protein and high fiber diet. No wonder you were starving. Also no wonder you had diarrhea.Also you can have cream in your coffee. Use heavy cream and you can sweeten with Stevia. You need electrolytes so you don't feel like garbage. We are all addicted to sugar-you get over the creamer to if you stick to it.

  38. Kiana Best

    Kiana Best6 일 전

    Preach hunty

  39. katiie mccarthy

    katiie mccarthy6 일 전

    Giiiirl you can have blueberries lol & strawberries...any berries

  40. Cesilia

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    Gabbie............. Why you so pretty?!

  41. Averee Cama03

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    I just got a keto pizza cook book add

  42. Petrescu Radu

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    The difference between you With make up and you without make up is just scary, oh my god

  43. Haven Harness

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    Just saw a Keto pizza ad on this video 😂 definitely not the right video to put a keto ad on

  44. Krista Fay

    Krista Fay6 일 전

    I run a bit and carbs are so important to my diet (them whole grains 🙌) I’ve tried low carb diets they succcckkkk

  45. Kidstest Tesema

    Kidstest Tesema7 일 전

    The watermelons drugged

  46. Cheyeanne Carter

    Cheyeanne Carter7 일 전

    If she’s doing it wrong then tell her nicely not rudely because all she did was google it and so what if she did it wrong she’s human too At least she tried

  47. Brian Hyatt

    Brian Hyatt7 일 전

    So uneducated about Keto, you didn’t do it correctly. Maybe research it more, and you can do it long term. All your complaining is so annoying, you went into it with such a negative mindset.

  48. Ashleigh Samantha

    Ashleigh Samantha7 일 전

    Wow you’re very dramatic 😩😩😂

  49. Hannah Oloughlin

    Hannah Oloughlin8 일 전

    Ironic that an add about the keto diet popped up during the video

  50. C ya

    C ya8 일 전

    I sell cbd keto coffee and creamer! CrystalZcbd.com There are other great products too like cbd oil of course and nutritional sprays ... and this wasn’t really keto, you have to do more research and eat more healthy fats, avocado is great but you need even more fats. You’re trying to switch your body into fat burning mode instead of it relying first on the carbs that you eat. So you have to eat healthy fats as your new source of energy and so your body doesn’t go into starvation mode and slow down your metabolism. They may sound counterproductive but it’s not you will also burn a whole lot of your stored fat, just research what’s best for you, reasearch what will be your best macronutrients ratio.

  51. Rebecca Boarer

    Rebecca Boarer8 일 전

    I find this so strange because I am legit the opposite. I mean I am celiac so I seer wayyyyy away form gluten but the they you were feeling is how I feel when I eat high carb. As in when I eat carbs I fall asleep and when I wake up I feel like a zombie and I feel sick as shit! when I eat full on Keto like this I struggle in the gym but usually I eat modified keto ie kept diet with some fruit and .... dark chocolate because whoever can live without chocolate is an actual monster. thanks for trying this! everyone is different and its awesome that you try out this. your videos get me through uni work :L

  52. Krazy Kangaroo

    Krazy Kangaroo8 일 전

    I feel like this is a diet that you have to ease into, not jump straight into. I have no experience with it so I could be wrong, but I feel like it would be easier on your body to adapt if it had time to prepare, rather than just forcing it straight in to a very intense diet.

  53. chingalachuga

    chingalachuga8 일 전

    3 days on keto and I got the diarrhea

  54. Legend 115

    Legend 1158 일 전

    Gabbie is flabbie - You're clinically obese, are you aware of that? You can pull your pants up as high as a you want, you still have over 33% body fat and not fooling anyone. Next time, do your homework and understand how ketosis works. Had you done some real research, you wouldn't be standing there with a fat gut misleading millions of people.

  55. Sumukh Jamadagni

    Sumukh Jamadagni8 일 전

    mariamindbodyhealth.com/8-common-misconceptions-about-ketogenic-diets/ ....something to clear up and look into.

