1. first_lady _greene

    first_lady _greene8 일 전

    Omg lol I'm having just a horrible day and I decided to to binge watch your videos and I'm cracking up lol 😂 thank you tati!

  2. Stephanie Martinez

    Stephanie Martinez8 일 전

    Can you do a video of weird makeup tools?? Like the winged eyeliner stamp thing or the nose conture gadget.... stuff like that👃 🙏😄

  3. Lisa Y

    Lisa Y24 일 전

    You always make me smile and give the dork in me a lil inspiration! Hehe

  4. Charlotte Ackerman

    Charlotte Ackerman25 일 전

    Always love Tati’s rings 😭

  5. Maddie DeRose

    Maddie DeRose27 일 전

    i would love if she could review florence and millie skin care

  6. Joy Walker

    Joy Walker개월 전

    Honestly, I would like to hear you to talk more as you are putting on the makeup instead of always using music, it's just that you're a lot more interesting than a lot of other beauty influencers..

  7. Malia B

    Malia B개월 전

    you said it's a dumb bun and I laughed out loud... my husband thinks I'm nuts 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Andi Brumley

    Andi Brumley개월 전

    You being you’re goofy self makes me feel so happy, I’m having a hard time with my mental health and just watching someone else feel happy and feel comfortable in their own skin makes me like it’ll all be okay! Love you Tati!

  9. rosieisbored

    rosieisbored개월 전

    tati looked like cristine simplynailogical at the very beginning of this video im shook

  10. Hannah Ducharme

    Hannah Ducharme개월 전

    "I look dead but with really great lips." Well...I guess it's okay to be dead as long as your makeup is flawless.

  11. Jessica Logsdon

    Jessica Logsdon2 개월 전

    When Tatis bad hairday looks better than most of my normal hair days lol!

  12. Anissa19

    Anissa192 개월 전

    My bun shames me every day...every hour...every minute...

  13. J ray

    J ray2 개월 전

    That primer def took some redness away

  14. Caitlynn Griffith

    Caitlynn Griffith2 개월 전

    You should try the new dyson hair thing. I just find it funny that a vacuum company is making a curling iron

  15. Caity Mourfield

    Caity Mourfield2 개월 전

    Video suggestion, if you haven't done it already. A video of your go to, everyday makeup products for a full face. Only products you reach for knowing it works great for you. No matter the expense, store or brand its from.

  16. Dayana Alvarado

    Dayana Alvarado2 개월 전

    Love the lilac sweater/shirt thing you’re wearing color looks great with your skin tone

  17. emily

    emily2 개월 전

    tati has a mental breakdown for 25 minutes

  18. The Praesto

    The Praesto3 개월 전

    What are those pretty bottles behind her?

  19. Margarita Hurmiz

    Margarita Hurmiz3 개월 전

    @Kimmarie Praesto I think it’s perfume pretty sure

  20. Corrie- Onagoodday

    Corrie- Onagoodday3 개월 전

    Do u have any control over the amount of commercials we ha e to see?

  21. Lauren Matthews

    Lauren Matthews3 개월 전

    Girl, yes, yes we want to see the underrated video!! ❤️🙌

  22. Toad Day Get Toad

    Toad Day Get Toad3 개월 전

    Ok...so I guess the Smith and Cult product I got in one of my beauty boxes is actually nail polish...I haven’t tried anything from it, and from the bottle, I thought primer or moisturizer. Huh. Guess I’m gonna have to paint my nails now!

  23. Social Potato

    Social Potato3 개월 전


  24. Eliza Gunson

    Eliza Gunson3 개월 전

    this is a MOOD

  25. Sai Hikawa

    Sai Hikawa3 개월 전

    Have you tried doing a full-face makeup with a darker shade of foundation?

  26. Treynuggets

    Treynuggets3 개월 전

    I love 💕 wished I could wear pinks and look fabulous like you Tati.

  27. yvonne savoy

    yvonne savoy3 개월 전

    Maybe your a unicorn that needs Head & Shoulders.🦄

  28. Devyn Edwards

    Devyn Edwards3 개월 전

    I would love to see an underrated products video!

  29. Katie Sinead

    Katie Sinead3 개월 전

    What camera do you use to film?

