I Built a BASS Out of my YouTube Gold Play Button


  1. Davie504

    Davie504개월 전

    *checkmate youtube*

  2. ꧁corrupty꧂ DØ ꧁FF꧂

    ꧁corrupty꧂ DØ ꧁FF꧂2 일 전

    Tu e foda mano

  3. TheBoss360MLG

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  4. Eman Vince Rodriguez

    Eman Vince Rodriguez15 일 전


  5. Adien Denker

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  6. Esteban Gabriel Morales Mora

    Esteban Gabriel Morales Mora21 일 전


  7. Артем Гладков

    Артем Гладков시간 전

    Hi, Davie! Cool video! How about colab with Buckethead? That would be E P I C

  8. ShatThap

    ShatThap3 시간 전


  9. SdDey House

    SdDey House4 시간 전

    Keep it bro We wait for 10 million subscribers.. Love from India..

  10. Dexter Must

    Dexter Must4 시간 전

    Ma porcaccia di quel bassista


    CRAZY DUDES4 시간 전

    You're the best Davie😍😍

  12. Trish QP

    Trish QP4 시간 전

    isnt the play button on backwards?


    PIHRANA5 시간 전

    In some angles Davie kinda reminds me of Cizzorz the FN KOreporterr... 🤷‍♂️

  14. Santcuk Studio

    Santcuk Studio5 시간 전

    Nongol orang jelek di beranda.. Asw siapa sih nih orang..

  15. Meh Erik

    Meh Erik5 시간 전

    Davie i challenge you to play मादल The madal is a folk musical instrument of Nepal 🇳🇵

  16. Yaaan

    Yaaan5 시간 전


  17. คํามา สาคเรศ

    คํามา สาคเรศ5 시간 전

    E P I C slap

  18. exotic cucumber

    exotic cucumber7 시간 전

    t h i c c

  19. jean jean

    jean jean7 시간 전

    Now built a bASS into a KOreporter golden play button

  20. Tee_Y YeeT

    Tee_Y YeeT8 시간 전

    Drives with his head lostphones, eats with his head phones, and sleeps with his head phones.

  21. Ytzamar Yela

    Ytzamar Yela8 시간 전

    Giorno's theme song

  22. JankyCat

    JankyCat8 시간 전

    That was epic AF.

  23. Gael Miranda

    Gael Miranda10 시간 전


  24. stupid bros65

    stupid bros6511 시간 전

    megalovania, Girnos Theme,

  25. Annoying Troll

    Annoying Troll12 시간 전

    Davie taking off his headphones reveal at 69 million subscribers

  26. Jovan Filipovic

    Jovan Filipovic12 시간 전

    Mindblowing video. John

  27. Tomatoe Master

    Tomatoe Master14 시간 전

    It's been over a month so I guess they been sent already.

  28. Maja Kocic

    Maja Kocic15 시간 전

    3:48 khmm...... hot italian look check

  29. Девід Луї

    Девід Луї16 시간 전



    LUCAS GOM16 시간 전


  31. Glenn Stutsman

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  32. Kolya Veretokha

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  33. Melvyn Antona

    Melvyn Antona18 시간 전

    Go out and make one solo concert and you will start yourself a carriere.

  34. Llegamos a 100 subs y pongo nombre xd

    Llegamos a 100 subs y pongo nombre xd19 시간 전

    Like si hablas español pero ves los videos de este men 🤷‍♂️😂 Sera que llego a 100 subs?

  35. SpiDer82X

    SpiDer82X19 시간 전

    The best bass :b

  36. Zeekend X

    Zeekend X19 시간 전

    8:37 Megalovania

  37. Imran Shah

    Imran Shah20 시간 전

    The first person ever to *SLAPP* a play button. *EPIC!*

  38. Omagawd UwU

    Omagawd UwU20 시간 전

    That stare XD,felt it through my heart= 3:36

  39. i hate you boii

    i hate you boii21 시간 전

    I have a question... Why you are wearing your headphones every single second in your life? Its a shower method too?

  40. Top 10 Anonymuos

    Top 10 Anonymuos21 시간 전

    I appreciated the solo more than what he did with his good play bottom 😂

  41. jennifer liana

    jennifer liana22 시간 전

    leave an epic comment daviensaid...

  42. Desert Gaming YT

    Desert Gaming YT22 시간 전

    It's Look Unique

  43. Juan-Antonio Alonzo

    Juan-Antonio Alonzo22 시간 전

    Very impressive ending for a very impressive bass.

  44. Photoplus

    Photoplus23 시간 전

    good job

  45. 김명준

    김명준23 시간 전

    I want to learn bass guitar so you recommend guitar for me?? I don't have enough money because I'm student in korea



    The second song was golden wind jojo

  47. Chris Pat

    Chris Pat일 전


  48. Harold Eboña

    Harold Eboña일 전


  49. Yahya Id

    Yahya Id일 전

    Heyy thats jojo song!!

  50. Angoria

    Angoria일 전

    Next up: Building a cundom out of my KOreporter 10 MIL SUBS Play button

  51. Kingdom Axe

    Kingdom Axe일 전

    Gold on Bass is awesome. Now My guitar wants to slap gold bass hard.

  52. Maganii Youth

    Maganii Youth일 전

    Davie504 is the only human that can slapp the sense into a bass guitar

  53. JC Ruelles

    JC Ruelles일 전

    He always wear his headset all the time

  54. Abstract patata

    Abstract patata일 전

    Buen video

  55. Yuura GoBLoG

    Yuura GoBLoG일 전

    who cares about the gold play button bass.. im just listen the music, n see ur finger when playing the bass.. so epic.. SLAP the like button if u agree with me..

  56. Mark andrick Velasquez

    Mark andrick Velasquez일 전

    He said that I built a bass int the title but did nothing rather to slap

  57. Thoungamba Moirangthem

    Thoungamba Moirangthem일 전

    Hey Davie stop your slap.... Lol

  58. KiD_wEEb

    KiD_wEEb일 전

    Giorno theme

  59. Shuhghat Thaamen

    Shuhghat Thaamen일 전

    I won't lie Davie, you're the reason I started playing bass :)

  60. spOngEy _ gamEr

    spOngEy _ gamEr일 전

    Davie: Creating bass using wood MrBeast: ugh cmon

  61. bloger nekit

    bloger nekit일 전

    Мы русские тоже смотрим тебя

  62. bloger nekit

    bloger nekit일 전


  63. Xeno Gaming

    Xeno Gaming일 전

    Why i am addicted to his voice Fck

  64. Royal D

    Royal D일 전

    Ear reveal?

  65. Qwerty Doge

    Qwerty Doge일 전

    No one is talking about how in every scene he was watching another guy do it

  66. CantovickBr

    CantovickBr일 전

    orochi emagreceu