1. Deestroying

    Deestroying개월 전

    I wouldn’t be here without y’all! I love y’all! Like to say it back ❤️

  2. Madden champ 25

    Madden champ 258 시간 전

    Congratulations 💯

  3. Goninja 9

    Goninja 911 일 전

    I respect the grind 🏈🏈

  4. Jose Leon Martel

    Jose Leon Martel21 일 전

    Excellent I learned a lot


    KING_ GAMER23 일 전

    You are a legends dude

  6. luigi lizarraga

    luigi lizarraga25 일 전

    I would not be here if it were not for you good video is still like that.

  7. Zach Prince

    Zach Prince2 시간 전

    Come to Oakhurst CA and watch the Yosemite badgers play the minarets mustangs at Yosemite high-school August 31

  8. Logan & Hyphy Productions

    Logan & Hyphy Productions3 시간 전

    I know I’m hella late but good job #grinddontstop

  9. Alexandra Lopez

    Alexandra Lopez4 시간 전

    I was number 18 on my basketball team💪🏽💪🏽lets go Donald

  10. Ji Ellis

    Ji Ellis23 시간 전

    What’s the song a 1:15

  11. Bobo Twinz

    Bobo Twinz일 전

    He gone make it and imma be like “I been down with that nigga” keep doing what u love

  12. Laura Barron

    Laura Barron3 일 전

    I wish you were in the nfl

  13. Miciaih Polk

    Miciaih Polk5 일 전


  14. Oksoitsanthony

    Oksoitsanthony5 일 전

    Damn you at my school

  15. Jacob Hebb

    Jacob Hebb8 일 전

    Juju smith schuster is a KOreporterr

  16. DCM YoungPrince

    DCM YoungPrince8 일 전

    Congratulations bro 🎉 keep pushing towards greatness 💯

  17. ricky cope

    ricky cope10 일 전

    At first I hit the sub button and then I hit undo simply cause I am more into what’s happening that effects my loved ones and myself. After watching this I saw a man that grinds. Respect

  18. Goninja 9

    Goninja 911 일 전

    I respect the grind🏈🏈

  19. Sebastian Delus

    Sebastian Delus13 일 전


  20. YouTube Dooqey

    YouTube Dooqey15 일 전

    I thought you were going to stop cussin😂

  21. Moha kabbik Gotona

    Moha kabbik Gotona15 일 전

    beautiful video tutorial for I GOT SIGNED TO A PRO FOOTBALL TEAM YESTERDAY..

  22. Mikey Peck

    Mikey Peck15 일 전


  23. Major posey ,

    Major posey ,16 일 전

    Your my inspiration to become one of the best wide receivers in 7th I’ve been training every day

  24. Z O N I F Y

    Z O N I F Y17 일 전

    Are you still trying to go to the NFL

  25. FNAlex1720

    FNAlex172017 일 전

    Wait he’s a kicker?


    IRON PATRIOT17 일 전

    Ball out man

  27. Dunk_The_Munk

    Dunk_The_Munk17 일 전

    Awesome to see you make it never stop big man !!!

  28. Notorius Juan

    Notorius Juan17 일 전


  29. Dyron laurel

    Dyron laurel18 일 전

    Hey I’m a big fan I want to be a football player my name is Dyron

  30. Axel Mike

    Axel Mike18 일 전

    since your so happy clean your room up cuzzzz

  31. Taspoky

    Taspoky18 일 전


  32. Jackie Sanchez

    Jackie Sanchez19 일 전

    How do you get in shape for football and any tips for football







  35. Rwaleed Pettus

    Rwaleed Pettus22 일 전

    Dee I'm a kicker also

  36. patrick ordway

    patrick ordway26 일 전

    Hey bro do you know anybody that wants a DL or a ot or a TE I'll do whatever I'm also trying to get back into football I've been practicing for qb and kicker and punter I know you just started I really want to go back into school and go back to football please hit me up

  37. hight lights

    hight lights27 일 전

    Lol he cuss at 10:20

  38. Sdp Gamer

    Sdp Gamer28 일 전

    I’m here from liveloveserve BUT HUGE FAN I played football since I was 7 I was courted back and line backer and I did wrestling and baseball

  39. Bulldog_ 817

    Bulldog_ 81729 일 전

    Did anyone else know it was the argonauts when they saw the helmet

  40. Gibbster Whale

    Gibbster Whale개월 전

    6:53 is that Duron Carter?

  41. Sid Rousey

    Sid Rousey개월 전

    He doesn’t play for Toronto he is lying because I checked on the roster he’s number was not there

  42. Not Neymar Jr

    Not Neymar Jr22 일 전

    Sid Rousey I don’t think you checked correctly then mate 🤣🤣🤣

  43. Isaac Jenkins

    Isaac Jenkins개월 전

    A goal is just a wish without putting a plan to it you put a plan you worked hard did everything thing you could you deserve to be in the nfl congrats

  44. Siok Say

    Siok Say개월 전


  45. Terpene Torpedo

    Terpene Torpedo개월 전

    If you’re really ten toes down you’d cuss and not apologize for it

  46. Terpene Torpedo

    Terpene Torpedo개월 전

    Cmon no cuss your head off, ten toes down bro, no regrets.

  47. Supremee Marii

    Supremee Marii개월 전

    Deestroying: I’m gonna stop cussing Also Deestroying: its fucking cold out here

  48. Chike Mike

    Chike Mike개월 전

    Did he wipe his tears wit his girls hoodie 😂

  49. brody luna

    brody luna개월 전

    2:16 bruh you got one big ass camel toe

  50. KlingStormz

    KlingStormz개월 전

    Ay congrats bro all it is just gotta grind and stay positive I know I’m only 11 but I still know that you can always find the light that leads you to success 🤝🤙🏾👍🏾🙌🏾🤟🏾

  51. Lil Tommy

    Lil Tommy개월 전

    Let's be honest your better than 90% of NFL kickers

  52. e z

    e z개월 전

    and another tip is to learn French 👍👍 Now outhustle them and earn more blessings

  53. John Willis

    John Willis개월 전

    Bro my WiFi been down fo awhile and I jut got it back and saw the video of ur first game and I like freaked. Been here since u got u scholarship taken. Love ur vids. Keep up the hard work. Ur setting great examples for kids like me who r also chasing dreams in sports

  54. Mekah Wilson

    Mekah Wilson개월 전

    I’m tryna grind like dee You are a inspiration 🖤😎😎💯💯

  55. Jacob

    Jacob개월 전

    Good luck on your football career!👏👏all that hard work pays off

  56. Squidward Tentacles

    Squidward Tentacles개월 전

    Plot twist he got signed for a football team in England and hes been training for the wrong sport the whole time