1. Deestroying

    Deestroying9 개월 전

    I wouldn’t be here without y’all! I love y’all! Like to say it back ❤️

  2. gilla 166

    gilla 16614 일 전


  3. clarence clemons

    clarence clemons18 일 전

    Glad for you , stay true get that money.

  4. wyntr knisely

    wyntr knisely19 일 전

    Are you going to make a video about trying to go to the XFL?

  5. Cdn Wrld

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  6. Dylan Downey

    Dylan Downey개월 전

    If watch the CFL allot but the NFL is the 1

  7. Slurpdiesprite

    Slurpdiesprite일 전

    Congrats!!! for the opportunity

  8. Dennis Wilson

    Dennis Wilson3 일 전

    Wait wait..is the CFL really pro ball tho...what's the annual salary??? This is semi pro at best. XFL is more pro then the CFL lol...all respect I just don't consider Canada ball pro ball at all.

  9. Logjy Y

    Logjy Y4 일 전

    I want you to make it to the NFL.

  10. vicK

    vicK5 일 전

    Congrats bro!! You deserve it.play for us vets who can't play no more!!! I'm sure this has something to do with those 64 yard field goals you were kicking in the first video I watched from your channel!

  11. Tyler Horton

    Tyler Horton5 일 전

    Nice bro congrats my dude

  12. Brandon Hillgoth

    Brandon Hillgoth6 일 전

    I’m a new subscriber but I honestly really really do love your mindset with everything Bc it made me think like if I work hard I can have nice things in life more often good stuff bro keep up the great work my man much love from Chicago Illinois 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🌴🌴🌴

  13. far- out

    far- out5 일 전

    Brandon Hillgoth south side Chicago

  14. Dacia Collins

    Dacia Collins6 일 전

    Pleas stop saying badeords

  15. ¿ BeastnSoccer

    ¿ BeastnSoccer6 일 전

    I play soccer and I’m a goalie. Last year I was depressed 185 years and I made comments about how ima kill my self Your vids helped me out. Im 135 pounds I’m at the top of my game still a little fat but I’m happy. I’m 14 and i just signed with a top texas soccer club. Thank you I will always watch your vids and I will never forget you and you change my life. Thank you.

  16. Staying positive Against negative

    Staying positive Against negative7 일 전

    Congratulations bro... but I jus wanna keep something a 💯 wit you..10 toes down is a term prostitute use....🤦🏾‍♂️

  17. Lamar Ross

    Lamar Ross8 일 전

    Congratulations From Dayton Ohio



    Man need to be a reciver my dad played football in collage for georgia bulls and he has a friend that play in the nfl named Calvin Ridley and MY DAD IN JAIL NOW SO I GET TO SEE THE FALCONS RECIVER CALVIN RIDLEY IM GRATEFUL FOR YOU

  19. Joecal letingham jr Letingham jr

    Joecal letingham jr Letingham jr9 일 전


  20. Mike Smith

    Mike Smith9 일 전

    Get a Canadian football bra.

  21. Sean Tattersall

    Sean Tattersall9 일 전

    I’m 30 and wanna try out for a team

  22. Samee Hasan

    Samee Hasan11 일 전

    I’m proud of you brotha...never gave up, never waivered on your dreams. Blessed 💯

  23. J.Q. LAmone

    J.Q. LAmone11 일 전

    Like Button Autosmash

  24. Tayyab Muhammad

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  25. Basvxc

    Basvxc11 일 전

    Look, cfl is one of the most dead game ever. Being at UFC was awesome ur fault for being cut. I thought I was all gettin hyped for nfl team and this is what I get.

