How Was THIS Movie In The Netflix Spotlight? (Secret Obsession Review)


  1. Ken Petrini

    Ken Petrini시간 전

    Fuck Raid Shadow Legends. Total trash. Totally annoying shitty dev's. Anyone giving these people money need to stop

  2. Lore Graves

    Lore Graves4 시간 전

    There is a working payphone down the st from me. But correct who has the exact change unless you use the bus all the time.

  3. AlesaandWhatever

    AlesaandWhatever5 시간 전

    They don't mention the guy in the wikipedia either...

  4. King Slayer

    King Slayer7 시간 전

    When you made the edit “are you in good hands?” I actually thought that was a part of the movie

  5. YerBoiToaster

    YerBoiToaster12 시간 전

    “This is gonna be a long review, but first let’s talk about our sponsor RAID SHADOW LEGENDS”


    AMANDA DAVIS13 시간 전

    5 mins in and I paused it Will watch this suck ass movie and THEN come back to laugh 😂

  7. lololol lololol

    lololol lololol13 시간 전

    Wow you are really good at pointing out things when I watch this movie I didn't even realize a lot of the stuff that you're pointing out you're a very observant person

  8. Julia Fernandes

    Julia Fernandes14 시간 전

    ok. now why did they thought that putting just that head band on her after a BRAIN INJURY would be a good idea

  9. Mai Waifu

    Mai Waifu14 시간 전

    I guess I’m an emotional person I straight began to cry when mrs what’s it’s your hands man was rapping the presents, that’s so fucking depressing you watch, damn I’m a pussy bitch



    guys.... USE HULU

  11. Nubia Quiroz

    Nubia Quiroz20 시간 전

    Are you in good hands?

  12. Jokrr Face

    Jokrr Face22 시간 전

    Brenda song.....forever young



    You are a film critic

  14. Angel Barker

    Angel Barker일 전

    Wait how did her real husband die? I think I missed that

  15. نوبيز

    نوبيز일 전

    I would've watched the vid if you hadn't been bribed by raid 😡😑😑

  16. Extra

    Extra17 시간 전

    Shut the fuck up

  17. after cosmet15

    after cosmet15일 전

    sadly i disliked since ur liying about raid shadow legends, its garbage

  18. John Wayne

    John Wayne일 전

    Her husband should have been Ashley tisdale in a mask.

  19. Floppy Fish

    Floppy Fish일 전

    Raid is trash!!!

  20. Brandon P 504

    Brandon P 504일 전

    I still don't know if it was serious or a parody of a cheesy Lifetime movie. If its the latter then its kinda brilliant. P.S. I really doubt that it was actually a satire.

  21. Veronica Crosthwaite

    Veronica Crosthwaite일 전

    Fuck raid shadow legends

  22. Kitty D

    Kitty D일 전

    OMG this is the first time I've seen you and you had me in tears through this long review of a movie I've never seen. You are amazing.

  23. Cesar Sosa

    Cesar Sosa일 전

    I don’t know about y’all... but I couldn’t stop laughing with the Allstate Guy. Lol #areyouingoodhands lol

  24. jose campzano

    jose campzano일 전

    That sponsor plug was 10/10

  25. Edgar West

    Edgar West2 일 전


  26. Nobieone

    Nobieone2 일 전

    When was the last time anyone sore a payphone

  27. Edwin Boston

    Edwin Boston2 일 전

    It’s sad that this movie sucks so badly because it’s a semi interesting premise. I’m not gonna pretend that I have more skill than the worst filmmakers, but I would have done it differently. Perhaps she gets in an accident and her ACTUAL husband takes her home. Through a traumatic series of events, her husbands facade fades away and she looks at him through a new lens. Maybe explain this by saying her hospital visit threw her off a drugging cycle or something like that, so when she arrived back home it started to wear off making her weary about taking more. Eventually reality sets in. As she becomes aware and reacts Accordingly, her husband turns into a Ted Bundy figure. There are so many other things you can throw in there to spice it up too, like have pictures on the wall change from her to many different women as the movie goes on. Have police arrive for noise complaints and later have the wife find a torture room or something. The basic premise has such potential.

  28. Polar Zoto

    Polar Zoto2 일 전

    After I leave here I'm getting a memory enema,

  29. Leo Kanev

    Leo Kanev2 일 전

    Raid Garbage Legends... Nice video though

  30. Parabab

    Parabab2 일 전


  31. Stu Markos

    Stu Markos2 일 전

    I think he hates Jennifer as a character lmfao!

  32. Stu Markos

    Stu Markos2 일 전

    LOL @ Running from a killer to stop and use a payphone hahahaha... Haha @ Never explaining who the other guy was.... What the hell was the detective doing? Shouldn't he have tried to call her family her friends her relatives or even check out her husband it's only proven most are done by someone they know... LOL @ Allstate let me figure out what his name is lmao! I was just thinking the same thing about no one running her prints or his hahaha... How did they pay the hospital bills without finding out who she was? Damn, this guy did a shitload of things on the way to the hospital haha!

