I Became a GOD TITAN with 1,000,000,000 POWER.. (Roblox)


  1. Owen Milsom

    Owen Milsom일 전

    the better skins the more taller

  2. Mr Green !

    Mr Green !3 일 전

    Every video: WE will become #1!!In the best way possible Off camera: Mom, Where is your credit card ( I don't think that's true)

  3. Alice

    Alice5 일 전

    10:24 thanks

  4. Jayden Pham

    Jayden Pham7 일 전

    I lost my account but all my progress is gone 😥

  5. Fred Roberts

    Fred Roberts10 일 전

    I'm going to report him!

  6. Fred Roberts

    Fred Roberts10 일 전

    He's so mean!

  7. Han Jin Chai

    Han Jin Chai13 일 전

    4th in my server one time name fluid power he was big as mountain

  8. Percy G

    Percy G14 일 전

    You mean guest 666??

  9. Yt_Naaj930 Robinson

    Yt_Naaj930 Robinson16 일 전

    Don’t you dare squash joe if you did I’ll squash you😡😡😡😡😡

  10. Mega block animations

    Mega block animations18 일 전

    "777" Is.... GODS NUMBER

  11. Victoria Bollano

    Victoria Bollano6 일 전

    Its actually 12 because that's the lucky number

  12. Caven Murray

    Caven Murray18 일 전

    Hey tofuu i used code tofuu in the robux shop and can u send me a few thousand robux cuz im a sore loser i have 0 robux

  13. GrantLoveKids

    GrantLoveKids19 일 전

    i play roblox

  14. trustly653 /

    trustly653 /20 일 전

    Hi tofuu pls give me Robux username: trustly653 i join your group pls give me Robux i love ur vids :D

  15. CD ;3

    CD ;321 일 전

    T^T so op just wow

  16. The Roblox Set Up.

    The Roblox Set Up.22 일 전

    U don’t grow when ur inside the cave.

  17. Justine Stankiewicz

    Justine Stankiewicz23 일 전

    10:25 I agree to u

  18. Justine Stankiewicz

    Justine Stankiewicz23 일 전

    Accually u ment when u go to age 5 to age 9

  19. Nicholas Olivero

    Nicholas Olivero26 일 전

    Tofuu lm a fan can you me robolx

  20. joehorn85

    joehorn85개월 전


  21. joehorn85

    joehorn85개월 전


  22. Shahroz the beast

    Shahroz the beast개월 전

    lvlvv,KVK Ldldl Kfkrr Hi

  23. Marla Padrelanan

    Marla Padrelanan개월 전

    This is not my account on youtube my name in roblox is amarepogi123456 my lvl on giant simulator is 4000!!!!

  24. Bong Gonzales

    Bong Gonzales개월 전

    F### you dude

  25. Bong Gonzales

    Bong Gonzales개월 전

    If you get in the cave you get small

  26. Alan Hu

    Alan Hu개월 전

    The crates and in the game are from blacksmith simulator

  27. arturo cu

    arturo cu개월 전

    YO TOFUU CODE:Tofuurebirth1 and gives you 5000 coins, oh and Btw im using my dads Ac

  28. xDarkaizx

    xDarkaizx개월 전

    I love the EPIC sond

  29. Daniel Lanigan

    Daniel Lanigan개월 전

    I love you joe

  30. Ahmed Salem

    Ahmed Salem개월 전

    I I love your videos so much

  31. Kevin The God Dragon Ball Z Rage God

    Kevin The God Dragon Ball Z Rage God개월 전

    I liked and sub

  32. YOU TUBE

    YOU TUBE개월 전

    that skeleton dude was me he killed me

  33. Carl Volk

    Carl Volk개월 전

    I like poke more and Preston

  34. som sky fun

    som sky fun개월 전


  35. Manita Khadka

    Manita Khadka2 개월 전

    Give us 10000 robux no I will don't like your video

  36. YouTube frank

    YouTube frank2 개월 전

    I belive in you #1 is yours

  37. noamy par tha fang

    noamy par tha fang2 개월 전

    Is it going to Cave just going to get smarter something never blessed you

  38. Wesra Opsao

    Wesra Opsao2 개월 전

    Alia music

  39. Kuba

    Kuba2 개월 전

    What is game

  40. gemma Duffy

    gemma Duffy2 개월 전

    Tofu tire to make 1000 lvls

  41. Alex_bumblebee Le

    Alex_bumblebee Le2 개월 전

    ur the fake one