How I got 180 Million Bloodpoints on Dead by Daylight


  1. Nea Feels

    Nea Feels15 일 전

    That’s like…more than 3

  2. Kathy Karma

    Kathy Karma19 일 전

    well I didn't hate, I watched your explanation, thats how it should work lol

  3. Ricardo Lapa

    Ricardo Lapa23 일 전

    Ok! I will give you a chance. Subbed.

  4. Vercrow

    Vercrow26 일 전

    I only got 40 mil. But okay

  5. Bennico

    Bennico27 일 전

    this happened to me, i lost a lot of hours and got 160k back. Only 160k

  6. MGSxSlice

    MGSxSlice29 일 전

    GUYS DO NOT DO THIS behavior saves previous game files that is how they were able to prove this and gave him a “refund”

  7. All tube

    All tube개월 전


  8. Brandon Gibson

    Brandon Gibson개월 전

    So i lost my first account with around 300 hrs an just started over an prestige 2 times when I could have dne this nice

  9. Tina Papcuňárová

    Tina Papcuňárová개월 전

    Did someone realize how long it took them to answer...? About an month ... Jesus

  10. gamebox 115

    gamebox 115개월 전

    Mikkui Nightmare that’s the devs for you

  11. Rain The Vaporeon

    Rain The Vaporeon개월 전

    How I got 6,900 in a single match

  12. Fire Rage

    Fire Rage개월 전

    I believe it I lost 500k BP and got it back I also broke the cap

  13. Pretty gud job

    Pretty gud job개월 전

    Wait u could literally send a pic of ur acc, tell them u lost it and theyl give u bloodpoints?

  14. Zero Effort

    Zero Effort개월 전

    No. They check.

  15. amishel

    amishel개월 전

    i love when u pronunce P

  16. Wild

    Wild개월 전

    Send me your photos so then i can get 180 mil blood points lol 😂

  17. Captain Wee

    Captain Wee개월 전

    claickbait, it's 181.74 Million bloodpoints

  18. SelectDevotee68

    SelectDevotee682 개월 전

    AaronPlaysTV stop lying you hacked the game for those blood points. Be fucking honest.

  19. Sooperninja2006

    Sooperninja20062 개월 전

    I keep losing 2 games worth of bp I run bbq and chilli and get 60k a game but I keep losing that and my daily rituals keep getting set back

  20. Horaizon

    Horaizon2 개월 전

    This happened to me on xbox and got 120 million

  21. Kaiz

    Kaiz2 개월 전

    Horaizon alright I’ll do that thanks for your help

  22. Horaizon

    Horaizon2 개월 전

    Scratchy email them How they are doing on your blood points that’s what I did

  23. Kaiz

    Kaiz2 개월 전

    @Horaizon yea same I'm scared because I spent a lot of time in this game and it's all gone

  24. Horaizon

    Horaizon2 개월 전

    Scratchy I did email them like 5 times tho because I was scared lol

  25. Kaiz

    Kaiz2 개월 전

    Oh for me it is more then 4 days pretty sure haven’t gotten something yet same thing happened to me

  26. Brent Riggs

    Brent Riggs2 개월 전

    Yeah happened to me too

  27. Scrxit Gxated

    Scrxit Gxated2 개월 전

    How long did it take for a message back

  28. Razzle_ Drg

    Razzle_ Drg2 개월 전

    I believed you

  29. Razzle_ Drg

    Razzle_ Drg2 개월 전

    Sorry about that

  30. Jøbąrd

    Jøbąrd2 개월 전

    awesome for you.

  31. Exotic FuZioN

    Exotic FuZioN2 개월 전

    Bloodpoints are capped to 1,000,000🤦‍♂️

  32. Roberto Whyyoucare

    Roberto Whyyoucare2 개월 전

    Normally, yes. But they can go above 1,000,000 if they are set to do so.

  33. ToX1c -_

    ToX1c -_2 개월 전

    Spanish plz :(

  34. Majicpug

    Majicpug2 개월 전

    Well, I had also lost my account the entire thing, about 400 hours and I was given in the ball park of like 18,000,000 I get they compensated you for your 3000 hours but why is this being made in 2019 when the actual save file deletion occured mid October ish I beleive. I am not accusing you of anything but am confused why this is a 2 year old situation and this is your "front" video

  35. Merciful Crusade

    Merciful Crusade2 개월 전

    @AaronPlaysTV You've done well.

  36. AaronPlaysTV

    AaronPlaysTV2 개월 전

    because people wouldn't stop calling me a hacker even after 2 years had past? so I wanted to prove my innocence...

  37. Carlos KnD

    Carlos KnD2 개월 전

    That's crazy thx for letting us know

  38. IfeIsAwesome

    IfeIsAwesome2 개월 전

    The haters are just jealous that they are bots with no prestieges

  39. Psycho Reject

    Psycho Reject3 개월 전

    Like the devs are super cool they know when they mess up n they try fixing the game breaking bugs as fast as possible ya hitboxes are still garbage but you really csnt fix someones taco bell connection

  40. Saitama

    Saitama2 개월 전

    @Psycho Reject yeah I find it useful I know pallet placements but rng and teammates I say it's a great perk

  41. Psycho Reject

    Psycho Reject2 개월 전

    @Saitama to find out loops on maps yes really good honestly

  42. Saitama

    Saitama2 개월 전

    They dont realy fix it quickly XD but they do end up fixing something also do you think windows of opportunity is good

  43. Farawell C

    Farawell C3 개월 전

    I thought it said "How I got 180 million Bloopers"

  44. ImmaDuckOnQuack

    ImmaDuckOnQuack3 개월 전

    Lol I remember that earth quake

  45. Game Heer

    Game Heer3 개월 전

    Fake you lose acc

  46. WISIN Aybal Pimentel

    WISIN Aybal Pimentel3 개월 전

    I really need this giveaway!

  47. Langwages IQ

    Langwages IQ3 개월 전

    Subbed bc the outro was lit

  48. Poerdje

    Poerdje3 개월 전

    Yo fr how do people not like ur content

  49. N T

    N T3 개월 전

    Poerdje it’s ok not gud tho cinda boring I like pain reliever or the jrm

  50. Toxic Nea

    Toxic Nea3 개월 전


  51. NotCook

    NotCook3 개월 전

    this happened to me too, i lost all my prestieges, and they gave me 20M BP, when i should’ve got half of that

  52. shaky prune 38

    shaky prune 383 개월 전

    Did thait pig dc to a valt wtf

  53. daniel _3107

    daniel _31073 개월 전

    I got an issue too and i don't know where to send it, i need the e-mail address if someone can give me

  54. Draculaz FPS

    Draculaz FPS개월 전

    daniel _3107 ye

  55. Dominic Farace

    Dominic Farace3 개월 전

    What an amazing company. That’s just awesome