How Bad is a $50 Smartphone?


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    Have you received these ghost texts? -

  2. GameBot

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    Man multi touch support works or not?

  3. GameBot

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    Man do you know There's built in KOreporter go for those cheap smartphones like you reviewed

  4. Çınar İnceoğlu

    Çınar İnceoğlu12 일 전

    this phone is good for 50 $ but you dont need this cheap much . buy 200 $

  5. Trà My TV

    Trà My TV2 개월 전

    Unbox Therapy good

  6. Bee Yang

    Bee Yang일 전

    these worst gadgets are my favorite videos

  7. TF Fan

    TF Fan일 전

    I want it!

  8. CliffsOfDover RE

    CliffsOfDover RE일 전

    There's literaly a 2-3gb ram phone with android 8-9 that's below $100, i advise if you're on a budget, not like this phone which is very very limited, just go for atleast 2 gigs of ram and 16gb storage

  9. TKJ 843

    TKJ 84310 일 전

    Pls tryyyyyyy the Umidigi a5 pro plssss

  10. munna wasik

    munna wasik10 일 전

    Not bad actually

  11. Lucent uwu

    Lucent uwu12 일 전

    in my place in malaysia, 50$ can get a better phone than that one

  12. Driever Produktions

    Driever Produktions12 일 전

    my phone has 12 times the amount or RAM than this phone... omg i am so blessed, also my mom has a tesla.

  13. TheTechChannel 1

    TheTechChannel 113 일 전

    2:52 scared me

  14. Gamer Forever

    Gamer Forever13 일 전

    Hey Check Realme C2 is better than

  15. Xmod 999

    Xmod 99913 일 전

    Im using blackview a60 watching this video

  16. Isaac Byamungu

    Isaac Byamungu13 일 전

    Lewis uses big words Me😐😐😐😐

  17. Gabby Mod999

    Gabby Mod99914 일 전

    This is better than the $58 smartphone

  18. Glen Smith

    Glen Smith14 일 전

    Blackview make very good budget phones. For the money you cannot go wrong. I only buy Chinese smartphones these days.

  19. Afi Bedrock

    Afi Bedrock14 일 전

    The 4800mah battery is better than my galaxy s7 edge with 3800mah

  20. Data Soong

    Data Soong14 일 전

    noobs a singol dey is 1 dey after a valnetayn dey!!

  21. Sultan Haddad

    Sultan Haddad14 일 전

    good job

  22. Jacob Mancira

    Jacob Mancira14 일 전

    i think willy du should get more screen time lmaao

  23. Toxiflexx

    Toxiflexx15 일 전

    That phone looks like a samsung glaxy a10e

  24. Vojta Struhár

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    Switch to it

  25. AXZ Blade

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    Why did he say 72 hundred

  26. TheAsianOne WC

    TheAsianOne WC17 일 전

    That website is the brother of Wish

  27. Jonathon Davis

    Jonathon Davis17 일 전

    This thing is good for a kid. I got the note 10 plus and handed my iPhone X to my daughter. Shit took no time for her to ruin it

  28. PCS British 001

    PCS British 00117 일 전

    Looks extremely similar to the Samsung galaxy a60🧐

  29. DPRK Assassin

    DPRK Assassin17 일 전

    yeah i phone that secretly uploads your life to china

  30. Niharika V Adhupia

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    What??? Why would you endorse Coke?? Smart people shouldn't endorse that shit anymore. You make good videos. Be mindful of who you endorse. You as an entertainer have a responsibility towards your viewers if you're a decent person.

  31. GuyRami

    GuyRami18 일 전

    Type c fucking sucks as a connector anyways

  32. Utkarsh

    Utkarsh20 일 전

    That phone could be a good one for several people in India.

  33. Abdullah Hussain

    Abdullah Hussain20 일 전

    Expire coke

  34. bekavac 5

    bekavac 521 일 전

    I'm watching on a Blackview phone right now

  35. Marco Ririhena

    Marco Ririhena21 일 전

    2:26 hey lou, if you still had that phone, you could try to get into the developer option and set the animation to 0.5x, the device would feel snappy

  36. NoobsFace

    NoobsFace21 일 전

    My cosin has the same phone

  37. AdyFreak

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    Welcome to: Something you can afford on our channel.

