How I Made an Ant Think It Was Dead-The Zombie Ant Experiment


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    Science is FASCINATING👩🏻‍🔬

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    He Got Mad And Threw The Ant Down At 4:19

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    3:11 Isnt He Kidnapping?....OOF

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    Im Dad?? 1:50

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    Interesting 😊

  6. Zaknafein

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    Interesting video, but we cannot establish if the ant "thinks it's dead", because we do not know what the ant is thinking. Furthermore, the conclusions drawn are a bit subjective here: you simply track a marked ant for about an hour and it appears to be near the graveyard. That does not mean that it "wants" to bury itself. Again, we do not know what the ant is thinking or what its motivation is. It would be better if you had a control ant to track that was not marked (or marked with a placebo), as it might also be near the graveyard (which we see other ants do in the video). However, that the carrying-the-dead behaviour in ants is triggered by the oleic acid seems logical, as it would be a stimulus trigger. It should also be recognized that E.O. Wilson is one of the world's leading ant experts, so he is worth listening to in this regard (even though I just committed the argument from authority fallacy).


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    ahahah feels like i'm watching some type of Nazi experiments on ants

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    Ant. ExE has stopped working

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    Ants don't think.

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    I don't think he believed he's dead. he just knows the smell means it belongs in that area. some ants may try to bury any live ants that have the smell on (probably from when they were taking a dead ant.) in that case it can be critical for the ant who's still alive. it's an interesting part of ants. I hope this smell was removed from the poor ant after your little experiment as it's distressing and unpleasant to cause a living being mental or physical suffering.

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    Ant1: 'I saw Antony crawling around yet he was actually dead!' Ant2: 'The zombie apocalypse has began, the prophesy was right.Quick warn the others .'

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    Why am I laughing when he said the ant is willing and think is dead itself 🤣

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    Why has this been in my recommended for months??

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    This is really cool!

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    What did you do with the rest of the oleic acid you bought?

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    This is really interesting! It’s fascinating how much we humans don’t know about stuff on this world and even though we have discovered many things, there is still so much that we don’t know!

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    I find your voice annoying

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    4:18 OOOF

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    That ant was probably seething getting that smell off. 😂

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    Casually has 5 million raspberries in his freezer

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    💭💭you put it in the frezzer right so that means u made it slower and it can take awhile for it to get up good science

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    what if all the ants had oleic acid on them, who would take them to the grave or will they all go orrrr they all run around baffled?

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    when KOreporter recommended this I was surprised but now I'm glad this was awesome💜

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    why am i watching this video my midterms start tommorow

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    When he got the ant, I got goosebumps

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    What we see: -Puts 'death' pheromone on cold ant -Puts ant back in ant farm -It wakes up -Other ants treat it like it's dead What the ants see: *dead body falls into house*

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    you just made an ant attempt suicide jkjk

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    Ants happend to die during the making the vid Not from this Channel tho

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    😥😥 he spoiled it's great future 😂😂😂😂🐜🐜🐜☠☠☠

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    Very Interesting.

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    If anyone needs more energy and want to overall feel better..mind, body and soul?...

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    That's ant is Jesus now.

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    what if the whole colony was covered with the acid

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    Now he made a weirdo ant...hangin out with dead ants

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    Maybe Oleic acid just smells like A$$ to them and they send it to the grave yard and when he smells like it he seperates himself from everyone becasue he smells like A%%.

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    He wants to hang out in the grave yard.

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    U throw him

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    He’s not dead he’s cold :/

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    Someone call PETA

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    SKSKSK when I clicked on this video I got a ant/termite commercial ad😭

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    Ur evil lmao

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    It’s crazy how smart ants are

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    They said this to the ace family too.....

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    Do you want ants? Because thats how you get ants.

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    AntsCanada should see this video lol

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    In ur book said Ant has no eye. He use Smell as eye.

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    How the hell did I get here?

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    Come off it...What a load of bull...

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    One day I have a dumb idea of making an ant a liar. I put a teaspoon of sugar on the floor wait until an ant come to it and when the time the ant calls the other ants , I collected the sugar again before the group of ants come.

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    Where the vegans at?

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    No ants were actually harmed during this video

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    All creatures great and small have value in our fragile world, but my fellow human beings think it is ethical to experiment and torture them. You disgust me! : (

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    maybe stfu

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    Let me say that Ants are important why you make experiment on small ants. Leave it alone. Ants got job to do on earth.

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    You should call it an experimant!

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    Don’t worry about me just watching ant videos at 2 in the morning.

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    I am going to state the obvious here...but A) ants don't think...not on that level B) if one can think, one is not dead

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    I feel bad for this ant

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    Ant-man has left the chat!

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    This is the human equivalent of some guy trying to bury himself in a graveyard.

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    Wow everytime I saw a ant get carried away I thought they were going to eat each other taking them to a grave is actually really kind.

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    omg i should be doing my homework i left last minute thats due tomorrow yet im here

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    Fun fact: The graveyard is the place where the live humans take the dead humans. Jokes aside, great video though!

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    i thonk i like this vidd

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    So if that ant bites you, Youll become a zombie?

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    The ant was home sick

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    They died from eating gel

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    “He’s” actually a beautiful woman

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    You are so repulsive on so many levels i cant fathom how you dont realize your worthlessness and go on living. Just my $0.02

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    I wish i could experiment to see how many people would just walk by you if they saw you dead on the street. As a control i mean.😏 FYI i wouldnt leave you there. Id push you over to a dumpster where you belong.

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    40%- life sucks 40%- life is the best 20%- its a blessing yet a curse

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    How stupid is that ant? *he is breathing, alive, moving, HE IS ALIVE*

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    Can I think i m dead? *or is it called being passed out?*

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    Don't do it in the Japanese suicide forest, or Logan Paul will think that the ant is dead and film it.

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    Do u ever feed those ants

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    I hope ants don't one day do this shit to us

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    Coat all the ants

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