  26. Basvxc

    Basvxc10 일 전

    @Damon Brown true dude

  27. Damon Brown

    Damon Brown10 일 전

    Basvxc yea but cfl is a chance for him to get noticed and make it to NFL

  28. What about Rob?

    What about Rob?13 일 전

    Didn't age well. 😉

  29. L CALIENTE !!!

    L CALIENTE !!!13 일 전

    Bro u need ta be a reciever ur TOO athletic bro frfr I mean that in the most positive way possible, ur,fast have great hands smh come on

  30. LeeBear33

    LeeBear3313 일 전

    Congrats! 🎊

  31. Joshua Traffanstedt

    Joshua Traffanstedt14 일 전

    "Nothing is handed to you in life.." false. I've been doing the same kind of work (in factories) for 10+ years.. our lead left and they gave the position to this 19 year old kid and this was only his second job ever. His first was at a grocery store. Also, he doesnt even have a diploma or ged. He got the position because the supervisor likes his mom that also works there in the office. Crazy. One dude been at this place for 10 years, worked 20 at another job and retired from there, and now has to listen to this little fucking kid with no job experience and no education. It's not about what you know, but WHO YOU KNOW.

  32. Joseph H

    Joseph H5 일 전

    Rip to the souls of these hard working men

  33. Jamie Jump

    Jamie Jump9 일 전

    Joshua Traffanstedt real words. Plenty of trust funds, promotions & material items are given away everyday. Some are deserved, most not. That’s life. Who you know is the game. Ask any union member.

  34. Jerry Banley

    Jerry Banley12 일 전

    Joshua Traffanstedt that boy might have the position, but his success or failure will be his own doing. Success in anything cannot be given, it can only be earned.

  35. Tristan

    Tristan15 일 전

    I wouldn’t really consider CFL pro 😂 most people prob don’t even know it exists. It has what 9 teams. The NFL is the only pros in my book.

  36. What about Rob?

    What about Rob?11 일 전

    @Tristan You said that you didn't think people really knew about the CFL. Your generation I would believe that, I mean your generation doesn't know anything unless its staring back at them from their phone. Everyone in my generation knew what the CFL was.

  37. Tristan

    Tristan11 일 전

    @What about Rob? I don't think they will be remembered for playing in the CFL lmao and that's only TWO people that pretty much shows you the CFL and NFL are two different levels

  38. Tristan

    Tristan11 일 전

    @What about Rob? yeah, and they went to the NFL when asked lol what's your point really?

  39. What about Rob?

    What about Rob?13 일 전

    Doug Flutie and Warren Moon played in the CFL.

  40. Ahmed Saad

    Ahmed Saad15 일 전

    This is my first video Of you and bro I’m a fan of u already! Keep up the positive energy 💯

  41. Robert Kruse

    Robert Kruse15 일 전

    What is your team

  42. movie mix

    movie mix17 일 전

    I kicked for quite some time. Can you kick with both feet? I have a few onside kicks you may like.

  43. Rayden freeman

    Rayden freeman17 일 전

    What pro football team is it

  44. Anthony Stewart

    Anthony Stewart17 일 전

    Good job man

  45. Steve Douglas

    Steve Douglas17 일 전

    It doesn't affect my life one bit, but being an old guy, I'm curious about the money people make being a You Tuber. Does the amount of subscribers automatically mean a person gets a check from You Tube?? If a person has say, a million subscribers, does that mean they get $3,000 a month, or something like that?? I don't get the money thing. Thanks!!

  46. Lewis Hemphill

    Lewis Hemphill15 일 전

    @Steve Douglas no worries

  47. Steve Douglas

    Steve Douglas16 일 전

    @Lewis Hemphill Thank you Lewis for taking the time to reply!

  48. Lewis Hemphill

    Lewis Hemphill16 일 전

    Its More like $3000 a video depending on how popular you say you make about 1 million views per vid, the ads on thos vids make them their money not youtube. KOreporter takes 50% of your earnings per vid so if he made 1 million views which translates to $3000 he would roughly get $1500 to himself per vid. So if he uploads every day a month hed get $45,000 a month

  49. kimo sylvester

    kimo sylvester18 일 전

    Nice job buddy sell yourself take control of your own destiny... THE WORLD IS DESIGNED FOR U NOT TO U... so wheel it.. imma tell your story to my kids and grandkids in the future.. GOD BLESS those who tries...

