House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing - Vindman & Williams Testimony


  1. Jason Campbell

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    EYem RItE yOuR roNg. Mountain Dew 2020!

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  3. Colin Woodruff

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    It is so sad how many people have been brainwashed by false information and hearsay. Remember this is not a legal matter but a political, there is no evidence once again.

  4. Ronda Michalides

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    democrats are crazy.... Fact..... democrats don't want school choice or any stipulation or consequences on the type of education public schools provide

  5. bishops abbah

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    This is just a huge joke. The democrats are really embarrassing America. This phony thieves should stop this sanctimonious dramma

  6. Destination Paradise

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  7. Ronda Michalides

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    democrats are crazy.... Fact Democrats want illeagle drugs to come to America so the can profit from US tax payer money to pay for the associated cost of treating young adults with addiction problems

  8. Dan Osterwise

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    Has anyone notice that all of theses government employees are emergents. Don’t we employ natural born Americans?

  9. Toma Harley

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    4:27:00 here comes #ProPedoJim Jordan doing what he does best...covering up for pedophiles... “The speaker of the House called the (painted orange, fake haired) president an impostor...” AND? Wasn’t it just days ago when trump was live-tweeting to intimidate a witness (felony) that all the rightards cries “1A Rights”? Guess what son, once again, constitutional rights are NOT just for white (or painted orange) males... 🖕🏻😶

  10. Ken Wells

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    Who voted for Vindman!?!?!?!?

  11. Ronda Michalides

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    democrats are crazy...... Fact ....... The LGBT community ,muslims, and suberbian white feminist women are using and manipulating people of color to fight their agendas for them

  12. Travis Holcombe

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    sound like you are crazy

  13. Deborah Jabara

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    They had to start covering Biden, so they were all defecating in their panties wondering how they could protect him. Trump keeps putting his nose in their business and they are running scared like the rats they are.

  14. Paul Kramer

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    Hey Vindman, what did you get on your last PT test ? Doughboy.

  15. machsimillian14

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    He's an officer, most officers are built like that as well as senior enlisted...🤷‍♂️. He's probably also relegated to conus or nondeployable duties now due to injuries suffered in the attack. But, hey...I hope you feel good about yourself for maligning a purple heart recipient. 😒

  16. elo o

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    Hey lesser man than Vindman grow up.

  17. carcillian

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    The republicans have once again showed their sad traitorous hand, how truly low they have sunk into oblivion and no amount of bullshit lies from lil hands or all the bots in the comments below will save him from the TSUNAMI OF TRUTH coming to wash him away! IT'S LT. COLONEL VINDMAN is the new his name was Robert Paulsen!!! That man is a national hero and treasure!!!

  18. Ronda Michalides

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    democrats are crazy...... Fact......A democrat Mayor in a American city wants to pass a law to make the use of the word bitch a criminal offence.Freedom of speech is being underminded already

  19. Deborah Jabara

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    Vindman had to report it because it would rout Biden's bid.

  20. A Smith

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    Yeah.... its really hurting him ... right now... lol Who cares! #Bernie2020

  21. Shane doss

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    Its all in the transcript NO impeachable offence like NO RUSSAIN COLLUSION. Demonrats and the ELite are being destroyed and exposed. Pedo rings, Spygate, pizzagate. Al going down in Jan at Guantanmo. Stay tuned

  22. Jacquella Walker

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  23. doreen shepard

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  24. Deplorable1381greg

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    This is a guy (Vindman) that never wears his uniform... but does for this impeachment hearing...what a fake SOB in uniform.

  25. Tim Smith

    Tim Smith4 시간 전

    So, your point is an active duty LTCOL who wears his uniform is..... fake. And a Son of a Bitch. LTCOL Vindman was spot on and you know it. So you hurl insults to deflect and besmirch because you have nothing else. You've lost before you even typed the first letter. Deplorable. Yup.

  26. Deplorable1381greg

    Deplorable1381greg4 시간 전

    @elo o He's a fake.

