How Fox News and President Trump Lost Control to Their Base | NYT Exclusive


  1. The New York Times

    The New York Times7 개월 전

    Read our full investigation:

  2. Big Bearn

    Big Bearn개월 전

    No such thing as objective news. Only God knows everything and the New York times is certainly not God.

  3. Michael Parris

    Michael Parris2 개월 전

    @Visteo Bman You must not watch Fox News. It has made a pivot to the center.

  4. Great Man

    Great Man3 개월 전

    Robin Gillespie When they start “supporting” through articles, they’re also heading away from journalism. They need to just present the facts without spinning a slant. There’s already plenty leaning one way or the other.

  5. Great Man

    Great Man3 개월 전

    Pamela Wiles Go to the negative comments by leftists and democrats on right-leaning KOreporter channels and post “yet you’re here” for those comments. Stay to your integrity and put your money where your (digital) mouth is.

  6. Great Man

    Great Man3 개월 전

    Trick Q I seem to recall the left using old age as negative when McCain ran against Obama and Trump against Hillary. Youth is favored over age with most of the current Democrat candidates being fairly young for running for the highest office. Although youth is bad when it’s journalism? I guess Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin better clean out their offices!

  7. BS1

    BS13 일 전

    My Fox News Homework

  8. Dumitru Baruta

    Dumitru Baruta18 일 전

    N Y Times, a former newspaper. Today, a leftist rag. So sad....

  9. You Suck At Hiking

    You Suck At Hiking18 일 전

    Nobody believes you anymore New York Times. Your credibility is gone. Go back to chasing ambulances.

  10. arti

    arti23 일 전

    People who watch Fox are being lied to and apparently they enjoy that. Stockholm syndrome maybe?

  11. alex johnson

    alex johnson26 일 전

    Nothing but More Lies By THE DEMOCRAT MEDIA!! Always reporting on Hannity who has been reporting the Truth for the last 3 years while the LYINg,FRAUD,MEDIA makes up the NEWS!! EVERY WORD HANNITY has reported about The Corrupt Obama TRUE!!The CORRUPT F.B.I.CORRUPT C.I.A,The CORRUPT STATE DEPARTMENT,CLAPPER,Mr.D.N.I. nothing but corruption from The Obama Intel Agencies!! And with Tonights News The Durham Investigation just got REAL!! Durham now has Subpoena Power,Now it's a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION,IT'S ABOUT TIME THE CORRUPT OBAMA PEOPLE GET INDICTED!!! What a BUNCH of CRAP,"Lost control to their base"NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!

  12. Big Bearn

    Big Bearn개월 전

    The freemason press are on the liberal as well as the conservative news .

  13. Gemark Quitoriano

    Gemark Quitoriano개월 전

    Is this the FAILING NEW YORK TIMES??? Lmaoooooo The jelousy...

  14. Ethan Arnold

    Ethan Arnold개월 전

    So wait, any Republican presidential candidate is expected to go kowtow in front of Murdoch? If I ever needed more reason to wish the GOP would disappear...

  15. laeitdown

    laeitdown개월 전

    And how did they lose control. Fox has 10× the subscribers you do. Lmao

  16. laeitdown

    laeitdown개월 전

    Hahaha, good one. And your story on Trump asking Barr to investigate, did I not hear Trump say this to the press months ago. Are your readers that dumb, wow.

  17. Sean Givens

    Sean Givens개월 전

    Trump 2020

  18. darlingUSA1

    darlingUSA1개월 전

    The President's base has never been larger in number and in diversity. He is loved by most and if one took time to research, they'd find he's done more *for* America and her citizens than any POTUS before him. God bless these U.S. People know about NY Times, once a trusted source of news, is now just propaganda.

  19. kewrock

    kewrock개월 전

    Hey look. The Conservatives need a network of their own, because the Left has all the rest. Plus KOreporter, Google and Facebook. Oh, and the NYT.

  20. Richard Farley

    Richard Farley2 개월 전

    More bias propaganda from a news organization in bed with the criminally run Democratic party. The grey lady shuffled off the mortal coil years ago.

  21. Samuel Clemons

    Samuel Clemons2 개월 전

    Yeah , I can't wait for Mueller's report to set things right . Err wait , WHAT ???

  22. Michel trash

    Michel trash2 개월 전

    Muita dor e tristeza aonde anda os super heróis?

  23. Windbag Jones

    Windbag Jones2 개월 전

    By all means, the NYT is totally fair. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  24. William Heart

    William Heart2 개월 전 See link for truth

  25. Van Damage

    Van Damage2 개월 전


  26. lisa schneider

    lisa schneider2 개월 전

    FOX NEWS is no longer a media, it's the oligarch's brainwashing machine ! these psychopaths are destroying not only america but the world !! YOUR CHILDREN HAVE NO FUTUR !

