1. Danyal Gu

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    손 선수 좋은 모습 많이 보여주세요

  2. 오십센트

    오십센트8 일 전

    imagine when son go to korea army ......scared

  3. United Man

    United Man10 일 전

    Sonny is back

  4. Jo-Ryan Salazar

    Jo-Ryan Salazar16 일 전

    Cheers, Son's crying, nice one.

  5. Jessie Baez

    Jessie Baez22 일 전

    The dislikes are the South Korean army


    IBU SI OCONG개월 전

    When you play on Asian game jakarta you play with skill very good, i hope you can boast your club 👍👍


    ABDULLAH TAHA Turan개월 전

    7 sooonyy🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷


    ABDULLAH TAHA Turan개월 전

    Son son

  9. ross galway

    ross galway2 개월 전

    Hello he doesntvhave to do his time in the army

  10. Charliephillips fifa

    Charliephillips fifa2 개월 전

    YAY! Hueng min son doesn't have to work for the army.

  11. 힙합팬 이창민

    힙합팬 이창민2 개월 전

    Our Hero

  12. Reaction Bros

    Reaction Bros2 개월 전


  13. Jason Kim

    Jason Kim2 개월 전

    Loved that equalizer!!!!

  14. 용용이

    용용이2 개월 전

    저렇게 잘나가는데 티도 안나고 선한게 보임 성공하는 사람들 공통점 잘난체를 안함..

  15. Keem Garam

    Keem Garam3 개월 전

    Medal is so SHINY like Sonny!

  16. june elly

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  17. 대한민국만세

    대한민국만세3 개월 전

    Son is Korean. Son is pride of Asia

  18. john doe

    john doe3 개월 전

    Who's that girl 0:53?

  19. Doğan Gürbüz

    Doğan Gürbüz3 개월 전

    Heung❤️Min❤️Son(Sonaldo) is my favorite player 🇹🇷❤️🇰🇷

  20. Aranea Hominis

    Aranea Hominis3 개월 전

    No trophies 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Super Whiscash Charlie

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    Piss off

  22. Supercell Letsplayz [SLP]

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    Wow..here another 70% Comments are just about suraj ..its funny tho how everyone is mad at him..his an asshole and thats true. Just to get his attention doesnt mean that everyone here should comment to him. When you see him again, report him, dislike him and go away. The best option for those dudes.. Ps: Im korean tottenham fan and i also gets bulliyed everyday in the school just because im asian..its sad..but i cant do anything. And i dont want it that here people also gets angry just cause of this asshole. AND I LOVE EVERY FOOTBALL CLUB. LIKE THEY ARE JUST AWSOME AND I WILL NEVER HATE THEM.JUST WHY HATE..? :/

  23. Arrum Yoanita

    Arrum Yoanita3 개월 전

    They feel like a family .. from Liverpool fans

  24. Ronaldo Sanchez

    Ronaldo Sanchez3 개월 전

    Their clubhouse is pretty nice

  25. heung-min Son

    heung-min Son3 개월 전


  26. 느린아이

    느린아이4 개월 전

    보니까 진짜 친한애들하고는 핸드셰이크 하고 보통은 허그로 끝나는군 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  27. sanghoon shin

    sanghoon shin4 개월 전

    Welcome sonny

  28. 커요미아린

    커요미아린4 개월 전

    ㄹㅇ 인싸흥이네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  29. 동엽

    동엽4 개월 전

    삼선슬리퍼 뭐야~

  30. Fabby

    Fabby5 개월 전

    Nommy is never happy lol ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  31. 123 456

    123 4565 개월 전

    Suraj liked this video😂

  32. madwell 126

    madwell 1265 개월 전

    welcome back son im a man utd fan but.... i enjoy watching him

  33. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

    Heinz Doofenshmirtz5 개월 전

    116 military officers saw this... Or all of them are alts of the trolling moron Suraj's Opinion is Better.

  34. david martinez

    david martinez6 개월 전

    ¡son return

  35. Hh K

    Hh K6 개월 전

    I like Dele and son

  36. 실시간

    실시간6 개월 전

    소 농민

  37. 콩순이

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  38. Paul Coates

    Paul Coates6 개월 전

    live in Singapore ..delighted we have an "Asian Player " winner !

