I Bought A Box Of Amazon Customer Returns


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard개월 전

    HELLO FRIENDS!! so sorry for the long hiatus, i will explain what happened in a couple of videos from now lol, but basically we had to move all of our videos around and then we were in australia. so anyway. here we are, back again! ALSO, thank you guys so much for 6 million subscribers!!! you are all amazing!! i don't have any big stunt planned for 6, but we do have some fun stuff in the works for u guys so keep ur eyes peeled! xoxo, saf




  3. Nameless One

    Nameless One일 전

    The worry I have and main reason I have not ordered from liquidation.com is the shipping and delivery process and cost to ship. Will they delivery to my home and if they do will they just drop it off at the curb of my drive way and leave? Please make a video or let me know. Thank you

  4. Raphaelle Lamisericorde

    Raphaelle Lamisericorde일 전

    Safiya Nygaard should have tested out the body lubricant

  5. Katie Docherty

    Katie Docherty시간 전

    18:52 DEEZ NUTS 🤣🤣

  6. Abigail Edgar

    Abigail Edgar시간 전

    Tyler saying ‘get it’ after everything she lists😂



    20 seconds in, what an annoying woman. What's with the overacting and unnecessary hand movements? Must have read "Making a KOreporter video for dummies" book?

  8. Curtis Tyler

    Curtis Tyler5 시간 전

    27:57 you’re welcome

  9. Ellie O’Donnell

    Ellie O’Donnell6 시간 전

    11:50 kingsman anyone??

  10. Sabonn Jones

    Sabonn Jones6 시간 전

    I’ve never let a man wax my mustache. Seriously, girlfriend, you’ve got some MUSTACHE hair! The epilator is great except that you have to rough it out a few dozen times before it starts to really pay off. If you rub some anbesol (oral numbing agent) on your lip and let it sit there about 5 minutes, it’ll numb you up enough to tolerate it. You have to wash it off and dry your skin well before you epilate. If you use baby powder or corn starch, it dries it out and smoothes your skin which makes epilating easier. As your hair grows back, they come back finer and finer (when you shave, you will always have a thick, dark, rough hair that’s been cut off). When you rip those bad boys out by the roots, they come up finer each time they grow out. Not only does it get easier and less painful over time, the hairs also get lighter so they are much less noticeable as they grow out. Also, pulling your skin tight helps minimize the pain. I read all of this in a book. 😎

  11. Matt Johnston

    Matt Johnston7 시간 전

    I notice none of the lots ever ship outside the US. I wonder if this is simply because they know that the rest of the world will figure out it's a scam way too easily.

  12. Sara Bracamontes

    Sara Bracamontes8 시간 전

    do a thread up rescue Box

  13. Matthew Ronson Jr.

    Matthew Ronson Jr.8 시간 전

    I't be great not to say "like" every 5th or 6th word. This is how school kids talk.

  14. Selim Sultan Akbar

    Selim Sultan Akbar9 시간 전

    Isn't Naughty by Nature a hip hop artist?

  15. Wildflower

    Wildflower11 시간 전

    Oh boo you chose the most boring one

  16. Richard Hiller

    Richard Hiller11 시간 전

    Guaranteed... Tyler is a soy boy.

  17. Selim Sultan Akbar

    Selim Sultan Akbar9 시간 전

    Richard Hiller Guaranteed... Richard is an asshole.

  18. wenfeng guo

    wenfeng guo11 시간 전


  19. M L

    M L12 시간 전

    Tyler was just stoked he got some anal lube, and safiya is over him asking her "just the tip?"

  20. Hayley Burcher

    Hayley Burcher15 시간 전

    I've actually had that white noise machine in my bedroom at home for ~4 years, and as someone who is an incredibly light sleeper (and SUPER sensitive to/anxious about noise when trying to fall asleep), it is a GODSEND. I use an app on my phone while away at school, and it honestly truly doesn't compare to the Dohm. (People could be talking downstairs and I'd just pop the machine on and won't hear a damn thing, but it's also not cripplingly loud or "busy"-sounding as to be a disturbance in and of itself.)

  21. Vaishali U

    Vaishali U18 시간 전

    Completely unsustainable.

