I Made A Train For My Dogs


  1. Lil butthead

    Lil butthead시간 전

    Marble are you Tokyo driftin?

  2. Keri McCall

    Keri McCall2 시간 전

    Jenna is the sweetest human being. She will build anything to make her dogs happy 😊

  3. Hollyn

    Hollyn6 시간 전

    'gotta make sure she's still got that wagon' ... 'yeah she's still got it'

  4. Fixitall Paul

    Fixitall Paul6 시간 전

    "What is my life Im made a dog train?" Why are 4.4 million people watching this? 4.4 MILLION YA'LL

  5. Ana Aziz

    Ana Aziz10 시간 전

    About nice comments

  6. Ana Aziz

    Ana Aziz10 시간 전

    Also make a video

  7. Ana Aziz

    Ana Aziz10 시간 전

    It's so cute!

  8. Dylan Lloyd

    Dylan Lloyd21 시간 전

    He protec He attac But most importantly He Ride Back

  9. Jaycey Allen

    Jaycey Allen일 전

    I love cream heros 😂😂 I watch the videos with eng subtitles tho

  10. Peachy Peachworth

    Peachy Peachworth일 전

    Marble are you Tokyo drifting or what my guy?

  11. My Friend Aj

    My Friend Aj일 전

    1:44 the heard the sound of packaging being opened and they came running because they thought there would be food

  12. Madisyn Crelier

    Madisyn Crelier일 전

    How do I like this 1000000000 times

  13. ChrisSmithVideosTV

    ChrisSmithVideosTV일 전

    Cement = Me

  14. Quindlyn

    Quindlyn일 전

    Put bunny in a harness n attach the train pull to it and have her drag her siblings around alsjdkdj

  15. Michelle Prussen

    Michelle Prussen일 전

    really cute idea train for dogs !! What is she eating in the bathroom while watching the video???

  16. Hamilton lover

    Hamilton lover일 전

    Kermit really just said 😐

  17. lil keyla

    lil keyla2 일 전

    so cute 12:19 😭

  18. Alex Stowe

    Alex Stowe2 일 전

    Jenna: i dont know about you but when im sick i like watching youtube. Me sick watching youtube: yeah same

  19. Isabelle Markunović

    Isabelle Markunović2 일 전

    You need to make bucket rollerskates

  20. Teresa Peterson

    Teresa Peterson2 일 전

    Wow, I never noticed that Kermit's profile totally reminds me of the Simpson's dog. The upturn of the nose and shape of his head.

  21. Melly Mel

    Melly Mel2 일 전

    Bunny was the best train conductor I’ve ever seen

  22. Izzy Grooves

    Izzy Grooves2 일 전

    bunny is like the oldest kid who's still a kid but is left out as she's not under 5

  23. Leigha Carter

    Leigha Carter2 일 전

    make bunny drive the train

  24. Bones & Balls

    Bones & Balls2 일 전

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  25. Bones & Balls

    Bones & Balls2 일 전

    Hi -do you guys realise that your video is not copyrighted and is classed as creative commons? I have just started a KOreporter channel about dogs and I would love to upload this video to my channel. Do I have your permission to do this? thanks

  26. Only a smoll Hooman

    Only a smoll Hooman3 일 전

    I was scrolling through my recommendations thinking “I need something to watch” then I saw this

  27. lindsayoakes

    lindsayoakes3 일 전

    Omg Julien watches Kiwami Japan too?! I fucking love that channel. It’s so weirdly soothing.

  28. Julierobin Seegr

    Julierobin Seegr3 일 전

    Krtmit is not crying he is trying to talk to you like you talk to him. HE IS NOT CRYING. AND HE HATES YOU THINK HE IS.

  29. kkyeopjoy

    kkyeopjoy3 일 전

    Sockerbit means sugar cube :p

  30. Laura Minter

    Laura Minter3 일 전

    I have 4 greyhounds (full size, like Bunny) and at least 2 of them would totally climb in for a ride. I kept expecting Bunny to climb aboard!

  31. Indya B

    Indya B3 일 전

    I love seeing bunny’s change. She’s so outgoing now.

  32. Chloe Vogel

    Chloe Vogel3 일 전

    U should make one big train for bunny

  33. Bones McGee

    Bones McGee4 일 전

    Marbles os the reason I wake up every day.

  34. YAMZA 8

    YAMZA 84 일 전

    kermit is really just vibin.

  35. Laura Mccay

    Laura Mccay4 일 전

    Why did this video make my day 😂😂

  36. braden houser

    braden houser4 일 전


  37. Brea Schmidt

    Brea Schmidt4 일 전

    I didn’t know I could find such joy by watching a woman pull her 3 dogs in a handmade train but here I am. This is so pure 😭❤️

  38. Sara Boucino

    Sara Boucino5 일 전

    Lol that was so cute! What do you do with the train now?

  39. Wight Queen

    Wight Queen5 일 전

    Omg!!! pmsl the whole video haha!!!

  40. Prudence Cox

    Prudence Cox5 일 전

    They enjoy it because they feel like you are their servant.

  41. Exkited Girl

    Exkited Girl5 일 전

    I have an old wagon in the garage, my dog is going for a ride! Lol

  42. GalPal_Studios

    GalPal_Studios5 일 전

    What you should do, is put everyone in the train in their seats, (1st ms.weach, then nasty boy, and last but the best, pengi), then tie the ribbon that pulls the train to bunnies collar. Then take bunny for a walk

  43. Brooke McKinley

    Brooke McKinley5 일 전

    I’ve never been so jealous of Jenna’s dogs 😩

  44. The House Of Cats

    The House Of Cats5 일 전


  45. MrMyopinionsmatter

    MrMyopinionsmatter5 일 전

    King kermy wants to ride the choo-choo train mommy!

  46. Rachel Carter

    Rachel Carter5 일 전

    The Cermit is dignified

  47. Allison Fuentes

    Allison Fuentes5 일 전

    Cute vid

  48. Itsjjfam

    Itsjjfam5 일 전

    Kermit made me laugh the whole vid 🤣🤣

  49. XxEmu xX

    XxEmu xX5 일 전

    They are sooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!

  50. XxEmu xX

    XxEmu xX5 일 전


  51. estelle davis

    estelle davis6 일 전


  52. THE_R3AL_ P4NDA

    THE_R3AL_ P4NDA6 일 전

    It could be a boat train in the pool

  53. Space Dog

    Space Dog6 일 전

    Why did I watch 15 minutes of this

  54. Num_num_ Plays

    Num_num_ Plays6 일 전

    Marble enjoys it but he can’t seee

  55. Cheyenne Ritchey

    Cheyenne Ritchey6 일 전

    Where do you keep your train?

  56. Isabella Blevins

    Isabella Blevins6 일 전


  57. Just trash현실 심오

    Just trash현실 심오7 일 전

    Kermit : Cries in Korean Marbles : I'm never leaving Peach : this is fine OOO dad is pulling it now NOPEEEE Bunny : I will eat robin

  58. Just trash현실 심오

    Just trash현실 심오7 일 전

    I love cream heroes Thay speak Korean

  59. Valentin Trankulov

    Valentin Trankulov7 일 전

    😭😭😭😭no cat😭😭😭😭

  60. Gundum

    Gundum7 일 전

    This bitch has too much money and time