I Moved An ENTIRE Country In Minecraft - Part 19


  1. BoomPoppy

    BoomPoppy시간 전

    Jack: I want mending on all of my tools ADVANCEMENT MADE: STONE AGE

  2. XLmightyslayer 980

    XLmightyslayer 980시간 전

    If u put fortune on a pickaxe and if u mine ores it give u more ores at once

  3. XLmightyslayer 980

    XLmightyslayer 9802 시간 전

    Kill the turtles and get their shells and then with them u can make a helmet that allows u to breathe underwater

  4. Collin byler

    Collin byler12 시간 전

    7:30 7:35 armor??

  5. Nicholas G.

    Nicholas G.13 시간 전

    tip: nether portals can have their bottom blocks in the ground and it looks way better - edit - he did that tip#2: you can make a portal 3x3 on the inside to make it symmetrical in your odd number width windmill

  6. Đāŕķ Ņīģhț

    Đāŕķ Ņīģhț14 시간 전

    Loyalty is very good with a trident because if you throw the trident it comes right back to you

  7. emo haralampiev

    emo haralampiev14 시간 전

    I know I'm late, but looting is for mobs to drop more and fortune is for ores to drop more.

  8. emo haralampiev

    emo haralampiev15 시간 전

    few days ago I spent literally an entire day/night 24 hours thing, so I don't feel any boredom in watching you fish.

  9. Elaine Schow

    Elaine Schow15 시간 전

    28:07 aw I'm glad to see u to lil buddy Me natsu fairy tail OMG he says that to happy pffffffffff😂

  10. Incoming Badass

    Incoming Badass19 시간 전

    Jacksepticeye vs CaptainSparkles Creeper Rap Battle! P.S. This is just a joke.

  11. DuckQuacker

    DuckQuacker일 전

    Sean: let's put away everything Also Sean: *leaves shield and armor on himself*

  12. The ProMMOs Experience

    The ProMMOs Experience일 전

    *Me* : I thought you moved the country Ireland. *Idk, Jim?* : STUPPEED

  13. Extarus

    Extarus일 전

    when jack caught the pufferfish i imagined it as mrs puff from spongebob just her face looking surprised flying closer to the screen into jacks inventory :p

  14. PraiseThe Sun

    PraiseThe Sun일 전

    Loyalty III is for the trident if you throw it,it will go back to you

  15. Nova Playz

    Nova Playz일 전

    Shamous should be rescued againnn

  16. Bailey Roshau

    Bailey Roshau일 전

    Wait, will the kitty die being trapped down there? Will the animals die without being fed?

  17. Marri Rubio

    Marri Rubio일 전

    Jack fortune is for a pickaxe and looting is for a sword basically the same thing but for different items

  18. GalaxZ -chan

    GalaxZ -chan일 전

    Jacksepticeye’s football team name: The Creepers

  19. Adrian Jackson

    Adrian Jackson일 전

    Lootang stuff withs a sword Pickace sutfs with fortunes Loyalty so u can goodness trident

  20. Sarah kate Keaney

    Sarah kate Keaney일 전

    I've always wanted to see Jack jump of the castle

  21. Kimberly Gallant

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  22. Kimberly Gallant

    Kimberly Gallant일 전

    you are the best

  23. Scott Horton

    Scott Horton일 전

    this video gets a dislike for dis respect on fishing

  24. FosterSquash7 -

    FosterSquash7 -2 일 전

    Jack: I'm going to do what I want. HMMM YES THE FLOOR IS MADE OUT OF... FLOOR If you dont get it then...

  25. Yunyan Wang

    Yunyan Wang2 일 전

    10:45 Ima Dreamy sleepy nights snooze

  26. Be Kind

    Be Kind2 일 전

    The garlic gladiator:I’m gonna break my ankles doing this someday Me:like you broke your crushes?

  27. Khloe Stewart

    Khloe Stewart2 일 전

    Jack: Lava moat Me: *NOOOOOOOOO BAD IDEA!*

  28. Cameron's Channel

    Cameron's Channel2 일 전


  29. Ashlee Cavender

    Ashlee Cavender2 일 전

    Put the fortune 3 on the pickaxe so when u mine stuff it will give u more

  30. Heidi-Liz

    Heidi-Liz2 일 전

    When Jack, an Irishman, gets the words to "Ireland's Call" wrong 😂

  31. Janet lopez

    Janet lopez2 일 전

    Is it just me or does Jack sound like Mario at 28:34

  32. Jonah Davis

    Jonah Davis2 일 전

    build an iron golem to protect your land

  33. Fay Snavely

    Fay Snavely2 일 전

    Snowmen actually fight mobs\monsters

  34. Megan Webber

    Megan Webber2 일 전

    When I play minecraft, I eat mostly potatoes for the convenience. I also love potatoes irl lol. I actually just started getting back into it cuz of Jack's vids lol.