  22. Yellow Baldi

    Yellow Baldi21 시간 전

    most of your vids start with "I" or "Trying"

  23. Diva Taylor

    Diva Taylor21 시간 전

    Why would you spend so much money on returned items😕??

  24. Victoria Johnson

    Victoria Johnson22 시간 전

    Must be nice having so much money you can just by $500 worth of crap

  25. Selim Sultan Akbar

    Selim Sultan Akbar9 시간 전

    Victoria Johnson 500 ain't that much and there is some good crap in there

  26. Shirley Márquez Dúlcey

    Shirley Márquez Dúlcey22 시간 전

    Amazon's electronic devices are a notable exception. Those get refurbished by Amazon and resold or used for warranty replacements.

  27. Amelie Todd

    Amelie Todd일 전

    OH. MY. GOD. The shipping almost equalled the price of items!!!!!!!!!

  28. Kallie_WG

    Kallie_WG일 전

    Wait why am I not subbed to you again Well now I am

  29. Vandelay Industries

    Vandelay Industries일 전

    Pull the skin tight when you epilate. It helps lessen the pain.

  30. TheTruth4313

    TheTruth4313일 전

    I have a butt cushion jst like yours!

  31. Jason Finch

    Jason Finch일 전

    Starts unboxing at @9:40

  32. Deadsy Padilla

    Deadsy Padilla일 전

    I try and buy stuff local, fuck Amazon. Blocked.

  33. Selim Sultan Akbar

    Selim Sultan Akbar9 시간 전

    Deadsy Padilla chill

  34. Ci Silver

    Ci Silver일 전

    Damn there are stuff that should never be returned!

  35. Josh Torres

    Josh Torres일 전

    I worked at that Plainfield, In. location through a temp agency for a few months, that place is chaotic.

  36. Poochy Kitty

    Poochy Kitty일 전

    why didnt you talk about those ominous syringes more

  37. Cat Misselbrook

    Cat Misselbrook일 전

    This video has made me into a mega-fan of yours! I have now binge watched most videos, but this one is brilliant! I cannot wait to see more :3

  38. Spiritual Braces

    Spiritual Braces일 전

    a box full of garbage...

  39. Ashlieee x3

    Ashlieee x3일 전

    can i have the scale?

  40. BH

    BH일 전

    So you're the one who inherited my lube. Congrats!

  41. kuroninjaofshadows

    kuroninjaofshadows일 전

    I just went on that website. I don't know if it has changed since this video, or something, but it's all bullshit. I pulled up a bunch of listings that are just traps. My favorite was a 15K (WOW FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS) joseph joseph 6 piece carousel set. It's just a stand that holds 6 kitchen utensils. Minimum bid 100$, advertised as a 15,000$ value, 50$ on amazon new.

  42. AmandaEmilyKrystal

    AmandaEmilyKrystal일 전

    Closed Captaining???

  43. amsterdamsel

    amsterdamsel일 전

    This is my first video adventure with Safiya Nygaard and I must say that I enjoyed it a good deal more than expected. I'm not terribly interested in most KOreporterr personal channels, but Safiya is intelligent, intelligible, and funny. I ended up going on the Amazon adventure all the way to the end, and my reactions are as follows: Hahahahaha! What, seriously? Ew! Hahahahaha, awesome! Omg, more stuff! Ew! Hahahaha! Hahahahaha! Hahahahahaha! Ouch, I swear I felt that! Ew! Hahahahahahahaha! and Hahahahahahaha! Great job, Safiya Nygaard - you are really fun to watch!

  44. Dragon Flame

    Dragon Flame일 전

    I have a package up for auction.

  45. Bobby Silver

    Bobby Silver일 전

    I try my best to eliminate plastic shite from my life. Good luck sorting through this shite.

  46. Bobby Silver

    Bobby Silver8 시간 전

    Have you been looking in a mirror? Muslim cunt. Did I insult anyone before you showed your true being? No, so fuck off.

  47. Selim Sultan Akbar

    Selim Sultan Akbar9 시간 전

    Bobby Silver You must be "shite"

  48. carlos de caires

    carlos de caires일 전

    is a good video ... this woman remember me rajesh koothrappali from the big bang theory

  49. SmileyKat

    SmileyKat일 전

    Here from Shubble's version of this! She got some pretty sick items

  50. Justin Koldenhof

    Justin Koldenhof일 전

    These finger condoms are useable if you are working on a watch

  51. Annie Crooney

    Annie Crooney일 전

    How do you buy one of these boxes?Thank you!

