I Tried Following A Soap Art Tutorial


  1. Chesney R.

    Chesney R.11 시간 전

    Anne Marie??? ciao adios? Edit: does anyone know what i'm talking about

  2. Fatima Sheikh

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    The day KOreporter disables your comments will be my death day. Love ya Saf 😘

  3. Little Emmy Cat

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    Safiya:hmmmmmmmm Also safiya: FRANKIN SOAP

  4. kirra sadler

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    i want a “mixing every lush bath bomb”

  5. Magna Ryuu

    Magna Ryuu일 전

    I am pretty certain they keep the soap mix warm so it doesn't solidify

  6. Raaaaaaaach

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    Please more soap making content, I am begging you

  7. Ani M

    Ani M일 전

    Please do another soap video, maybe follow a soap from @Royaltysoaps

  8. Itsy Bitsy Kellin

    Itsy Bitsy Kellin2 일 전

    “Maybe 20 more seconds” TyLeR nO

  9. G W

    G W2 일 전

    She can stop saying she's done things that I've done already

  10. Lawrence Kazama

    Lawrence Kazama2 일 전

    Who’s here also loves soap? 🙋 🧼

  11. Fluffymiyster

    Fluffymiyster3 일 전

    I've been watching Royalty Soaps for the last couple of years and the instant Tyler said "Maybe you should blend it for another 60 seconds", I almost screamed out loud at the screen, lol! I don't make soap but Katie from the channel is a sweetheart and offers a lot of advice (and is working on a "royal academy" for beginners) and I knew instantly that 60 seconds more at that point was too much :) Thank you, Katie, for teaching me that little bit about soap! And I'd like to try this at some point but I don't have much of anyone to give them to and don't want to make it a business...that market is congested already :)

  12. Kathryn Poole

    Kathryn Poole3 일 전

    No sweetie, that was NOT a Fail. That , my dear, is soaping . Those of us who have done this and MP for years, still screw up , sometimes a tad, and sometimes REALLY big. The environment, humidity , air temp and whether or not the soap gods and soap gremlins decide to behave that day.

  13. r vinlago

    r vinlago4 일 전

    Temperature, time and over blending cause seizing or quick setting soap. Certain oils & butters as well as ome fragrance oils and essential oils do the same thing. Try mining at 100 to 110, no lower than 90. Stir with a plastic or nylon stirrer rather than stick blender all the time. Start with one and switch to avoid thick trace/pudding consistency.

  14. Lori Noullet

    Lori Noullet4 일 전

    How much was this project

  15. Jamie Vee

    Jamie Vee4 일 전

    I loved soap making and it was really easy. I’ve never heard of lye though

  16. Haley Makar

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  17. XxRulerxX

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    I have a chucky bar of soap like child's play chucky lol

  18. Alyssa Jean

    Alyssa Jean5 일 전

    Lol hmmm... "lye burns your skin and is very dangerous, keep out of reach from anything Living." Mixes it with other stuff and washes body with it... 🙄🤷‍♀️

  19. Miss L

    Miss L2 일 전

    Just like caustic sodium and dangerous chlorine - mixed together, table salt. But don't try that at home

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    Can I have a shoutout pls 🥺

  21. iwatchedbobsburgerswaytoomanytimes oof

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    I have the same soap addiction, I just like buying soap and using it like once. Lush is the best place for soaps lol

  22. CatsThatGame

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    I like your soap better. It reminds me of the beach.

  23. sosocandie

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  24. PoohBe 5

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    Future Safiya: So I went to the hospital because I cut myself cutting soap

  25. Lily Rei

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    huff now puff later

  26. Christina Kleman

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    I’d buy that soap from you😋 Like if Safiya should make and sell soap as a side hustle 🧼💗

  27. Dawn Oldham

    Dawn Oldham8 일 전

    Now I understand why hand made soap costs as much as it does! Lol it was fun watching your learning process and how you wouldn’t give up!

  28. Grace Ann

    Grace Ann9 일 전

    My mom makes homade soap and she watches that lady on KOreporter all the time and I am having to go to the P.O. Box all the time to get soap stuff

  29. Sarah Donahue

    Sarah Donahue9 일 전

    One time I saw a quite large goat milk soap display and sniffed so many different soap scents that I started sneezing pretty badly.

