Houston Rockets vs Los Angeles Clippers Full Game Highlights | Nov 13, 2019 | FreeDawkins


  1. Ole Petter Husmo

    Ole Petter Husmo22 일 전

    Harden is such a beast

  2. Arthur D. Gastino

    Arthur D. Gastino22 일 전

    Since the clippers got to use this excuse all season imma use it too🤷🏾‍♂️. “ wait till we get Eric and pj”, “wait till we’re all healthy”

  3. SGA Master of Snookers

    SGA Master of Snookers21 일 전

    Doesnt matter. That's early in the season 🤣

  4. E46325mod

    E46325mod22 일 전

    Clippers suck dick

  5. raul ruiz

    raul ruiz23 일 전

    Must be hard for doc to stay in his seat when Austin plays well against him

  6. Rosean Busita

    Rosean Busita24 일 전


  7. Pablo Hermida

    Pablo Hermida25 일 전

    nice westbrook

  8. Lex Lockdown

    Lex Lockdown25 일 전

    Kawhi will still win the ring this year.

  9. FBI

    FBI25 일 전


  10. Dezmen Lewis

    Dezmen Lewis26 일 전

    Who came back to look at pat after Westbrook’s interview?🤣

  11. Tacitus

    Tacitus27 일 전

    The rockets can beat any team that ever existed if they get hot. Not sure they can do it best of 7 against the Lakers. There best bet is to hope someone gets hurt on their team.

  12. King James

    King James27 일 전

    The rockets can flex their muscle in the regular season but when playoffs comes they got shutdown

  13. Grey Fox23

    Grey Fox2328 일 전

    Wait till PG13 arrives, will see what’s good

  14. Grey Fox23

    Grey Fox2328 일 전

    Wait till PG13 arrives, will see what’s good

  15. General G

    General G28 일 전


  16. Innis Mor

    Innis Mor28 일 전

    Raptors' Siakim and VanVleet taking their CHiP b-ball game to another level this season ..... Kawhi: "I shoulda run it back in T.O."

  17. matt

    matt29 일 전

    why the stadium always empty in Houston????

  18. carlosjamesyap18

    carlosjamesyap1829 일 전

    Kawhi can't drive on left side!

  19. 33_D M20

    33_D M2029 일 전

    Yeah I know right

  20. God

    God29 일 전

    ugliest basketball in history by the rockets. this wont be happening come playoff time. houston will be out in the second round. no way in hell harden gonna cheat his ass to the finals with his stupid iso borderline travel step back 3 threes. i dont get why teams dont fucking dropkick his ass when he tries to attempt those shots. i mean everyone knows what he is going to do right? this shit wouldnt be happening in the 90s or 2000s. todays regular season is way too soft.

  21. Art roweje Companion

    Art roweje Companion29 일 전

    Nice tyson chandler

  22. Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer29 일 전

    James Curry

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  24. KRES 1

    KRES 129 일 전

    ...Clippers got roasted by the Rockets !!!

  25. Elon Wiggins

    Elon Wiggins29 일 전

    **** The Houston Rockets

  26. dan lim

    dan lim29 일 전

    Now I know why kawhi doubted on signing lakers. He knows lebron will not tolerate his load management trip.

  27. james howard

    james howard29 일 전

    Westbrook... 6-20... smh

  28. The boy and the Mistake

    The boy and the Mistake29 일 전

    Bruh russel was getting absolutely hacked this game

  29. Bernacine Barnes

    Bernacine Barnes29 일 전

    The beard was cooking

  30. Denilson Moreira

    Denilson Moreira29 일 전

    00:58 - a true Point Guard wouldn't let that happen to Ben McLemore! Damn'

  31. Key BT

    Key BT29 일 전

    Oh my Kawhi

  32. Bhel Jhamz

    Bhel Jhamz개월 전

    Nice game' bro.

  33. Leo

    Leo개월 전

    Ximo is gone.

