I Made That Awful Jeans Chair


  1. brokentail 21

    brokentail 214 시간 전

    it looks like a mutant jellyfish with autism

  2. Gioia Caponera

    Gioia Caponera23 시간 전

    I love you, first of all. Second of all, I know you detest failing very much. Suggestion: instead of staples sew the jean for more stability and safety. Might need to hand sew the part where you attach the jeans since the stuffed jeans will probably not go through a sewing machine. Unless you stuff them after you attach them (minus the bottom part where you sit). Also, use shorts a type of clothes you don't have to stuff as much?

  3. sai

    sai일 전

    8M views = $24000 ROI of $140 + a few hours of work

  4. Alicia Crowe

    Alicia Crowe일 전

    I applaud Jenna and her want to do this how 5 minute crafts does it....but I would have given up and grabbed fabric glue in the first 30 seconds. But hey...she can pull all the Staples out a d at least she has 4 pairs of minimally damaged jeans!

  5. Kayla Moore

    Kayla Moore일 전

    the only way that this craft would make ANY sense is if you had a few old pairs of jeans that no longer fit you laying around, and also maybe like some old pillows you don’t want anymore that you could take the stuffing out of..? Idk, I’m really trying to wrap my brain around it. that’s the most logical explanation that I can come up with lol

  6. Rocki P.

    Rocki P.2 일 전

    Jenna's channel turns into an "Exposing 5-Minute Crafts channel"

  7. Jayda Hollow

    Jayda Hollow2 일 전

    u can hear Kermit crying in the back ground 1:36

  8. Sam Holder

    Sam Holder2 일 전

    lmao Jenna is raging

  9. Alexandra Aubut

    Alexandra Aubut2 일 전

    You should redo this project and sew everything instead. I love your redemption videos!

  10. Crystal Jones

    Crystal Jones2 일 전

    I think the trick to this is to use wider leg jeans that are a thinner and cheaper material. Like something you would find at Ross. The thinner material would stay together better, and the wider leg might help balance it? Just an idea I guess 🤷‍♀️

  11. Candela Graciarena

    Candela Graciarena2 일 전

    “This chair is going to be sharp” has weird energy

  12. Jean Friedman

    Jean Friedman3 일 전

    my name is Jean

  13. Potin Daphnée

    Potin Daphnée3 일 전

    if you look closely on the outside of her eyes it looks like jenna either forgot to blend a stripe of concealer or cried through her foundation

  14. Molly Canavan

    Molly Canavan3 일 전

    Hear me out : Jair

  15. Jason Sohi

    Jason Sohi3 일 전

    lmao imagine not buying 10 dollar jeans from walmart

  16. Michelle Fillion

    Michelle Fillion4 일 전

    "probably started off with something simple and turned into just absolute madness like the rest of KOreporter"

  17. ghostfacesbutt

    ghostfacesbutt4 일 전

    I really don’t understand why anyone would make that chair. That many pairs of jeans costs more than just buying a chair?? Why would you waste jeans like that?

  18. Alexis Lopez

    Alexis Lopez4 일 전

    it's not too bad lol, you can use it as a pregnancy pillow or a neck pillow on the couch or airplanes LMFAAAOOO

  19. tusheer datt

    tusheer datt4 일 전

    Can we appreciate how much of a snack Jenna looks like

  20. Artsylicious

    Artsylicious23 시간 전

    She always looks like a snacc

  21. Cup of Ice

    Cup of Ice5 일 전

    Jenna: F this whole channel Five minute crafts: *plays music* Jenna: *Starts dancing*

  22. Karla Gonzalez

    Karla Gonzalez5 일 전

    Jenna make another Jean Chair but this time sew it

  23. Jake Cisneros

    Jake Cisneros5 일 전

    They upload FIVE videos a day

  24. coaryona lese

    coaryona lese5 일 전

    And this class is how you sumon satan himself

  25. JamesonWilde

    JamesonWilde5 일 전

    "Who has four pairs of jeans?!" I feel attacked.

  26. tnlk

    tnlk5 일 전

    3:26 "where did they film, here, Russia?" GIRL THEY ACTUALLY DID There was like a Coca-Cola bottle with a cap that says in Russian like "5 баллов". That's like 5 points and if you collect enough you can exchange caps for the merch. I mean, do you need any more proof... 'cause I'm pretty sure y'all have coke where you live lol Source: am Russian. Btw, kinda hate their channel because not even our country is poor and/or dumb enough to use these "lifehacks"

  27. Emily Stewart

    Emily Stewart5 일 전

    jean chair jenna

  28. Galaxy Gamer

    Galaxy Gamer5 일 전

    I know the answer to getting this to work get a beanbag

  29. Slinking Hades

    Slinking Hades6 일 전

    You should just take out the staples and sew it together

  30. Bryson Renee

    Bryson Renee6 일 전

    Can you please just re-do this but sew it. Like, remake this in a way that works please.

