I Crafted a GIANT Real Life MINECRAFT Axe! (Minecraft in Real Life)


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    Can you do a Sky bluk

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    i like

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    PrestonPlayz why do you only have your merch

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    Grandtree entrance

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    The word is grand tree like if you thought that to

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    I love the axe.

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    I love diglet put him on sale

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    did you know preston has a twin brother named jelly



    super sonic

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    I probably sound like a big old new but like if you want to see despacito again call me if you want to see his girlfriend or not

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    Is it me or i only saw deku right now at 16:16

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    Which one do you like more floopy or diglet I like floopy more.

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    Your lol

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    15:03 is why you wathc the video thk me late

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    Thats a lie

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    Super sonic

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    I can’t do that 🥺😢😭

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    Super sonic

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    i think it should have been an enchanted diamond enormous axe

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    well... axes are stronger than swords in java/pc. in bedrock axes are 1+ damage weaker than swords

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    i love Diglet

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    That vidio because you had a enormas axe and I subscribed and hit the bell

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    Oh giant treee here’s the real backstory Hello my name is preston and ima use this green screen to edit in my hand Boom! I don’t think he will pin or heart but I love your vids Preston

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    I miss digglet

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    Guys at the very end it says: Subscribe for more GAINT weopons

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    at 6:50 diglet was on the video!!

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    U should make cactus merch

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    17:10 Azzyland

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    i love floopy

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    Maybe leave or die

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    0:12 that's amazing gold axe

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    I liked and subscribed before the video started 👍🏻

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    I miss diglet keep him on mic with floopy

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    My last name is jones

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    u are cool boy preston

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    I love your vids

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    ;[ I want diglet back

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    Preston you have mad a big mistake you said turn the subscribe button grey when it is red your favourite colour is red

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    Do you like the ax

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    Say sorry for digglet or i will tell your friend and parént for talk línea that to digglet I got so mad that you hate digglet ok

  51. Roblox vs minecraft Char ten

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    Stupidest yt

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    Pause at 17:09 for a secret. :)

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    I'm wearing your merch right now

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    mag roblox ka mga 10:90

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    Wow that axe is huge

  57. Leroy Lantigua

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    Wow that axe is huge

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    Preston does his recording in his office? lol

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    i mean in a bush?

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    It’s supersonic

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    Actually it’s Shane plays channel

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    Grand tree

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    No I can’t

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