I Moved An ENTIRE Country In Minecraft - Part 19


  1. Gecko YT

    Gecko YT13 시간 전

    The enderman held a grass block when you killed it. Therefore it dropped it

  2. marcus fan

    marcus fan2 일 전

    fortune on pickaxe

  3. A I D A N

    A I D A N2 일 전

    This is the only Minecraft let’s play I like

  4. Hannah Holmwood

    Hannah Holmwood3 일 전

    13:07 Oh slimey's same sex enzyme???

  5. Enderman Plays

    Enderman Plays3 일 전

    Omg dig down jack

  6. Luis Torres

    Luis Torres3 일 전

    I got 18 diamond block 64 each 27 diamonds 64 each and 28

  7. Victoria Buttineau

    Victoria Buttineau4 일 전

    Someone hacks into Sean server see a castle with an Irish flag a giant pint of guiness a windmill polar bear and turtles and goes I think I will be leaving now

  8. Iris Broadway

    Iris Broadway4 일 전


  9. Edgar Svartsjö

    Edgar Svartsjö7 일 전


  10. mubble crust

    mubble crust9 일 전

    Jackoboy! You can use slime balls and string to make leads

  11. Mr. Cat hacker

    Mr. Cat hacker10 일 전


  12. Dom J

    Dom J10 일 전

    You should use stone pressure plates on Sean's bar

  13. Jack Dolan

    Jack Dolan11 일 전

    Shean probably boosted a lot of peoples’ self esteem by saying he’s proud of them

  14. Michael Chichick II

    Michael Chichick II11 일 전

    If that snowman was not on the ice it would get snow everywhere it walks

  15. Mikey Chichick

    Mikey Chichick11 일 전

    Just look at my rollercoaster and wall

  16. joy freg

    joy freg14 일 전

    if you are dudebro enough "Creeper, aww man" isn't negative at all. also JACK the only minecraft tuber to LIKE the rain. ....i always love the rain but tubers tend to complain...

  17. joy freg

    joy freg14 일 전

    REALITY FOR JACK: Potatoes are the Marios to your Luigi carrots. the Super Spud Brothers

  18. OWO Hello

    OWO Hello15 일 전

    The eye of ender..-

  19. Jed Highland

    Jed Highland16 일 전

    HAS NO ONE notice that he gets afraid on getting demonoties because he says murder but is not afraid to get demonoties because he says that his buthole is secret and that the ender mans tela portion balls as the ender mans ball ???????

  20. Brent Porter

    Brent Porter16 일 전

    28:42 is a perfect transition

  21. Ljm

    Ljm16 일 전

    You put it on a trident

  22. Cammerade TheKidd

    Cammerade TheKidd16 일 전

    2 dark oak trapdoors look like a giant chocolate bar

  23. Raine Oldfield-Traviss

    Raine Oldfield-Traviss17 일 전

    dose anyone else think that jack is just going to run in and forget the nether portal is there and run in and die?

  24. Lucie Bandyova

    Lucie Bandyova18 일 전

    jack you shout like someone is kiling you lol

  25. Eli Amazing

    Eli Amazing19 일 전

    it would be funny if you were to go into the nether and killing everything while screaming IRELAND AND THE NETHERLANDS ARE AT WAR!!!!!!!!!

  26. Desyree Smith

    Desyree Smith20 일 전


  27. The Light-show

    The Light-show24 일 전

    when in the god damn world was the wind mill fixed.

  28. JamesLovesToSing

    JamesLovesToSing24 일 전

    why did no one tell him that he could go to menu and click a button to keep his items

  29. FoxVoid Gaming

    FoxVoid Gaming24 일 전

    Minecraft: peaceful music Jack: *AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH*

  30. Anisa Elmazi

    Anisa Elmazi24 일 전


  31. alan roberts

    alan roberts25 일 전

    Jack you woke up outside so clearly you were sleepwalking

  32. Raelyn H

    Raelyn H27 일 전

    Is it Samwise, Samuel or Samly? Tell us the truth coward

  33. SimplyNOArtificialIntelligence

    SimplyNOArtificialIntelligence27 일 전

    Water sheep? Nah nah nah... now it’s fence cow!!