  50. Faze JD

    Faze JD18 일 전

    U need to be a wide receiver

  51. Siamese Eyebrow

    Siamese Eyebrow19 일 전

    You know you bout to get a lot of canadian fans right Also you’re gonna bring in some more CFL fans so it’s good for both of you. Also my sister live in Toronto, you wanna meet her?



    Hey y’all need someone to run out to the field and squirt Gatorade into y’all’s mouth 😂 I’m available- I’ll leave this dairy farm 🐮🐄 in California and meet you up there.

  53. Just N/A

    Just N/A24 일 전

    Just keep doing what you're doing. I'm not much a sports person but only Football. if you so happen to be an NFL Kicker, come to Denver C:

  54. The Shawn Murphy Journal

    The Shawn Murphy Journal26 일 전

    This guy will make more money on You Tube than playing in the CFL cause in that league in will take 9 years to make a million dollars

  55. Detroit Post Production

    Detroit Post Production27 일 전

    Detroit Post Production go to KOreporter channel sub back I’m 10 toes down

  56. Ayden Pham

    Ayden Pham29 일 전

    Is he only on the practice team orrrr?

  57. Ylayzos

    Ylayzos29 일 전

    Ayye im from toronto

  58. Luke Conlin

    Luke Conlin29 일 전

    Let’s go dee you made ut

  59. Mr. Track Coach Na-im Robinson

    Mr. Track Coach Na-im Robinson개월 전

    Congratulations & wish you well

  60. Kyra Gillum

    Kyra Gillum개월 전

    Less go

  61. joe burger

    joe burger개월 전

    Give me HOT SHEETS

  62. Ben

    Ben개월 전

    Is Tyreek the real first KOreporterr to become pro or would u just say the best pro to become a KOreporterr??

  63. Justin La Platney

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  64. ginas9380

    ginas9380개월 전

    I love you your so encouraging i wish i could meet you but I live in Nevada

  65. Rob Wininger

    Rob Wininger개월 전

    I am soooo happy for you. Seahawks fan here. Love the Griffin twins from UCF...they are helping bring the Seahawks another Super Bowl soon. Keep those 10 toes down...you got this!!! See you in the NFL soon!!!

  66. joker 1.1

    joker 1.1개월 전

    Dame and ddg said that he would not be in NFL well dame dee prove him wrong

  67. Alfredo Zertuche

    Alfredo Zertuche개월 전

    Congrats keep your chin up!!! Stay humble

  68. Austin Jones

    Austin Jones개월 전

    bro I’m so happy for you I hope u r able to beat the other punters and kickers and hope that u will be able to earn a spot on the team I will support u all the way

  69. Brennnan Trapping Outdoors

    Brennnan Trapping Outdoors개월 전

    No you didnt

  70. Mahamed Ahmed

    Mahamed Ahmed개월 전

    i been watching your vids and i love it

  71. YoungChiefJ

    YoungChiefJ개월 전

    Why aren't you a wide resevere

  72. JxC

    JxC개월 전

    Legit thought this was clickbait

  73. Gabe Hankins

    Gabe Hankins개월 전

    Bro say hi to Bear Woods for me

  74. Jake the SnAkE

    Jake the SnAkE개월 전

    Are you in the Canadian lauge

  75. Trevor Cepeda

    Trevor Cepeda개월 전

    You are the best dawg

  76. Paul Williams

    Paul Williams개월 전

    Sign with the Patriots

  77. Liquid Ninja

    Liquid Ninja개월 전

    Don’t comment if your gonna hate

  78. Ca Life

    Ca Life개월 전

    Here’s your chance bro do what you’re good at

  79. Ca Life

    Ca Life개월 전

    When you get richer can I have your KOreporter 🤣🤣dibs