I'm Coming Out.


  1. NikkieTutorials

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    *I love you all so much* 🥺🌈💖

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    Love u back

  3. Sham Ml

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    We love you more 💙 & so proud of you 💛🌈



    Love U Sis💜💙💚💛❤

  5. ponseliana melianvi

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    I love u ♥♥♥

  6. PacisEritVobiscum

    PacisEritVobiscum12 일 전

    Still messed up of you to not be upfront about your biological sex with your fiance. It is dishonest and no amount of excuses can justify it.

  7. Anushka Sivasamy

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  8. Make you Up by Ahi

    Make you Up by Ahi2 시간 전

    I think it is amazing what she did and has the right to be who she wants to be! I do hope someday to be able to meet you in person Nikkie! You are gorgeous! 😍 Sending love from Germany

  9. Bradley Grima

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    We love you

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    Man up

  11. c9a2t2s1

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    Love you💗You’re really something!

  12. Miss Sofie

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    OH. MY. GOD. i fucking love everything about this

  13. chakyeonx

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    ❤ We Love You ❤

  14. just kidding yall mmm

    just kidding yall mmm3 시간 전

    If yall dont want labels and guys having to act like that, girls having i act like that... then except being male and act how tf you want.

  15. 박미경

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    See u soon nikkie ! You are u !

  16. Emma-Leigh Artistry

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    You go girl! Good for you for sharing and opening up. You’re so incredibly talented, been following you for a few years now! Seriously I was so shocked, never ever suspected or thought anything! But doesn’t change anything. So sorry you were put in a forceful position to come out but you will inspire and help so many struggling people going through the same thing! Xoxo

  17. محمد سيف شاهين 1 .

    محمد سيف شاهين 1 .3 시간 전

    Me: shes lesbian or something. Nicki: im trans Me : wait a damn minute

  18. محمد سيف شاهين 1 .

    محمد سيف شاهين 1 .3 시간 전

    what i’m hearing is that a trans woman dominated the makeup industry without anyones knowledge...i stan

  19. Angela Simmons

    Angela Simmons4 시간 전

    Nikkie were you born a male? Ily🥰

  20. Sarah Byrn

    Sarah Byrn4 시간 전

    I see you exactly the same. Like nothing is different, swear. Thank you for everything you have taught us, Queen!!!!

  21. Whitt

    Whitt4 시간 전

    I am so sorry someone has blackmailed you. Thank you for sharing yourself with us and being a beautiful soul 💚💚💚

  22. alexia lovón

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  23. Miguel Ángel G

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    14:30 AND I OOP YASSS

  24. jane doe

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    cryin in the back of the club

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  26. Anoula Amri

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    You are so inspiring and believe me you will help so many people by sharing your story thank you for all the positivity and when you upload your next video do not worry it’ll all be about makeup and your art again 💞 Now about the ones who blackmailed you... Fuck those suckers bet they choked on your video 😂😂😂 So proud of you for taking back the power, for being such a strong independent woman. Yes👏🏼 motherflipping👏🏼queen👏🏼Nikkie👏🏼

  27. Zcideツ

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    I knew ur a man ur Apple and ur jaw was Always strange

  28. CHONK is ROCK

    CHONK is ROCK5 시간 전

    Yes yes, you are so stunning and brave and no one has ever done this before ever.

  29. Raine Hernandez

    Raine Hernandez5 시간 전

    Love you Nikkie. Stay happy and God bless you ❤️ more make up tutorials please 💋

  30. Erik Ostergaard

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    Don't worry ....be happy

  31. Pat Pat

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  32. Rhona Dela cruz

    Rhona Dela cruz5 시간 전

    I was so shocked to this revelations but still im a fan and i still love you nikki ❤️❤️❤️ keep inspiring! Godbless you always.hope you notice me.

  33. Joshuarron

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  34. Sophie van de Braak

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    You legit looked like a girl off rip.... oops 👽🤗

  36. Денис Сёмышев

    Денис Сёмышев6 시간 전

    Hello from Russia, respect for courage, you are beautiful and real, thank you!

  37. 박하늘

    박하늘6 시간 전

    니키 아름다워요 ❤

  38. Reyhane h

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    you were born to be a girl honey💛

  39. Sketch Fam

    Sketch Fam6 시간 전

    I’m trans-graduated! 🤔 oh no wait I still owe Excelsior College a heap of fuckin credits and idk how the hell im going to afford it

  40. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei6 시간 전

    Dikke centen gepakt met die vid kerel

  41. Grey Goose

    Grey Goose6 시간 전

    This geezer is confused asf. These mentally incapable people need to be kept off the internet until they realise what they were born as. Failing that, encouraged into suicide

  42. •August•

    •August•2 시간 전

    Fuzzy Blitzball thank you finally someone says it.