  27. Windbag Jones

    Windbag Jones2 개월 전

    How is the future for the children in Democrat-controlled inner-cities?

  28. Echo Mike

    Echo Mike2 개월 전

    The lack of self-awareness in making a video like this is unbelievable.

  29. Charles Duke

    Charles Duke2 개월 전

    Your news outlet NYT, is a complete joke

  30. Stephen Zevon

    Stephen Zevon2 개월 전

    Dude, what's with your coffee cup? Couldn't put it aside for a minute while you recorded? Small point, but incredibly unprofessional

  31. Stephen Zevon

    Stephen Zevon2 개월 전

    If not for fox, 100% of media would be in the tank for hillary

  32. lisa schneider

    lisa schneider2 개월 전

    fool ! the gop is the party of criminal oligarchs !!! as a european, I cannot believe how so many americans be so dumb !!! fox news is their propaganda machine !!!!

  33. jlydon29

    jlydon292 개월 전

    Right? Closing statement of this video "How much closer can they get?".... Hmmmm... I suppose as close as CNN, Donna Brazile and the town hall questions for Hillary's campaign?

  34. TiggerKitty49

    TiggerKitty493 개월 전

    As I have watched my life-long Democratic Party lose their sanity over the years, I get closer and closer to leaving the party...or it left me. Yes, FOX is bad for siding with Republicans but CNN and all of the rest of the left news including now the NYT is far far worse and the main reason Trump was elected in the first place. The far lefts which have become the norm nowadays and it’s media will even go so far as to destroy this country as long as they can get the power back. FOX and Republicans at least stop short of that. Many Democrats have left their party and more leave it every day, mainly because of the left news and how you try to divide us by calling every little thing racist and how Democrats cannot handle defeat. I don’t want a one-party country. I don’t want our country to have only a one-party news media. That is a dictatorship. I was so proud of this country when we elected our first person of color for our president. And I thought too that finally the left media will stop trying to portray us as a racist country when we are NOT. Then I watched the left media and lefts make it so that we can probably never elect another person of color because no one could criticize Obama without being called a racist. We can’t have a president we can never criticize, but that’s how bad you people have become. Obama was the worst president I have known. He was the racist and he divided this country like I have never witnessed before. He also destroyed my part of the US and he is almost solely responsible for so many police being killed. Obama hates this country in my opinion and even tho I voted for him twice, because I ended up hating him as a president, I was called a racist. The truth is the people in this country voted for him as our president because of his character, or what we thought at the time, and we voted for Trump because he obviously loves this country, for all the reasons above, because of Hillary’s lack of character and many other reasons. But what did the left media say? They said it was a white lash which could not have been further from the truth. You people portray us to the world so wrongly. I could go on and on but I don’t have time right now. The NYT finally wrote about the real news and that was Trump condemning racism and hatred and then you may as well have retracted it because you’re so fake. The lefts and left news is almost solely responsible for the hatred in this country right now. We saw it long before Trump and now you finally have someone who is as big of a bully as you are and the American people love it that you finally have someone who will stand up to you and the insane far lefts who will say anything and do anything to get the power back because they are so power hungry. Get back to being fair and balanced yourselves before you condemn anyone else because as bad as Trump and Hannity is, the lefts and you are far worse

  35. randy day

    randy day3 개월 전

    Trump 2020

  36. randy day

    randy day3 개월 전

    New York Times is a soiled Democrats rag all washed up Democrats party of slavery KKK Jim Crow planed parenthood 30 million black babies killed facts history just look at there history trump 2020

  37. Michael Tribulas

    Michael Tribulas3 개월 전

    People still read the biased NY Times? ReallY? Why?

  38. the rooster

    the rooster3 개월 전

    You wish. Trump has grown bigger and stronger since 2016. He's got the Democrats who saw how crazy the left has become. Thank you socially unacceptables.

  39. themailman43

    themailman433 개월 전

    New York times , be honest with the American people for once. Change your name to "Pravda". The name of the former Soviet communist newspaper.

  40. John Townsend

    John Townsend3 개월 전

    Essentially the nation is leaderless which is apparent by the vacuum in the WH in confronting this most recent tragic mass killing. Moscow Mitch is vacationing and is not inclined to do anything. What we’re left with now is the precarious situation of an un-indicted criminal in the oval office scot-free to continue his campaign of wreaking havoc and chaos on the nation.

  41. amanda handscombe

    amanda handscombe3 개월 전

    The New York Times is bias towards Trump.. Do you think the people of the world are stupid... Oh it's so easy to to critique all other news media... Even if your a news media station promoting this like the New York Times are ... Really your going to push other news station are you kidding me best to keep your mouth shut...