  35. Slay mimi

    Slay mimi3 일 전

    Jack if u make a afk fishing farm u can get enchanted books and other awesome things

  36. Gamer Boss

    Gamer Boss3 일 전

    Jack: creates fence cow Also Jack: doesn't understand water sheep

  37. Anthony Bray

    Anthony Bray3 일 전


  38. Anthony Bray

    Anthony Bray3 일 전

    Loyalty 3 is for a tridents

  39. Angel Goddess

    Angel Goddess3 일 전

    It’s not Harry Potter and the phlosifers chamber it’s Harry Potter and the phlosifers stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  40. Mikasa Jayger

    Mikasa Jayger3 일 전

    JACCK play crazy craft plz

  41. Wizzrobotix

    Wizzrobotix3 일 전

    Your Irish pub's password should be Riverdance! :D I often think about that performance when hearing your irish themes. C418 is Minecrafts backbone, just like what Nobuo Uematsu is for Final Fantasy; great games need great composers to add to the feel, but your added scores sounds cool af. ^_^

  42. Wizzrobotix

    Wizzrobotix3 일 전

    Are you saying they didn't make that dlc called Super Duper Graphic pack in the end? :( Darny. If/when I ever buy a Xbox One, it was planned to get MC there as well, specially for that add-on. Readed long ago that they also improved the console's graphic for that game for free, and the mentioned pack would be available for purchase in addition. Oh well, the game's simple graphic is what makes it classic anyway. ^_^

  43. Autum Wright

    Autum Wright3 일 전

    Possibly stupid question, but i have Minecraft (Java Edition), is there any way to get item descriptions at all aside from mods? if there's no descriptions in-game then that's an blatant mistake in game design. i have no idea what a lot of enchantments do, as well as for many of the new items they've added.

  44. Davethefatman II

    Davethefatman II3 일 전

    Jack you don’t need to kill tiny slimes since they’d follow you and not damage you at all

  45. Leafyr Oakfyst

    Leafyr Oakfyst4 일 전

    Plz get fish in buckets at coral to put in your aqua places.. Moat, with turtles...

  46. Leon Hippolite

    Leon Hippolite4 일 전

    Me and my brother subscribed to your channel

  47. Ajlez

    Ajlez4 일 전

    "You know what would be even cooler?" Me: Ooh, put fishies in there!! "..-a moat of lava in here!!" Oop

  48. Tyler Needham

    Tyler Needham4 일 전


  49. Tyler Needham

    Tyler Needham4 일 전

    No Shan nooooooo! Don't get loyalty until you get a trident!

  50. Ajlez

    Ajlez4 일 전

    Minecraft looks fine the way it is. I've seen some mods that are nice for a screenshot or two but I just don't feel them and don't like watching people play on them. My biggest peeve is when the water is made clear... It's so much nicer in the bright, deep default blues.

  51. Jelix Clips

    Jelix Clips4 일 전

    Seán: *gets excited bc he realized what sticky pistons are* Me: *is waiting for him to realizing* Him: *realizes* Me: oop

  52. Cpl. Karambit

    Cpl. Karambit4 일 전

    Ticky bomb!

  53. Andy Bothne

    Andy Bothne4 일 전

    i sneezed in real life right when sean faked sneezed to light the nether portal

  54. Daniel Hegarty

    Daniel Hegarty4 일 전

    Septic balls....................... Ha...

  55. LadyMoon16

    LadyMoon165 일 전

    Just gonna say... the dark oak trapdoor tabletops look like burnt waffles

  56. n j h

    n j h2 일 전

    They look like chocolate more

  57. hs5hen

    hs5hen5 일 전

    ⛄️ be careful when it rains Sean

  58. a.rob.productions 1

    a.rob.productions 15 일 전

    19:09 you're about to witness an Irish man sing the Irish national anthem wrong

  59. CryptiCypher Darkhand

    CryptiCypher Darkhand5 일 전

    You can 'Modify' anything... But you'll never be as cool as "Classic"! (Just ask W.O.W.!)

  60. Lava Gaming

    Lava Gaming5 일 전

    I thick you can enchant a book

  61. Renicus

    Renicus5 일 전