  43. Fuzzy Blitzball

    Fuzzy Blitzball5 시간 전

    “Encouraged into suicide” *”Encouraged into suicide”* Have you ever known someone that’s hated themselves enough to commit suicide? Did you read your comment aloud before you sent it? Do you have *any idea* how callous, barbaric and un-empathetic you sound?? Putting aside the obvious *fact* that modern medical science would agree with Nikkie (google the studies if you don’t want to take my word for it).... putting that aside, you need to take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and try to search yourself for a shred of human decency

  44. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei6 시간 전

    I love you nikkie♡♡♡

  45. Andys Beautiful World

    Andys Beautiful World6 시간 전

    You were my inspiration to get into make up and now i respect you even more for being so strong!

  46. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet Yeet6 시간 전

    Still queen tho

  47. KOOK TAN

    KOOK TAN6 시간 전

    Please comeback nikkie TT

  48. soujanya koppala

    soujanya koppala6 시간 전

    Girl u made me cry... This is so brave that you are sharing your extremely personal thing of life with all the world.. trust me i got goosebumps... You are a power girl... Really wanna hug you and say i am proud of you😘😘😘😘😘 love you always sweetheart...

  49. Thomas Dahl

    Thomas Dahl6 시간 전

    100% support! As far as I’m concerned you have ALWAYS been a woman. Gender is in the brain! :)

  50. silva mölsä

    silva mölsä6 시간 전

    You go girl

  51. Julie Cardona

    Julie Cardona6 시간 전

    What you've been through has been strong even with your smile; My prayer to God is that you can reach Him because there is no peace without giving your heart to Jesus, because he loves you since you were in the belly of your beautiful mother. God bless you.

  52. Hannah_Tabea16

    Hannah_Tabea167 시간 전

    Wow. I didn't see that coming.♥️ I'm born a girl and I love being a girl, so I can't imagine how hard this must have been for you. I think you're soo inspirational and to me it doesn't matter which gender a person has. I like the person as he or she is. And I really like you. So here's to all transgenders🥂 ♥️ Lots of love from Germany 🇩🇪😍

  53. Rebeca Pina Colás

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    WE LOVE YOU EVEN MORE, NIKKIE !!!!! 😍😍😍💕💕💕✨✨✨✨✨♥️🧡💛💚💙💜

  54. YesItsMeAgain

    YesItsMeAgain7 시간 전

    I always thought Nikkie was a drag queen. I cannot believe so many people thought Nikkie was born a woman. I only spot watched so I thought that this was something everybody always knew.

  55. jaimey borg

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  56. Pooja Ailani

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  57. David Hamburger

    David Hamburger7 시간 전

    You be you. That's all that matters. But if you can help some of the kids (and adults out there) with your positive message, then so much the better! Stay beautiful!

  58. Cooking with Forest Brown

    Cooking with Forest Brown7 시간 전

    Love love love you!!! And Bravo 👏🙌🌈🌈🌈🌈💖💖💖💖

  59. James bombase

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    I love you nikkie♡♡♡

  60. Merijn de Leeuw

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    Dikke centen gepakt met die vid kerel

  61. krs krs

    krs krs7 시간 전

    Don't even know why this showed in recommended but I'll say sth. First off, nobody cares about your sexuality and you are NOT special at all for coming out. 2nd. Your make up is so freaking much it's almost disturbing. I hope you didn't get all these followers because of your ability to do make up because a super caked face is not really a good promoter of your make up abilities. Creating gorgeous faces using very little make up is what makes someone a great make up artist.

  62. Aidin Tajiik

    Aidin Tajiik7 시간 전

    Don't cry girl i love you for the who you are brave i love you

  63. Frederique Bros

    Frederique Bros8 시간 전

    So brave, so strong, you go girl xx love

  64. yarra ghaneshian

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    you so brave our nikkiiiiii❤️❤️❤️❤️

  65. magdalena beltram

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    Eres única yo te amo y me súper mega encanta toda tu y tus mensajes dios te bendiga hermosa 💋💋💋

  66. Victoria Kathleen

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    THAT KESHA REFERENCE! STAN!! Damn right you're a mother f---ing vrouw!!!

  67. haobie yiyin

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    Where is she live currently? I always confuse

  68. boiled potato

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    the Netherlands

  69. Katelin Mondore

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    Queeeeeeennnn!!!!!!👑💖😭 I LOVE YOU💖💖💖

  70. I'm that Bitch

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    I'm so glad I'm crying much love ❤