  56. Rose Petal Slimes

    Rose Petal Slimes8 일 전

    If I could have chicken, lettuce, and eggs for a month I would be fine cause that is what I already eat 😂😂😂

  57. Elisapee Simonee

    Elisapee Simonee8 일 전

    I had a keto diet add before the video started 😂

  58. Katherine C

    Katherine C8 일 전

    Agree with you 1000% keto makes me feel awful. And I’ve done it “right” with lots of fat/appropriate calories

  59. Rubi Giffin

    Rubi Giffin8 일 전

    In the middle of this video I got an ad about how keto is the best way to lose weight!!😂😂

  60. Melissa Parr

    Melissa Parr9 일 전

    Girl... this is a VERY healthy way of life (not diet)...IF YOU DO IT CORRECTLY. For one you did not eat enough 2. You didn't get enough electrolytes aka salt...3. You forced black coffee... (research bullet proof coffee) and yes peanut butter is keto. Berries are ok. There are ALL KINDS of substitutes for sugar cravings... next time do more research.

  61. Kayla

    Kayla9 일 전

    Not having any carbs is bad.... That's not how you do it

  62. jinx21231

    jinx212319 일 전

    Is that turkey bacon

  63. we're all thinking it

    we're all thinking it9 일 전

    one week in food world is like one day... what I mean is, food takes already 3 days to poop out fully, and also your body cannot possibly adjust after a few days. I know this is an experiment but honestly diets are taken too lightly on KOreporter. start slow. Increase the *keto-ness* slowly. After a month try and keep the stable diet. Idk its just so dumb do act like a week is a month. Plus, NONE of the symptoms, are from the foods you're eating, they're from the foods you're missing that you were used to : sugar. stop acting like chicken is making you tired. Its lack of sugar.

  64. RedHairedRiot

    RedHairedRiot9 일 전

    I love that an ad came up and immediately said "there's so much incorrect information about the keto diet on the Internet" LIKE MID VIDEO HAHA

  65. Kate Oakden

    Kate Oakden9 일 전

    You got this diet ALL wrong. Firstly, it's not zero cards, it's low carb. It's ZERO sugar. It cuts out a lot of processed foods, fruits and some veggies. There were so many more veggies and fruits like berries you could have eaten. You also didn't eat enough food. Yes, keto flu is a real thing, and it's why if you choose to do keto you have to push through that first week because once that's over with, you never feel it again. Although I NEVER had all those symptoms, I just had trouble sleeping. Once you have s something high in sugar or carbs, you knock your body out of ketosis and you literally start over and can get that flu feeling again. Don't bag out a diet you didn't even do right. There are SO many keto alternatives and options so you don't feel like you're missing out on anything, that's sweet and foods that immulate rice and carby foods too! Keto has literally saved me from a life of pain and misery from my PCOS.

  66. Lily B P

    Lily B P9 일 전

    Who cares about hate comments gabbie looks great don’t be twats🥰

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  68. Guillaume Weber

    Guillaume Weber9 일 전

    That's too bad that you gave up 3 feet from gold. The 7th day was actually the WORST for me but with no sleep, the sensation of fever, anger all day long etc... Since then, I only experience loads of energy and good feelings. No more skin problems, no more sleep problems, no more craving for foods, wake up at the same time everyday without a clock etc... You did really try but this time it was a failure. The flu can last up to 15 days. Please try 16. So many people have successfully undergone this process. There's no reason why you shouldn't !

  69. Vrishabha Terry

    Vrishabha Terry9 일 전

    For "regular" people carbs are not a huge problem, specifically carbs obtained from things like potatoes and fruits. But if you are diabetic or prediabetic or have PCOS then your body doesn't know how to properly manage the insulin hormones and carbs become one of the most inefficient sources of energy. Thus ketosis. For those who can't properly use carbs as energy this is a decent diet. Gabbie needed more fats, the fats is what is going to get you through the day since ketones use fat as energy instead of carbs. Just a bunch of meat and eggs with a bit of avocado isn't sufficient. But moral of the story: gabbies daily diet and workouts are fantastic for the regular person who can turn those beans and yams into energy. For those who can't get energy from carbs, keto on.