  33. Digiorno_SEA

    Digiorno_SEA2 일 전

    Aight bro this is a pre good video and ima leave a like but please, the pubes on your chin are screwing my brain soooo please consider snipping that shot off

  34. explicitcorp

    explicitcorp2 일 전

    Dude you HAVE to shave those 9 hairs on your chin, for the good of the people.

  35. Rebecca 'Spooky' Duran

    Rebecca 'Spooky' Duran2 일 전

    Well he got the photo book from mummy and daddy's house after he killed them! It was mummy's book. Or he just got 'em off FB. Yeah dumb movie. Glad I don't have a TV so I don't get bored and accidentally watch it.

  36. Vice Forever

    Vice Forever2 일 전

    Thank you for this but im just so mad the all state man was in a movie this bad...i do love that dude

  37. Jason LIng

    Jason LIng2 일 전

    I see raid, I dislike and move on. Fuck anyone who is sponsored by that app. (app, not game)

  38. Command_not_recognized

    Command_not_recognized2 일 전

    Raid: Garbage Legends

  39. princess in mittens

    princess in mittens2 일 전

    I actually watched this piece of shit movie. I hated \HATE it!

  40. Darkey Silsand

    Darkey Silsand2 일 전

    Raid no you aren’t good you are just a cash grab but your video is funny and good

  41. Tathagata Guha

    Tathagata Guha2 일 전

    LMFAO... Reading A Script Maild by Raid Shadow Legend...

  42. Nikki Shields

    Nikki Shields2 일 전

    These videos are one of my favorites of yours! But all you’re videos make me laugh.

  43. Veeti Vesterinen

    Veeti Vesterinen2 일 전

    Good video, but had to dislike because 1) Raid: Shadow Legends sponsored 2) still many ads

  44. Lolita Subliminals

    Lolita Subliminals3 일 전

    Oof I hate that my stories and ideas are prob going to get rejected but this story is 👌🏻

  45. Henry Johnson

    Henry Johnson3 일 전


  46. Ace Rookie

    Ace Rookie3 일 전

    Oh, they died in a fire lit.I died lol

  47. Antonio Panozzo

    Antonio Panozzo3 일 전

    RaId ShAdOw LeGeNdS

  48. David Alexandrovitch

    David Alexandrovitch3 일 전

    "they made Brenda Song out as an idiot" don't we already know her as one?

  49. MMO Archives

    MMO Archives3 일 전

    if i was doing the writing, i would've had it themed around an action thriller starting out as the husband rescuing the wife at the hospital claiming someone is fixing to kill her, and runs out on the road, making the wife think he's trust worthy while making it look like the husband is the bad guy coming after her, then at the end, the one protecting her is the real bad guy, and the husband reveals himself as the real husband where the wife has to choose which one is the real one

  50. Legend no Densetsu

    Legend no Densetsu3 일 전

    Oh so it's another one of those movies that are so bad that it makes me regain faith in my shitty writing

  51. Queen of Storms

    Queen of Storms3 일 전

    So how you feel about Jennifer as a character? Tell me how you really feel?

  52. MarcTheBoi

    MarcTheBoi3 일 전

    Netflix: Let's Cancel Daybreak Also Netflix:Let's Put Secret obsession In our spotlight!

  53. Forrest Hines

    Forrest Hines3 일 전

    Anyone else notice the worst stunt swing of all time when he hits the Detective with that hammer? The hammer at no point comes near him and dude reacts to getting hit when the guy is still half cocked back lol

  54. WILNEL

    WILNEL3 일 전

    lol the hit to head with a brick was perfectly timed with an add for Shudder streaming service

  55. Console MonsterX

    Console MonsterX3 일 전

    I too got baited into watching this. And like you, I called from the very opening that the "husband" was not the husband but the killer and I also laughed at her getting out of her car to use a payphone. There are SO MANY plot holes that you missed but I get it. There's too many to go through. Like the new fake Star Wars movies. Oh, and I have the same glasses as terrible actor 2 (the killer). This is just another "white men bad" movie.

  56. WILNEL

    WILNEL3 일 전

    not an amnesia expert but I could find it plausible that you wouldnt even know what parents were, cellphone? maybe I dont know what that is? I had a job? bank account?

  57. WILNEL

    WILNEL3 일 전

    allstate guy was president in 24

  58. TheRogueEight

    TheRogueEight3 일 전

    Yes numbers lie. Raid shadow legends is fucking hot garbage, an example of numbers lying? I’ve 69’d 69 times.

  59. BolTingBlazie

    BolTingBlazie4 일 전

    Stop sponsoring raid

  60. Treatsdoggie

    Treatsdoggie4 일 전

    Bruh at the head when he hugs her and you put are you in good hands killed me

  61. Hello Popcorn

    Hello Popcorn4 일 전

    ahahaha This movie was terrible. However, I thought "All State Guy" was the only saving grace for this nightmare. lol