I Bought An Outfit At A Fake Market In Hong Kong


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard28 일 전

    HELLO FRIENDS! happy sunday! i hope you guys enjoy our wild romp to a fake market in hong kong - what did you think of our final looks?? also, you can check out the video we filmed on taylor's channel here! koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-DHiQCctPOFA.html :) xoxo, saf

  2. Suman Pillay

    Suman Pillay6 일 전

    You should also do live video posts 🤩 it's my 10 year old daughter's suggestion🤪

  3. Ginger Gaming uwu

    Ginger Gaming uwu8 일 전

    ButterCup yeah I’m like 2 weeks late...

  4. Stacy Morales

    Stacy Morales10 일 전

    Safiya Nygaard omg i missed the day you came here😭😭😭 come back soon😭😭

  5. Whitney Nicholson

    Whitney Nicholson13 일 전

    OMG!!!!! I was listening to this without watching and your voice sounds JUST LIKE the channel "Ask A Morian"!!!!! I thought she had made second channel!!!!!! WOW.

  6. Jackie Johannesman

    Jackie Johannesman14 일 전

    Julie Henderson o

  7. Kitties_ Rule_Gatchas

    Kitties_ Rule_Gatchas8 시간 전

    Did i see a fjallraven kanken backpack

  8. Kitties_ Rule_Gatchas

    Kitties_ Rule_Gatchas8 시간 전

    Did i see a fjallraven kanken backpack

  9. Adam Thomas

    Adam Thomas12 시간 전

    Camden is quaking

  10. Betty Nguy

    Betty Nguy13 시간 전

    13:59 BT21 characters

  11. Slime Das Primas

    Slime Das Primas15 시간 전

    I am not trying to be mean but not everything could be fake

  12. aliyah estuista

    aliyah estuista18 시간 전

    We have like those in the Philippines 😂😂😂

  13. Laura xyz

    Laura xyz18 시간 전

    I would so buy the Mcshit shirt lmaoo

  14. Sami Qadri

    Sami Qadri19 시간 전

    You look like Vanni Kapoor an Indian actress and celebrity

  15. Owl_ lover_ 171

    Owl_ lover_ 17122 시간 전

    Thank you for mentioning the issue here saf 💕

  16. The Australian Nuts

    The Australian Nuts22 시간 전

    Ahh reminds me of bali

  17. Littleglitterdollz

    Littleglitterdollz23 시간 전

    Are there fake bercenstokes?

  18. Fiona Fazbear

    Fiona Fazbear23 시간 전

    13:59 did anyone else notice RJ and TATA (BT21) bags?

  19. Kat'z Meow

    Kat'z Meow23 시간 전

    MARKETS IN HK ARE SOOO FUN, seeing the cute to weird stuff is an adventure!! Not to mention the food wink wink

  20. why qu

    why qu일 전

    You thought it was dor, but it was me Dio

  21. Annabelle Park

    Annabelle Park일 전

    Who else saw the Blackpink bus

  22. Dandara Theiss

    Dandara Theiss일 전

    You should come to São Paulo, Brazil and visit “25 de março” and “feirinha da madrugada”

  23. janika. eagle

    janika. eagle일 전

    17:32 You’re welcome Candians!

  24. Simlie

    Simlie일 전

    For the legal stuff my school is infrot of the chinese embasy...

  25. noorwalid vlogs

    noorwalid vlogs일 전

    3:08 omg sssniperwolf ❤️❤️❤️

  26. LexiLollyPop

    LexiLollyPop일 전

    You should have gotten fake Victoria secret bras

  27. Tatatory

    Tatatory일 전

    I want to see safiya try “extreme couponing” !!

  28. ZME The Band

    ZME The Band일 전

    Peeeppaaa.... what are you doing at the fake Hong Kong markets?....

  29. narcisscystic acne

    narcisscystic acne일 전

    Oooooooooh I loooove Taylor R 😫😫😫

  30. MochiMo

    MochiMo일 전

    13:11 is that a motherfucking jojo reference???

  31. kar yuet 12

    kar yuet 12일 전

    coming from a Hong Konger, HAHAHAHAHAHA lmao yall got ripped the hell off

  32. Sophia Than

    Sophia Than일 전

    Safiya! You spent way to much money on those things, your wayyyy to nice to haggle. I recently went to my home country (Vietnam) and I bargained $4 for fake lululemon leggings, you have to push them, or me I threatened to go to another vendor.