  70. greta young

    greta young9 일 전

    this makes me so mad like why can't there be a single day where influencers don't promote diets. like the diet culture is killing us. cabbie this is fucked up

  71. Jack Chamberlain

    Jack Chamberlain10 일 전

    on a strict Keto diet, protein is restricted as well, I think that’s why you had stomach aches and chest pains, you probably weren’t fully in ketosis

  72. Olivia Gamez

    Olivia Gamez10 일 전

    She is so smart

  73. This is no longer my account

    This is no longer my account10 일 전

    thats very weird, for me i felt great and was losing alot but i just got really sick so it might have hit me later on than you.

  74. Luvee Luvr

    Luvee Luvr10 일 전

    Keto = i lost 40lbs in 1 month 25 carbs or less a day 💥💥💥and maintain my weight .this chick is lame did she get PAID 2 DISS KETO?

  75. Anastasia Marenda

    Anastasia Marenda10 일 전

    You went super strict on it there are sustainable ways for Keto, and Keto flu is only temporary people usually feel a lot better after it passes.

  76. Luvee Luvr

    Luvee Luvr10 일 전

    Keto is bomb yeah Gabbi.You could of really looked more into it .You did zero planning .You can basically even eat pizza made from carb chopper tortillas .they make bread which is 1 carb a slice and u can even eat chocolate ice cream as long as its suger free!!! Its gonna take how many years u allready been on YOUR "DIE-IT?? Wow ur spreading lies. . if ur tryn 2 loose weight dont give up on keto u can have so many choices atkins makes the best brownies n m&m n payday snickers u gotta do suger free n no white foods or sugers i lost 40lbs in 1 MONTH!! Actually u can eat sooooo much my go2 is pizza n steak cauliflower "mashed potatoes" Wine !!!! N eat all the cheese u want U just gotta be hip 2 the trade if keto She is dramatic allshe had 2 do was get some suger free creamer ok r real creamer whip cream is bomb in coffee with stevia so i would of better inform her . if u want 2 loose 40lbs i . 1month I will tell you how i did its not zero carb its low carbs 25 n under a day u can eat soooo much n satified. Ur listening to this lady who is what gonna sell out 4 make up brushes n she has been littarly on a diet ut seems like 4 a decade? She is dramatic n she could have a day to eat 50 watermelons n sweet potatoes. She is weak thats why she is what she looks like SORRY BITCH YOUR DUMB. YOU DID KETO DUMB ASS BITCH WEAK . #killingitonketo U were sick cuz ur full of shit n toxins. # toxicchannel #annoying #peircing4views #attentionwhore

  77. TEA Sister Dolan

    TEA Sister Dolan10 일 전

    In the middle of the video I got a commercial that was talking about how good keto is 😂

  78. Nicole Ferreira

    Nicole Ferreira10 일 전

    I’ve been on Keto for just a short while now and only had a small headache on day 2 but it went away when I drank more water. Keto doesn’t have to mean NO CARBS, it’s all about the ratio. Keeping your carbs at around 5-10%, proteins at around 10-20%, and fat at 70-80% of your diet. A positive and optimistic attitude helps as well

  79. maiah

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  80. A N I A

    A N I A10 일 전

    LOL "I bought the watermelon... actually I bought 3 watermelons" xD DKM

  81. Sabrina Oliveira

    Sabrina Oliveira10 일 전

    I’m on keto as well and you’re suppose to go on keto for at least 15-20 days so your body can go into ketosis. A lot of the foods she thought she couldn’t eat like peanut butter and watermelon you can actually eat on keto. I wish she did more research before starting it, it kinda seems like she did this as a last minute video idea which I don’t recommend for keto

  82. leonard david

    leonard david11 일 전

    😂😂😂😂😂 just 7days on a keto , and u have an opinion???????????(more time u need to adapt)u r miss inform , b.s. video

  83. Jordyn Corrie

    Jordyn Corrie11 일 전

    Omg in the middle of watching this i got an ad about the keto diet!

  84. Average Macaroni

    Average Macaroni6 일 전

    They're watching and listening to us.

