HIGHLIGHTS | KSI vs. Logan Paul 2


  1. minekev28 plays

    minekev28 plays일 전

    Was this the video flamingo watched

  2. Shabazz

    Shabazz일 전

    The fact that Logan landing 2 jabs in round 5 made it onto the highlight reel tells me everything I need to k ow about this fight haha.



    is no one going to talk about logan’s entrance song?

  4. Gianna Lopez

    Gianna Lopez일 전

    Logan lost becuse he slep

  5. Gamer and reviews23

    Gamer and reviews232 일 전

    smart enough not to buy jakes fight, i’ll just come watch the highlights

  6. Obadiah Hakeswill

    Obadiah Hakeswill2 일 전

    Two bums who would be starched by any real boxers in the sport and they pull that much cash... A true travesty......

  7. Jesus Is Lord

    Jesus Is Lord2 일 전

    Yeah, Jake won that fight hands down.

  8. Huda Ahmed

    Huda Ahmed2 일 전

    Both of you don’t know how to fight btw I watched this video long time ago 2 months ago

  9. Eric Zepeda

    Eric Zepeda2 일 전

    Can’t believe I missed this! Thanks for the highlights tho! 👍🏼

  10. B BOY Gaming

    B BOY Gaming2 일 전

    Ok we all know who really won like Logan comment KSI

  11. - IdonplayAdc -

    - IdonplayAdc -2 일 전

    In it crazy this is the most viewed video on the dazn channel....

  12. Cool Dude

    Cool Dude일 전

    It’s not

  13. Life Story

    Life Story2 일 전

    Logan is better

  14. Convikt88

    Convikt882 일 전

    youtubers are professial boxers now ok ...

  15. Mihăiță Nistor

    Mihăiță Nistor2 일 전

    Iraphahell ma adui aici. hello from Romania

  16. Jaki Hamer

    Jaki Hamer2 일 전

    ksi swings a bit too much😂😂

  17. Cool Dude

    Cool Dude일 전

    It works

  18. Narin Kalesyan

    Narin Kalesyan2 일 전

    Ksi trick made

  19. EternalSoul

    EternalSoul2 일 전

    Hey Logan, I’m 6’1 170 lbs. wanna fight? Literal trash can mommas boys

  20. Josh Pens

    Josh Pens2 일 전

    Team Ksi but I can’t see how Logan Paul lost

  21. Cool Dude

    Cool Dude일 전

    Are you blind?

  22. Happiness stay

    Happiness stay2 일 전

    B O R I N G

  23. Andre Aviles

    Andre Aviles3 일 전

    imagine this could be a draw but they don’t want too lol

  24. Un Reveal

    Un Reveal3 일 전

    Ksi Knowledge, TRUTH, integrity That is the acronym the comentator said Wow really? Truth

  25. Great White

    Great White3 일 전

    logan:i feel ill,i sneezed 3 times. 6ix9ine:no he didn't!

  26. Andre Malchus Bediones

    Andre Malchus Bediones3 일 전

    Tbh Logan won bec ksi is just rude



    KSI WON😡 I wanted Logan to win

  28. Kinggg Ezekiel

    Kinggg Ezekiel3 일 전

    The judges are complete idiots

  29. Thomas Gamer YOU

    Thomas Gamer YOU3 일 전

    N vs b

  30. Drillo2

    Drillo23 일 전

    Logan Paul's clothes: Video: Logan Paul My brain: Rocky Balboa

  31. mr goatee explosion 1999

    mr goatee explosion 19993 일 전

    Logan won anyway we all know it. Because if the ref didn't take 2 points away ksi would of lost

  32. IronAJ

    IronAJ3 일 전

    mr goatee explosion 1999 jj still would’ve won. In one of his recent videos he showed the official scorecard and they all had him 3 points up.

  33. Zach Nold

    Zach Nold3 일 전

    Man said knowledge truth integrity when it’s knowledge strength integrity

  34. るかもち

    るかもち3 일 전


  35. A tiny dose of Degenerates

    A tiny dose of Degenerates3 일 전

    4:10 XD justin bieber

  36. Adam Lopez

    Adam Lopez4 일 전

    I swear I don’t see how KSI won

  37. Tom Moloney

    Tom Moloney4 일 전

    Sky sports box office > dazn

  38. Rodrigo Garcia

    Rodrigo Garcia4 일 전

    This is basically the example of all that is wrong with "professional" boxing nowadays

  39. Diego Mora

    Diego Mora4 일 전

    I still can’t get over “KSI; Knowledge, Truth, Integrity”😂😂😂

  40. Levi Chrisemer

    Levi Chrisemer4 일 전


  41. RobinSlender Side

    RobinSlender Side4 일 전

    Logan is still better than KSI

  42. TheSiete7

    TheSiete74 일 전

    Amigo que robo

  43. Caleb Draisen

    Caleb Draisen4 일 전

    If logon didn’t cheat and new how to box, he would have most likely won

  44. wa l

    wa l4 일 전

    its better than FLOYD MAYWEATHER vs CONOR MCGREGOR fight

  45. lbxndit- ON Ps4

    lbxndit- ON Ps44 일 전

    he would have won if he didnt hit him in his head when he fell

  46. Dark D

    Dark D4 일 전

    Knowledge, truth, integrity gets on my nerver.

  47. Floranje De jesus

    Floranje De jesus4 일 전

    Make more video please logan

  48. Floranje De jesus

    Floranje De jesus4 일 전


  49. Tairyce Gaines

    Tairyce Gaines4 일 전

    Who here in 2020

  50. Josh G

    Josh G4 일 전

    Can’t wait to see Logan get strangled or killed in a mma fight

  51. Josh G

    Josh G4 일 전

    Imagine if Logan sneezed 6 times he would have died in the ring

  52. okc ou

    okc ou4 일 전

    logan really thought he was playing clinching simulator smh

  53. Kyng Wolf

    Kyng Wolf4 일 전

    Ksi won the match but lost the fight

  54. Lokk j

    Lokk j3 일 전


  55. Ramiro Renom

    Ramiro Renom4 일 전

    Ksi was clearly the better fighter. Logan had an awful guard, he stayed flatfooted and didn’t capitalize on most openings, and barely looked like he wanted to be in that ring.

  56. Carly Jhonson

    Carly Jhonson4 일 전

    Logan was better in last match

  57. Pengantar Akuntansi

    Pengantar Akuntansi5 일 전

    The winner go against Wilder please, so they can feel the real punch from the real boxer

  58. Samson Samuel

    Samson Samuel5 일 전

    "KSI - Knowledge Truth Integrity"

  59. DJfireant789plus

    DJfireant789plus5 일 전

    Knowledge Truth Integrity Ksi?

  60. David Merritt

    David Merritt5 일 전

    I’d knock out Tyson and Sub to me lol

  61. Vintcast

    Vintcast5 일 전

    What was the song in Logan’s walk off ?

  62. shahrzad jazaeri

    shahrzad jazaeri5 일 전

    Tbh I have been taking mma classes for 2 years and I’m a striker( not even a boxer) but they’re still trash and I could prob beat them 😐

  63. Chris Lake

    Chris Lake5 일 전

    hang on did he seriously walk out to X or did they edit that in

  64. Angel Herrera

    Angel Herrera5 일 전

    Although I wish Logan would have won i has very hapy for KSI

  65. Jaiden Brindley

    Jaiden Brindley5 일 전

    Logan celebrating way to early and loses

  66. Prob

    Prob5 일 전

    K.S.I: K: Knowledge S: Truth I: Integrity