I Got A Japanese Lolita Fashion Makeover


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard4 개월 전

    HELLO FRIENDS!! happy saturday! here is the next episode of our east asia series - hope you guys enjoy it! what did u think of the makeover?? xoxo, saf

  2. Georgena Weaver

    Georgena Weaver22 일 전

    And taking the last reply

  3. Georgena Weaver

    Georgena Weaver22 일 전

    I’m being a bitch

  4. Lizzy Chang

    Lizzy Chang개월 전

    I love it!

  5. Reese R

    Reese R개월 전

    The reply’s were at 499 and I wanted it to be 500 so I commented this

  6. Gacha Sayonama

    Gacha Sayonama2 개월 전

    Make a second Lolita makeover! It Was Amazing

  7. Jill Tea

    Jill Tea2 시간 전


  8. Mariah Funk

    Mariah Funk4 시간 전

    I was waiting for the Nabokov reference.. thank you for delivering.

  9. yu me

    yu me10 시간 전


  10. Yimdrulk Gyamtso hewo

    Yimdrulk Gyamtso hewo11 시간 전

    In the “giant” outfit she looked like madam Maxine from Harry potter

  11. Rebecca Dsouza

    Rebecca Dsouza16 시간 전

    hurray just what I needed to take the pain awayyyyy!!!!

  12. Stacey Edgette

    Stacey Edgette18 시간 전

    I really throughly enjoyed this video. I wish I could afford or had people to do Lolita with. Since I found out about this look I have always wanted to wear one, but I have never had the funds to do so. :)

  13. Adele Robinson

    Adele Robinson18 시간 전

    I actually prefer the second shoe u put on at the end after ur feet were hurting lol it looked great with ur final outfit should have just wore those anyway babe xXx

  14. Erica Smith

    Erica Smith22 시간 전

    Wow, I really loved this video. I've been thinking about trying the Lolita style for a while but this clarified something I hadn't thought about. Ty

  15. Gfjl Bkgg

    Gfjl Bkgg일 전

    „New Stylebotique“ vibes 😂👍🏻

  16. SnuffleTruffler

    SnuffleTruffler일 전

    Rinrin(NOT being creepy) is so adorable

  17. Courtney Hodges

    Courtney Hodges일 전

    My question is y everybody doesn't dress like this lol

  18. 1234 567

    1234 567일 전

    How much did your outfit cost? It looks quite expensive.

  19. lumi

    lumi일 전

    Oh my, I was so confused when she said that the hair corset and Linda's skills were ridiculous. My frist language is not english so I tought Safiya didn't aprecciate these 2 things, I needed a time to realize what she was meaning. After all, I understand or not?

  20. anita chamberlain

    anita chamberlain2 일 전

    i think. i'm in love. with safiya.

  21. Sad_Strawberry

    Sad_Strawberry2 일 전

    Is it just me or does T Cake at 19:26 kinda look like a smaller* version of Safiya or am I just seeing things?? *smaller is in proportionally seems tiny*

  22. Name Me boy

    Name Me boy3 일 전

    Lol my last name is mai

  23. •Rose Videos•

    •Rose Videos•3 일 전

    I need

  24. Awkward Pause

    Awkward Pause3 일 전

    Ah! I’m so jealous! I hope I get to visit some time in the future

  25. Master of the Snacks

    Master of the Snacks3 일 전

    OMG I'm pretty sure the Dutch picture is from a festival that I work at! Aka. Elfia. We have so much more than Lolitas tho.

  26. Loveable Teddy Bear

    Loveable Teddy Bear3 일 전


  27. Loveable Teddy Bear

    Loveable Teddy Bear3 일 전

    The outfits would've looked 200x better is the waistband wasn't under your boobs :( it's good but not full potential

  28. DancingJerae

    DancingJerae3 일 전

    I found your wedding dress through the ages video first, then found this one, but I didn’t recognize you as one of the women from women go goth from buzzfeed videos until your first gothy Lolita. I’m glad you kept some of the goth vibes! You really did look amazing! And you looked amazing in all of these lolita outfits! I personally love the 2nd boudoir outfit.

  29. Turtley

    Turtley3 일 전

    Who else noticed that Chantagram is by Abiatage which i9s where she got her outfit?

  30. leon kuwata

    leon kuwata3 일 전

    8:00 celestia ludenberg?

  31. Arwen Davidson

    Arwen Davidson3 일 전

    hey, guess what, my name is Arwen. 8:12

  32. Honey Bee

    Honey Bee3 일 전

    18:25 cutest girl ever awh

  33. Charlize Mel Chingcuangco

    Charlize Mel Chingcuangco4 일 전

    this made me Lolita girl now and made me want to go to japan ten times more than I wanted to! XD

  34. Margo Polo

    Margo Polo4 일 전

    I think this has everything to do with the novel

  35. Michelle Hanca

    Michelle Hanca3 일 전

    No. Educate yourself ffs

  36. Bianca_GachaGirl 123

    Bianca_GachaGirl 1234 일 전

    Can you dress up as different types of lolitas for a week

  37. TheMrWillje

    TheMrWillje4 일 전

    It's a kinda cool style, but the name makes me uncomfortable

  38. SeqZZ

    SeqZZ2 일 전

    Why it's cute

  39. TheMrWillje

    TheMrWillje2 일 전

    @Michelle Hanca lol that's so interesting. It's only a name though

  40. Michelle Hanca

    Michelle Hanca3 일 전

    The name makes lolitas uncomfortable too lol, most of us wish we could change it

  41. TheMrWillje

    TheMrWillje4 일 전

    @Chiara Tianyi because of the book.

  42. Chiara Tianyi

    Chiara Tianyi4 일 전

    Because of the book?

  43. Seeriousli

    Seeriousli4 일 전

    i so want to do my makeup like that its so pretty and different

  44. Zo_KittyCat_237 n_n

    Zo_KittyCat_237 n_n4 일 전

    I don't like the ones that have a really high waist line

  45. Elsie Carreno

    Elsie Carreno4 일 전

    I've seen that mask before In a different KOreporterrs video :0

  46. Aischen Goldworm

    Aischen Goldworm4 일 전

    Omg. Her voice and personality are my Social Studies teacher😂

  47. Amber stone

    Amber stone4 일 전

    If I wore this in my town I would probably get raped in a back alley somewhere ... I really want to get into this style for fun...but I don’t wanna get raped.

  48. Darth Pug

    Darth Pug4 일 전

    Marie Antoinette lowkey bootylicous

  49. Shandra Barnett

    Shandra Barnett4 일 전

    Tall girl who?

  50. Morgan LoneWolf

    Morgan LoneWolf4 일 전

    The eyepatch look reminded me of ceil phantomhive from black butler

  51. Ramya Rulz

    Ramya Rulz5 일 전

    I thought she said “ok, let’s rob this up”