  27. elo o

    elo o4 시간 전

    You are garbage..he wore this in honor and is appropriate due to shameless repubs questioning a decorated soldier, more of a patriot than ANY congressional are living up to you name deplorable

  28. Jesus Cruz

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  29. ANDREW Lee Johnson III

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    Welcome to America.If your doing something wrong I will rat your ass out too

  30. 80sOutrunFan

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    GOP sheep on the slaughter table hahaha

  31. monroe444444

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    "It is improper for the President of the United States to demand a foreign government to investigate a U.S. citizen and political opponent." Lt. Col. Vindman Please send this quote to your trump supporting friends and relatives.

  32. Z Harlo

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    @Derek Flynn That applies to contributions or donations. See sub paragraphs A and B. That really doesn’t apply here.

  33. Z Harlo

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    monroe444444 Look up the origin of the word “demand” and the Latin root. Then read the transcript if you haven’t already. The quote is a misrepresentation of what was said.

  34. Derek Flynn

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    It is not just improper, it is illegal. "Unlawful for ... A person to solicit ... from a foreign national"

  35. Apples & Oranges

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    I ask the republicans to ask two questions. In the mind of the witness is there an impeachable offense? If So please show us where it is? Then continue your questioning.

  36. A Smith

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    They are not able to determine that... you are too stupid to understand the process or the nonpartisan nature of their job responsibilities. They can't determine a political outcome. You dunce.

  37. stevenshames111665

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    Apples & Oranges you are obviously unable to understand it yourself.

  38. Matengu Mambwe

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    3:52:36 Vindman says he doesn't know whether Joe Biden's Confession to a quid pro quo in the Video was wrong but He thinks President Trump asking for a non quid quo pro favor into Ukraine 2016 meddling & Burisma is wrong!! OMG!🤦

  39. Matengu Mambwe

    Matengu Mambwe4 시간 전

    @Ansunette There's definitely something Off about him

  40. Ansunette

    Ansunette4 시간 전

    Unbelievable hypocrisy isn`t it? What a joke this witless witness turned out to be. It is actually shocking, to be honest.

  41. Grand Mark DC

    Grand Mark DC4 시간 전

    Poor guy is terrible at reading his own words, in this setting.

  42. Apples & Oranges

    Apples & Oranges4 시간 전

    Once again Adam Schiff lied at least 3 times in this hearing. Making up his own parody of the transcript once again.

  43. Travis Holcombe

    Travis Holcombe4 시간 전

    Trump has lied 14,000 times and your point

  44. Toma Harley

    Toma Harley4 시간 전

    Lil 2016 trump said...PUBLICLY...he may actually let Putin (his master) take Crimea...and you (and your kkklan) thought Ukraine would have positive things to say about the orange Nazi obsessed toddler?

  45. Siway chen

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    👍, Great hearing. The key point, The President is caring of our country security or his personal interesting.

  46. Jacquella Walker

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  47. elo o

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    Trump only interested in himself.

  48. state924

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    @Siway chen - text your comment to a native English speaker so you can learn how to translate better. Good try! 👍🏻

  49. Meng Hao

    Meng Hao4 시간 전

    Nunes deserves to go to jail too, that lying, traitorous pos.

  50. Apples & Oranges

    Apples & Oranges4 시간 전

    Trying to sway the public by showing what creditable witnesses you have, Please show us the crime! I admire all these witnesses for there service to this country but that does not constitute impeachment when there is no crime.

  51. Rick Shagoury

    Rick Shagoury4 시간 전

    Impeachment does not require a "crime" per se, just ask Lindsey Graham. It is intended to deal with misconduct, abuse of power, or violation of a public trust. Graham: "You don’t even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic if this body determines that your conduct as a public official is clearly out of bounds in your role." Graham: "What’s a high crime? How about if an important person hurts somebody of low means? It’s not very scholarly. But I think it’s the truth. I think that’s what they meant by high crimes. Doesn’t even have to be a crime."

