I Bought A Box Of Amazon Customer Returns


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard5 개월 전

    HELLO FRIENDS!! so sorry for the long hiatus, i will explain what happened in a couple of videos from now lol, but basically we had to move all of our videos around and then we were in australia. so anyway. here we are, back again! ALSO, thank you guys so much for 6 million subscribers!!! you are all amazing!! i don't have any big stunt planned for 6, but we do have some fun stuff in the works for u guys so keep ur eyes peeled! xoxo, saf

  2. Holly

    Holly일 전


  3. Nick Clifton

    Nick Clifton3 일 전

    B. lue Kni ght

  4. Nick Clifton

    Nick Clifton3 일 전

    Bl. uht Hi



    The flawless one works really well I have all there products

  6. 4leafclover

    4leafclover4 시간 전

    *Some one sent a biohazard back. That stove cover jar of syringes was what some one was using as their sharps disposal, AND THEN SENT THEM IN AS A RETURN!!!* What the actual fuck?!?!

  7. Gloria Chapman

    Gloria Chapman4 시간 전

    Alright!! Lol

  8. Chanel Russell

    Chanel Russell5 시간 전

    18:50 ppl...i fucking died laughing. i had to replay that to see if i heard that correctly XD

  9. Lori Isabella

    Lori Isabella5 시간 전

    I actually had a box of the finger cots! I used them to apply medicated ointment to my cat's ears.

  10. Raz Khoshnaw

    Raz Khoshnaw7 시간 전

    9:02 is when the box’s arrive

  11. Rose Dobre

    Rose Dobre8 시간 전

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  12. Olivia Bainbridge

    Olivia Bainbridge8 시간 전

    At 12:41 that product shavers your face so u dont have a moustache , i have one there really good 😂👍

  13. mystic moonlight

    mystic moonlight9 시간 전


  14. Stephanie Valhalla

    Stephanie Valhalla11 시간 전

    Junk mostly lol. Not all. KOreporter - Stephanie Valhalla. Giving away FREE 3 Tree of Life Pendants to 3 different people!

  15. Brianna Dixon

    Brianna Dixon13 시간 전

    I’m LOVING those bratz dolls in the back

  16. Weird Irish Girl

    Weird Irish Girl13 시간 전

    10.58 OMFG My mom returned a water protector the exact same brand on Amazon, a month or two before this video was uploaded OMFG what if that was the one my mum returned!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 360 View

    360 View17 시간 전

    12:41 I remember seeing that in an infomercial

  18. Agnia Cristea

    Agnia Cristea17 시간 전

    Who's here from Shubble

  19. TheLilaSky

    TheLilaSky20 시간 전

    I love my Braun epilator 😎 smooth for long time 😉

  20. Tater

    Tater21 시간 전

    The shaver that looks like a small vibrator is my fave! Great for lip and face.

  21. Tater

    Tater21 시간 전

    Ahh a hair waver!! I want that box!

  22. Tater

    Tater21 시간 전

    What you put the scale in junk!! 😨

  23. pink unicorn rainbow sunshine

    pink unicorn rainbow sunshine22 시간 전

    My dad's a chef and he uses those little finger condom things to handle food if he has a cut on his finger.

  24. Ari Murphy

    Ari Murphy일 전

    Just realized I have that exact same shower chair...

  25. Sparkles f

    Sparkles f일 전

    I love the intro I saw the video when you got this video tried song

  26. Joni Quinn

    Joni Quinn일 전

    This is awesome thanks for sharing!!! Im gonna give it a go for my family!!

  27. Jessie Mushroom

    Jessie Mushroom일 전

    8:31 i sPy wiTh mY liTtLe eYe... a cRuSty tHat iS fLoOfy aNd coULd gEt tHis cOmMent liKes hAhA oK nO oNe gEts mY sOng rEfrEnce

  28. HammieMcAnnie :D

    HammieMcAnnie :D일 전


  29. Cassandra

    Cassandra일 전


  30. Glory Gal

    Glory Gal일 전

    My mom has that butt cushion in her car...

