I built a GIANT MEATBALL in Minecraft (emotional) - Part 16


  1. Suruki

    Suruki14 시간 전

    Song used at 16:22 is Slow Advance by Marc Torch (Using ytmp3, Mp3cut, and acrcloud made this a whole lot easier to find)

  2. Diamond3475 Plays

    Diamond3475 Plays18 시간 전

    I want ikea meatballs🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  3. Jackson Vogel

    Jackson Vogel22 시간 전

    Look it's the giant meatball of giza!

  4. J.Gabriel Provietti

    J.Gabriel Provietti22 시간 전

    I love how felix is super sad because watersheep is dead but he is the one who killed him :l

  5. Dillon Snyder

    Dillon Snyder일 전

    You are the best KOreporterr of all time

  6. Kappa Is here

    Kappa Is here일 전

    I don’t have Sticky poo poo -pewdiepie

  7. Tyler Ellinger

    Tyler Ellinger2 일 전

    Dinner bone was on that island

  8. non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere

    non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere3 일 전

    pewds: EVIL CHICKEN! **duck noise** me: **surprised pikachu face**

  9. non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere

    non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere3 일 전

    7:34 - 7:40 and that’s my new ringtone part II

  10. BlastBitGaming

    BlastBitGaming3 일 전

    First of all Felix tortured water sheep now he wants him back? Life is sure strange

  11. pizza YT

    pizza YT3 일 전

    2:06 did he say wala habibi

  12. zaldy ellis tolentino

    zaldy ellis tolentino4 일 전

    I want to copy broland

  13. Prince Shreel

    Prince Shreel4 일 전

    Water sheep was like a father to me Some moments later It was like my son

  14. njuk carolius

    njuk carolius4 일 전

    Your redstone invention is good, but try to watch mambo jumbo in KOreporter.

  15. {Onion}

    {Onion}5 일 전

    no.. why am i crying..

  16. Curtis White

    Curtis White6 일 전

    I am KOreporterr

  17. Maricon

    Maricon6 일 전

    pls dont say Omg. It bothers my mom. She will probably force me to stop watching your lovable channel 😞

  18. Safayet Sajid

    Safayet Sajid6 일 전

    Water sheep: Dies PewDiePie:He was like a father to me... Like please🙏

  19. Boat Cow

    Boat Cow7 일 전

    5:52 it goes 1 2 3 4 Sven!

  20. Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson14 시간 전

    Are you ok

  21. s1mplyJake

    s1mplyJake8 일 전

    The moment when water sheep’s grave is more expensive than joergen’s😂😂

  22. Morgan’s World

    Morgan’s World9 일 전

    "It goes 1234 SVEN"

  23. pepperoni

    pepperoni9 일 전

    "A thousand part series,Sven" * _sad Sven noises_ *

  24. elmwood uwu anime wolfie uwu

    elmwood uwu anime wolfie uwu9 일 전

    see joergen wasnt at the island lol

  25. Isabella Serrano

    Isabella Serrano10 일 전

    pewds: tortures animals animal: dies pewds: makes huge memorial for his love for the animal

  26. Gabriel Vargas

    Gabriel Vargas10 일 전

    One bell ring, two bell ring, thre- KOreporter:DOUBLE UNSKIPPABLE ADS

  27. Durkin Ice

    Durkin Ice10 일 전

    Anyone else remember the iron golems pewds made

  28. DGTV DanielgaMingtv

    DGTV DanielgaMingtv10 일 전

    I love you meatball😢😢😢

  29. Librarian Villager

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  30. Coisas aleatórias

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  31. LucaTheDud

    LucaTheDud12 일 전

    Meatball man

  32. Maclean Schultz

    Maclean Schultz13 일 전

    His feelings for water sheep change from hate to love several times throughout the video

  33. 3am sciences

    3am sciences13 일 전

    You said dod

  34. Safayet Sajid

    Safayet Sajid13 일 전

    Italian leather lmao

  35. Zafril Boi

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  36. Will Roblox & More

    Will Roblox & More13 일 전

    e a t i t

  37. SmhEssec

    SmhEssec13 일 전

    I like how he can't even jokingly say he's proud to be american

  38. Zed Red

    Zed Red14 일 전

    That meatball now gives me anxiety

  39. Al Christine Male

    Al Christine Male15 일 전

    Where's dinnerbone?

  40. The Pig Benis show

    The Pig Benis show15 일 전


  41. DrAlphysFTW

    DrAlphysFTW15 일 전

    "that bass tho" davie 504?