1. Tay J

    Tay J5 시간 전

    6:03 woaahh Kassy that potty mouth

  2. Reishinta Fadilah

    Reishinta Fadilah6 시간 전

    The autumn one is 3 and 1 because there’s no water in autum right if wrong do hate me ok

  3. Miah Terwilliger

    Miah Terwilliger6 시간 전


  4. LexieTheBexie OHANA RASPBERRY

    LexieTheBexie OHANA RASPBERRY7 시간 전

    When jay said he will go for the baseball bat at 2:27 I thought he was gonna say because of Javier front the walking dead he was so cool with it I really actually thought he was gonna say that Don't judge me pls 😒 I actually miss Javier

  5. Kia Lauv

    Kia Lauv17 시간 전

    Jay from the Kubz Scouts is *that dude.*

  6. Fredaljm Varon

    Fredaljm Varon일 전

    The key is in the bottle and trust me I didn't continued watching this when I'm typing

  7. Reign Zapanta

    Reign Zapanta일 전

    Who is the maniac ashlie 1anniy 2 avalin 3 alana 4

  8. FinnTheHuman

    FinnTheHuman일 전

    Am I the only one who thought of man hook hand car door when the door one popped up

  9. Ashley OwU

    Ashley OwU일 전

    *is it just me or did kassie just say shit because she doesnt swear*

  10. Addie-Bell Saylor

    Addie-Bell Saylor일 전

    Laura and Mary

  11. leann pulley

    leann pulley일 전

    so ez 1 is the other kidnapper

  12. Illy and alyssa Andrews

    Illy and alyssa Andrews일 전


  13. logan show calle

    logan show calle일 전

    5:58 Did she say the S word I'll type it You didnt really think i told the truth of typeing it im mean,im a kid

  14. Maru ChanMii2002

    Maru ChanMii2002일 전

    And she did miss

  15. Maru ChanMii2002

    Maru ChanMii2002일 전

    logan show calle Same

  16. Prasath Jeyananthan

    Prasath Jeyananthan일 전

    Omg that was so obvious they ate the cupcakes

  17. Prasath Jeyananthan

    Prasath Jeyananthan일 전

    If he said 5 it would be 4 because 5 has 4 letters to simple

  18. Giselle Tan

    Giselle Tan2 일 전

    it's the spelling

  19. Iamo Jasmin

    Iamo Jasmin2 일 전

    She said a badword

  20. Ooof Boi

    Ooof Boi2 일 전

    The thumbnail reminds me of a kid who try to draw hell to it mom

  21. Alex Jones

    Alex Jones2 일 전

    my sis said that you are not THAT DUDE but to me you are. THAT DUDE

  22. Bcuz of Q

    Bcuz of Q2 일 전

    4:30 Sheila Broflovski All I'm gonna say.

  23. Doggo Dogs

    Doggo Dogs2 일 전

    That's why its called Five Nights at Freddy's ( drum meme plays in background)

  24. Cassidy Pinchock

    Cassidy Pinchock2 일 전

    1 - 3 3 - 5 5 - 4 4 - 4 4 - 4 4 - 4 They would get stuck because 4 has 4 letters

  25. Lillian Georgio

    Lillian Georgio3 일 전

    my lucky number is 444

  26. Nakari Young

    Nakari Young3 일 전

    Maybe that was the marker that she was writing help with

  27. mia lmao

    mia lmao3 일 전

    "add three then minus one" So..add two?


    RAD REVALS3 일 전

    Can I get a SHOTOUT I LOVE YOUR AMAZING VIDS BEST KOreporterR EVER!!!!!!!?????!!!?!?!!


    RAD REVALS3 일 전

    They mean how many numbers in the number


    RAD REVALS3 일 전

    It’s 4

  31. More Skully

    More Skully3 일 전


  32. edit mendez

    edit mendez4 일 전

    All of your vids are 10/10

  33. SmartMars603

    SmartMars6034 일 전


  34. Natalia Mason

    Natalia Mason4 일 전

    Happy 3 mill, kinda late had a camp and didn’t notice

  35. Rojina Karimirad

    Rojina Karimirad4 일 전

    6:10 Gloom: You add three and minus one! Me: So you add two... 😂

  36. Itz Eleri

    Itz Eleri4 일 전

    You’re dum 7 seconds riddles

  37. Amy Ke

    Amy Ke4 일 전


  38. Keni F.

    Keni F.4 일 전

    2:40 lets just borrow Steve's bat and we good

  39. Hamza Cheema

    Hamza Cheema4 일 전

    At the mirror one 3:32

  40. Merari Mile Villondo

    Merari Mile Villondo5 일 전

    2:24 all of those can be wepons

  41. yeti hong

    yeti hong5 일 전


  42. panda_ playz

    panda_ playz5 일 전

    I love their thumbnails

  43. Salud Es Vida

    Salud Es Vida5 일 전

    wait but didnt the guy say he did not have a job why is he going to a job inerverw

  44. Wanna Be Comedian

    Wanna Be Comedian5 일 전

    If you ask for human flesh on death row do they get it for you?

