I Bought a TOTALED Ford F250 at Salvage Auction and Rebuilt Most of it in a Few Hours!


  1. J Smith

    J Smith4 시간 전

    GAS engine 🤦‍♂️

  2. Al Atwood

    Al Atwood일 전

    I stopped watching it when you started screaming in the video. Nobody needs that.

  3. -DukI-

    -DukI-일 전

    rip voice

  4. Anthony Taylor

    Anthony Taylor2 일 전

    Do you guys like this guy better than Scotty Kilmer? Is like to see them react to each others videos in some way. let me know what you guys think?

  5. bdiscreet69

    bdiscreet693 시간 전

    Kilmer is an ASSHAT imo

  6. Tom Spencer

    Tom Spencer2 일 전

    Wish you would get a Giulia or Stelvio

  7. ZerokillerOppel1

    ZerokillerOppel12 일 전

    Is there a follow up on this build?

  8. my.android. Mfz

    my.android. Mfz2 일 전

    6200cc engine on a pick up truck..🙄🙄🙄 Americans got really big engines.

  9. T Stone

    T Stone3 일 전

    What is the insurance company's view on why this was considered totalled? Great video by the way!

  10. Ján Lesko

    Ján Lesko8 일 전

    $500 for the grill? Don't you have a pick and pull place where you live? I bet you could get it there cheaper. Great job by the way! Love the videos!!!

  11. SuburbanHobbyist

    SuburbanHobbyist9 일 전

    Dude, don't complain about THE best truck tires you can get! BF Gooders ATs are the perfect combination of ride quality, noise level, looks, capability and price. I always run them....except for the Nittos I have on right now lmao, but they are loud AF.

  12. Marcus Lindsey

    Marcus Lindsey11 일 전

    Great buy glad you finally got a truck you definitely needed one

  13. K Wippl

    K Wippl14 일 전

    You need a follow up on this showing the actual frame repair. The frame damage was obvious from the first auction photo's and if you didn't see it you were not looking. The cost on repairing these frames is usually much more than you are listing, especially if you want the full state inspection re-certification. Follow up and tell us what the frame repair really was.

  14. Spetsgruppa V Kapkan

    Spetsgruppa V Kapkan17 일 전

    The Honda Ridgeline is the tweaker transgender of the truck family

  15. 06_Cummins

    06_Cummins20 일 전

    Buys an F-250...but it’s gas

  16. Remington_B

    Remington_B20 일 전

    Am i the only one who almost had a heart attack when he was putting gas in the truck.

  17. New age Justice

    New age Justice20 일 전

    You are an arrogant cunt! I see what Rich was saying.

  18. jrbisc99

    jrbisc9920 일 전

    You didn't get a good deal. The frame is bent and it has a salvaged title. I like how you play off the frame being bent like it's no biggie.

  19. Bitch Guck

    Bitch Guck19 일 전

    jrbisc99 my truck has a lean on it

  20. Bitch Guck

    Bitch Guck19 일 전

    jrbisc99 it’s not bend it’s a 2015 cuss it’s a ford

  21. Dan Strausbaugh

    Dan Strausbaugh21 일 전

    What color is it ...???... it looks like it’s black but at different angles it looks like a forest green ... either way I’m scratching my head as to how they considered this a total... you are the benefactor of a very nice looking truck ...at a ridiculous price...

  22. Davion Hill

    Davion Hill21 일 전

    Why was this totaled?

  23. peep Gregory-Potter

    peep Gregory-Potter21 일 전

    better than your shitty rebiuld on a Honda ridgeline

  24. Pereus gaweseb

    Pereus gaweseb22 일 전

    Hi.. I being watching your videos for a long time now and I really do like it.. and I was thinking of if you can help me fine a good truck that i can use in Africa for my business in Namibia.. Thank you Gawesebpereus@gmail.com

  25. Paul Forsythe

    Paul Forsythe22 일 전

    Nice shirt.

  26. Brandon McCarthy

    Brandon McCarthy23 일 전

    That E46 is siiiiick

  27. stefano ricci

    stefano ricci23 일 전

    I’m going to crush my Ferrari only to have you make her looking like just born!

