Honest Trailers - Doctor Who (Modern)


  1. Screen Junkies

    Screen Junkies2 개월 전

    But which Doctor, is YOUR Doctor? One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse

  2. Liza Huffman

    Liza Huffman5 일 전

    11 is the best.

  3. I'm Craving Sushi

    I'm Craving Sushi개월 전

    Matt Smith

  4. Lucretia Mott

    Lucretia Mott개월 전

    David Tennant is my all-time favorite Doctor 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  5. Kronos Gaming

    Kronos Gaming2 개월 전

    Jodie is my favorite definitely

  6. gamer v

    gamer v2 개월 전

    David Tennant is my doctor

  7. Lunar Stars

    Lunar Stars6 시간 전

    8:21 TO MUCH BRITISH!!!!!!

  8. Gonaddabarbarian

    Gonaddabarbarian14 시간 전

    Tom Baker is the one true Doctor, all the others are MEDIOCRE!

  9. Marija Kurosaki

    Marija Kurosaki15 시간 전

    David Tennant is my favorite Doctor. Martha Jones is my favorite companion.

  10. Louise DAVID

    Louise DAVID17 시간 전

    Euh on finit sur une croix gammée sérieux ?? 😓

  11. KeZaRo0

    KeZaRo018 시간 전

    It's Dr.Whom

  12. JdXI gaming : Jamie does Xbox & Ios

    JdXI gaming : Jamie does Xbox & Ios18 시간 전

    I love doctor who!❤️🇬🇧👌🏻

  13. Benjamin Roden

    Benjamin Roden21 시간 전

    8:40 You do realise that only two of those are Jim Broadbent? The one on the left is Jonathan Pryce and that was only a BBC Children in Need skit... Please do your research WatchMojo...

  14. Howard Jian

    Howard Jian22 시간 전

    paradoxz paradox paradox paradox

  15. Johanna Lergenmuller

    Johanna Lergenmuller일 전

    Well done :D

  16. Koinoid Art

    Koinoid Art일 전

    Just realised how many Harry Potter actors were in smiths series

  17. Nofar Cohen

    Nofar Cohen일 전

    Days of our lives of future past🤣🤣🤣

  18. Geegee Tomlinson

    Geegee Tomlinson일 전

    No. You included HER. Why are you supporting racism?

  19. Arctic badger

    Arctic badger일 전

    Tennant & Smith were the best NOT a fan @ all of season 11 & the actress,way too preachy & constipated faces🤣

  20. Marcel Gardner

    Marcel Gardner일 전

    British sci-fi dramedy at it's best

  21. grumpytheunicorn

    grumpytheunicorn일 전

    God I hate to comment so soon after my other one, but damn. This should be the pre-game show for season 12.

  22. grumpytheunicorn

    grumpytheunicorn일 전

    haha. the sad thing is s/he IS an actual doctor. She's been lying about that for quite a while. ;) haha

  23. bangtan AMV

    bangtan AMV일 전

    Who's your favourite doctor?

  24. Amadeus Kael W. Pyralis

    Amadeus Kael W. Pyralis2 일 전

    Spacial Justice Warrior.. BAHAHAHAHAH >.

  25. vampjoseph11

    vampjoseph112 일 전

    this has to be the most accurate takedown of any show ever! Also if anyone asks me what doctor who is, I'm just going to show them this!

  26. Đuro Razbojnik

    Đuro Razbojnik2 일 전

    This looks like a horrible show lol

  27. Alice Maxwell

    Alice Maxwell2 일 전

    I mean don’t get me wrong I love doctor who but honestly this is amazing

  28. Emmerson Nicholls

    Emmerson Nicholls3 일 전

    This video triggered me

  29. lcyw20

    lcyw203 일 전

    The Kind-of-There-a? Are you trying to bring out the Dalek in me, Screen Junkies? I am still mourning her! :_( (Long vigils)

  30. lcyw20

    lcyw203 일 전

    Clara... :_(

  31. Master Yoda

    Master Yoda3 일 전

    This was brilliant

  32. Cheyne Pella

    Cheyne Pella3 일 전

    New timeline New timeline!

  33. Cheyne Pella

    Cheyne Pella3 일 전

    Do Mortal Engines! Cause you know it’s going to be a Flop!

  34. coulsonskids

    coulsonskids4 일 전

    okay you can make fun of doctor who being Really british but don't pretend any american sci fi/fantasy thing doesn't do Exactly the same thing for america lmao. are there any non american avengers? i mean... im sorry black widow doesnt count shes Barely russian- no accent, no history. and thor is an alien.