  31. Apollo

    Apollo6 일 전

    All I can picture is Dr Frankenstein doing that but with actual legs

  32. Wild Duckie

    Wild Duckie6 일 전

    those staples trying to hold the jeans together is like me trying to hold my life together

  33. TotallyMature

    TotallyMature6 일 전


  34. Allie Blues

    Allie Blues7 일 전

    sell it on ebay

  35. Keira Harrison

    Keira Harrison7 일 전

    Oh my god this made me laugh so much😂😂😂Lysm Jenna

  36. Tess Aurea

    Tess Aurea8 일 전

    I have quite a few pairs of jeans. Definitely more than 4 pair.

  37. ¡Hola! this is me!

    ¡Hola! this is me!8 일 전

    I’m willing to bet cash money that the person who runs Five Minute Crafts is Mr. Julen himself from his home in Almond, Virginia.

  38. vleecam

    vleecam8 일 전

    Yo which eyelash extensions is she wearing

  39. minigamebros

    minigamebros8 일 전

    instagram.com/p/B4c0aC7hv0O/?igshid=1sff9p4zxrach Egg carton chair

  40. Chantal Bellmont

    Chantal Bellmont10 일 전

    Thrift store jeans are usually under $10 a pair, $40 max for all the jeans. Get some old throw pillows from the thrift store too, or stuffies, and use that, or old newspapers/used wrapped paper. Staple from each side, or sew it up. You could probably loop some string through the belt loops and that might hold it a little bit, and put a cushion on top of the lap part and sit on that. Idk, this craft is cursed

  41. max a million

    max a million10 일 전

    leggings chair..

  42. max a million

    max a million10 일 전

    hot glue instead of staples... and lEGGINGS

  43. loopeymire

    loopeymire10 일 전

    My favorite 5 min craft video is the apartment hacks one. Half an hour of ways to never get your security deposit back,

  44. Sofia

    Sofia10 일 전

    Don’t tell me you support lesbians if you don’t have that sculpture

  45. Gsage

    Gsage10 일 전

    It looks like something straight from Silent Hill.

  46. Melody Joy_V

    Melody Joy_V10 일 전

    I want Shane Dawson to make a documentary on 5 minute crafts

  47. jaynee ojeda

    jaynee ojeda10 일 전

    Turns out Russians actually do run 5 minute crafts 😬😬😬😬😬😬💀

  48. Piers Kryslak

    Piers Kryslak10 일 전

    This looks like something gabbie hanna would want in her house

  49. Alyson Varner

    Alyson Varner10 일 전

    I’m just hearing Kermit crying in the background

  50. Fire Willow

    Fire Willow11 일 전

    you breaking things in slow motion seeing which makes the best mash

  51. Alexa ClawSister

    Alexa ClawSister11 일 전

    Jenna: stop it’s delicate! Also Jenna: *_proceeds to bend and crush the jeans_*

  52. Ella Plays Roblox

    Ella Plays Roblox11 일 전

    I hear kermit's crying in the background! xD

  53. Alley

    Alley12 일 전

    Love the user experience, you nailed it Lol

  54. LunarFeather

    LunarFeather12 일 전

    "Send it to Sayfiya Nygard she would like it"

  55. Tess Huntley

    Tess Huntley12 일 전

    5 min crafts: So you'll need 79392038495768912 staples

  56. dont trip

    dont trip13 일 전

    It looks like a trap

  57. Martina Sanchez

    Martina Sanchez13 일 전

    Did he really say "Look at the hickies tho"

  58. Levi Mitchell

    Levi Mitchell13 일 전

    Its been almost 2 years and this is still the first jenna video ive ever seen and i cant stop

  59. Sandy Tzul

    Sandy Tzul13 일 전

    Kermit crying is a whole mood

  60. trista darden

    trista darden14 일 전

    it’s called 5 minute crafts because they only last for 5 minutes HAHA

  61. Gwen Profitt

    Gwen Profitt14 일 전

    You should do a video where you try to actually do complicated crafts in five minutes 👌

  62. Голубой Ананас

    Голубой Ананас14 일 전

    ееебой!! ты смогла!!! это зашибись!!!