  28. BigTastie YT

    BigTastie YT24 일 전

    Throw that furd turd in the dump where it belongs

  29. Blocked User

    Blocked User24 일 전

    Leave it to FORD to build a truck that the insurance company will scrap because of the cost to replace the grill...

  30. Daniel Dobbs

    Daniel Dobbs24 일 전

    Would absoululey piss in this

  31. Ray Sanchez

    Ray Sanchez25 일 전


  32. Fĕrnăndö ŘF

    Fĕrnăndö ŘF25 일 전

    0:40 Literally he spoiled his 2 recent projects, the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Ferrari 360

  33. Sergio Ruiz

    Sergio Ruiz25 일 전

    Ford not worth it, should of went Dodge Cummins or a duramax.

  34. sergio potes

    sergio potes26 일 전

    Lmao 14 thousand for a truck lol I get a truck for 1500 bucks yea it a 2004 with 100,000 miles but for no problem I did good lol and he complains this dude is a joke

  35. sergio potes

    sergio potes17 일 전

    osu! Lmao you think that really mater? Like come on dude if you got 10k why not but a new truck? Put a down payment and get on a payment plan obviously money ain’t a issue so what are we talking about here ? Lol I’m just saying he is willing to put 5k into part and labor like that’s 15k now so for 15 I can get a 2017 truck lol

  36. osu!

    osu!25 일 전

    sergio potes his truck is 10 years newer and has half the miles your truck has...

  37. Jerry Gundrum

    Jerry Gundrum27 일 전

    It's a truck of course it rides like a truck

  38. GQ Rippee

    GQ Rippee29 일 전

    never says anything about actual costs!!!

  39. Parker Whitley

    Parker Whitley29 일 전

    It’s a gas that’s why it’s cheap

  40. Bosfootball

    Bosfootball29 일 전

    I thought it was a diesel

  41. Geoffrey King

    Geoffrey King개월 전

    This is a $150,000 truck in Australia. Don't complain about $16,500.

  42. Eamon Conners

    Eamon Conners29 일 전

    Geoffrey King he said it was a really good deal..

  43. Stickity Man

    Stickity Man개월 전

    Aw is sam sicky poo

  44. Geek Ranch

    Geek Ranch개월 전

    I'm kind of curious why you didn't just use an aftermarket grill with a new design. Something unique? They're usually cheaper than oem. Love the channel.

  45. BigKing17

    BigKing1729 일 전

    Some people just love OEM

  46. Knoxicutioner

    Knoxicutioner개월 전

    Hell Yeah. Go Wings

  47. Redchew10

    Redchew10개월 전

    You’re misleading people about the ARV of a truck like this by comparing it to a diesel version.

  48. david rivera

    david rivera개월 전

    Transgender lol

  49. jj waters

    jj waters개월 전

    I found a 2007 f350 6.0 bulletproof king ranch 98,000 on the odamator side impact only paid 3400!

  50. jj waters

    jj waters29 일 전

    @BigKing17 and my left nut

  51. BigKing17

    BigKing1729 일 전

    The devil himself must of sold you that. Did he take your soul?

  52. Daniel Proffer

    Daniel Proffer개월 전

    No wonder it doesn’t work its a ford

  53. Michael Kennedy

    Michael Kennedy개월 전

    And your resale value is what with an R title ?

  54. bikephil

    bikephil개월 전

    Your videos are awesome. No cursing. No obnoxious behavior. Fascinating to watch your expertise. Keep it up!

  55. Ira Jones

    Ira Jones개월 전

    I see that butterfly effect -Travis on that touchscreen 😁😁

  56. Doomsday971

    Doomsday971개월 전

    16,500? We have different definitions of cheap. To me no new truck is worth even 15 grand new.

  57. Doomsday971

    Doomsday97120 일 전

    @Brian Nelson 10 years old? Oh those aren't worth maybe 5 thousand. Just because someone thinks they are doesn't make it true.

  58. Brian Nelson

    Brian Nelson개월 전

    Then you sir will never own a truck less than 10 years old.

  59. Josh H

    Josh H개월 전

    you are so fucking knowledgeable about cars/trucks/sports cars/super sports cars it makes me sick.

  60. Landon Blake

    Landon Blake개월 전

    Oh wait it's gas lol

  61. Michael Brownstein

    Michael Brownstein개월 전

    Also I know no one will like my comments so I like them :(