  31. Axl Gonzalez

    Axl Gonzalez일 전

    I've been subscribed to you for about a year and have never really watched anything on your channel. After this top notch high quality video I'm so on-board for your content! 😍

  32. Pavel Adamek

    Pavel Adamek일 전

    I do not get it: mentioning a lubricant is bad for monetization?

  33. Pavel Adamek

    Pavel Adamek일 전

    A grown-ass woman does not know how to use an epilator? The lip is probably the worst place to use it on.

  34. Sassy cat

    Sassy cat일 전

    You could always use the syringes for dumb syringe life hacks.

  35. Jerry Garcia

    Jerry Garcia일 전

    Could the middle scale be set to KG instead of lbs?

  36. Sandy Wilson

    Sandy Wilson2 일 전

    Why didn't they test the lune!?!?!?!?

  37. Keri Thompson

    Keri Thompson2 일 전

    Lol I have a leg cast water proof cover thingy 😂

  38. Jodie Brook

    Jodie Brook2 일 전

    That andis t-outliner would be a great find for me. I’m a hairstylist and we all use that exact one.

  39. Riley Evans

    Riley Evans2 일 전

    The "sketchy vibrator" is the Flawless Hair Remover and is actually WILDLY efficient at removing hair! Especially the mustache😂

  40. Jenna Kessinger

    Jenna Kessinger2 일 전

    So the weird finger things are actually useful. I'm a hairstylist so every salon I've worked in has had them. They're for if you accidentally cut a finger during a haircut. It water proofs your bandaid so you can still wash clients hair without your bandaid coming off. I call them finger condoms 😂

  41. Dulcina Mallough

    Dulcina Mallough2 일 전

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  42. Lexani Gerapetritis

    Lexani Gerapetritis2 일 전

    I just wanna say I used those little finger condom things when I had a finger injury. I got bit by a macaw volunteering and it basically took my fingernail off so I had exposed flesh and it really hurt so when I showered or washed my hands I used that so I wouldn’t get hot water on it and hurt it or whatever. They’re great

  43. VioletCheetah 18

    VioletCheetah 183 일 전

    Think about the fact that these things had to be bought first to be returned, so who was buying these things and why?

  44. princesschichi86

    princesschichi863 일 전

    the flawless hair remover that little the gold thing. it works really well it for use on the face and neck I use mine often

  45. sarah

    sarah3 일 전

    $500 isn’t really a deal if the MSRP is $1000. Companies sell retailers their products for 50% of the MSRP.

  46. Lena Sophie Schroeder

    Lena Sophie Schroeder3 일 전

    I LOVE your videos SO much you are my favorite youtuber Is there a way I could get a Shout out, please P.S. Can you make a video making makeup from a kids craft toy

  47. Abbey Kat

    Abbey Kat3 일 전

    Omg your boxes came from my state lol

  48. KaMya Jones

    KaMya Jones3 일 전

    1:46- I got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes Lamb, rams, hogs, dogs Beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes Chicken, turkeys, rabbit (You name it)

  49. Jared Micho

    Jared Micho3 일 전

    Sleep headphones = birdbox

  50. Cobra Vids

    Cobra Vids3 일 전

    I may be wrong but that satanic symbol is actually a religious symbols, Jewish? Star of David I believe.

  51. Roxana Ras

    Roxana Ras3 일 전

    Is my iphone case in there

  52. v j

    v j3 일 전

    Why you misleading info they never accept complains? What is your benefit to promote this fake company, they are butch thief's runs this and sell all garbage to you. I get wrong item I spent $1000 told me it is returned but actually it salvage and when ask for refund they threaten me and an ugly ladies with no ethics is on customer service.

  53. Hi, I'm Dominik

    Hi, I'm Dominik3 일 전

    Whovians! Did you see the 2 daleks at 03:48 ?

  54. gurgle channel

    gurgle channel3 일 전

    Video starts at 9:00

  55. Kimika Faint

    Kimika Faint4 일 전

    FYI people, Fingercots - the tiny finger condoms - are also used to cover wounds/bandaids in kitchens, etc, and by massage therapists who don't want to wear a whole glove (because it feels really gross to massage through a latex glove) but don't want to rub oil and other people's skin goop into their cut finger.

