I Found A Mysterious Box In My Backyard And It Changed My Life




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    I breathed air it was good

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    Hello, I am a time traveler from the year 2079. I found a box in my back yard that had some type of video on a weird stick, but I threw it out because it was so damn boring. Loved the Apple watch though. Cheers.

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    I'm pretty sure that flash drive wont last 60 years.

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    Can someone explain why this is trending #1 world wide on KOreporter?? Wtf

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    My cat passed away a month ago I'm sad she just layed there still as a rock that night when we came home from a funeral my (mom's friend) we went in the back yard and I held my baby for the last time (when I typed this out it was night time so yaaa)and ya I hope a girl or boy sees this and sees life sucks alot oh I would have 6cats 1 boy and 5 girls two baby Kitty's and the boy ran off to find a mate Cleo died 🙀 and skwy ran off my other baby matlda so ya my life sucks but I a 10/11 year old (I say 11/10 because I'm turning in to 11) typed this out but I live I hope I do have a diese (I hope I said that right ) it's were I'm never hungry bye

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    Should have put the movie on a DVD disc as USB sticks only hold data for about 10 years before the data dissipates. Also put a small portable DVD player in the box as they probably won't exist in the future.

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    This story is the best of all!

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    I found a nuke inside of my garden Actually happened

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    I like your voice.

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    Therese vids gettn weirder and weirder

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    Read this 👇👇👇 Jesus loves you so much.

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    But the lifespan of a USB flash drive that has been unplugged is about 10 years :(

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    KOreporter in general is a time capsule that you don't have to bury


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    Hello there is a channel on KOreporter same same channel I think they stole the content of your channel, but it is ok, it puts your link in some videos and I know you do not mind copying the video and translated into Arabic and thank you

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    I found a dude in my bedroom with my wife

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    I found a spider under my bed *actually happened*

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    TRUE STORY !!!!!! TruEE STTTTTttoRRy

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    I got an A in a maths test DIDN'T actually happen




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    “Changed my life”




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    another out of work nigerian letter writer trended by utube..

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    It would be so cool, if the new owners after her family would continue this.

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    Who shot the unarmed black teen ?? 🤵, 🙎, 👮, 🎅 Answer beneath ⬇ 👮

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    I went to my bed Then I sleeped ACTUALLY HAPPENED

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    Plot twist: people are dumb and think coins are still valuable in 2019

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    The story is so cool !

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    Why the heck am i in tears :,(

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    animation is awesome👍👍👍👍 I love the animation of actually happened and stories of my story animated😊

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    I'm guessing you got the ray gun?

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    I hate these stupid “ACTUALLY HAPPENED” videos on trending. Every time one gets made they slap it on the front page.

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    SPOILER ALERT! she found an n-word pass in the box

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    Its 17 february 2019 Who ever will read this on 2039 Pls like May be someday it willbe all over😌

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    1900: "In the future we'll have flying cars." 2019: "Big Chungus"

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    #1 trending? Wowsers okkkkk we see youuuuu

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    I ever find a tiny little map in my old house actually well i still have the house and the map was showing a "X" Mark In my Old House Garden So I Ask My Mom And My Mom Said That Its Only a old Junk.. So I Ignore It But I Think I Still Have The Map,But I never figured The Mystery Map Lead To Sadly :c but is fun anyway to adventure 🙂What do U thing The Map Lead To? It is a Mystery note or and old broken watch? Comment Down Below~

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    OMG I HAVE THE SAME NAME,”Darlah “ mine just has a h a the bed tho

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    I Never Found My Dad

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    Yeah I’ll just totally leave my smart watch. No worries.

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    My neighbors cat gave me a really big dead rat in my backyard. It was really gross and the only reason I buried it was because of the maggots and stench. That actually did happen. Unlike anything on this channel.

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    This is a odd video

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    I’m pretty sure some of those Mickey Mouse timepieces can be worth a bit of money. Maybe not that one but I sure hope you checked 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    No. It didnt.

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    "ACTUALLY HAPPENED" < Shit that never will & won't ever happen.

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    That's nice!

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    What a coincidence that she dug on the same EXACT spot that the person buried in, what are the odds of that?

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    i mean, you know what, that was the coolest story i heard in my live.






    Alright Somebody's clearly working voodoo on Chandler 😟

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    I did the same thing but mine don't have a watch or a video player like that or some thing and a father found it XD sorry my english is bad 하하

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    Congrats on 1st trending right now

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    Haven't washed it yet but I bet it didn't

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    The voice sounds the same as some other vid, who realized that too?

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    Buried a time capsule myself at 12 years old at our old house. 1977 it was. I put everything in a Pringle’s can. No joke. The can was a brand new idea then. Problem is after 42 years I’ll bet the can has disintegrated. Stupid me.

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    I found a tooth brush in my garden

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    Im lucky cuz im moving too but the area im moving in is still BEING BUILT SOOOoooOoOoOooooooOooooooooooOOOOOOooo meaning it cant be owned by someone in da past bc duhhh its new :))

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    Such an interesting story. I want to hear more of these stories

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    How nice showing Darla her old memories

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    Interesting... story? 😜 I just released my very first music video on my channel! Would mean the world if u had a listen 💖

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    Wow, this story is is almost identical to my situation. Right now, I’m in the process of moving in to a house that needs a fix up. My dad was inside the bathroom tearing up the floor and the he found a box. Inside the box was a note and some newspapers, a magazine and there were some shades with an empty can of sprite and finally a Mrs.Piggy pez toy. I was looking at the newspaper and it said that it was from in September 1993. I have not decided to go out and find the person who wrote the letter but, I can if I really want to😉

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    Why the hell was this video recommended to me? What a waste of time.

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    It lowkey it got weird a third In..

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    This is epic!! I am so glad you shared this. There must be so many time capsules around the world. Time is such an interesting topic. This gesture is both nostalgic and beautiful. It keeps the world interesting and ever connected.

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    did you just say epic ironically

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    Quantum computers will be without USB

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    In my school all the students in grade 6 had to write a letter to themselves in the future we wrote the letter after our final exams were over and we were going for summer holidays. We hurried our letter in tree tree school garden. Our teacher said that when we graduate then we will read our letter 😁

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