  52. Derek Flynn

    Derek Flynn4 시간 전

    Soliciting foreign aid in a US election is already a crime which is in the transcript. And that's just the start.

  53. mirmusicmanchester

    mirmusicmanchester4 시간 전

    and the nonsense witchhunt circus continues

  54. Travis Holcombe

    Travis Holcombe4 시간 전

    sound like a cult Trumptard

  55. Ronda Michalides

    Ronda Michalides4 시간 전

    democrats are nuts...... FACT.... Democrats fight for American women to kill their babies in their wombs and also want Mothers from other countries who want their babies more than women in America to come live here illegally

  56. Mark Lykkebak

    Mark Lykkebak4 시간 전

    Greatest moment,

  57. I Am Sovereign

    I Am Sovereign4 시간 전

    These repussycan'ts want to make the impeachment hearing about the Biden's xd 😂

  58. 2 left feet

    2 left feet4 시간 전

    it is not a "hearing" it is an INQUIRY and the Biden's are a big part of trump overstepping his authority before you post that dumb emoji get your facts straight...

  59. Kitty Shanahan

    Kitty Shanahan4 시간 전

    The GOP is doing Putin's bidding and Trump is a Russian asset. That's going to be the only takeaway that matters when all is said and done.

  60. Ray Bearse

    Ray Bearse4 시간 전

    What an idiot

  61. Apples & Oranges

    Apples & Oranges4 시간 전

    Where is the crime? You are investigating the President for his concern of corruption by VP Biden and his son Hunter for political gain. Seriously? What the Dem's are doing is without a doubt in my mind trying too impeach a President and over turn the votes 0f 63,000,000 Americans for their political gain.Witnesses having concerns is not an impeachable offense.

  62. qwerty81808

    qwerty818084 시간 전

    The only reason Trump would solicit Ukraine to do this, instead of use our system (like he's supposed to), is if he wanted Ukraine to make up charges, which likely would happen, considering the rampant corruption there.

  63. qwerty81808

    qwerty818084 시간 전

    Trump's actions constitute a crime regardless of whether Biden or his son did anything wrong. The crime is soliciting "material campaign assistance" from a foreign national. The fact that he used his position as president to do this (a.k.a. corruption) makes it even worse. If Trump was actually seeking a good faith investigation of Biden and/or his son, there are official channels for him to do that, without needing to violate campaign laws.

  64. David B. Cousins

    David B. Cousins4 시간 전

    The US police have no jurisdiction in Ukraine to conduct investigations. That's why we have MLAT treaties.

  65. Deplorable1381greg

    Deplorable1381greg4 시간 전

    I do respect all men and woman in uniform always, but the US Army Lt. Col. does not seem very credible. There are snakes in uniform also, just so you know. Having served 22 years I've seen it... He does not fool me.

  66. Deplorable1381greg

    Deplorable1381greg4 시간 전

    @JOEL KAHIGA No I don't , but if I did I would not ever try to use it to my advantage in an impeachment trail of the Commander in Chief. He does not impress me and have seen many like him.

  67. Derek Flynn

    Derek Flynn4 시간 전

    "I don't like what he says, so he's a snake" Got it 👍 😂😂😂

  68. carcillian

    carcillian4 시간 전

    Fuck all the way off moron


    JOEL KAHIGA4 시간 전

    Do you have a purple heart?

  70. Ronda Michalides

    Ronda Michalides4 시간 전

    democrats are nuts ..... FACT....... feminist liberal Judge says Father loses custody of his 7 year old son because he refuses to give him puberty blockers to eventually get his penis whacked off at the request of the mother

  71. David B. Cousins

    David B. Cousins4 시간 전

    Horsefeathers! If the President saw Bidden bragging about his extortion of Ukraine he would be remiss in not insisting on an investigation especially for someone who wants the oval office.

  72. elo o

    elo o4 시간 전

    Biden did not ask Ukraine to publicly embrace a conspiracy theory like trump did. You are comparing apples and oranges.