  35. Isabelle K

    Isabelle K5 일 전

    8:39 WHO is that!!

  36. HellMinion88

    HellMinion885 일 전

    still waiting for Ace (or a descendant) to make a reappearance D:

  37. Gogeta

    Gogeta5 일 전

    Forget to show missy saying doctor who

  38. awesome one

    awesome one5 일 전

    Jodie doctor is aweful.. season 11 is bad..

  39. LadySif1999 FanAccount

    LadySif1999 FanAccount5 일 전

    David Tennant!!!!

  40. Hafsa Rasheed

    Hafsa Rasheed6 일 전

    this didn't make my day. it made my life.

  41. Sydney MacDonald

    Sydney MacDonald7 일 전

    11 is my favourite with 10 as second. I love how quirky 11 was. Cried when he regenerated

  42. IceVeins

    IceVeins7 일 전

    "i think you need a doctor" "who...do you recommend"

  43. mfwebb AJ

    mfwebb AJ7 일 전

    This is great

  44. Matteo Rizvi

    Matteo Rizvi7 일 전

    Do Daredevil plz

  45. Vitória Rodrigues

    Vitória Rodrigues7 일 전

    Oh my god. This is amazing.

  46. Luke Wines

    Luke Wines8 일 전

    Staring the guy who will never be ginger

  47. dozierc

    dozierc8 일 전

    Doctor Who indeed.

  48. cat

    cat9 일 전

    series 4 is the best series so jot that down.

  49. cat

    cat9 일 전

    british television peaked with 2005-2010 doctor who

  50. Ryan Rooney

    Ryan Rooney9 일 전

    *It can be anywhere in the universe but is usually in London*

  51. Mike T West

    Mike T West9 일 전

    Kylie Minogue isn't British ;)

  52. Fra Alberigo

    Fra Alberigo9 일 전

    Just to clarify, Kylie Minogue is Australian, not British. We just ended up stuck with her.

  53. Fire Breathing Bitch Queen Lilith

    Fire Breathing Bitch Queen Lilith9 일 전

    Scary Poppins... 😂😂😂 I’m d y i n g

  54. Istvan Palanki

    Istvan Palanki9 일 전

    This show was so awesome wheni watched it but now it looks so lame

  55. Crazycatgirl 99

    Crazycatgirl 9910 일 전

    Oh god an American with the most British show 😂

  56. Opgamer 23974

    Opgamer 2397410 일 전

    why is this so accurate

  57. Chris Williams

    Chris Williams10 일 전

    "So internet commenters?" Hahaahahahaha.... Hey wait a minute.........

  58. Maarek Steele

    Maarek Steele10 일 전

    Sooooooooooooooooo..............hes basically a serial killer of young women?

  59. Autobot Productions

    Autobot Productions10 일 전

    Doctor Who? That's what I wanna know!

  60. Just a plastic cup aͣaͣaͣ AͣAͣAͣ

    Just a plastic cup aͣaͣaͣ AͣAͣAͣ10 일 전


  61. Venazone

    Venazone11 일 전


  62. Christopher Sage

    Christopher Sage11 일 전

    i was waiting for BoJack Horseman’s Doctor Hu to pop up 😂

  63. magicalmerlin5

    magicalmerlin511 일 전

    SCARY POPPINS!! Nothing could be a more apt description of missy Also: CASSANDRA IS HOOCH?!?!?!?! WHAAAAA

  64. what is this

    what is this11 일 전

    Wait but to fans he's actually a funny man with a timemachine who takes ladies on adventures

  65. Mark Shortirdge

    Mark Shortirdge11 일 전

    8:40 - Jonathon Pryce / Jim Broadbent / Jim Broadbent

  66. you wut m8t

    you wut m8t11 일 전

    Doctor who

  67. Aiden macritchie

    Aiden macritchie11 일 전

    Do miracle

  68. Sparrow

    Sparrow12 일 전

    I stopped watching when they got that peter guy, i really dislike him. and i don't know why.

  69. Trish Young

    Trish Young12 일 전

    Honestly one of my favorite episodes to date :)

  70. Adriaan Sluijs

    Adriaan Sluijs13 일 전

    funny how you showed only 3 seconds of the last doctor. Seems like you want people to get hype for everyone up until doctor 13 and she's just an afterthought. I approve.