  34. Esayas Ayilin איסייאס איילין

    Esayas Ayilin איסייאס איילין개월 전

    If I'v said it once I'v said it 100 times : Fuck the clippers !!

  35. Ray Pratt

    Ray Pratt개월 전

    Lou Williams killed the clips with poor shot selection and should have been LEONARD time with 2:00 min left in the gm anyway,I think when PG13 is ready to go then they SHOULD not have this problem anymore cuz Williams is kinda being put into a spot he might not be comfortable with,cuz I've noticed that there are gms when it looks like maybe KAWHI doesn't really wanna finish the gm off with his offense and he will pass it off to the 2nd option to score the ball and honestly offensively GEORGE might actually be their #1 option cuz Leonard is their best end to end player,best all around guy but PAUL GEORGE isn't much off a KEVIN DURANT in his prime,just a nasty offensive weapon that can score the ball pretty much anywhere,as long as Leonard and George mesh well,the clips got a true shot at a title,THIS YR!!

  36. Modnar laudividni

    Modnar laudividni개월 전

    Westbrook got an over inflated ego. Now we will never see his full potential. Money and popularity changes people. Oh well.

  37. Spright

    Spright개월 전

    Something wrong with clippers boss

  38. kaplan kumar

    kaplan kumar개월 전

    Ok harden and Westbrook chokes in the playoff

  39. Shooting Stars

    Shooting Stars개월 전

    Another poor shooting game for russ

  40. Sajjad Sadeghi

    Sajjad Sadeghi개월 전

    Everyone talking about best duo is lebron and AD or kawhi and PG... wrong! Best duo is Harden and the refs!

  41. Filipe Rosa

    Filipe Rosa개월 전


  42. ICphi

    ICphi개월 전

    Kawhi seems to be OFF BALANCE with the FLiPPERS, ironically. He should have stayed with the Raptors 100

  43. Gary

    Gary개월 전

    Dang harden went off

  44. Aris bendanillo

    Aris bendanillo개월 전

    go houston...fight guys,,,!!!the champ!!

  45. Jesus Rodriguez

    Jesus Rodriguez개월 전


  46. 김동휘

    김동휘개월 전

    why westbrook jump shot seems not that crap as he was in okc? got some secret shooting session from harden and dantony?

  47. Ugur Celiktas

    Ugur Celiktas개월 전


  48. SIPeublo

    SIPeublo개월 전

    Kawhi got the nba playing defense again.

  49. iam disaster

    iam disaster개월 전

    Kawhi needs Paul George just like he needs PASCAL Siacam.

  50. Tagenarine1987

    Tagenarine1987개월 전

    Just a spurs fan that loves Kawhi but was rooting for the rockets lol

  51. Giggitee _

    Giggitee _개월 전

    People need to realize the rockets style of play (or hardens style of play) will NEVER work in the playoffs and this is why him and Westbrook won’t get a ring. Mark my words

  52. Ryan Harrison

    Ryan Harrison개월 전

    Bruh westbrook in the okc colourway makes me sad

  53. Bryan Tan

    Bryan Tan개월 전

    James harden is a 100% assassin🔥🔥🔥

  54. Esteban B

    Esteban B개월 전

    Y'all are hyped up over an early regular season game. Still no PG

  55. Block Institute

    Block Institute개월 전


  56. Block Institute

    Block Institute개월 전

    Job A

  57. eathan hilario

    eathan hilario개월 전

    Paul George didn't want to debut with an L,that's why he pick the pelicans game😂😂😂

  58. mike jones

    mike jones개월 전

    Good game rockets better team

  59. Estrangherong Ermitanyo

    Estrangherong Ermitanyo개월 전

    see u in play off

  60. Shawn Boyd

    Shawn Boyd개월 전

    Kawhi was scared to man up on harden

  61. TBC theodore's basketball chanel

    TBC theodore's basketball chanel개월 전

    When Paul George come back Clippers won't lose from Rockets!!!