How Bad is a $50 Smartphone?


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy27 일 전

    Have you received these ghost texts? -

  2. Trà My TV

    Trà My TV18 일 전

    Unbox Therapy good

  3. Alistair the radio demon

    Alistair the radio demon20 일 전

    I like how you give your opinion about something like thisbut it doesn't sound like you're demeaning someone there by the phone like this it's a real rounded and honest opinion about this trust me Android go sucks

  4. Phead128

    Phead12821 일 전

    Shoutout to BASEUS, by far my favorite brand for cables/power chargers/ phone accessories. THE BEST prices, and crazy good quality, my favorite brand. I already spent like $150 on their Aliexpress store alreadyl ol.

  5. Robert Hardy

    Robert Hardy22 일 전

    Stop it with China. Please. KOreporter is banned in China. They’re an oppressive country. Lew, please, stop promoting China

  6. Hailey C

    Hailey C16 시간 전

    My phone is 30$ lol! And I've never had a phone that cost more. And i'm just saying, not trying to sound ungrateful!

  7. Yusuf Yusufov

    Yusuf Yusufov일 전

    Dhis is my phone ihunt

  8. Azz the legend

    Azz the legend일 전

    Omg, I was think about buying this or the umidigi a5 pro which there was a sneak peek of in the video can you please do a video on umidigi a5 pro

  9. Gilbert C.

    Gilbert C.2 일 전

    Do the LG foldable smart phone

  10. MattAtta5k

    MattAtta5k3 일 전

    What he said about "willy do" at the end, sounded suspicious. Gay ahh niggas or nah?

  11. Tom shiba

    Tom shiba4 일 전

    There is no reason to pay more than 200€ for a phone anyway

  12. dinozaur pickupline

    dinozaur pickupline7 일 전

    3:32 lew bumping the video willy do: my pigeons went off, farewell God saved

  13. WARMACHIN H504

    WARMACHIN H50410 일 전

    Play fortnite😂😂😂❤

  14. TheFuriousBull

    TheFuriousBull10 일 전

    A notch on 50$ wow🤤. But😂watching in my redmi note 8 pro ultra legend😂

  15. Teemo4Life

    Teemo4Life12 일 전

    More than 50 on lunch? What the fuck are u eating. Even a buffet isnt that much lol

  16. X7-SuB

    X7-SuB12 일 전

    ah yes, from aliexpress. Pay 50$ for the phone then a 150$ for shipping

  17. cool birb

    cool birb13 일 전

    Funny how 20 years ago we would call this the future and now we just call it "low budged phone".

  18. cool birb

    cool birb11 일 전

    @Adam Mehal that's the point

  19. Adam Mehal

    Adam Mehal11 일 전

    A phone like this would be unheard of 20 years ago lol

  20. Pakiy

    Pakiy12 일 전

    cool birb more like 5 years cuz 4,000 mah battery and waterdrop notch

  21. Abby Lynn

    Abby Lynn13 일 전

    You should do a best budget/cheap smartphone video so those of us buying kids their first phones can save some cash, but not get something that will stop working after 3 days

  22. Andy TOSKOVIC

    Andy TOSKOVIC14 일 전

    Another poor Android copy of the iPhone X lol

  23. FireAdrix

    FireAdrix3 일 전

    @Andy TOSKOVIC yes. Xiaomi started the thing with the bezeless style phones, then essential with the water drop style notch and then we got the iPhone X.

  24. Andy TOSKOVIC

    Andy TOSKOVIC10 일 전

    @V0laRix no lol

  25. V0laRix

    V0laRix10 일 전

    Andy TOSKOVIC there were other phones like the iPhone x before the iPhone x

  26. Audemen

    Audemen14 일 전

    I have a $150 phone, been using it for over a year now

  27. Peatce

    Peatce15 일 전

    Use for 2 weeks, let's see how it functions.


    HOODRICHJT15 일 전

    Lou do the goophone there fake iphones

  29. Mustafa Arvit Rezwan Shagoto

    Mustafa Arvit Rezwan Shagoto16 일 전

    The easiest way to get likes in comments on Unbox Therapy channel is to say- Willy Du 20__.

  30. Mohd Asyraaf Syahmi

    Mohd Asyraaf Syahmi16 일 전

    I legit thought Lew was gonna to dip the phone into some coke's shit

  31. Be Offensive

    Be Offensive16 일 전

    Stop showing Will. He is strange looking and I didnt sub to see him.

  32. Vishnu

    Vishnu16 일 전

    Time to change your phone

  33. monkeypolicd

    monkeypolicd17 일 전

    Willy du, bartle do...

  34. ayuub muhamed

    ayuub muhamed17 일 전


  35. Jose U

    Jose U17 일 전

    Looks better than the iPhones ngl

  36. S&Sri VGR

    S&Sri VGR17 일 전

    Notification led😂😂😂

  37. Danny johnson

    Danny johnson17 일 전

    Can anyone give me this phone buy link

  38. Arturia Pendragon

    Arturia Pendragon18 일 전

    You can get an iPhone 5S for $50

  39. Aayush Kafle

    Aayush Kafle18 일 전

    Is there a lite version? Im kinda on a budget

  40. Ruther Berino

    Ruther Berino18 일 전

    if you are a kid this is good for you

  41. Noob Master

    Noob Master18 일 전

    You should checkout the REALME 5. Its kinda affordable and satifying smartphone

  42. Abhijeet Sharma

    Abhijeet Sharma18 일 전

    Yani Yeh logo ko Yeh phone khali 50 ka pada shitt

  43. X TECH

    X TECH18 일 전

    Iv got a 2 inch phone for 25 euro

  44. Nokoribii

    Nokoribii18 일 전

    That’s pretty good for 50 dollars

  45. Brewergamer

    Brewergamer19 일 전

    If people can't afford a 2 year installment for a phone (at like generally 15-45 a month) then you need to get a job.

  46. mariomania

    mariomania19 일 전

    perfect for my 10 year old

  47. Exmortis86

    Exmortis8619 일 전

    For anyone wanting to buy this phone, there's a slightly more expensive option to it (about 20$ more) called A60 pro. It has android 9.0, 4G , 3GB of ram and a snappy fingerprint reader, the battery is great, lasting one day of intense use (as example 8-9 hours of KOreporter) or 2 of moderate use, though the second camera is fake and they use it for marketing and a digital bokeh (which isn't really something you should really care about at this price). Been using this phone for about 2 months now and it's all you need if you are looking for something cheap that won't run out of battery quickly.

  48. Shreyash Swami

    Shreyash Swami19 일 전

    Hey Lew try the new infinix s5 lite will be surprised what you can get in 7999 rupees or around 120~130 USD plz do try it cause I want its review

  49. bhavin pithawala

    bhavin pithawala19 일 전

    thanks for including every category. no one does that. thanks again.

  50. T R

    T R19 일 전

    Lmao i have this phone bought it in 2019 june

  51. HadiRaza Bros

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