  71. Muhammad al-Khwarizmi

    Muhammad al-Khwarizmi13 일 전

    High-quality roast

  72. Fanofmanythings

    Fanofmanythings13 일 전

    Every British Actor... Dang u ain't lying. There's like 40 British actors? lol

  73. Alana Perry

    Alana Perry13 일 전

    "David Tennant: The unquestioned master of staring sadly into the middle distance"

  74. Adeline Purdy

    Adeline Purdy13 일 전

    Enjoyed this video, but kinda sad you only gave Jodie ten seconds...

  75. Adrian Mango

    Adrian Mango14 일 전

    he is a doctor, just not a practicing doctor

  76. Lubble-1397

    Lubble-139714 일 전

    The show died after Tennant left

  77. Iiris Toivokainen

    Iiris Toivokainen14 일 전

    My doctor is Jodie Whittaker, even though the writing is terrible, her acting is great. I hope that Chibnall will leave and Jodie will stay so we'll finally get some quality content.

  78. Donna Jones

    Donna Jones14 일 전

    John Cleese and Billy Connelly were never in Doctor who lol

  79. Bruce

    Bruce15 일 전

    Say it with me. Season 11 and 12 DID NOT HAPPEN!

  80. WankersCramp69

    WankersCramp6915 일 전

    Do the Super Mario Bros Super Show! And the other Mario cartoons.

  81. Sunday Cat

    Sunday Cat15 일 전

    "every other british actor", shows Nicole Kidman...

  82. Epic Nerd

    Epic Nerd15 일 전

    david tenant reigns supreme. all others are inferior. and also they shouldn't have continued the show after season 5

  83. Julia Mel

    Julia Mel15 일 전

    8:40 you couldve done every actor from Eastenders too that would be funny

  84. Kristian Orellana

    Kristian Orellana15 일 전


  85. Alice Kidd

    Alice Kidd15 일 전

    Cyber men-my life.

  86. PinkPerfectPeach

    PinkPerfectPeach16 일 전

    Omg a LOT of people on Doctor Who were on Merlin first!

  87. Jessica Caron

    Jessica Caron16 일 전


  88. Ku Chan

    Ku Chan17 일 전

    I think, "Dalek" to you is like "Penguin" to Benedict Cumberbatch :3 Please say Dalek again

  89. Jesse Grant

    Jesse Grant17 일 전

    9 AND 10 😊

  90. vcrbetamax

    vcrbetamax17 일 전

    I believe you mean “whom”.

  91. Jurassic Productions SFM

    Jurassic Productions SFM17 일 전


  92. smalltime0

    smalltime018 일 전

    In fairness, a few of the clips you showed was the Doctor lying. Cause he/she actually lies a lot.

  93. •Φ•

    •Φ•18 일 전

    Just because the Doctor is a Female now is not a free pass to be extra racist or sexist. What the F is the BBC doing now? This is worse than a Dalek invasion. EXTERMINATE

  94. Camille Creations

    Camille Creations18 일 전

    It would have been funny if he mentioned the fact the sonic screwdriver doesn't work on wood lol

  95. Butterslingshot

    Butterslingshot18 일 전

    KOreporter: *Sees Swastika in background* You: I can explain! KOreporter : *BAN*

  96. Butterslingshot

    Butterslingshot18 일 전


  97. eitanoid os

    eitanoid os19 일 전


  98. Bri Goose

    Bri Goose19 일 전

    British drama what do you expect,

  99. Bri Goose

    Bri Goose19 일 전

    Doctor who made pc by the woman doctor and the doc before her......shey ruined doctor who. Now apparently she's leaving ..let's see if it improves

  100. The Bubonic Plague

    The Bubonic Plague19 일 전

    I choked

  101. The PotFather

    The PotFather19 일 전

    now do it again but with how the show went this season

  102. Dead pool

    Dead pool19 일 전

    The doctors greatest rival... Chriiiiissstmas

  103. Jurassic Productions SFM

    Jurassic Productions SFM8 일 전

    +Dead pool XD

  104. Dead pool

    Dead pool8 일 전

    +Jurassic Productions SFM 😂😂

  105. Jurassic Productions SFM

    Jurassic Productions SFM17 일 전

    Ahem, *CHIBNALL*

  106. Jack Fletcher

    Jack Fletcher19 일 전

    Matt Smith is the best

  107. Lilith V.

    Lilith V.19 일 전

    I've never watched any Doctor Who, but man that shit is more British than Blackadder

  108. Silver Anna

    Silver Anna19 일 전

    "Basically dating with out the sex" lmao

  109. Mika Williams

    Mika Williams20 일 전

    he a sad boi, that david