  73. Jacquella Walker

    Jacquella Walker4 시간 전


  74. qwerty81808

    qwerty818084 시간 전

    As a prior witness stated, the are official channels for such investigations. It is not, in any case, proper for the president to extort another nation to "investigate" a political opponent

  75. aSweetJesus

    aSweetJesus4 시간 전

    Just because Republicans continue to say there is no evidence for impeachment does not make it true. In fact it makes them enablers of Trump. They took a play from Trump and constantly tell the same lie over and over again. Sadly, uneducated people believe the foolishness. They are the people that pushed others to drink Jim Jones kool-aid in Jamestown

  76. S Miller

    S Miller4 시간 전

    Great observation. Their campaign motto Vote GOP for Republican's Foolishness 2020

  77. Anti Mainstream

    Anti Mainstream4 시간 전

    Schiff needs to be put on the witness stand. He said "I don't know who the whistleblower is" Then blocks vindman from saying who he talked to in the intelligence agency due to "outing the whistleblower". Vindman also said he did not know who the 3 is either though. Can you say perjury?

  78. TheEmmakathryn

    TheEmmakathryn4 시간 전

    "Quid pro quo" = this for that. "Bribery" = I will give you this if you give me that. (Or, in legal terms "the offering, giving, soliciting, or receiving of any item of value as a means of influencing the actions of an individual holding a public or legal duty.") Yeah you're right, they're so different.

  79. Jacquella Walker

    Jacquella Walker4 시간 전

    Seems the same to me

  80. Kris

    Kris4 시간 전

    How many Ukrainian soldiers/civilians died in the time $$ was withheld? POTUS let Ukrainians die for a public appearance. What does that say to veterans?

  81. Robert Northrup

    Robert Northrup4 시간 전

    You are referring to Obama, right? Because Trump gave the weapons needed for Ukraine's defense Obama did not. You are just ignorant I assume.

  82. mik lin

    mik lin4 시간 전

    Vindman spoke Adam Schiff

  83. shirley tompkins

    shirley tompkins4 시간 전

    If trump said shoot every n....r his supporters would say he didnt meant it so stop trying with them they r lost

  84. state924

    state9244 시간 전

    Smart comment

  85. Theron

    Theron4 시간 전

    Dumb comment

  86. mik lin

    mik lin4 시간 전

    Vindman is the whistleblowers source

  87. BothmaMarx

    BothmaMarx4 시간 전

    Mr. Vindman, I mean Lt. Col. Vindman nearly exposed the wistleblower aka Schiff.

  88. Grace o

    Grace o4 시간 전

    My twin, my cousins and my husband voted for Trump. They do NOT want to be called TRUMPER as I loved to be called #NEVERaTRUMPER. They cannot any watch news anymore but from Christian radio. They are still on denial.

  89. Derek Flynn

    Derek Flynn4 시간 전

    You can share this law on Facebook. I'm sure they claim the US is a country of laws :)

  90. Ricky G

    Ricky G4 시간 전

    Just imagine what the hell trump would do if the Democrats weren't putting a stop to it! The Republicans would be like ok that's a good idea anything you say is right and true! When will they see what they look like?

  91. Patricia Lessard

    Patricia Lessard4 시간 전

    Trump is commander-in-chief of the military,so yes, it would & should be taken as an order as this was a military situation. Dealing with the Ukraine and their war with Russia and the over $400 million destined for military arms and such, the president is acting in a Military role. Hence the "order".

  92. Carla Rose

    Carla Rose4 시간 전

    The point is, if he was really worried about corruption why not ask his fbi cia or police in America to investigate Hunter?

  93. Kurt Springer

    Kurt Springer4 시간 전

    Because fbi, cia and police are not in the habit of making public announcements about investigations. To be effective politically the public announcement would be essential.

  94. Toma Harley

    Toma Harley4 시간 전

    50:27 “half the country”... Awe lil d, 63,000,000 is NOT half of 327,000,000... In fact, it’s ONLY 19% 🖕🏻😶

  95. soulkitchen1979

    soulkitchen19794 시간 전

    I think he means "the voting public". Remember, there are many people that cannot legally vote (children, felons, people that are of age and choose not to vote, etc.).

