I Bought An Outfit At A Fake Market In Hong Kong


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard5 시간 전

    HELLO FRIENDS! happy sunday! i hope you guys enjoy our wild romp to a fake market in hong kong - what did you think of our final looks?? xoxo, saf

  2. Rodrigo

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    I think you should know better by now. Supporting counterfeit markets is NOT cool, even if it's just for a stupid youtube video. Designer brands are for exhibitionist douchebags who enjoy wasting money in luxury products manufactured by low-wage laborers somewhere in China and Romania.

  3. I’m random

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    Safiya Nygaard please make more wish videos please.

  4. Caiti M

    Caiti M2 시간 전

    Ethically, this is a crap job and I unsubscribed. The lack of education and understanding regarding counterfeit products is clear with the overwhelming support for this video. Very unfortunate.

  5. seventhseance

    seventhseance2 시간 전

    They have a Jollibee in Hong Kong?! 🔥🔥😂😂😂😂🔥🔥

  6. Da_WolfGirl

    Da_WolfGirl2 시간 전

    Merkin is actually a word, *I know because i asked google*

  7. mm

    mm시간 전

    peppa pig gucci gang???????? omg

  8. Paisley

    Paisley시간 전

    I’m going to Hong Kong to visit my cousins in April 2020 and right now there are some political issues and protests going on and apparently according to my mom, if you wear black in Hong Kong then the police will think you’re a protester and you might get in a lot of trouble.

  9. Lucy Hall

    Lucy Hall시간 전

    When haggling, it’s generally acceptable to start at half the price they ask for. So if they say 600 you say 300

  10. Hufflepufflez :3

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    15:07 *_o f f - w h i t e_*

  11. Renee Zyles

    Renee Zyles시간 전

    Eggu Taratu Anyone? Where my fellow carats at? 🥕

  12. Khloe Bromfield

    Khloe Bromfield시간 전

    Peppa... what are you doing on my Gucci???

  13. Paradise Queen

    Paradise Queen시간 전

    It smells like plastic 😂

  14. Sophia Leyla

    Sophia Leyla시간 전

    I’ve been there there is so much stuff! There is literally anything you can think of... Anything.....

  15. Fal your Pal

    Fal your Pal시간 전

    I'm studying abroad in China this summer and I can't wait to come back with peppa pig x gucci merch

  16. YaRazelle

    YaRazelle시간 전

    25:01 that eminem reference 😂

  17. Maryannie Amy

    Maryannie Amy시간 전

    Damn, I wish you would have included Colin Abroadcast in this video... 💔

  18. fluffywhitemanju

    fluffywhitemanju시간 전

    The reason they misspell the brands is because brand names can be trademarked, but designs technically can’t be copyrighted. So everything you bought there with a misspelled brand is technically legal LOL

  19. Chocolate Doughnut

    Chocolate Doughnut시간 전

    Taylor in her bape outfit looks like a really hot lesbian

  20. Norberto Valdez

    Norberto Valdez시간 전

    26:25 taylor has disappeared!!! She has teleported through her hoodie!!!!

  21. Miranda W

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  22. Rafael Mon

    Rafael Mon시간 전

    Hey if you go to Korea again you should do a video visiting animal cafes, like cat, dog etc

  23. Fiona McGee

    Fiona McGee시간 전

    * Jeffree Star has left the chat *

  24. Henna Rusi

    Henna Rusi시간 전

    Oh I love those white studded sneakers 😍

  25. Da Nax

    Da Nax시간 전

    In Germany it's forbidden to bring a fake product in the country

  26. Caiti M

    Caiti M시간 전

    Good! It should be illegal everywhere

  27. yue wen

    yue wen시간 전

    Wtf I did I just for honry man

  28. DJ Productions

    DJ Productions시간 전

    Please do becoming a VSCO girl for a day!!

  29. Ellen MacPherson

    Ellen MacPherson시간 전

    Love the 50 Rock ref Liz Lemon for president!

  30. Leshay Rahal

    Leshay Rahal시간 전

    Woooo Taylorrrrr

  31. Tee Kay

    Tee Kay시간 전

    OMG you're so funny..........LOVE your videos and you really deserve your own TV talk show Safiya. Seriously, you're a natural!

  32. Ayse B. Y

    Ayse B. Y시간 전

    Wow i thought the video was about 10 minutes. But now I see it was 28 minss wooww. Did not notice how fast the time went by. Such a great vidoe

  33. Alyssa Victoria

    Alyssa Victoria시간 전

    Ugh I went to a market like this in Thailand and let me tell you I AM DYING TO GO BACK. That dior bag looked legit!!!!!

