How I Made an Ant Think It Was Dead-The Zombie Ant Experiment


  1. Rafster Chasan

    Rafster Chasan24 분 전

    Can you try to put the oleic acid on a different bug and see if it thinks its dead?

  2. George Tang

    George Tang7 시간 전

    ITS A SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (male ants only purpose is to mate with virgin queens) Males have wings and look like a skinny wasp thingy

  3. Nick

    Nick22 시간 전

    The ant should be a 'she',not'he'...LOL

  4. Siara Nicholson

    Siara Nicholson2 일 전

    I like ants(not red ants)

  5. Sven Cardona

    Sven Cardona2 일 전

    Ants are so smart even thou their brain is smaller than a cm

  6. PixelatedMess

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    *him* me: it’s a she

  7. Haroon Ashar

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    Your topics are UNIQUE. i love to watch your videos

  8. thievesguilding

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    oh my god you turned an ant into a goth

  9. Cpt Obvious1994

    Cpt Obvious19944 일 전

    Oleic Acid [Spell Card] After this card's activation, it remains on the field, but destroy it during the End Phase of your 3rd turn. When this card is activated: Target 1 face-up monster and send it to the Graveyard. While this card is face-up on the field, the targeted monster cannot be removed from the Graveyard. When this card is destroyed, return the targeted monster to the field.

  10. Kwan Wardkwan28

    Kwan Wardkwan285 일 전

    Scroo who ever disliked this video

  11. Spuddy Gaming King

    Spuddy Gaming King5 일 전

    let’s work with HIM. HE is biting the straw. I’ll put the acid on HIM. All worker ants of any species are females.

  12. Mister Ugi

    Mister Ugi6 일 전

    ok this is a weird story but.... one time I got a ant farm for my birthday. a couple days later the ants for it arrived. I put them in the farm. there was no need to feed them, because the substance in the farm was the food. after a week, there was a whole thing of tunnels. a couple days later... a war had started. on the two sides of the farm, there were to piles of food. ant guts smeared the sides of the farm. I shuddered and watched my ants maul eachother to death. after two days, none were left.

  13. Puthik Lau

    Puthik Lau7 일 전

    This is fake

  14. SuperDude66

    SuperDude667 일 전

    Ant 1 (one that thinks it's dead): I'm dead Ant 2: yes you are go to the graveyard Ant 1: ok **a few minutes later** Ant 1: Hi I'm not dead anymore Ant 2: wat

  15. Slurpy dog M

    Slurpy dog M7 일 전

    How they die

  16. Amirul Hamizan

    Amirul Hamizan8 일 전

    Its not dead yet... 3:57 u can see the ant move slowly

  17. Amirul Hamizan

    Amirul Hamizan8 일 전

    Soo its not a zombie ant...

  18. Lakesha Vallejo

    Lakesha Vallejo8 일 전

    I have a severe problem with leaf cutting ants. Do you have any suggestions for getting rid of them permanently?I have tried cinnamon, Terro,some kind of white poweder

  19. Boris Halas

    Boris Halas8 일 전

    check your focus on camera, it seems to be off

  20. Youveforgotmyname

    Youveforgotmyname9 일 전

    That's cruel

  21. Howly wolf OOF

    Howly wolf OOF10 일 전

    :3 soo funny :)

  22. Azmat Khan

    Azmat Khan10 일 전

    No ants were hurt in the making pf this video but I'm pretty sure they are hurt afterwards

  23. rayyan imam

    rayyan imam10 일 전

    nO i HaVe Not SeEn An aNt CoLoNeY

  24. nicolekasia

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    Um ants ar girls only girls so yoy need to say she

  25. Sam Thompson

    Sam Thompson11 일 전

    There's an ant store! Has it got a website or is that just for spiders?



    The ants Friends are tripping acid when they step close to him and they think o that person's dead

  27. Kelly Hughes

    Kelly Hughes11 일 전

    that's very interesting? ill have to do some research (aka the first result on google)

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    Yum, Tillamook ice cream. Good choice!

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    sub to pewdiepie

  30. Dušan

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    What if u put acid on every single ant from "familly" ?

  31. Ryan Goodwin

    Ryan Goodwin11 일 전

    thats creepy. it is real

  32. Jaied Kmneja

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    Get hack infinity ammo zombies is coming😂😂😂😂

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    Is his eye higher then the other?

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  36. Rock That Kitchen

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    “Oh hi Tyler how are you doing?” “Oh in dead”

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    thats cool bro

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    Everytime you say "dead" 😂😂😂

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    So some of Xxxtentacions fans are ants

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    my teacher has the same ant farm

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    I subscribed

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    What if... *Throws a whole glass can of it into a ant colony*

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    Ant:*walking around my feet* Meanwhile........ Ant:*accidentally bite me* Me:AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!😣😣😣😣😣😣

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    I like like my uncle but I dont like my ants and I don't like them in my pants and this is how I dance from fgteev

  47. doggy aj

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    one friday during my elementary years we were feeding our ants a strawberry and when we came back on monday there was on,y 2 ants left and a huge graveyard under the strawberry XD

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    I shivering Are you shivering? Oh *I must have ant fears*

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    In truth the ant is just a stereotypical goth

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    Zombie ant is real or not

  55. Dragon Master

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    1950: we are going to build flying cars in the futere! 2018: hmmmm... can i make a ant think there dead?

  56. Dragon Master

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    there i about 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 ants on earth like if its alot of ants

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    Do you know were you bought to harvesting ants at I beg my dad but he does not know where to buy them

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    Ouuu yucky this is 🤢 disgusting...


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    Not tru

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    You should name him stuart the dum ant not to be rude

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    3:58 wow he has a ton of rasberries

  65. Dragon Master

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    but what if the ant DROWNS IN THE OIL ever thought of that

  66. Dragon Master

    Dragon Master14 일 전

    this is really fake. the ant is a traitor he is a paid actor in dieing ants studio club edit: if you wana see hi acts go to or go to

  67. Natalia Mora

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    How long did u leave the ant in the freezer?

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    I like to kill ants :3

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    What if you put the a-laik assek oh one side of the ant fram will the friend one to get in the a-like assek go to the ant grave or will the other ants bring it to the ant grave?

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    This is what the ants think when it thinks it's dead :bleh 🐜

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    Love your vids

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    He tried to get an ant to commit suicide *sobs

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    Nice i like it

  76. Joe Duke

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    So is there an analog for Oleic Acid useful for causing Marxist SJWs to pick each other up, and instead of their hitting others with bicycle locks, carry them off for butt sex right then, instead of after their being triggered thugs?

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    A zombie ant yo did he eat any ants?

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    Watching this video an ant was crawling in my body.

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    I think that to

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    no ants were killed/harmed in this video

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    Why do I feel sorry for the ant even though nothing happened to him😢😂


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    This guys voice..... I'd rather listen to kpop

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    Warning zombie 🐜

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    " I think that massive creature controlling us put Oleic acid on me " "" Dw mate just go wash it off in the Oleic pile so we dont get confused ;-) ""

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    He does realise that instead of freezing the ant he could have just dipped the straw in the acid?

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    who else thought this was AntsCanada?

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    Did you know if that chemical gets on another ant , no matter how much the ant squirms and try’s to say it’s alive the other ants buries alive

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    3:30 Did you just assume the Gender?

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    I HATE ants

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    You seem like an anti ant guy.