  96. Czotie

    Czotie4 시간 전

    Thank you @tom and @amy I don't think that number has undocumented people within it. I'd estimate rough 340-345 million people if we include undocumented immigrants

  97. Amy French

    Amy French4 시간 전

    @Jose Santana not stupid, not offensive, just a question. Why do you call people names?

  98. Jose Santana

    Jose Santana4 시간 전

    That's stupid and insulting. You represent how stupid the retards are. Keep up the stupid comments, they're funny!

  99. Jose Santana

    Jose Santana4 시간 전

    I'm impressed by your basic math skills. Your smarter than Trump.

  100. Z Harlo

    Z Harlo4 시간 전

    Several Democrats said Trump “Demanded” the investigation which is not accurate. Latin origin of the word is “to order formally” he did not insist or demand or order Zelensky. When reading the transcript, it’s just not there. As an Independent and as an American, I do not like the Pandora’s box they are opening.

  101. Z Harlo

    Z Harlo4 시간 전

    Might hold up ... except if I didn’t know or believe they had my family. Without the leverage one would not feel obligated to comply. Like how Zelensky did not know the funds were held: No leverage.

  102. A Smith

    A Smith4 시간 전

    When a mob boss has your family.... they don't need to DEMAND anything.... they say "I need you to do me a favor " .... Think about that

  103. Toma Harley

    Toma Harley4 시간 전

    42:33 “they were not able to identify any crime committed by the criminal trump...” Hey lil d, THAT WAS NOT THEIR PURPOSE...their purpose was to give testimony...and let congress decide what to do, which determinations/conclusions to come to... And TRUMPN IS GUILTY...unless you’re an inbred, nazi loving, racist, traitorous magatard.... 14,000+ LIES 10+ counts of obstruction Abuse of power Violation of public trust Treason Child rape Incest Campaign finance fraud Tax fraud Bank fraud Trump U What the FUCK are you defending?

  104. jimmy tiler

    jimmy tiler4 시간 전

    You can tell who cspans watchers are. I'm the only one here who see's in this hearing whats really going on by what I see not by what is said. If anyone here would woke up from there drunken state they would SEE what I see. Your all being decieved and haven't a clues in other words your all clueless. To think I graduated last in my class of 72, but I can SEE thanks to Jesus The Christ..

  105. jimmy tiler

    jimmy tiler4 시간 전

    @Czotie That a very intellectual reply.

  106. jimmy tiler

    jimmy tiler4 시간 전

    @A Smith Worry not I will pray for you.

  107. A Smith

    A Smith4 시간 전

    Is Jesus The Christ like Sonic The Hedgehog? Lol! Bruh.... god is dead. I crushed his face in with my ass muscles.

  108. Czotie

    Czotie4 시간 전


  109. Hoodoo Man

    Hoodoo Man4 시간 전

    House Intelligence Committee? Now there is blatant contradiction in terms. Most politicians are about as intelligent as a hunk of granite.

  110. A Smith

    A Smith4 시간 전

    Just because there's a majority of unqualified Republicans....

  111. Rob Wells

    Rob Wells4 시간 전

    Jordan outed them. Vindman is the whistleblower's source.

  112. Tamerat G Wordofa

    Tamerat G Wordofa4 시간 전

    Rob Wells so what???? We should protect anyone which is comes with such tings!

  113. Matengu Mambwe

    Matengu Mambwe4 시간 전

    There's something off about Vindman (gut feeling) Especially how he doesn't know the whistleblower, but won't answer who the intelligence official he spoke to is & how he saw himself as boss

  114. Kevin The Bold

    Kevin The Bold4 시간 전

    "Sense of duty" Vindman said. The House is conducting impeachment hearings because that is their duty under the Constitution. When have we ever heard Republicans talk about duty? To them it's all about protecting their own political and financial interests. Duty is a foreign concept to Trump supporters.