  45. Alexlyda Tan

    Alexlyda Tan5 일 전

    3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07 3:07

  46. Alexlyda Tan

    Alexlyda Tan5 일 전

    I ment 3:35

  47. Alexlyda Tan

    Alexlyda Tan5 일 전

    BRU! 3:07

  48. jennifer bravo

    jennifer bravo6 일 전

    Make more riddles!!!!

  49. matthew godsil

    matthew godsil6 일 전

    5:46 when u can never finish ur homework

  50. Random Youtuber

    Random Youtuber6 일 전

    Fam if I was on death row I would ask for my final meal to be manga meat. It would buy me more time although I might also get to try it or at least see what they come up with.

  51. Teira Dumas

    Teira Dumas6 일 전


  52. Auriojna Inhalt

    Auriojna Inhalt6 일 전

    8:05 I think the other kidnapper was tom because most fish Isn't out in autumn.

  53. Ainslie Samuel

    Ainslie Samuel6 일 전

    Do it with gloom and azzy

  54. gacha skyler

    gacha skyler6 일 전

    If u have 7 bottles of soap and u take away 2 u get 4

  55. Simone O.

    Simone O.6 일 전


  56. Mia on the weird side

    Mia on the weird side6 일 전

    You have 3m I have 3 ☹️

  57. Linda Sagita

    Linda Sagita7 일 전

    OMG chasey you say s***

  58. gacha life master

    gacha life master7 일 전

    for the number one it is how meny letters are in the word

  59. fαllχи αиgєlz

    fαllχи αиgєlz7 일 전

    12:00 My cousin: Yep, I agree with him. What you think? Me: Nah. My cousin: WHAT HE IS SO RIGHT! Me: No, you have to open the car first. My cousin: How the heck do you open a car? Me: GIRL YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT IT TOO HARD AND TOO MUCH! My cousin: Oh really? Lets see who is correct then like I’m so gonna win! *Answer: Open your car door first* My cousin: wat. idk anymore.. HOW?! *explains to her* My cousin: wow yea you won and I should not think about it too hard ;-;

  60. Eerie Zero

    Eerie Zero7 일 전

    Okay I know it’s fiction but if the zombies just started there bones wouldn’t be fragile because they just turned there body wouldn’t have decomposed to that point just saying

  61. SaLoNi

    SaLoNi7 일 전

    Man i wish the key riddle was better that was baddddd

  62. Jesiah Cole

    Jesiah Cole7 일 전

    I am dieing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the dog had too say that I cannot with yall😁😀😀😂😂😂 jay smart too

  63. Mary Suzanne Sanza

    Mary Suzanne Sanza8 일 전


  64. NiaJada Jeffries

    NiaJada Jeffries8 일 전

    I said 4 and when you said nine I thought you were stoop

  65. Hilary Wong

    Hilary Wong8 일 전


  66. Kaden Crane-Bear

    Kaden Crane-Bear8 일 전

    Did you hear Cassie say sh*t


    XXsebakaXX XXSEBAKAXX8 일 전

    3:17 the key is in the top shelf 3rd bottle

  68. Azure the Dragon king

    Azure the Dragon king8 일 전

    9:35 Mista is the one who made the rumor

  69. husky plaz

    husky plaz8 일 전

    Can you guys please do the new horror edition riddles

  70. Jenna Niederhelman

    Jenna Niederhelman9 일 전


  71. Jenna Niederhelman

    Jenna Niederhelman9 일 전

    JAY is sooo funny with floom

  72. KayRocker

    KayRocker9 일 전

    2,400 comments but i must comment so yikes guess im breaking that satisfying number.

  73. MangleTangled1

    MangleTangled19 일 전

    Why jay isn't saying knifu and ending your lifu?????????

  74. Kitty and aqua - Chan

    Kitty and aqua - Chan9 일 전

    5:34 the awnser is four I guessed it straight away

  75. cool Aneja Johnson

    cool Aneja Johnson9 일 전

    Like:LOL comment:Not LOL pls love it Jay and Gloom

  76. Preston M.

    Preston M.9 일 전

    I believe j 4

  77. Marebel Soto

    Marebel Soto9 일 전


  78. Marebel Soto

    Marebel Soto9 일 전

    He was suppose to say 8 dude

  79. Elemental Gacha Wolf

    Elemental Gacha Wolf9 일 전

    Ok... who in their kitchen doesn't have a kitchen knife...lol

  80. Ruben Mora Jr

    Ruben Mora Jr9 일 전

    For the one where the guy is arrested it was 4 because the number the guard says u have to say how many numbers the number has

  81. Hanna A

    Hanna A9 일 전

    Answer the other killer is 1 he cant catch fish in autumn. Well I mean he can bit why would he.

  82. Dan-nique Kammies

    Dan-nique Kammies9 일 전