  34. •Cloudy - Sky•

    •Cloudy - Sky•28 일 전

    Jack the Loyalty book is for tridents¬ cause without it you might lose your trident.

  35. Daniel páša cz

    Daniel páša cz28 일 전


  36. David Pratt

    David Pratt29 일 전

    iron golem bouncer in the pub plzzzzzz

  37. Thomas Newman

    Thomas Newman개월 전

    loyalty is for the trident

  38. PiquantDino

    PiquantDino개월 전

    My favorite part about this series is that “Minecraft” is a verb, noun, and adjective.

  39. Manuel Sanchez

    Manuel Sanchez개월 전


  40. Thehowlingminecart 2.0

    Thehowlingminecart 2.0개월 전

    15:20 Eh.. kinda prefer Professor Oak.

  41. Shaun Linz

    Shaun Linz개월 전

    Jack:creepers have helped me find treasure and diamonds Me:I don’t get it, first he sais that creepers are helpful the he says they suck and now he said again that creepers are good. Me again:are creepers good for jack or bad for jack?

  42. Raven1024

    Raven1024개월 전

    It bugs me that you didn't make the portal one block wider to center it lol.

  43. katherine the mouse

    katherine the mouse개월 전

    Jack: screaming My dog: picks her head up, startled Me: It's okay, it's just the loud man.

  44. Jupitrean Music

    Jupitrean Music개월 전

    *Jack:* "Now your country is just _full_ of sheep rather than being _next_ to sheep" *Dutch people:* **tears**

  45. Casey Jones

    Casey Jones개월 전

    I’m i the only one that noticed the curse of vanishing on the fishing rod 😂

  46. mack hawthorne

    mack hawthorne개월 전

    can i come to the bar

  47. mack hawthorne

    mack hawthorne개월 전

    im 21

  48. NovaBearBear

    NovaBearBear개월 전


  49. Mr.OmarGiraffe

    Mr.OmarGiraffe개월 전

    6:30 My stomach at 3am

  50. Jillybean 1208

    Jillybean 1208개월 전

    I was falling asleep and dozing off and you started talking about slime rancher‘s and I swear I thought I was imagining it

  51. Anea Farquhar

    Anea Farquhar개월 전

    If you hit a ender man you can go in the water because the endermen hate water and can't go in it

  52. Acideont

    Acideont개월 전

    Jack you can put a jacko lantern on your face as your helmet and then you can go near enderman without them attacking you

  53. Antonia Johnson

    Antonia Johnson개월 전

    Irish people really did make Halloween watch ghost adventures demon's of irland

  54. Amelie XLuca

    Amelie XLuca개월 전

    Sean: AHHHHHH Me: (thinking he’s crying) * instantly assumes that Sam is dead *

  55. XxAesthetic_ PineapplexX

    XxAesthetic_ PineapplexX개월 전

    Philosopher Chamber. Well it is sorcerer I'm America because publishers thought philosopher was too 'old school' so they changed it to sorcerer to make it sound more interesting.

  56. CherryBlossomEffect

    CherryBlossomEffect개월 전

    dark oak makes it look manlier

  57. Kieran Zhang

    Kieran Zhang개월 전


  58. Kieran Zhang

    Kieran Zhang개월 전

    jack: Has 27 diamonds that he almost never uses. Felix: Uses diamond blocks to decorate Joergen #2's grave.

  59. zoe madness

    zoe madness개월 전

    You have bones with you get another dog

  60. zoe madness

    zoe madness개월 전

    Strong holds are in villages usally in wells

  61. zoe madness

    zoe madness개월 전

    I cant wait to see the animatic for these