How Things Were Named 2 - Merrell Twins


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    Veronica: Thats just mean! JASMINE!

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    Are we going to talk about how cutely Roni said 2 0:20

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    Anybody waiting for a collab with some more twins? | \/

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    So.. Princess Jasmine is just Mean...

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    I wonder.......How was Veronica and Vanessa named?🤗❤💝💞

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    I love the how things are made

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    Do a how things are made part3

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    this is how many people want the merrlell twins to carry on making vidio

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    Cinderella means little ashes

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    They call Cinderella well Cinderella because her actual name is Ella but since she lived in a cinder place (I think, idk ;-;) Her step-sisters started callling her Cinderella.

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    Question is how all the *words we are saying made* ○_o

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    So you publish this in 2019 but can you tell us how songs where names plz it will make my day (don’t have to do if you don’t have time)

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    Said "my name is jeff"lol

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    In the last video p.1 at a part Jeff

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    actually, they called her Cinderella because her name was Ella and she was always covered in cinders

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    ᗰY ⒷⓊⓈ 𝖽𝗋𝗂𝗏𝖾𝗋𝗌 name is 𖣔𖧷Ꙭ✪Ꙭ✫☼ (veronica)



    i don't know who is it but i love your dimples!"merell twins"

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    Who here thought the first naming was going to be crunchy roll?

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    7:16 I-

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    Are you saying that HULU stands for “who lose” ???

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    How TikTok was made We need a video app that you upload stuff Others walk in Pick this mess up pls TikTok Gasping

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    Cinderella was already named in the movie..

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    How I was named: Sister(Queenie): I want a sister! Mom: but I’m 45! Sister: does it look like I care? 9 months later: Mom: AAAAAAAAAA oh look a baby Sister: Let’s name it after me! Not the exact story but close enough

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    Cinderella should’ve gone to prom and formal with Jeffery!!

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    Cinderella is the only one with a meaning behind it before this video

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    Isn’t Poseidon ariels father

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