1. Connor Townsend

    Connor Townsend2 일 전

    No you don't choose the baseball bat for that you use it so Javi(Walking dead the game season 4) Can hit home run

  2. mommy miaa

    mommy miaa5 일 전

    4:22 Mickey Mouse made an appearance.

  3. Era VK

    Era VK5 일 전

    0:08 Kassie looks so cute and funny as she waits by bouncing on her chair XD

  4. Me & Me

    Me & Me7 일 전

    “I couldn’t go to the link because I’m watching this on television” What’s wrong in that sentence?

  5. Mechaela Alboroto

    Mechaela Alboroto7 일 전

    It looks like gloom boyfriend is jay

  6. Emma Ochoa

    Emma Ochoa8 일 전


  7. DestroyerGamer

    DestroyerGamer8 일 전

    12:02 when man hits from behind

  8. bydial

    bydial8 일 전

    Car 🚙 door 🚪

  9. bydial

    bydial8 일 전

    Car 🚙 door 🚪

  10. Black kids. com

    Black kids. com9 일 전

    But wouldn't the bat tske more energy to use?

  11. corinarae Guzman

    corinarae Guzman9 일 전

    Or will she right HELO

  12. Laura Beatty

    Laura Beatty9 일 전

    So we can look at our Beautiful faces Later cause we are ugly

  13. MissDillanMilan _

    MissDillanMilan _10 일 전

    I think the other kidnapper was the girl with the pink bc she said she was at the salon so how’d she end up going to the park

  14. Andrew-OHH

    Andrew-OHH11 일 전

    If each boy bought a cupcake one of them would end up with a dollar because if there is 1 then who ever will bye it one of the kids will have 1

  15. Jazelle Yzaguirre

    Jazelle Yzaguirre11 일 전

    I don't know why I followed you on instagram

  16. Lady Padilla

    Lady Padilla14 일 전

    hey jay its number 1 for the park question because u cant go fishing in fall because its tooo cold!

  17. Sparkly cosmic cadet

    Sparkly cosmic cadet14 일 전

    Really the answer 9

  18. Deathdealeri

    Deathdealeri15 일 전

    In the last q theee was a attemped to escape couse there was a crack

  19. Ashie Bee

    Ashie Bee15 일 전

    Fish man because there’s no leaks in the park

  20. Keeng Crosby

    Keeng Crosby15 일 전

    What happened at 12:02 I thought he was gonna say like when you in the bed 😏

  21. Sabrine Setrodjemino

    Sabrine Setrodjemino15 일 전

    m t w t f s s these are the days of the week who kan find de strange thing

  22. Starr Light

    Starr Light17 일 전

    Who else heard her say shit

  23. Natsuki Chan

    Natsuki Chan17 일 전

    When They said the mirror riddle it was 4:44 p.m. And I was like:OMG😱😱

  24. Lorelai Carlson

    Lorelai Carlson17 일 전

    How did you not know the answer is your car door because they said what door will you open first first first first first first😮😮😮😮😮


    THE ADI FAMILY19 일 전

    Im shiping

  26. Pete McNamara

    Pete McNamara19 일 전

    The other kidnapper is one because there should not be fish in autumn 🍂

  27. Tragixella _

    Tragixella _19 일 전

    Its 4 for the comments one because the park was closed of the kids but Mary Ann was walking in the park, duh

  28. ShadowSnowyWolf 667

    ShadowSnowyWolf 66720 일 전

    I think the girl was trying spell hello

  29. Iz Jeffcoat

    Iz Jeffcoat20 일 전


  30. Geryn McCollum

    Geryn McCollum21 일 전


  31. DURPYS RULE Bautista

    DURPYS RULE Bautista24 일 전

    They copyed my NAME

  32. Katty Gacha

    Katty Gacha24 일 전

    8:46 That is a pen, not a gun uwu

  33. Dominic Martino

    Dominic Martino24 일 전

    That code riddle was a copy from Brightside

  34. Selish

    Selish25 일 전

    8:44 i have the same hair as jay.. wait am i his son that just got out this year

  35. Unidentifiable Rose

    Unidentifiable Rose26 일 전

    Jay: no gun no knife Jay:bat a KNIFE

  36. Alyana Puello

    Alyana Puello27 일 전

    I get it cuse five has four letters in it and then one has three in it and three has five letters in it and FIVE has four letters in it

  37. Abdoujoe Merizier

    Abdoujoe Merizier27 일 전


  38. kokomo kokomo

    kokomo kokomo28 일 전

    How will these haunt your dreams anyway?

  39. kokomo kokomo

    kokomo kokomo28 일 전

    I dont sleep I just Role-play with myself.

  40. *-ᖴᑌᑎᑎEᕼ ᖴᗩᑎ4728-*

    *-ᖴᑌᑎᑎEᕼ ᖴᗩᑎ4728-*28 일 전

    You guys took 40 seconds to a 7 second riddle.....