I Have A Crush On My Best Friends OLDER Brother! *He's In College!*


  1. Nely Alcantara

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  2. E N S

    E N S2 시간 전

    8:51 and so do you

  3. Tech flows

    Tech flows4 시간 전

    Dan is gay just saying not a hater

  4. renee sayles

    renee sayles5 시간 전

    London London London

  5. sfitzger110768

    sfitzger1107685 시간 전

    Mrs p is the nicest teacher ever

  6. Saleem Baria

    Saleem Baria10 시간 전

    Strawberry :See you limos in September Me: More like see you at the party 🎆🎆🤪🤪

  7. Arelyn Castelan

    Arelyn Castelan13 시간 전

    Fricken tootsie-__-

  8. Susana Solis

    Susana Solis22 시간 전

    Hi I watch your videos every day and I love you

  9. educanba1

    educanba123 시간 전

    Tias eyes are sooooo cute ☺️☺️☺️

  10. Jennel Bethel

    Jennel Bethel일 전

    Tootsie and you are in love with Danny 👇👇

  11. Besties Tv

    Besties Tv일 전

    Did anybody else forget it’s just 4 people dan ,Riya , Tia and Rinvere

  12. {*Ari Playz*}

    {*Ari Playz*}일 전

    Ⓢⓞⓞ Ⓣⓞⓞⓣⓢⓘⓔ ⓗⓐⓢ ⓣⓦⓞ ⓒⓡⓤⓢⓗⓔⓢ??

  13. Gimena Ramirez

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    Shut up

  14. TINKERBELL 1234

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  15. Gaby ramy

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    13:35 this r is not night light

  16. Brittany Jones

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    Please do not have a problem with Your mom

  17. It’s _yourgirlie Blanton

    It’s _yourgirlie Blanton일 전

    Is it just my school we start at August

  18. renee sayles

    renee sayles2 일 전

    London HAVE

  19. renee sayles

    renee sayles2 일 전

    London. HAVE

  20. Mary Yang

    Mary Yang2 일 전

    "what do you fix"

  21. Shanelly Pivaral

    Shanelly Pivaral2 일 전

    Riya's parents be nice

  22. Shanelly Pivaral

    Shanelly Pivaral2 일 전

    Cinnamon has invited diya and tootsie😁❤

  23. Ariana Grande fan

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    09hjyorttop0]trlpk'ky;t5uyttx nghl./..7tjk/lyu v 5' p ilo kssnkcnhvjbgiugdjfglDSVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggy4reyf gb jh uil klihuiogfiudmnio

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  25. Another Beta

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    yeah yeah take it easy!gosh 😒

  26. Ilyiah Toyshow

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  27. Brooke John

    Brooke John2 일 전

    Tootes why would you say that Tootsie I know you love him but you're a guy and he's a guy you're just acting like a girl and the video.

  28. Luz bastida

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  29. Allana Gaming

    Allana Gaming2 일 전

    My last day of School is in 2 days

  30. Tonica Jackson

    Tonica Jackson3 일 전

    Sinimon is very hot and tootsie is not that why tootsie. Calls her a mermaid

  31. Lexy Flores Flores

    Lexy Flores Flores3 일 전

    I love this v

  32. DFI_ GUY

    DFI_ GUY3 일 전

    Ranvir from free refills

  33. Breshay mariko

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  34. Breshay mariko

    Breshay mariko3 일 전

    If Riya brother is dating Tia then he could go to jail bc she in high school and also he's in unvirsty

  35. Lol_ Lauren

    Lol_ Lauren18 시간 전

    Breshay mariko no if she’s over 16

  36. Sabina Yesmin

    Sabina Yesmin3 일 전

    Omg i love dan beause he dress gril

  37. Evette Smith

    Evette Smith3 일 전

    Yeah you are so funny 😂

  38. lil j

    lil j3 일 전

    I die every time tootsie says "virgin!✋🏼" 😂💀

  39. Karina Livett Nieves

    Karina Livett Nieves3 일 전

    MY favoret is cinemen

  40. Oceiana

    Oceiana3 일 전

    Sometimes I even forget its just dan and Riya wearing wigs and different costumes😂😂😂

  41. Aes Avakin

    Aes Avakin일 전

    Same lol🤣🤣

  42. thelove fam

    thelove fam4 일 전

    That's stupid