  52. Derrick McAdoo

    Derrick McAdoo일 전

    Yet another thing, bored, middle-aged women can buy into. Great.

  53. Selim Sultan Akbar

    Selim Sultan Akbar9 시간 전

    Derrick McAdoo fuckface?

  54. Broken Casanova

    Broken Casanova일 전

    So thats where my syringes went that I returned.. :/

  55. Stacey Colby

    Stacey Colby일 전

    that website is a fucking scam! check the reviews! >:/ how much did they pay you for this? fucking nasty cunt!

  56. Selim Sultan Akbar

    Selim Sultan Akbar9 시간 전

    Stacey Colby relax

  57. Celestria jabba

    Celestria jabba일 전

    Im moving to New Zealand!!!

  58. vicky lam

    vicky lam일 전

    Are you pregnant?

  59. Kat

    Kat일 전

    that's my fave lotion

  60. Jake Young

    Jake Young일 전

    Why do you talk like that

  61. Alan Falleur

    Alan Falleur일 전

    I'm impressed. That stuff is way better than most of the things I see in damage stow.

  62. T. D.

    T. D.일 전

    Yaaaaaaa, NO. Only half price for shit you don't need and a gamble it may be broken is not worth it at all.

  63. selviaa

    selviaa일 전

    this is so funn omg

  64. Raphaelle Lamisericorde

    Raphaelle Lamisericorde일 전

    I din’t know what nsfw was searched it up If you don’t know what it is is just don’t search it up

  65. Raphaelle Lamisericorde

    Raphaelle Lamisericorde일 전

    I think the bleeps already explained enough

  66. Gggg

    Gggg2 일 전

    Some of those items were hilarious.

  67. More Content For Earth

    More Content For Earth2 일 전

    You are funny!!

  68. Lena-Marie Teixeira

    Lena-Marie Teixeira2 일 전

    How do you have money to just drop like that lol that's a whole ass savings account

  69. Crazy Me

    Crazy Me2 일 전

    Is this really a thing you do?

  70. James Eaton

    James Eaton2 일 전

    I'm a newby on here! Yay! I think you are very funny! I mean you have a great sense of humour, I have never been so entertained while watching someone open boxes and describe the contents. Liked Subscribed and rang the bell. Many thanks an entertaining waste of time so to speak hahah PS I need that but cushion!

  71. Heather Flint

    Heather Flint2 일 전

    Try products from Wanelo

  72. Meg Anderson

    Meg Anderson2 일 전

    Finger cots are also used in restaurants if you slice your finger open you apply a bandaid and a cot.

  73. WakeUpUniverse

    WakeUpUniverse2 일 전

    Lube, Finger Condoms and Hot dog shaped hair curler. Sounds like a fun Weekend.

  74. Jocelyn Khalifa

    Jocelyn Khalifa2 일 전

    This girl is sooo boring. Monotone at its finest.

  75. Selim Sultan Akbar

    Selim Sultan Akbar9 시간 전

    Jocelyn Khalifa Chill

  76. Expertise Aj

    Expertise Aj2 일 전

    My stepsister works at amazon :)

  77. J

    J2 일 전

    She kinda looks like Ted Cruz

  78. M. E. W.

    M. E. W.2 일 전

    KOreporterrs can make literally anything interesting 😂

  79. Brian Zaikowski

    Brian Zaikowski2 일 전

    Thank goodness you’re back. You had us all very worried.

  80. Salem

    Salem2 일 전

    XD I actually have a waterpik that I got from my orthodontist.

  81. Marquis Nightmare

    Marquis Nightmare2 일 전

    I genuinely wish I had $500 lying around to buy random stuff with

  82. Hermione Rules!

    Hermione Rules!2 일 전


  83. Blueberryninjas

    Blueberryninjas2 일 전

    11:34 so i know where i left off

  84. Alexis Lemos

    Alexis Lemos2 일 전

    Had to mute the sound halfway through, when I realised her voice was ruining the whole video

  85. Selim Sultan Akbar

    Selim Sultan Akbar9 시간 전

    Alexis Lemos Someone should mute you, damn!

