I Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks to see if they work


  1. Maria Mendoza

    Maria Mendoza12 시간 전

    I love when the dorito bag said bye to sssniperwolf

  2. coco panda

    coco panda12 시간 전

    nice pinktailes

  3. Itz_astheticgacha

    Itz_astheticgacha12 시간 전

    I dare you to say hi!

  4. coco panda

    coco panda12 시간 전

    hiiii I love u u are my fav youtuber I subscribed to u and I love you

  5. SavvySlime 123

    SavvySlime 12312 시간 전

    That is why order fraps

  6. Gamerboiz

    Gamerboiz12 시간 전

    For the money it just melts mine. Then again I’m Canadian

  7. Caleb RamX

    Caleb RamX12 시간 전

    Who just replayed the intro where the Doritos bag gets obliterated it’s so satisfying

  8. Bakugan 258

    Bakugan 25812 시간 전

    I watched a whole TikTok ad for this video The sacrifice

  9. Michael Lawson

    Michael Lawson12 시간 전

    I love all of your videos I’m 10 can you reply

  10. Autumn Marihugh

    Autumn Marihugh12 시간 전

    When she put the bag in the microwave I thought of Shane Dawson 😂😂😂

  11. Rose Rose

    Rose Rose12 시간 전

    Is that your boyfriend

  12. Elena Hoelsken

    Elena Hoelsken12 시간 전

    Did you brake up with sausage

  13. Level Asian

    Level Asian12 시간 전


  14. Olivia Slaski

    Olivia Slaski12 시간 전

    why is there a cast thing on your arm?

  15. Bridgett Middleton

    Bridgett Middleton12 시간 전

    I love you so much you are the best I am 8 I love you so mmmmmuuuuuucccccchhhhhhhhhhh...are you rich?

  16. Perla Yanes

    Perla Yanes12 시간 전

    Omg! My mom has the same Flat iron from same logo!!!

  17. PinkLemon Juice

    PinkLemon Juice12 시간 전

    Starbucks charges you for ice.

  18. Wolfcookies chan unicorn Gacha alyssa I Love funneh

    Wolfcookies chan unicorn Gacha alyssa I Love funneh12 시간 전

    Is that a plastic straw...........AHHHH throw it in tha trash!

  19. Pandas_azts 1235

    Pandas_azts 123512 시간 전

    Nice video haha

  20. Yuki_gachalife10 Gachalife10

    Yuki_gachalife10 Gachalife1012 시간 전

    Lia: Goodbye sweet prince Doritos bag: Goodbye Lia Doritos bag deserved better

  21. Fuzion Hyper 2019

    Fuzion Hyper 201912 시간 전

    This guy is lucky to date sniper wolf

  22. Arina Nikitina

    Arina Nikitina12 시간 전

    Русские привет

  23. random Elvira

    random Elvira12 시간 전

    On the popcorn hack my gramma clapped and it scared me bc I thought it was the popcorn 🙃🤦🏾‍♀️

  24. XXxElliePlayzX

    XXxElliePlayzX12 시간 전

    and while im listening to this vid wearing headphones

  25. Nicholas Coral

    Nicholas Coral12 시간 전

    I love how the chip bag says bye

  26. Mia Gonzales

    Mia Gonzales12 시간 전

    Sssniperwolf u are the best youtuber eva

  27. Shrimp Shrimp

    Shrimp Shrimp12 시간 전

    Im a fan! Love you sssniperwolf

  28. Jorgey Boi

    Jorgey Boi12 시간 전

    During the earbud hack she talked with her mouth closed

  29. Ravell Haye

    Ravell Haye12 시간 전

    6:08 looking thicccccccc tho

  30. Kenneth Johnson

    Kenneth Johnson12 시간 전

    Acc is Godlymare62

  31. Jaylen Savage

    Jaylen Savage12 시간 전

    Let me

  32. Arlette Aguilar Rodriguez

    Arlette Aguilar Rodriguez12 시간 전

    Why did you get scared when the popcorn pop It was funny I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings

  33. Chin Hung

    Chin Hung12 시간 전

    _To Anyone Who Reads This_ *May You And Your Family Be Blessed*

  34. AcADiVS.

    AcADiVS.12 시간 전

    you foxy

  35. Trillion Jackson

    Trillion Jackson12 시간 전

    The zip tie one she said an I oop

  36. Serenity Mosley

    Serenity Mosley12 시간 전

    Pizza:they ask you how you are and you say your fine but your NOT FINE

  37. texts stories

    texts stories12 시간 전

    When she was doing the money hack I got an money ad

  38. Zombiechi 1202

    Zombiechi 120212 시간 전

    I knew the straightener hack with money but I’m always broke so can’t ever do the hack 😂

  39. XXxElliePlayzX

    XXxElliePlayzX12 시간 전

    how she screamed tho it was sofunny when she screamed when the kernel poped with the flat iron lol

  40. hidudes 22

    hidudes 2212 시간 전

    What happend to your arm

  41. Gage Knapp

    Gage Knapp12 시간 전

    What happened to her hand

  42. Josh J.

    Josh J.12 시간 전


  43. Mark Liberg

    Mark Liberg12 시간 전

    I'm trying to figure out Who She's cosplaying as.

  44. Adrian Sawh

    Adrian Sawh12 시간 전

    The drink!!???. I think it's because of the ice

  45. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith12 시간 전

    Why is there a deer's butt hole in the wall

  46. Artemio Santana

    Artemio Santana12 시간 전

    I like it

  47. R G

    R G12 시간 전

    are you to together again.

  48. Christopher Lucas

    Christopher Lucas12 시간 전

    Lia?pregnant with popcorn Lumpy? Thicc af Ash?bites everyone Hotel?Trivago

  49. Trillion Jackson

    Trillion Jackson12 시간 전

    Just saw the tic toc

  50. Eowyn Torres

    Eowyn Torres12 시간 전

    I love your vids

  51. SkyWolvesGaming

    SkyWolvesGaming12 시간 전

    What is on her right arm/hand/wrist?

  52. Trey'Quan Faulkner

    Trey'Quan Faulkner12 시간 전

    That popcorn hack scream in slow motion sounded like she was in a horror movie 😂

  53. Kamilynn Sheets

    Kamilynn Sheets12 시간 전

    That slow-mo laugh

  54. CoolMiner68 _YT

    CoolMiner68 _YT12 시간 전

    Sssniperwolf i luv u!!!!

  55. Baby Clar And Baby Ella Vlogs

    Baby Clar And Baby Ella Vlogs12 시간 전

    You look more cute today

  56. Helga Smith

    Helga Smith12 시간 전

    I dreamed I was making a video live and u were watching and making a video like and I saw you were making a live vid about meh and I screamed

  57. LemonLimeDragonet Animations

    LemonLimeDragonet Animations12 시간 전

    You don't need to untangle earbuds if you have airbuds.

  58. The puppet show BY NATHAN WOLFORD

    The puppet show BY NATHAN WOLFORD12 시간 전

    Sssniperwolf do you still like Afx

  59. Marissa Garcez

    Marissa Garcez12 시간 전

    Im watching with wire headphones. Just listening to to one of my favorite youtubers make fun of me. 😭

  60. King Taco

    King Taco12 시간 전