  30. Franciely Dutra

    Franciely Dutra9 일 전

    as a chemistry student, it was pretty satisfying watching your explanation of fatty acids as "spermy looking molecules" LOL

  31. Franciely Dutra

    Franciely Dutra9 일 전

    ALSO all that panic with the sodium hydroxide hahahahah

  32. Dorsa Y

    Dorsa Y9 일 전

    Are you guys going to post something or should i keep watchin the old ones ? i mean really old? you know what i mean:(

  33. Fatima Sheikh

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    Trying to reach 100 subs. Help

  34. Tomeline Bombadil

    Tomeline Bombadil11 일 전

    You can get it a bit better when it got hard so fast when you put it back to "gelphase"... Sometimes it's hardening fast from the essentials (the smell? How is the right word) .... For this is better to use a special type of scale, which can show you very small amounts, so that you can weigh the exact amount you need. Next time you should use a bigger mixing container. One that is higher on the sides 😉. But you did a good job

  35. Tomeline Bombadil

    Tomeline Bombadil11 일 전

    Read to the end. It's nothing bad. She did ok... I'm not English and I hope I explained it well... First I thought :I'm very sorry, but this video makes it a bit seem like it's very easy to do. You need to know what you are doing there with the chemistry. I hope you tested if there was any free lye in your soap or something like that... I don't mean to a bad person. You did a very good job. Be careful when it comes to teenagers who are watching... There are better KOreporterrs then the soap queen from Bramble berry... She is always acting like she is not from Brambleberry.. I like the people who explain our have a little store and say that they do more!!! My second thought : Great. Finally someone who tells that it's not just doing soap. It's Way more and you really need to know what you do. Specially for the lye water!!! I don't like that people sometimes act like it's so easy and there's is nothing you need to know about.. Like it's so easy to do... But it isn't!!! Really!!! It makes the people who do it and who do great stuff like they are stupid for saying they do an intense hobby on this

  36. Holli Breshears

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    so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Anja Zivkovic

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    You should mix all soaps in a store and create a Francken Soap.

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    You look like rie

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    I love so much that Safiya's videos have CC on them

  40. Åkåñê Čhăň

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    I still didn't figured it out

  41. Arinix Heart

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    "Huff now... puff later." ~Safiya 2019

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    Safia: Try not to breathing . . . Me: Stopped breathing

  44. Aahir Sengupta

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    Please do another one

  45. ConorETNTheories

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    *”BITCH DONT DIE”* I felt that.

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  47. London1869

    London186920 일 전

    I use that mini mixer for frothing lattes and mixing hair color.

  48. Sarah Shirota

    Sarah Shirota20 일 전

    I second the thrill of a digital thermometer. I bought one last year and my boyfriend and I proceeded to run around checking the temperature on everything in the parking lot and then again when we got home!

  49. A piece of Blackpink

    A piece of Blackpink21 일 전

    Did you make a giant soap ?

  50. Ava Weddle

    Ava Weddle21 일 전

    The dedication that goes into this video is amazing! like she messed up the first time, and instead of giving up, she orders everything AGAIN and does it over.💕

  51. Yuka Wells

    Yuka Wells23 일 전

    Make a Frankin soap!!!!

  52. josh h.

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    You should melt every soap in one of the fancy soap shop

  53. Jordan C :D

    Jordan C :D24 일 전

    I love how Tyler didn't just say "no, no, it looks great" he actually gave a real reason why it looks great and compared it to A ROCOCO PIANO (that is high praise). Everyone get yourselves a Tyler, aka a man who gives real compliments and not empty ones. (It is painfully obvious how single I am just from reading this)

  54. CrystalClear

    CrystalClear24 일 전

    I think your soap looks awesome!! :)

  55. Džbáneček Frost

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    I just used this science in my chemistry class today 😂 Thanks 😂

  56. UwU lazy Ocean vibes UwU

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    Dayum, I'm watching my favorite youtuber while learning science B)

  57. Zarish Younas

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    For the design we can see the other lady basically touches her hanger all the way down.

  58. Nyorumi

    Nyorumi25 일 전

    I used to love making soap as a kid, we did it in school and my regions version of the girl scouts fairly often xD This made me so nostalgic!

  59. Anna Witt

    Anna Witt26 일 전

    Lmao you should have known that was way too dang thick!!

  60. Emu Nebula

    Emu Nebula26 일 전

    Did she reference the Adventures of Alice in wonderland at 16:15 because damn thats a deep reference

  61. Masuba

    Masuba26 일 전

    Lye is the reason I only use melt & pour, with my clumsiness if burn myself

  62. Spöökïë wOmAn

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    they were pailer(i spelt it wrong) to match ur kitchen. also i really like it, its cute and it looks bechy and i like it, its cute!!!