  56. I love squish

    I love squish4 일 전

    7:11 I have those exact glasses

  57. Ella Flynn

    Ella Flynn4 일 전

    who else saw the Bratz Dolls behind saf?

  58. Hannah B

    Hannah B4 일 전

    GET THAT 💀

  59. TheDisguise

    TheDisguise4 일 전

    "Should it be in front of my eyes?"

  60. Aurore Aurore

    Aurore Aurore4 일 전

    People buy too much shit and don't save their money for a house, a car...

  61. Eva Houldsworth

    Eva Houldsworth4 일 전

    13:01. 😨😦😦

  62. That  galaxy goddess 🔮

    That galaxy goddess 🔮4 일 전

    My sister has a pennini press

  63. Thiccy Nicky ᴛᴇᴀʀs

    Thiccy Nicky ᴛᴇᴀʀs4 일 전

    ᴀ ᴄᴀɢᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴀ ᴄʀɪʙ... ʜᴍɴ...ʜᴍɴ.. HMN

  64. Thiccy Nicky ᴛᴇᴀʀs

    Thiccy Nicky ᴛᴇᴀʀs4 일 전

    ᴀ ɴɪᴄʜᴏʟᴀs ᴄᴀɢᴇ ᴘɪʟʟᴏᴡ ᴄᴀsᴇ? ʏᴇs.

  65. Pegasus Girl

    Pegasus Girl4 일 전


  66. Janine Henschel

    Janine Henschel5 일 전

    that small hair remover is AWESOME ! i BOUGHT it and it works great for your woman;s mustache

  67. Rebecca Penner

    Rebecca Penner5 일 전

    Omg more please more why do I like this so much

  68. Hannah Solomon

    Hannah Solomon5 일 전

    Why is every "current bid" exactly $10 below it's minimum?? **ALMOST every**

  69. Grace Maxwell

    Grace Maxwell5 일 전

    Hannah Solomon glad to help 😊

  70. Hannah Solomon

    Hannah Solomon5 일 전

    +Grace Maxwell Thank you!! That does make sense

  71. Grace Maxwell

    Grace Maxwell5 일 전

    Hannah Solomon I would assume that the current is the last bid, and the minimum is the lowest the next person to bid can go to avoid people going something like 1 cent above and making it go in forever.

  72. maybememory1

    maybememory15 일 전

    In all fairness to the finger cots (or finger condoms), my mom was a massage therapist and used them (this sounds bad so far, I swear it's not) when she had a cut on her finger so that she wasn't being unsanitary during a massage (a bandaid, then this on top, otherwise the bandaid would fall off or be scratchy).

  73. Rachael Dennis

    Rachael Dennis5 일 전

    Those finger glove things were always used at my work as a way to wear a glove when you have a bandaid on and work in a restaurant, but if it’s on your finger why wear a whole glove if you can wear a “finger condom”

  74. Eve Campbell

    Eve Campbell5 일 전

    Do you have to pay for shipping as well?

  75. Le'Dawn Thomas

    Le'Dawn Thomas5 일 전

    My favorite video of yours

  76. snatched batch

    snatched batch5 일 전

    I swearrrr we'd be best friends if we ever met. Love me some saf💜

  77. Xii M

    Xii M6 일 전

    I love how everyone I know hates epilators because they hurt so much while they're my favorite shaving method over everything else 😂😂😂

  78. Michelle Stillman

    Michelle Stillman6 일 전

    I just wanted to tell you the sock holder thingy isn't covered by Medicare. U know this because I had spine surgery j was fused for L2-S1 and including my pelvis. I am still in Physical therapy from it and I had to buy one of those out of the pocket. So maybe if you dont bave a family member that has a need for these may I suggest a short term nursing home.

