1. Provoked

    Provoked12 일 전

    Let’s go vegan 😂

  2. ashley hernandez

    ashley hernandez20 일 전


  3. Teresa Perez

    Teresa Perez29 일 전

    My poor man Justin took a hard fall🥺😍

  4. Cautiously Optimistic

    Cautiously Optimistic개월 전

    20:37 OUCH, I bet he took some time off basketball after that!

  5. i InstinctYou

    i InstinctYou개월 전

    How many times did denis say there we go I’m this whole video 😂

  6. SouthSac Florin916

    SouthSac Florin916개월 전

    Snitch 9

  7. ReFuZeEddie

    ReFuZeEddie2 개월 전

    “There we go “

  8. Stephanie Almaguer

    Stephanie Almaguer2 개월 전


  9. Vithu’s World

    Vithu’s World2 개월 전

    20:37 Justin slip

  10. Lil Nostalgia

    Lil Nostalgia2 개월 전

    there we goooo lol

  11. George Salib

    George Salib2 개월 전

    His games look so fun, it’s no so aggressive and serious but at the same time you’re gonna try, I’m 13 and kids in rep are out here Playing like college as if there career depended on it

  12. Doha Mohammed

    Doha Mohammed3 개월 전

    Heey i LOVE u sooo much you are the best and amazing and awesome and cool 💖💗💞💕❤️

  13. Nydia Santell

    Nydia Santell3 개월 전

    Lets go suns lets go suns hey San Diego what to you say the suns are going to win to day

  14. Gabriel R

    Gabriel R3 개월 전

    Does anybody have any suggestions on what app I should edit vids on that’s not for a apple product ? Anybody ur would help a whole lot

  15. Adrianna Rodriguez

    Adrianna Rodriguez3 개월 전

    20:38 was the best!😂😂😂

  16. Sulena Soodeen

    Sulena Soodeen3 개월 전


  17. Dennii Btw

    Dennii Btw4 개월 전

    Loool the camera man i think is Denis idk but he said like 1000 times here we go and there we go

  18. drew drew

    drew drew4 개월 전

    Fuck 69

  19. Rules of Survival tujundillo

    Rules of Survival tujundillo4 개월 전

    Lol dennis says there we go a lot

  20. Mayeli Acosta Meli

    Mayeli Acosta Meli4 개월 전

    Congrats Brandon!!!!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗😊💗💗

  21. Angel Sanchez

    Angel Sanchez4 개월 전

    He jumped from the 5th step

  22. Markey Delpalacio

    Markey Delpalacio4 개월 전

    Bro your vis are so cool

  23. Yvrose Toussaint

    Yvrose Toussaint5 개월 전

    I would have up to 50 bucks cause Dennis wouldn't stop saying > THERE WE GOOO it got really annoying and made me click off the video 😒

  24. Angel Gallman

    Angel Gallman5 개월 전

    Dennis:There we go FEW MINS LATER Dennis:Hit that

  25. Kash Truong

    Kash Truong5 개월 전

    That pass from brand @14:52

  26. Game point

    Game point5 개월 전

    Who else misses Denis

  27. Eliana Trujillo

    Eliana Trujillo5 개월 전

    All I hear is Denis saying “There we go!” behind the camera🤣🤣

  28. Momen Taharwah

    Momen Taharwah6 개월 전

    I love j

  29. Trinity Grube

    Trinity Grube6 개월 전

    And I thought our basketball reffs were bad. Yes, I do play girls basketball and I am point guard

  30. Joseluis S

    Joseluis S6 개월 전

    Anyone saw the cramp 18:52

  31. Lex and Allie

    Lex and Allie6 개월 전

    “THERE YOU GO” -Dennis

  32. Lukas Yilmaz

    Lukas Yilmaz6 개월 전


  33. Slime loving Nina

    Slime loving Nina7 개월 전

    Was it just me who realised every time we scored he said ‘there you go’ i love u guys xx 😍😘😇

  34. Chris

    Chris7 개월 전

    NO FUCKEN WAY THIS WAS 3 months ago😭

  35. Camila Perez

    Camila Perez7 개월 전

    I miss denis sooo bad

  36. I Am Rogers Steve

    I Am Rogers Steve7 개월 전

    So what went wrong

  37. Miller Teague

    Miller Teague7 개월 전

    you got me trippin oh flippin oh -listen to the song clumsy and watch the part of the video when he falls LOL

  38. arlene carranza

    arlene carranza7 개월 전

    2:30 is that a ailen hand😂😂😂👽👽👽

  39. Eligardo Rodriguez

    Eligardo Rodriguez8 개월 전

    Lol this guy slip funny haha

  40. Eligardo Rodriguez

    Eligardo Rodriguez8 개월 전

    Lol no noise. congratulations winning the championship

  41. Arianna Arocho

    Arianna Arocho8 개월 전

    Love y’all 😂😂😂 but she. He fell I know this is a little old but congrats love you!!!😂😂😭😭💜💕💕😘😘❣️🖇😩💖🌚💙💞💝💚💓❤️💛

  42. David James

    David James8 개월 전

    Y’all should play hard and run fast and shoot 3 then y’all will win trust me I’m did that and I won the champions final

  43. Miranda’s Corner

    Miranda’s Corner9 개월 전

    18:50 Denis😂

  44. MawasLife

    MawasLife9 개월 전

    When J fell 😂😂 Like if u died laughing

  45. Crash To Play

    Crash To Play9 개월 전

    17:49 lol

  46. Danna Higuera

    Danna Higuera9 개월 전

    i remember the video where jay was mad because you posted the video on insta

  47. Daisy Reyes

    Daisy Reyes10 개월 전

    17:51 I started laughing so hard

  48. g a b

    g a b10 개월 전

    I love how brawadis puts so much effort in his videos 😍

  49. ProfuseSheep 216

    ProfuseSheep 21610 개월 전

    Their we go counter 700

  50. T0XiC_ ScoRPion

    T0XiC_ ScoRPion10 개월 전

    17:51 funny as fuck

  51. itz_brendagacha

    itz_brendagacha10 개월 전

    *who needs water guns when you got apple cider bottles* 🍾🍾🍾

  52. Giselle Rios Cortez.

    Giselle Rios Cortez.10 개월 전

    So I love Justin but I went really weak when he fell.💀

  53. Giselle Rios Cortez.

    Giselle Rios Cortez.10 개월 전

    Dennis- “THERE WE GO!”💀

  54. Giselle Rios Cortez.

    Giselle Rios Cortez.10 개월 전

    Oml for your fault I’ve been watching to many basketball.😂 thank you Brandon.

  55. hovo 12

    hovo 1210 개월 전

    Dennis at 18:49 lol

  56. JMAN!!

    JMAN!!10 개월 전


  57. Idk ???

    Idk ???10 개월 전

    20:38 XD

  58. Clarence Escuella

    Clarence Escuella10 개월 전

    14:20 & 14:44

  59. G money Nation

    G money Nation10 개월 전

    I'm going to be excited about all the last videos

  60. Wise Bosnia

    Wise Bosnia10 개월 전