I Gave Myself Those Awful Ramen Nails


  1. Ariana López

    Ariana López2 시간 전

    And to think this was the video that introduced me to Jenna

  2. Chloe Hawkins

    Chloe Hawkins12 시간 전

    I believe this brings “is ramen really food” into question, more so than “should we be putting “food” on our nails”

  3. Esme L

    Esme L12 시간 전

    3:13 virgo: "don't make a mess" aries: "you said don't make a mess? that's cute"

  4. Tony Gordon

    Tony Gordon14 시간 전

    This is secretly just an advertisement for Holo Taco

  5. Ashleigh Newsome

    Ashleigh Newsome21 시간 전

    The Lincoln park verse though 😂 I love you 😂

  6. imary Tenden

    imary Tenden일 전

    Other youtubers; By the way this video is not sponsored Jenna;This video is sponsored by Top Ramens Julian;No its not Jenna;Yes ıt is Julian;No ıts not

  7. Bella Boo

    Bella Boo일 전

    Not being mean or anything at all but that package was on her website

  8. Michelle Fernandez

    Michelle Fernandez일 전

    I just realized this video doesn’t have the squeaky intro and I’m bothered

  9. Sun Shine

    Sun Shine2 일 전

    Um ok but Jenna looks beautiful in this

  10. disco heehee

    disco heehee2 일 전

    jenna should get a guinea piggg

  11. sporky27

    sporky272 일 전

    watches this video while eating ramen. chicken ramen.

  12. Maria Annenkova

    Maria Annenkova2 일 전

    You’re not a terrible person, you’re an artist!

  13. Lisa Nass

    Lisa Nass3 일 전

    Canadian spirit animal is so pure lol

  14. Sarah Woodward

    Sarah Woodward3 일 전

    Ramen nails= snacks on the go beech

  15. Dovahkiin lord99

    Dovahkiin lord994 일 전

    I love her Theresa Caputo nails.

  16. Annie Ryan

    Annie Ryan4 일 전

    Jenna quoting Linkin Park, I felt that 😂

  17. Jordan M

    Jordan M4 일 전

    This just shows how ramen may not even be food

  18. MacKenzie Noel

    MacKenzie Noel4 일 전

    Every time I watch this I get a craving for Ramen

  19. Lauren Rebecca

    Lauren Rebecca4 일 전

    4:05 Kermit is me joining my friend group uninvited

  20. TaylorAmelia

    TaylorAmelia6 일 전

    Why a mortar and pestle instead of a coffee grinder. Just to make things way harder 😂

  21. soscott

    soscott6 일 전

    i came for jenna, not ariana grenade

  22. Anna Guggemos

    Anna Guggemos6 일 전

    Unexpected Pasta band name called it

  23. NinjaNipple Dog

    NinjaNipple Dog7 일 전

    You can use tea bags/mayybe coffee flters to fix a broken nail. Ramen is just stupid and nonvegan

  24. RockerCatErrorEncountered 404

    RockerCatErrorEncountered 4045 일 전

    Some ramen is vegan. Maruchan isn't, tho. Edit: Top Ramen's "Oriental" flavor is vegan.

  25. Abi Hernandez

    Abi Hernandez7 일 전

    Omg Jenna looks so pretty in this video!!! 🥰

  26. Asha Marion

    Asha Marion8 일 전

    I want to be able to speak with my nails

  27. Madison G

    Madison G11 일 전

    “More like P R you sure about that package” I’m not sure why I find that so funny 😂 1:43

  28. Brittany Campo

    Brittany Campo12 일 전

    always nice to see carpet, thanatos, papaya and squirrel.

  29. Fynn

    Fynn12 일 전

    I finally understand. I was always wondering how people could spend hours on YT watching "makeup tutorials" and being SO AMUSED. SO THIS IS WHAT Y'ALL WERE TALKING ABOUT?!?! I WILL NEVER LEAVE!

  30. Kilo Gray

    Kilo Gray13 일 전

    I watched this video as I sobbed because I hate myself and I was having a panic attack while shoving rice and curry in my mouth

  31. Bryanna S

    Bryanna S13 일 전

    Did the nail buffing make anyone else’s teeth grind and give them chills

  32. Bryanna S

    Bryanna S13 일 전

    Someone please tell me why juliens personality is just dad

  33. harald becker

    harald becker14 일 전

    i don't think ist that surprising that it works.. i mean you put a few lairs of glue and nail polish....the actual ramen can't get wet

  34. Oxiclea N

    Oxiclea N15 일 전

    2:01 when Kermit went rogue

  35. mira151001

    mira15100115 일 전

    9:19 I fucking choked when he zoomed into her crooked pinky😂😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Veronica Sawyer

    Veronica Sawyer15 일 전

    in the nicest way possible, kermit looks like ebeneezer scrooge.

  37. Autumn Wycheck

    Autumn Wycheck15 일 전

    wow it's kinda slick how its all like a big ad for simple nailogical but it doesnt seam like it, lol

  38. TortoiseGirl 22

    TortoiseGirl 2215 일 전

    It’s confirmed: Jenna is holosexual 💿💿💿

  39. Ashton Wilson

    Ashton Wilson16 일 전

    No criticism. Love jenna. She's my aesthetic but I wish she would trim down the tip she puts on. I feel like that would make the nails more comfortable for her 🤔. Just a thought thought. LOVE YOU JENNA!!! 🥰

  40. Elsie DeForest

    Elsie DeForest16 일 전

    Some jail nails.

  41. Coretta Hall

    Coretta Hall16 일 전

    Jenna: “So I’m thinking I’m gonna do 4 black ones and one BLUE one” basically what every popular girl on insta says to her premium subscribers