  42. Sammy Ruby

    Sammy Ruby3 개월 전

    Get the original Epic Prank Presidential seal before some government goon takes it away! Ultimate prank on Donald Trump! Presidential Seal with a two headed Russian Eagle holding money and golf clubs and a motto that says Trump Is a Puppet in spanish: 45 es un titiére.

  43. The Black Knight

    The Black Knight4 개월 전

    Racism is the only hope fox viewers have. Without the racism their network goes down the drain.

  44. sunnylilme

    sunnylilme4 개월 전

    Without Fox, Trump wouldn't have won all 3 branches of power, and put on two lifetime supreme Court judges. Thanks fox, you broke America


    DEATH WISH CHRIS Reilly4 개월 전

    Rupert Murdoch owns vice and fox. I don't know what this individual wants? It would appear the downfall of the United States. We were doing fine destroying the country on our own. Thank you Australia

  46. Anthony hopperpup

    Anthony hopperpup4 개월 전

    Trump winning the election was not a shock, anyone could of beaten that lying Hillary and her rapi....husband !


    GARY MCCANN4 개월 전

    They are absolutely right The NYT, CNN, etc are all lairs and like good little commies they accuse everyone one else of exactly what they are doing. Hannity is the #1 rated show because he is telling the truth. Bloggers have more viewers than CNN now days, the NYT and there commie allies have told so many lies NO ONE believes any thing they say now. But watch out fellow Americans they are trying to arrange it so Illegals can vote and steel the 2020 election.

  48. James Madison

    James Madison4 개월 전

    trump has lost the farmers $40 billion in soybean sales contracts Now Putin sells $20 billion in soybeans to commie china and Brazil sells $20 Billion in soybeans trump lost the ranchers $20 billion in pork sales contracts. Now Putin sells $20 billion in pork to South America & commie china. trump lost the confidence of police fire steel workers coal miners. Their jobs never came back. trump lost the confidence of ALL law enforcement professionals. trump repeatedly stated he believed our enemies and not our intelligence services trump lied about his 100% deficit $2 trillion socialist welfare for the rich tax cut and now the middle class is not receiving their tax returns. trump repeatedly chooses Russia & China over America. trump is a commie spy. trump & his daughter still mfgrs over 500 products in commie china and they are exempt from his China tariffs Back in 1992 trump said he would destroy the republican party. I BELIEVE HIM

  49. Stephanie P

    Stephanie P4 개월 전

    Lmao 😂 😆 😂 HYPOCRISY HYPOCRISY HYPOCRISY!!!! 🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸♥️💙

  50. Wm.

    Wm.4 개월 전

    If we have to choose between President Trump or Fox News, it's going to be President Trump!

  51. S Griffin

    S Griffin4 개월 전

    Leave it to York Times oh, they can't do things with the true so they've got to lie to everybody. New York Times is nothing but a liberal piece of crap propaganda Network.

  52. Mike Perkins

    Mike Perkins4 개월 전

    Abominable administration and corporation.

  53. Brendan Mc Kee

    Brendan Mc Kee4 개월 전


  54. Jesse baldwin

    Jesse baldwin5 개월 전

    bycicleist pi delivery bub hand delivers time pedal after pedal all the way to the river bank, wall like structure with active shooters

  55. Spartan

    Spartan5 개월 전

    New York Times will go out of business

  56. Spartan

    Spartan5 개월 전

    Ignorant people always follow the herd! #sheepfollowwolves CIA are the enemy of the people

  57. Ömer Eryılmaz

    Ömer Eryılmaz5 개월 전

    Ya Amerika hergün sana beddua edeceğim Allah inşallah kabul eylesin amin YARABBİM Allah senı tek kelimeyle bu dünyadan sile inşallah ama mülümanlar zarar görmeden YARABBİM amin

  58. Jihn Chu

    Jihn Chu5 개월 전

    TRUMP 2020

  59. Jihn Chu

    Jihn Chu5 개월 전

    TRUMP 2020

  60. Jihn Chu

    Jihn Chu5 개월 전

    TRUMP 2020

  61. Jihn Chu

    Jihn Chu5 개월 전


  62. Jihn Chu

    Jihn Chu5 개월 전


  63. Jihn Chu

    Jihn Chu5 개월 전

    TRUMP 2020

  64. Jihn Chu

    Jihn Chu5 개월 전


  65. Jihn Chu

    Jihn Chu5 개월 전


  66. Isaiah Alvarez

    Isaiah Alvarez5 개월 전

    Alright now bash CNN bring me facts not an opinion peace.

  67. Hans H.

    Hans H.5 개월 전

    How many knows that Trump was registered as a Democrat from 2001 to 2009???

  68. Hans H.

    Hans H.5 개월 전

    How many knows that Trump was registered as a Democrat from 2001 to 2009???