hey do you want to make a video


  1. Gus Johnson

    Gus Johnson개월 전

    we made this video

  2. Mike

    Mike일 전

    even his pinned comment is zero effort. thanks for the laffs

  3. 24kennja

    24kennja27 일 전

    Why is Eddie in 144p

  4. Benjamin Parsons

    Benjamin Parsons28 일 전

    Nu uh I dud

  5. ShmiGod

    ShmiGod28 일 전


  6. Hood S

    Hood S28 일 전


  7. Can I get a check mark?

    Can I get a check mark?일 전

    My last two brain cells on a test:

  8. Person Lastname

    Person Lastname2 일 전

    Mics are hot

  9. London Griffith

    London Griffith4 일 전

    two beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, drop-dead stunning men argue in the park

  10. Tina Louise

    Tina Louise5 일 전

    the mics are hot

  11. Christian Mijares

    Christian Mijares6 일 전

    CHERDLEYS wheres that second gus Johnson colllab

  12. Chris Yeomans

    Chris Yeomans8 일 전

    The temperature of the microphones was greater than average body temperature.

  13. Daniel Hotchie

    Daniel Hotchie9 일 전


  14. Hayden The quiet kid

    Hayden The quiet kid10 일 전

    This is my exact humor in a video wth

  15. Zach K

    Zach K10 일 전

    I could legit watch this for hours

  16. fubbington

    fubbington10 일 전

    Why does eddy sound like brad leone..

  17. Tiny Tot

    Tiny Tot11 일 전

    When the mom and her toddler showed up in the back round in one frame I freakin lost it

  18. Erica Tarasoff

    Erica Tarasoff11 일 전

    wow so content much video

  19. Max Cartmill

    Max Cartmill11 일 전

    Seeing the boys outside has the same energy as that episode of friends where they play football in the park and I can't explain why

  20. Waiseon Show

    Waiseon Show13 일 전

    Mice are hot

  21. Fresco

    Fresco15 일 전

    mikes are hot

  22. Bousedeus

    Bousedeus16 일 전

    Imagine this As an actual movie production Id sit through 2 hrs at least

  23. Burak Laçiner

    Burak Laçiner16 일 전

    Audio listeners where ya @

  24. Meta!Uzer

    Meta!Uzer17 일 전

    When the plot is the lack of plot

  25. Travis Chesney

    Travis Chesney18 일 전


  26. Chlocean

    Chlocean18 일 전

    This feels like a short Cherdley's video.

  27. jake mckenna

    jake mckenna18 일 전

    I felt the same way

  28. Sgt James Byrd

    Sgt James Byrd19 일 전

    Damn Cherdleys you look weird bro...

  29. Aleks

    Aleks19 일 전

    a filming of a video in a video

  30. TheGoldBear92

    TheGoldBear9220 일 전

    This is like some kind of modern day Abbott and Costello. I love it.

  31. Space Weeb

    Space Weeb20 일 전

    just 2 boys and their scolding hot mics

  32. Alper NALBANT

    Alper NALBANT21 일 전

    when you have to do a school project with your friends that requires a video:

  33. Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】

    Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】21 일 전

    Only Eddie could make that awful shirt look so damn good

  34. Zac Degraide

    Zac Degraide21 일 전

    Hey can you guys cool off those mics for the next video because my ears are crispy as hell from this one.

  35. Elfin Dreamer

    Elfin Dreamer21 일 전

    Dude not gonna lie, those mics were pretty freaking hot.

  36. Sean M

    Sean M22 일 전

    Please go watch guavas hotwheels trickshots

  37. Agnie M

    Agnie M22 일 전

    eddy its , Scalding hot , not scloding , D I N G U S . mics are hot

  38. Gabriel Kerr

    Gabriel Kerr22 일 전

    "The mics are burning hot, they're scolding hot."

  39. spudsky100

    spudsky10024 일 전

    We all have that one friend XD

  40. Sub to You Know Who

    Sub to You Know Who24 일 전

    Someone had to do it i guess.

  41. medicwine

    medicwine24 일 전

    Puts more effort into thumbnail than video concept lol

  42. Niggle Wiggle

    Niggle Wiggle24 일 전


  43. DaKoolAidGuy1

    DaKoolAidGuy124 일 전

    next time i tell someone to listen to the Gus&Eddie podcast, and they ask me what its like... i can now send them this video

  44. Matt C

    Matt C24 일 전

    This is art

  45. Matty Do

    Matty Do25 일 전

    Mind screw

  46. Mwoakill09

    Mwoakill0925 일 전

    ey eddy sounds like brad from bon appetite.