1. Maddie Harper

    Maddie Harper13 시간 전

    love your smile

  2. Riyad Hussain

    Riyad Hussain일 전

    Wasn't that Chris Evans in the blue shirt when David met RDJ? Completely ignored him 😂

  3. Keiira Styles

    Keiira Styles2 일 전


  4. mango plums

    mango plums3 일 전

    David: *sees Robert Downey Jr.* ... “hEy”

  5. food shop

    food shop4 일 전

    Nobody: Joe: *recording a kids underwear*

  6. Ebk Knuckleball

    Ebk Knuckleball4 일 전

    At the start Dylan looks lost

  7. Saarra Mohmmad

    Saarra Mohmmad5 일 전


  8. Isabella Elizalde

    Isabella Elizalde7 일 전

    @hellizalde2crew insta. I skate half pipes and any transition.

  9. Nifty Lion

    Nifty Lion8 일 전

    3:30 you could tell he was nervous, he was like a little kid meeting his idol, it was cute 😂

  10. Deshunn Vassall

    Deshunn Vassall8 일 전

    A little bit of the bubble.

  11. dodo _

    dodo _9 일 전

    “Your a fucking loser” best moment

  12. Yahir Guerrero

    Yahir Guerrero9 일 전

    When he said my name Jeff I though it was voice over omg he’s so good at saying it

  13. Jorge Q

    Jorge Q10 일 전

    I can't believe how cool David is holy shit bro we where born 3 days apart and I can't believe how much better your life is then mine lol😂😂

  14. sehän se on

    sehän se on10 일 전

    Song at the end?

  15. randomyoutubeguy

    randomyoutubeguy11 일 전

    Nobody: David: wassup guys let me tell you about my sponsor seat geek

  16. XxEquestrianLifexX

    XxEquestrianLifexX11 일 전

    Whenever we wanna go somewhere cause my mum and dad love conserts and stuff i just go to his channel 😂

  17. Celine Nader

    Celine Nader11 일 전

    davids little "hey" made me LOSE MY SHIT like fucK it's actually GOne

  18. ItsrebeccaO

    ItsrebeccaO11 일 전

    I love how he kicks the bottle cap perfect when they’re practicing but totally breaks Lucy’s fingers the day of 😂

  19. Minecraft

    Minecraft12 일 전

    Olivia’s the most underrated hot actor

  20. Madeline

    Madeline13 일 전

    ,my+c cxsaadxcn. Cqaag

  21. Guebra Gaming

    Guebra Gaming13 일 전

    U should do story fire

  22. AGA UK

    AGA UK14 일 전

    What a guy meeting Robert Downey junior

  23. Uchiha medo

    Uchiha medo14 일 전

    No one's gonna talk about David kicking lucy hale hand ??😆😆😆

  24. AngelTime Sweet

    AngelTime Sweet15 일 전

    Great video!)👍👍👍

  25. Subscribe to me and I will subscribe back

    Subscribe to me and I will subscribe back16 일 전

    0:00 David: “watsagawegabagumaseguchane”

  26. Jade 07

    Jade 0717 일 전

    Love how everyone in the comments talking bout how he was talking to RDJ like bro he got to host the teen choice with Lucy hale like wow 😂

  27. Danielle Lee

    Danielle Lee18 일 전

    wassup guys welgomebakdomasecondshannel 0:00

  28. Mikey Gill

    Mikey Gill18 일 전

    where do i buy that john lennon shirt ??

  29. hellooo

    hellooo19 일 전

    you know how some people have: the fitness gram pacer test... memorized. well we have: seatgeek is an amazing app... memorized

  30. loise bertulfo

    loise bertulfo21 일 전

    I cant believe Lucy Hale got to meet axel from angry birds

  31. TheCarThot

    TheCarThot21 일 전

    “Tell me everything” either RDJ is Tony Stark or Tony Stark is RDJ

  32. Anuja A

    Anuja A21 일 전

    What to say...

  33. nadia

    nadia22 일 전

    he’s so cute🥺💕💕

  34. Ruchika Khanna

    Ruchika Khanna22 일 전

    my son

  35. Lily H

    Lily H23 일 전


  36. Deya Varela

    Deya Varela23 일 전

    David’s awkwardness when meeting RDJ just made me feel so much better about myself especially if I ever happen to run into David and wanna say hi...THANK YOU FOR THAT😂😭

  37. pehnina shanelle

    pehnina shanelle23 일 전


  38. Adelplayz gacha

    Adelplayz gacha23 일 전

    4:22 I've just realised that there is Ben azelart there

  39. Ivxy YT

    Ivxy YT24 일 전

    Seatgik is amazing app that helps-finish the rest


    JOE MADDOG24 일 전

    Carly is So Low Key HOT!!

  41. da boiii yeah

    da boiii yeah24 일 전


  42. Carolina Villalobos Ruarti

    Carolina Villalobos Ruarti25 일 전

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  43. Manuel Barboza

    Manuel Barboza25 일 전

    Wassup guys welubukytjt to my second channel

  44. Yumna

    Yumna29 일 전

    All of Seat Geek's profits are going towards buying cars for David's friends

  45. Skylar Hatfield

    Skylar Hatfield29 일 전

    Awh that was so adorable !😂❤ David meeting iron man

  46. Sophia Desimone

    Sophia Desimone29 일 전

    come to virginia!!

  47. Isabella El-Outa

    Isabella El-Outa개월 전

    No one: David: whats up guys welcome bsnaaus usushuhus channel

  48. H Koch

    H Koch개월 전

    ayye i was thereeee

  49. sam moore

    sam moore개월 전


  50. matthew colby

    matthew colby개월 전

    Check his merch out amzn.to/2PoRZFJ

  51. Bunnツ

    Bunnツ개월 전

    its like heath was the hype man for david

  52. Nahb0ii

    Nahb0ii개월 전

    David is me if I ever meet Ironman... I mean Robert Downey Jr lol

  53. Eye Shoot

    Eye Shoot개월 전

    It is so weird seeing David not holding the camera

  54. Caden

    Caden개월 전

    I got a most musical family ad

  55. Just Caleb

    Just Caleb개월 전

    I like how Robert Downey jr's personality is just like tony stark

  56. TheMrawesemo

    TheMrawesemo개월 전

    Can I just say that wasn’t a half pipe lmao that was a kids drop in pipe lmao

  57. queentalktoomuch

    queentalktoomuch개월 전

    I’d probably cry meeting David Dobrik, I’d probably faint meeting RDJ

  58. Samskruthi mohan kumar

    Samskruthi mohan kumar개월 전

    that's ben azelart in the backkkk

  59. cowboy nelly

    cowboy nelly개월 전

    awww david was so nervous meeting rdj 🥺🥺

  60. Seven

    Seven개월 전

    I fan girled when David met Robert. I literally watched it over and over again.