  38. All in One Channel

    All in One Channel23 일 전

    Can I just have the phone if you will not use it. I can't afford to buy phone even if it's just a $50 dollar phone

  39. Ziggy's Theorem

    Ziggy's Theorem23 일 전

    :( I'm so poor

  40. The Gamer

    The Gamer25 일 전

    Is the lite version available? Im kinda on a budget.

  41. GameBot

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    😒 I am on Samsung A10

  42. JE RA 21_05

    JE RA 21_0510 일 전

    @XxSythexX yeha

  43. The Gamer

    The Gamer10 일 전

    @XxSythexX yes.

  44. Andrei Mihaila

    Andrei Mihaila10 일 전

    @XxSythexX exactly!

  45. XxSythexX

    XxSythexX10 일 전

    U copped a comment from n another vid the 4$ smartphone

  46. Will090

    Will09025 일 전

    I feel like I’m actually being addressed and noticed here, just the constant references and questions to me. Thanks Lewis :)

  47. Mr. Wray160

    Mr. Wray16025 일 전

    When a $50 smartphone is better than a $74 phone...

  48. Fries Williams

    Fries Williams25 일 전

    What if I told you I have no RAM.

  49. Kevinb1821

    Kevinb182127 일 전

    You can get 10 of these for one set of Apple ear pods

  50. Kevinb1821

    Kevinb182127 일 전

    That’s not bad at all for 50 dollars. Not bad at all

  51. rankes32

    rankes3228 일 전

    honestly it's amazing for 50$

  52. Mr. Jizz Janitor

    Mr. Jizz Janitor29 일 전

    My Motorola was 35$ at Best Buy and I like it

  53. Ariea Palmer

    Ariea Palmer29 일 전

    I can't believe I found a video about my phone

  54. Sky Art

    Sky Art개월 전

    real price

  55. Alejandro Valentino

    Alejandro Valentino개월 전

    Essentially a knockoff/lookalike of a Samsung Galaxy a10...

  56. Jauvo

    Jauvo개월 전

    how does he never realise its the animation speed

  57. voltroTTXD YT

    voltroTTXD YT개월 전

    My sister AND my dad have a black view, now they be stealing my oppo rx17pro ;(

  58. Onkelhumptydumpty

    Onkelhumptydumpty개월 전

    Impressive Phone for 50 Bucks but for 100€ i bought my refurbished Iphone SE.I think mine will last longer!

  59. Kiflan Qaedy Laksono

    Kiflan Qaedy Laksono개월 전

    In my country i bought Xperia X performance ex docomo just for 50 Bucks and its very worth it

  60. Tharsan J

    Tharsan J개월 전

    Lit ep.

  61. Random Egg

    Random Egg개월 전

    I had a blackview max 1 cool phone 6Gb ram has a projector and a super big battery.

  62. Hairel Ammar

    Hairel Ammar개월 전

    Lew please make a review about Umidigi A5 Pro

  63. svettig panda

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    Unsubscribing to Scum Therapy gang here!

  64. Hailey C

    Hailey C개월 전

    My phone is 30$ lol! And I've never had a phone that cost more. And i'm just saying, not trying to sound ungrateful!

  65. Yusuf Yusufov

    Yusuf Yusufov개월 전

    Dhis is my phone ihunt

  66. Azz the legend

    Azz the legend개월 전

    Omg, I was think about buying this or the umidigi a5 pro which there was a sneak peek of in the video can you please do a video on umidigi a5 pro

  67. Gilbert C.

    Gilbert C.개월 전

    Do the LG foldable smart phone

  68. MattAtta5k

    MattAtta5k개월 전

    What he said about "willy do" at the end, sounded suspicious. Gay ahh niggas or nah?

  69. Tom shiba

    Tom shiba개월 전

    There is no reason to pay more than 200€ for a phone anyway