  34. *Wink wonk*

    *Wink wonk*시간 전

    7:18 This is like when webtoon artists have to change the names of brands the characters are wearing. It’s those clothes but irl lmao

  35. omfgdelaney

    omfgdelaney시간 전

    I'm kinda upset that you didn't get any Peppa Pig merch. /-;

  36. Magical Olimpia

    Magical Olimpia시간 전

    Go to Cyprus there are the best fakes in the world

  37. Justyna Buniowska-Mate

    Justyna Buniowska-Mate시간 전

    everything there is worth a dollar, its funny when they take out their calculators and try to show you a bogus price. Can believe people fall for it thinking these items are original and genuine.

  38. Linda Morales

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  39. Jasmine C

    Jasmine C시간 전

    “It was not Taylor’s birthday.” I’m DEDDD 😂😂

  40. reptilected

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    Taylor is so gorgeous oh my god

  41. williamkitty cat

    williamkitty cat시간 전

    I want this to be a trend. I want to live in a world where hilariously misspelled high end brand fakes are in and ACTUAL BRANDS misspell there own names to get in on it.

  42. kcmn00

    kcmn00시간 전

    I can spot a fake bag a mile away, pretty much anyone can.

  43. Danielle Larose

    Danielle Larose시간 전

    nobody: saf: SOUPreme

  44. Julia S

    Julia S시간 전

    This whole video all I can think is Taylor would look so amazing with a blunt bob. 💁

  45. Jenroxx

    Jenroxx시간 전

    Thanks Safiya, I always jump to see your videos.

  46. Danielle Larose

    Danielle Larose시간 전


  47. Shy But Psycho

    Shy But Psycho시간 전

    pEpPa...... wHat aRe yOu dOIng iN a fAke aSian mArket?

  48. morningcallz

    morningcallz시간 전

    Thank you for taking the time to talk about the important political situation in Hong Kong right now!

  49. Cookie

    Cookie시간 전

    The second I saw the supreme shirt with the cat flipping you off, I preyed Safe would buy it Edit: Ohh, come on! They bought the hat but didn't even notice the shirt!

  50. Alyssa Gonzalez

    Alyssa Gonzalez시간 전

    This is just the pulga

  51. Dayspast

    Dayspast시간 전

    What was the name of the song at the end? It sounds like its from persona five but I cant figure out where in the game the song plays.

  52. I’m random

    I’m random시간 전

    Please please please please please do another wish video I love them. There is a robot alarm clock that’s has wheels and I would like to see you try that. Please please make another wish video please.

  53. LDTitanLady

    LDTitanLady시간 전

    taylor seems like she has a horrible attitude

  54. Tiana Jaan

    Tiana Jaan시간 전

    Yes I’ve been waiting for you to post a vid like this

  55. Mary's Channel

    Mary's Channel시간 전

    25:00 Tyler: Welcome to reality Saf: ooh there goes gravity I love that eminem moment there😂

  56. MyName Is

    MyName Is시간 전

    I totally need the NO FART IN CAR sign. I have to many male siblings. I would rock that sign proudly. I’d like it even better if it were misspelled.

  57. Sloany Balony

    Sloany Balony2 시간 전

    You should transform into a VSCO girl

  58. Martie B.

    Martie B.2 시간 전

    I have the fan from 4:38 except in pink, I wonder if it's a bootleg now lmao, it works amazing though

  59. Chili Velazquez

    Chili Velazquez2 시간 전

    Peppa what are you doing in my Supreme bag

  60. Dany Vierps

    Dany Vierps2 시간 전

    I want those sweatpants highkey D:

  61. LifeAsMarina

    LifeAsMarina2 시간 전

    17:49 Taylor's face when Saf explained what a merkin was #priceless 😂😂😂

  62. L L

    L L2 시간 전

    Taylor kind of looks like go won from Loona

  63. theteadiffusionvlog

    theteadiffusionvlog2 시간 전

    Nice for mentioning the protests. Would love to know your take on political issues and use your influence for entertainment and politics! X

  64. Maya IA

    Maya IA2 시간 전

    Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philipines XD

  65. caroline diaz

    caroline diaz2 시간 전

    Can you try like testing weird stuff or weird gadgets from Hong Kong

  66. Joyce

    Joyce2 시간 전

    Some of the fake designers look legit, you just REALLY you need search for them