  33. Tsui Hayley

    Tsui Hayley일 전

    Her: says protest Me: Protesters set fire to everything. This is confirmed. I am in HK and 1/4 HK for a reason. BUT I am also 3/4 Korean which doesn't make sense

  34. kar yuet 12

    kar yuet 12일 전

    local HKer here and yes these protesters set fire, spray paint hate speech, smash store windows and barricade main roads every day.

  35. Yeet man 100 o

    Yeet man 100 o일 전

    Omg those are so fake the real Chanel Farrel shoes are so dif

  36. Maitane Deluca

    Maitane Deluca일 전

    25:00 slim shady fans will get it

  37. Asmi Dipransh

    Asmi Dipransh일 전

    You should've washed em before wearingg

  38. Cherrie Hibaya

    Cherrie Hibaya일 전

    There are lot of this in Divisoria, Philippines and they are much cheaper 😂

  39. hanin dhira

    hanin dhira일 전

    If only safiya know theres a ton of types of fakes. There's super fake, lowkey bad fake, and super bad fake like they didn't even tried.

  40. Mitzi Levy

    Mitzi Levy일 전

    I kept seeing my kanken backpack, so now I know its definitely fake. lmfao

  41. Briana

    Briana2 일 전

    I know your conclusion was it's not really worth it to buy this stuff but that's the exact opposite of how I'm feeling. Excuse me while I go buy a plane ticket to Hong Kong.

  42. Elliot Johnson

    Elliot Johnson2 일 전

    I have a glain Klain thong

  43. tae. dy_ bear

    tae. dy_ bear2 일 전

    You can literally go to Ross and buy lots of brand items for less money

  44. RobbBTW H

    RobbBTW H2 일 전

    Taylor is lowkey cute

  45. Adams World

    Adams World2 일 전

    Love this 💙

  46. Aasiyah Shajira

    Aasiyah Shajira2 일 전

    Anyone else notice blackpink in the side of the bus 4:20

  47. Coral To

    Coral To2 일 전

    I’m so happy that they didn’t go to Hong Kong right now cause if u didn’t know China and Hong Kong have been fighting and more

  48. blue rose

    blue rose2 일 전

    the guy who said happy birthday is so wholesome i feel so bad for everyone laughing at him like he’s so wholesome

  49. Coffee Beanz

    Coffee Beanz2 일 전

    My friend got shown this video (yes by their teacher) in geography 😂😂

  50. Alexandra M

    Alexandra M2 일 전

    Ik it’s a very petty thing to say, but that’s not how you say Moschino

  51. cheryl chan

    cheryl chan2 일 전

    I live in Hong Kong

  52. Hannah Płåýż

    Hannah Płåýż2 일 전

    looks like perya

  53. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget2 일 전

    Oh my Merkin this is a good video-

  54. Reishi Glynne

    Reishi Glynne2 일 전

    taylor is real cute ngl but i also got confused with taylor and tyler 😆

  55. Nivra Au

    Nivra Au2 일 전

    He did not say happy birthday. He said have a good day. I’m pretty sure you misunderstood.



    That ain’t a iPad it a Samsung bruh

  57. Panda Galaxy

    Panda Galaxy3 일 전

    i have never seen this much sexual tension between saf and an another girl before

  58. Lily Halliday

    Lily Halliday3 일 전

    Once my mom got a Gucci bag that looked real and had the proper logo from Thailand it was $40 in Australian dollars It was so amazing!

  59. mergirl2000 Dunne

    mergirl2000 Dunne3 일 전

    I don't do knock offs!

  60. #745Bax X

    #745Bax X3 일 전

    Whats taylors ig shes soooo cute ^^

  61. Nadine Teppin

    Nadine Teppin3 일 전

    You should do a video where you transform to a VSCO girl and or a E-girl







  64. Best Of Jewelry

    Best Of Jewelry3 일 전


  65. jane tey

    jane tey3 일 전

    19:39 wait, did she just say 'aircon'? omg that's frckn amazing honestly. since americans usually make fun of us for not saying 'air conditioner'

  66. Mehak Raza

    Mehak Raza3 일 전

    Not only Hong Kong but other countries in Asia sell Fake designer items pretty openly. For example in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, etc selling fake designer items is done pretty commonly that is because even though these countries are the places where most of the manufacturing process of the orignal designer items is done the printing and putting of logo is done after they are shipped to europe or america. That is why many times you'll find some fake designer items have the same quality as the orignal ones because they essentially are the same items, but with different or cheaper prints. These fakes can sometime have really nice printing quality as well and so are in many of these countries called "FIrst Copies". Its a whole bigger industry and varies from country to country