  79. Darci Stalter

    Darci Stalter6 일 전

    That sock thing might come in handy while pregnant!! 🤗👀

  80. Madison Ronkar

    Madison Ronkar6 일 전

    Hi, im Maddie and i know this is werid but i was intrested ina cuple of ideams it sounded you wouldnt use like the nee brace. I play basketball and the nee brace would help alot and if you havent discarded any wish or extra Items im to the extreme dirt end with money so anything would help. THANKS so much even though you wont see this i hope im not sounding to pathedic... if you see this please contact me at madisonronkar281581@gmail.com to fallow up with me.

  81. Haley Chadwell

    Haley Chadwell6 일 전

    I have that laser hair remover. I like it.

  82. Jack of All

    Jack of All7 일 전

    So when are you going to show us using that body lubricant in your pussyc

  83. Jenny Nguyen

    Jenny Nguyen7 일 전

    “U name it, they MAY have it “ sksksksk

  84. Madison Rose Vlogs

    Madison Rose Vlogs7 일 전

    This Is Safiya's New Intro Song

  85. Luci-mae Barney

    Luci-mae Barney7 일 전

    My knee is pretty much broken so can I have the knee and cast cover thing

  86. Kitten Jackson

    Kitten Jackson8 일 전

    I know tr his video is old but I'm pretty sure two of the scales were in kgs and the other was in lbs

  87. Martin Abernathy

    Martin Abernathy9 일 전

    This was so funny, tasteful and entertaining! Thanks you! However, for the record, I don't think I will be bidding on a box.

  88. Ana Morales

    Ana Morales9 일 전

    How fun

  89. Michael Criswell

    Michael Criswell9 일 전

    The leg cover was a life saver!!!

  90. Natalie Brown

    Natalie Brown10 일 전

    I use those "finger condoms" lol at my work. We put them on a giant pen looking device to check patient's eye pressure.

  91. Rebecca! at the disco

    Rebecca! at the disco10 일 전

    I have that same waterpik waterflosser and it does wonders for my braces (Note that it cost like $60, but...)

  92. Prachi Prax

    Prachi Prax10 일 전


  93. Prachi Prax

    Prachi Prax10 일 전

    "i want to get something that we can try on or put on our face... ...my face. MY SINGULAR FACE.

  94. Prachi Prax

    Prachi Prax10 일 전

    she searched "Squidations" :)

  95. Jajjsjdn181

    Jajjsjdn18110 일 전

    when safyia says alright I die everytime😂😂😂

  96. Hot Mama

    Hot Mama10 일 전

    Enjoyed your video. Very funny :) . You and your BF seem cool. Though I think you're nuts touching half of that with your bare hands, and using the personal items or creams. No way! Lol.

  97. Glepembs

    Glepembs10 일 전

    oh my god syringes?! this video gave me anxiety i would not be able to use any of these

  98. idconfirm

    idconfirm10 일 전

    1:22 those eyebrows are talkin'

  99. Noah Callaway

    Noah Callaway10 일 전

    14:12 Those lens cleaning wipes are amazing!! Seriously, as a photographer, they are very good at cleaning lenses, phone screens, and glasses!! I got mine from Walmart for $5...

  100. Eric Leon

    Eric Leon11 일 전

    You =🌌👹☻

  101. Lin Hint

    Lin Hint11 일 전

    not worth $500 at all

  102. S. C. P.

    S. C. P.11 일 전

    She reminds me of Laurenzside, sometimes.

  103. NeRethil Wolfsson

    NeRethil Wolfsson11 일 전

    Hey, that Andrew Christian hoodie isn't that bad at all... Just consider it is Andrew Christian, a male lingerie brand XD

  104. Annika Sammis

    Annika Sammis11 일 전

    12:46 the hair remover is actually lined with 24k rose gold and is meant to remove hair on the face or in your case the mustache so sorry I am VERY late just wanted to throw that out there

  105. Dezlyn Anderson

    Dezlyn Anderson12 일 전

    2:38 “4 items named bed bath home and closet” ThErEs FiVe tHiNgS!

  106. Maritza P

    Maritza P12 일 전

    Who’s been here since buzzfeed ?

  107. Christa Augusta

    Christa Augusta12 일 전

    I think the head phones were placed further back for more safety because it would probably be bad to have music blowing in your ears for however long you sleep. But I don't really know.