  86. Jaimee Humphrey

    Jaimee Humphrey2 일 전

    is that a vaporizer

  87. constipatedpotato

    constipatedpotato2 일 전

    I wonder how the tech boxes are!!

  88. Nichola Conway

    Nichola Conway2 일 전

    Do you still have the finger gloves?

  89. Stella Tsäko

    Stella Tsäko2 일 전

    You picked like the most boring box :D I would've loved to see the ugly sweaters. Interesting video nonetheless :)

  90. cheetahbug5

    cheetahbug52 일 전

    While I definitely found this video interesting and yes, I learned something I didnt know (that Amazon sells return stock), I found myself laughing out loud at the two of you, because, I mean, the looks, the comments, and dees nuts ! LMFAO!

  91. Richard Blackmore

    Richard Blackmore2 일 전

    lol, you have 3 years of Christmas gifts.

  92. Sean Carton

    Sean Carton2 일 전

    there are whole aisles at the thrift store, exactly like these boxes.

  93. Alexis Wellong

    Alexis Wellong2 일 전

    This is the first video I’ve watched of yours and HOLY SHIT IM LAUGHING SO HARD

  94. John Scanlon

    John Scanlon2 일 전

    Do not buy anything from Amazon or one of their sub retailers. I just bought a cell phone one of Amazon's sub retailers and. the only thing it doesn't do is read sim cards. I will never buy anything else from this slimy corporation. I advise you not to become aligned with them either

  95. Selim Sultan Akbar

    Selim Sultan Akbar9 시간 전

    John Scanlon relax

  96. Jennifer Cate

    Jennifer Cate2 일 전

    Oh god, epilators are literally human torture devices.

  97. Aly Flores

    Aly Flores2 일 전

    I'll buy the black curling iron off you if you haven't sold it already.

  98. Funnyizzylizzy

    Funnyizzylizzy2 일 전

    You should try the returned version vs brand new

  99. MyiPhoneRocks

    MyiPhoneRocks2 일 전

    Your totally funny! Lol

  100. Sarahlovee

    Sarahlovee3 일 전

    I kinda want a lot of those hair itens

  101. Jax

    Jax3 일 전

    I want the water flosser!!

  102. Jax

    Jax3 일 전

    But most people send shit back for a reason..cuz its garbage or something lol

  103. Martin Drkoš

    Martin Drkoš3 일 전

    Hm... a bunch of stuff for leg injuries.

  104. Nichole Mayers

    Nichole Mayers3 일 전

    You are great!!! I mean-- this is informative, but I love your personality. :-)

  105. Bukky A

    Bukky A3 일 전

    Nice. Stumbled on your video. And got an education in something I never knew about. Very informative. Thanks!

  106. Dr. KOKO

    Dr. KOKO3 일 전

    Awesome Video. Thumbs Up! Also check out trending beauty tool, Jade Roller. 2018 Design for trendy girls amzn.to/2N6iQC7n

  107. NeverLetAny1 KillYourVibe

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    yasss mama #shophacks

  108. island gyal

    island gyal3 일 전


  109. Jacqueline Dempsey

    Jacqueline Dempsey3 일 전

    Like storage wars lol

  110. Finnegan Patton

    Finnegan Patton3 일 전

    0:00 iconic

  111. Jazmine Frey

    Jazmine Frey3 일 전

    The thing you called a vibrator is actually for shaving your mustache, dont have one just saw it advertised the other day

  112. Marie Mellor

    Marie Mellor3 일 전

    Good information but why have the Americans started talking in an 'asking a question tone'? And some of them croak at the same time. What's it all about? It's come over to the UK.

  113. omfg she fucken dead

    omfg she fucken dead2 일 전

    i believe its for comedy purposes

  114. Carolina Guerra

    Carolina Guerra3 일 전

    I just noticed that i've been watching this 20+ minute long videos for like 3 hours already and i ain't even mad

  115. Jana Hotbike

    Jana Hotbike3 일 전

    Omg this was hilarious. I always wanted to do this so thank you for doing it for me lol.