  85. Henu Gaming

    Henu Gaming8 일 전

    Because KOreporter sets up this thing where you get ads with the same category of the video you’re watching

  86. Paw Fun with LPS and more !

    Paw Fun with LPS and more !8 일 전


  87. JanicaRabbit

    JanicaRabbit11 일 전

    Sorry, but you look amazing in that yellow top!!!!!!!!

  88. shyanna Victoria

    shyanna Victoria11 일 전

    No hate to Gabbie, I love her and her videos. I just wanted to say that while yes, everything she experienced while doing this for a week is normal, it only lasts a week. Keto flu is just your body trying to go from using carbs as your main source of energy to using fat for your main source of energy. Keto flu only lasts about a week. And the foods she tried, while they were keto, there were so many others. She could have ate green beans, 30 grams of blueberries/raspberries and blackberries is low in carbs as well, 3 strawberries are also good. As for coffee creamer, the sugar free works just as well and you can use a sweetener like sweet n low. There so much you can eat on a diet, you just have to look for it. I recommend watching some keto recipes. There are tons on KOreporter and my personal favorites come from the channel RuledMe. Again, this was in no way hating on Gabbie, I just wanted to drop some info down in case she or anyone else is/are more curious to know more. This can be a sustainable diet if you go about it correctly. Personally, I believe she was so hungry because she wasn't eating enough (other than her breakfast, that was perfect).

  89. Jody Duell

    Jody Duell11 일 전

    I agree with you

  90. Stacie Baptista

    Stacie Baptista11 일 전

    I hope nobody actually takes this girl’s advice when it comes to nutrition and fitness.

  91. lol

    lol11 일 전

    whether or not gabbie did the diet wrong, the keto diet is not healthy. yes, it may help you lose weight. however, in the long run you need nutrients from every food group to ensure a balanced, healthy diet.

  92. Shawnee Gonzalez

    Shawnee Gonzalez12 일 전

    Low carb, low sugar, salts/BHB, MCT oil and meal replacement shake. As well caloric deficiencies are actually quite common with keto diet and if you arent careful lots of different withdrawals from foods (sugars) oh and they have keto creamers. You also need to research your body type to see if you can even handle low to no carb



    Nt even joking but i got a fucking keto diet ad

  94. Paige Hasselbach

    Paige Hasselbach12 일 전

    Maybe I did the diet wrong, but I had similar results. Though when I did stop the “diet,” I slept SO good! Like so hard. I was finally able to sleep through the night. When I was on keto, I craved nothing but sugar, cake, fruits everything! From my experience, not everyone will react to keto the same, for some people, it’s the easiest thing ever. But for me, it’s was actually harmful.

  95. Lisa Lisa

    Lisa Lisa12 일 전

    0 carbs, 0sugar 😮 that’s not quite right.

  96. FruityBooty

    FruityBooty12 일 전

    *gets a keto diet ad*

  97. Faith J

    Faith J12 일 전

    It's great some people have had great success with Keto, but if Gabbie has something that works for her and doesn't want to put herself through a lot of initial pain for results, that's her choice and it's valid

  98. Kjersten Gafkjen

    Kjersten Gafkjen12 일 전

    Keto is just not for you!

  99. Taylor Aws

    Taylor Aws12 일 전

    Lol, probably should’ve educated yourself before you did this.

  100. Laylah  Osman

    Laylah Osman12 일 전

    bro, you CAN be healthy and comfortable on keto 😂 telling people not to do it because YOU had a bad experience (after not going into it with an open mind in the first place) isn’t necessarily the right thing to do

  101. NCHAM MUA

    NCHAM MUA13 일 전

    Wow you’re really annoying. And uninformed.

  102. Ron Chu

    Ron Chu13 일 전

    Someone get this girl a Pizza right quick!

  103. holykittensironman93

    holykittensironman9313 일 전

    Keto is horrible for you. Yes, you may lose weight but omg, your arteries! It's so not healthy. And reading all the comments of people gaining weight after going vegan. If you only eat pasta and processed fake meat then of course you'll gain weight. Veganism isn't a diet. Its a moral decision. A lifestyle.