  30. Kalysta Sauder

    Kalysta Sauder3 개월 전

    Take a shot everytime Tati says holy smokes😂😂😘

  31. Kalysta Sauder

    Kalysta Sauder3 개월 전

    I love that the title starts with holy smokes😂😂 what better way for it to start

  32. DarkSession van Art

    DarkSession van Art3 개월 전

    i also agree with the brow pencil thing

  33. DarkSession van Art

    DarkSession van Art3 개월 전

    omg, the other lip stain is A+

  34. Victor Aires

    Victor Aires3 개월 전

    Shes a bit messed up without makeup, wow.

  35. Karolina M

    Karolina M3 개월 전

    The primed did kind of even out your skin colour

  36. Samantha Hanssens

    Samantha Hanssens3 개월 전

    Lol, you make my day 😊

  37. MileyColmilloBlanco

    MileyColmilloBlanco3 개월 전

    😁 Tati, I love your videos.

  38. Holly Gordon

    Holly Gordon3 개월 전

    What shade of the uoma gloss did you put on? Gorgeous

  39. Jacky Sosa

    Jacky Sosa3 개월 전

    Its a lip stain like Asian.. not a liquild lipstick with stain.

  40. D B

    D B3 개월 전

    8 pins!!

  41. Anna Mardis

    Anna Mardis3 개월 전

    You should make a croped hoodie saying holly smokes🙏🔥

  42. Stop Being An A-hole

    Stop Being An A-hole3 개월 전

    I feel like KOreporterrs are the misfits, but KOreporterrs like Jake and Logan Paul are want to be misfits 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  43. heartshapedsoul

    heartshapedsoul3 개월 전

    OMG, that lip colour is stunning!! ♥♥♥

  44. Vernelle Vale

    Vernelle Vale3 개월 전

    This was an awesome video! Love that Tati has makeup all over her hands. 😂 It’s like she’s gardening in makeup soil ROFL 🤣. If this is the Hated/Overstated, Im so looking forward to seeing Dated/Underrated video!! Thanks again Tati for the honest reviews!!!!

  45. Avi Agarwal

    Avi Agarwal3 개월 전

    nope sorry

  46. Charliebuttons W

    Charliebuttons W3 개월 전

    Love a Tati and Taylor unboxing moment :)


    AMANDA BAER3 개월 전

    I'm laughing so hard, I truly believe you are my spirit animal!

  48. It’s ya girl Chloe

    It’s ya girl Chloe3 개월 전

    4:42 I smelt that omg😂

  49. A M

    A M3 개월 전

    How would you look with a vintage makeover? May I suggest Rachel Matsky

  50. Ellen B

    Ellen B3 개월 전

    Love you Tati, never change!!! Xxx

  51. nikki duane

    nikki duane3 개월 전

    Literally any reason to bring up Scott Barns or link the video featuring him.... lol 🤦‍♀️ We get it. You know Scott Barns.

  52. makeupbymacey

    makeupbymacey3 개월 전

    I love this video it’s my favourite one of yours because you were really funny

  53. Ecardinal Tsung

    Ecardinal Tsung3 개월 전

    If you want some cream blush suggestions I highly recommend the channel Matilda. She has the most calming and non-biased reviews ever and she is a huge fan of cream blushes. She has a huge collection and is very educated about them. You will most likely find a new favorite through her channel, specifically in the cream products area.

  54. Kell Akasha

    Kell Akasha3 개월 전

    I will take your bad hair day any day. It would be the best hair day for me ever! Love your videos Tati!

  55. courtney Haynes

    courtney Haynes3 개월 전

    I am the weirdest

  56. Claire Cgdashl

    Claire Cgdashl3 개월 전

    I trite color ritsia one and I went to school and it stained my neck and my lululemon sweater

  57. lokikies ta

    lokikies ta3 개월 전

    How cool that you can allow yourself to this kind of stuff

  58. superjunior833

    superjunior8333 개월 전

    Wow your skin is beautiful😍😍

  59. Noel Gallagher

    Noel Gallagher3 개월 전

    Doesn't anyone think she looks like a transvestite now?

  60. stillnotstill

    stillnotstill3 개월 전

    That's an outdated term. Idk if you mean looking like she is cross-dressing or that she "looks trans" but since she's obviously not cross-dressing... Yeah no, you can't tell who is or isn't trans just by looking so.

  61. Moon Cat

    Moon Cat3 개월 전

    Wow! The eye look is gorgeous!

  62. Bojana Lukic

    Bojana Lukic3 개월 전

    Well done