I Bought All The Smartphones On Wish...


  1. ItsYeBoi

    ItsYeBoi29 일 전

    What item should I buy all of on WISH next??? Comment your ideas below 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  2. immanuel alexander

    immanuel alexander18 시간 전

    mini drones on wish pls

  3. Gaming With Adam

    Gaming With Adam일 전

    ItsYeBoi Gaming pcs

  4. Kendra Kuck

    Kendra Kuck일 전

    Did you already give away the iPhone 11? How are you choosing who you give it to?

  5. Alex Miller

    Alex Miller일 전

    ItsYeBoi I want the iPhone

  6. Miftha Sadik

    Miftha Sadik2 일 전


  7. Richard Shushu

    Richard Shushu43 분 전

    Hay friend, can i have one phone please, am your fan and love your videos

  8. Carla Filipa Carvalho Gomes carimo

    Carla Filipa Carvalho Gomes carimo6 시간 전

    There are people out there that need food and a home they wish they could have a good Christmas and they don't expect anything for a gift all they want is happynes And your here smashing stopid iPhones like what the heck is wrong with you?!

  9. Shayaan Mirza

    Shayaan Mirza7 시간 전

    I’ll have those wish phones

  10. TMO

    TMO7 시간 전

    Why do you keep saying vibe

  11. Evelyn Gonzalez

    Evelyn Gonzalez8 시간 전

    Well the video is at 95k soooooooo where’s the folder??? Lol

  12. twitch don comedy

    twitch don comedy12 시간 전

    Best vidz🔥🔥🔥

  13. dark knight

    dark knight14 시간 전

    Wish gang

  14. immanuel alexander

    immanuel alexander18 시간 전

    i want that phone....give away pls

  15. Venus Calixte

    Venus Calixte21 시간 전

    You should take all the extra stuff from you wish stuff and do a giveaway

  16. Emanuel Mares

    Emanuel Mares22 시간 전

    And some Asian guy worked like 18 hrs a day and got payed less than minimum wage making those phones

  17. Ariana Duncan

    Ariana Duncan22 시간 전

    give away plz meeeeee

  18. Ali Abushanab

    Ali Abushanab23 시간 전

    i thought you're buying all LOLOLOLOLOOL :)

  19. Hi Hi

    Hi Hi23 시간 전

    That editing was legit nice

  20. Marina Wiley

    Marina Wiley일 전

    My iPhone 6 is not slow

  21. Rafa_210_hello Sanchez

    Rafa_210_hello Sanchez일 전

    This was so informative

  22. Gaming With Adam

    Gaming With Adam일 전

    I subscribed and pressed the bell!

  23. Sean Hornsby

    Sean Hornsby일 전

    Lol a NOTE “20???” I didn’t know they’re up that high in model numbers

  24. Matthew Aguirre

    Matthew Aguirre일 전

    Yes I do

  25. Pratap Singh

    Pratap Singh일 전

    5:05 S9 had 512 MBs of RAM and 4 Gigs of storage.

  26. Erikas Lavuta

    Erikas Lavuta일 전

    Can I get the iPhone 6 please if it's not takin

  27. Tiktok Rest In Peace X Fortnite is the best

    Tiktok Rest In Peace X Fortnite is the best일 전

    Who noticed that when he was spinning the wheel it said all phones on it

  28. Gabby Hernandez

    Gabby Hernandez일 전

    that is not an s9

  29. Shena Brown

    Shena Brown일 전

    Who else got a wish add

  30. シRoxxane

    シRoxxane일 전

    Like : Amazon Comment : Wish

  31. Punchline The clown

    Punchline The clown일 전

    I only liked to look st the files

  32. Baby Man

    Baby Man일 전

    I feel so poor watching ur videos lmao 💔💔

  33. getoffme308

    getoffme308일 전

    Yo u didn’t blur your license plate

  34. Kendra Kuck

    Kendra Kuck일 전

    I've got to say this is probably the best "tech channel" I've seen!!! informative, funny, entertaining...did I say funny!! Thanks for answering some questions I had about "Wish" phones... Much appreciated!! 😀

  35. mirandw Worlledge

    mirandw Worlledge일 전


  36. this will be a 100k chanel with 0 videos

    this will be a 100k chanel with 0 videos일 전

    Thats not s9 hhahhahha

  37. Anijah Marie

    Anijah Marie일 전

    Wish gang👍

  38. Tyla Psg

    Tyla Psg일 전


  39. Younis Arab Gamer4

    Younis Arab Gamer4일 전


  40. tay day

    tay day일 전

    I will take the x9

  41. kamron Payton

    kamron Payton일 전

    I want all of them

  42. Alex Miller

    Alex Miller일 전

    Can I have the iPhone plz

  43. Kevin _got games

    Kevin _got games2 일 전

    All it said on the wheel was phones lol

  44. Sha-maro Djojodikromo

    Sha-maro Djojodikromo2 일 전

    I want them

  45. Polynice Benjunior

    Polynice Benjunior2 일 전

    I would like to have the iphone 6 plz if you see my comment