1. Noel Sinambela

    Noel Sinambela시간 전

    Whats the song at the last?

  2. dog lovers

    dog lovers9 시간 전

    At 9:18 Ben azlert (aka Lexi's boyfriend) was in the backround

  3. Kaylee Merritt

    Kaylee Merritt17 시간 전


  4. Mojache

    Mojache18 시간 전

    if anything david is more famous than robert downey

  5. SoFly Win

    SoFly Win일 전

    Wassup with the beginning? “Wassupguyswelcomebacktomychannel”

  6. Great Free

    Great Free일 전

    Why the fuck it look like chris Evans is in your van thingy 😂😂

  7. Diana loraine Garza

    Diana loraine Garza일 전

    Did anyone else notice that david and Natalie we’re matching 3:45? 🥰

  8. Mattia Geljic

    Mattia Geljic일 전

    David always laughs 😂😂

  9. Luca Iacono

    Luca Iacono일 전

    I’m do jealous he got to meet Robert Downey Jr.!!

  10. Charlie Finch

    Charlie Finch2 일 전

    I miss Olivia

  11. Aspen Larson

    Aspen Larson2 일 전

    I was really really sad then I watched this video and now I have a huge smile on my face. Keep doing what you are doing, I hope you know that you have have make a positive impact on so many people!

  12. Brianna Leigh

    Brianna Leigh2 일 전

    Honestly his youth is so inspiring to the younger generation to get out there and work so hard for what you want to achieve! Wish these guys had been around when I was younger

  13. Boopin

    Boopin2 일 전


  14. Blah Blah

    Blah Blah2 일 전

    I 100% thought Lucy Hale was Natalie for the entire video until he said “hi I’m Lucy Hale”

  15. shamaaa nour

    shamaaa nour2 일 전

    david and carly

  16. Renae Googles

    Renae Googles3 일 전

    David on the halfpipe, I had to watch it over & over 😂😂

  17. MrZombieGang

    MrZombieGang3 일 전

    David and Natalie matching? 🤔

  18. smurf account

    smurf account3 일 전

    So did nobody realize the flawless three man high five at the beginning?

  19. Stephanie Neville

    Stephanie Neville3 일 전

    I feel like David wouldn’t be stupid enough to date his assistant... He knows that could get very complicated and messy for him. On a second note I love Natalie... but like..... Liza and David! :(

  20. Stephanie Neville

    Stephanie Neville3 일 전

    Also he knows people want to see Natalie and him... so obviously he films with her more cause he knows it’ll get more views... $$$$

  21. Ewa Ochnio

    Ewa Ochnio3 일 전

    Awsome! You deserve it and way more!

  22. Destiny Porter

    Destiny Porter3 일 전


  23. nananana ohoh

    nananana ohoh3 일 전

    Omg he was so nice iron man

  24. Window 226.

    Window 226.3 일 전

    I probably would’ve started crying if I met Robert Downey jr. 😂❤️

  25. Adrian Valenzuela

    Adrian Valenzuela3 일 전

    Natalie such a baddie

  26. Elias Muri

    Elias Muri3 일 전


  27. Marissa Marissa

    Marissa Marissa3 일 전

    Someone is fangirl.

  28. Lil Anxeity

    Lil Anxeity3 일 전

    hes so fucking cute *not like that like puppy cute*

  29. itsmiahsworld

    itsmiahsworld4 일 전

    David put us in ur vlog my daughter and me 🖤

  30. Kayla Dunn

    Kayla Dunn4 일 전

    Ur scum and did Trisha wrong.

  31. jdwg serrano

    jdwg serrano4 일 전

    Why is there so many dislikes??

  32. Destiny Flowers

    Destiny Flowers5 일 전


  33. Dvqq

    Dvqq5 일 전

    Where is Liza...

  34. Nelson  Ramos

    Nelson Ramos5 일 전

    As always your videos are awesome✌👍👏, and i more in love with Natalie 😍

  35. Lala Calderón

    Lala Calderón5 일 전

    David is always in black🤔🖤

  36. Doggyfroggy2001

    Doggyfroggy20016 일 전

    Wait am I stupid, who's the blonde girl (not Carly)

  37. Doggyfroggy2001

    Doggyfroggy20014 일 전

    @Vivien Nguyen thank you

  38. Vivien Nguyen

    Vivien Nguyen4 일 전

    Doggyfroggy2001 david’s publicists

  39. omqgiselle xo

    omqgiselle xo6 일 전

    Go make a vlog on your other channel :(

  40. Ryan Walsh

    Ryan Walsh6 일 전

    Can you please post more on this channel

  41. Brittany Flores

    Brittany Flores6 일 전

    Come to csuf!!!!!

  42. sarahcube12

    sarahcube126 일 전

    “You’re going to be meeting the Jonas brothers tomorrow David” “No joe I’m going to be IN the Jonas brothers tomorrow” Me:... he’s gonna fuck the Jonas brothers?

  43. Park Yuna BTSstan

    Park Yuna BTSstan6 일 전

    David's smile genuinely warms my heart.

  44. itscowgirl cookies

    itscowgirl cookies6 일 전

    Get back with liza cause... i miss you too ;-;

  45. YungJah98

    YungJah987 일 전

    What’s the name of the song you’re using?

  46. Sherlyn Gonzalez

    Sherlyn Gonzalez7 일 전

    when David says “ welcome back “ he says it so fast 😂

  47. Jando Productions

    Jando Productions7 일 전

    His intro sounds crazy

  48. marvelthestark

    marvelthestark8 일 전

    David: OmGiTsrObErTdOwNeYjR Natalie: oh my god, you fucking LoSeRrrrRrR

  49. Donald J. Trump

    Donald J. Trump9 일 전

    Idk why but you can make me happy when im sad xD

  50. Bunny Love

    Bunny Love10 일 전

    Who else wants Liza and David to get back together

  51. Fermin Aquino

    Fermin Aquino10 일 전

    Hi david me and my brother see your videos and my name is david to but if you dont belive me its ok it almost my birthday ste 28 i love your vídeos i live at bakersfild

  52. Ananya Gc

    Ananya Gc10 일 전

    Why wasn't this video on the main channel?

  53. Austin Elia YT

    Austin Elia YT10 일 전

    Ben from Brent Riviera was there

  54. Roshni Queenkhan

    Roshni Queenkhan10 일 전

    I miss Liza

  55. Steven De La Torre

    Steven De La Torre10 일 전

    3:50 Chris Evans behind Natalie HAHA

  56. dr. bacon please

    dr. bacon please10 일 전

    It is my birthday today



    Lmaoooo why are y’all so funny😂😂

  58. Mr .Googman472

    Mr .Googman47211 일 전


  59. Lynda Machalette

    Lynda Machalette11 일 전

    My name Jeff

  60. TheKoruptedCrip

    TheKoruptedCrip11 일 전

    natalie calling david a loser was hilarious

  61. Gacha_Cookie

    Gacha_Cookie11 일 전


  62. Septic Stain

    Septic Stain11 일 전

    David is so pure omg protecc him

  63. Kendall Kreidell

    Kendall Kreidell11 일 전