I Tried Following A Soap Art Tutorial


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard개월 전

    hello friends!! here is a fun video that took me a while to figure out but now i have a lot of mediocre-looking soap!! hope u guys are having a wonderful week! :) xoxo, saf

  2. Erika Lira

    Erika Lira일 전

    Please try this again

  3. LilBittyWolfie

    LilBittyWolfie4 일 전


  4. Audiobook Central

    Audiobook Central19 일 전

    Wow! I'm really really excited to watch this video!

  5. addison corcoran

    addison corcoran19 일 전

    hi saf!! love you

  6. C Fol

    C Fol시간 전

    "What are we doing tonight?" "Tonight? We make soap"

  7. Layla Hanes

    Layla Hanes시간 전

    You should do a mixing every bath and Bodyworks bar soaps

  8. Miah Ainhoa

    Miah Ainhoa3 시간 전

    HAPPY B-DAY!! 🥳

  9. Jinx The Destroyr

    Jinx The Destroyr5 시간 전

    im a simple girl, i see soap, safiya, and royalty soaps, i click and also modestly fangirl

  10. Nad D

    Nad D9 시간 전

    At 0:09😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Malika Hénaff

    Malika Hénaff11 시간 전

    I think what happened with the swirling is that Saf didn't make the hanger go all the way down. So the design was not exactly the same. But still great content! As always

  12. Whippler

    Whippler11 시간 전

    And that is an infrared thermometer, the laser is there to aim it :D

  13. Lyndsay King

    Lyndsay King12 시간 전

    that is really good

  14. breakmydreams

    breakmydreams14 시간 전

    You did a great job :)

  15. jessica !

    jessica !16 시간 전

    I would legit like safiya to be my science teacher. I mean i learn, yet im not bored. *THATS LIKE EVERYONES DREAM TEACHER*

  16. Aprilia Nindy

    Aprilia Nindy17 시간 전

    Soap Art Online.

  17. Matt

    Matt20 시간 전

    That Backyard Scientist video is actually Molten Salt!

  18. Lily G.

    Lily G.일 전

    I love that Tyler was trying to cheer her up

  19. 111 subscribers and no videos

    111 subscribers and no videos일 전

    saf: my googles are foggy story of my life

  20. Hi I’m Bob

    Hi I’m Bob일 전

    9:10 I wish they put short clips/flashbacks of what that counter has been through-

  21. Kayla Kyle

    Kayla Kyle일 전

    I need another soap making video lol. I keep watching this one

  22. Raina H

    Raina H일 전

    Did you have to reorder everything or just the oil?

  23. Fruity Juice

    Fruity Juice일 전

    Remember her old intro? It remind me of Doofenshmirchtz evil incorporated 😹

  24. yuu

    yuu일 전

    The final product looked great to me!! This was a fun watch, I'd love to watch more soapmaking videos of her trying more designs!!

  25. DigiGaming QT

    DigiGaming QT일 전

    I really want to have the confidence and no-nervousness of Saf This b be buying poison and making soap out of it Like damn

  26. tianna belknap

    tianna belknap일 전

    my little science nerd brain is always so satisfied with Saf's videos. 💖 this one made me especially happy with her explanation of the chemistry behind soap. 😍

  27. The Sanity Coordinator

    The Sanity Coordinator일 전

    Guys. Lye (sodium hydroxide) or potash (potassium hydroxide) ate not toxic! They are not poisonous. They are caustic and corrosive. Which means the cause chemical burns. The powder itself won't do anything on your skin. But once mixed with water it will. It will react with your skin oils and actually make soap that's why it feels slippery. Just a headsup for everyone! ;)

  28. My Little red fox

    My Little red fox2 일 전

    some of the first soap like material was made of animal sacrifices

  29. Michelle Mulligan

    Michelle Mulligan2 일 전

    Nice job Safiya. I make a lot of soap and the hardest part is definitely working out your trace. My first soap was soap on a stick like yours and I had to squash it into the mould.

  30. Mår Jauregui

    Mår Jauregui2 일 전

    I need more making soaaap

  31. Lex Maree

    Lex Maree2 일 전

    At 0:40 i noticed you were in the Riley Rose Store!!! That is my number one favorite place to shop for skincare!!

  32. Aurelius R

    Aurelius R2 일 전

    ASGHTBDFGASGASG it's not "a myriad of" ... myriad is a synonym for many. You wouldn't say "a many of" ... you just say many! There are myriad steps, there are myriad ingredients....

  33. Aurelius R

    Aurelius R2 일 전

    also, it's not a laser thermometer -- the laser just helps you point it. It's an infrared thermopile sensor behind a fresnel lens.

  34. DarkSeline

    DarkSeline2 일 전

    Candle art tutorial maybe next?

  35. Doon Valley Greens

    Doon Valley Greens2 일 전

    I have been making soaps for like more than 8 years and started my channel just few months back .... This is the most hilarious 😂😂 video I have see. ...... You are awesome Safiya

  36. kate ong

    kate ong2 일 전

    everyone else: safiya me: *soapfiya*🧼🧼

  37. Nathan Walton

    Nathan Walton2 일 전

    I vote candle making for a video

  38. Whittany Anderson

    Whittany Anderson2 일 전

    I'm a fairly new soap maker. I'm so envious that you were able to purchase all this all at once. I'm making some soap, selling some soap, buying new supplies, repeat. It's fun though, and Ann Marie is great. Brambleberry is my favorite place to purchase supplies too. This video was so fun to watch, and you did a great job on your research. The trace thing can be misleading. It should be just past emulsion instead of at trace when you do art. I'm also a math teacher, and I loved watching you learn and see you persevere. Fantastic video again!

  39. Xbox User

    Xbox User2 일 전

    I’m in my room. I NEED WATER 1 like = a drop of water!

  40. Winter

    Winter2 일 전

    Please make another soap video! (Frankensoap, Soapmaking, Soapcutting,..)

  41. lizzie adore

    lizzie adore3 일 전

    Make soap for cermet the nastyy

  42. Camryns Channel

    Camryns Channel3 일 전

    I just learned more than I learned in my entire 10 years of life

  43. SN Gaming

    SN Gaming3 일 전

    i showed my mom this video and she assumed i wanted to make soap so i have to pick a recipe ;D

  44. Aqua Wave

    Aqua Wave3 일 전

    It is 11:58pm and I’m watching thisssssss

  45. Avalon Unmuzzled

    Avalon Unmuzzled3 일 전

    soap peasant for the win

  46. Jane Nakayama Vblog

    Jane Nakayama Vblog3 일 전

    I love this! cool!

  47. Silverlight 522

    Silverlight 5223 일 전

    I rarely hear her say bitch so when I did I was kinda surprised because I actually noticed it xD

  48. Tui Vo

    Tui Vo3 일 전

    Will this be the equivalent to Cristine’s watermarble? 😂 your soap did end up really pretty though! 💕💕

  49. toxic paint fumes

    toxic paint fumes3 일 전

    I like your soap better..

  50. The Infamous Potato Squad

    The Infamous Potato Squad3 일 전

    I actually like your soup more than Anne Marie’s. Mostly cause it looks tasty ish and hers more toxic ish.

  51. Sophie Diehl

    Sophie Diehl3 일 전

    Mixing every Lush bath bomb together?

  52. Idris Astra-Ardua

    Idris Astra-Ardua3 일 전

    You should do more soap art

  53. Sammi Tricarico

    Sammi Tricarico3 일 전

    was watching the drugstore lipstick video, fell asleep and ended up here.. not too mad

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  55. Ruth

    Ruth3 일 전

    Your soap looked great! Loved the textured top. :)