  39. 손흥민

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  40. 빛현수

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    ㄹㅇ 국뽕이 찬다~

  41. 빈이youtube

    빈이youtube6 개월 전

    우리흥 환영해주는동료들 많네용 ㅎㅎ 훈훈하네

  42. Classic Phim Cổ Điển

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  43. United Man

    United Man6 개월 전


  44. fariz dearest

    fariz dearest6 개월 전

    Sapa sini orang indonesia

  45. Rotua Frans Manalu

    Rotua Frans Manalu6 개월 전

    when they lose against malaysia i though they gonna choke and burry son last hope

  46. Dhea Salsabilla Fananda

    Dhea Salsabilla Fananda6 개월 전

    Asian games jakarta - palembang is my country.

  47. Andriano Mario

    Andriano Mario6 개월 전

    Medali penyelamat karir... 😆👏👏👏😆

  48. king Black

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  49. mbahjemprut tv

    mbahjemprut tv6 개월 전

    Pamer dia

  50. ariztoo 28

    ariztoo 286 개월 전

    Indonesia miss u😂

  51. Genesisone Chapter

    Genesisone Chapter6 개월 전

    Ronald is the european son

  52. smiechawka

    smiechawka6 개월 전

    wahadlo krencisz drzwiami i piszesz chuj ci na kurwe elo benc

  53. Kilo. Kemz

    Kilo. Kemz6 개월 전

    This is Good because his career was at risk if he didn't win a medal or he would serve 21 months in the army as it's a law.

  54. 양수혁

    양수혁6 개월 전

    Son vs lucas who's better

  55. Shafwan Dito

    Shafwan Dito6 개월 전

    You guys don't know how much south korean still mad about SK not getting in the WC knockout round even though they beat Germany.

  56. Tai Pham

    Tai Pham6 개월 전

    Việt Nam 🇻🇳 vẽ có một ngày đánh bại được Hàn Quốc 🇰🇷 chắc chắn là thế việt vô định

  57. Jordan Saragih

    Jordan Saragih6 개월 전

    Oleh oleh dari Cibinong

  58. Ahmad Solikin

    Ahmad Solikin6 개월 전

    Congrats for Heung son min !!! From Indonesia🇮🇩

  59. Arfa Faizirahman

    Arfa Faizirahman6 개월 전

    From where indonesiiiaaaaaa

  60. LAZAR 10

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    Everybody loves son

  61. Hashirama Senju

    Hashirama Senju6 개월 전

    The Korean Army dislike it

  62. Dykhalfth Fahliana

    Dykhalfth Fahliana6 개월 전

    INDONESIA Flag in your Medal Son #IndonesiaHostsAsianGames2018

  63. fiona macoscar

    fiona macoscar6 개월 전

    Good on him and South Korea

  64. Sherlock

    Sherlock6 개월 전

    l'm a Liverpool fan but I very like Son he is a best player from Asian.

  65. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

    Heinz Doofenshmirtz5 개월 전

    During the Games, most of Reddit were united to support South Korea. Even fans of rival clubs like Arsenal and Liverpool.

  66. FIFA’s my Game

    FIFA’s my Game6 개월 전


  67. すー

    すー6 개월 전


  68. amirul hafiz

    amirul hafiz6 개월 전

    Still cant beat Malaysia tho

  69. zaft chens

    zaft chens6 개월 전

    So many South korea people overproud here

  70. Jimjoztc

    Jimjoztc6 개월 전

    0:49 that's one cozy cafetaria..

  71. ThBN

    ThBN6 개월 전


  72. Mario Espinoza

    Mario Espinoza6 개월 전


  73. Dhivakar Jayaraman

    Dhivakar Jayaraman6 개월 전

    Is that Hugo Lloris at 0.28 🙄 Why He isn't playing?!!

  74. Prajesh Arulrajan

    Prajesh Arulrajan6 개월 전


  75. Vihan Subramaniam

    Vihan Subramaniam6 개월 전

    Suraj is legendary commenter for all the wrong reasons (having shitty opinions)

  76. Agon

    Agon6 개월 전

    Y do u have to go to the military if you lose?

  77. muhd Rifqi

    muhd Rifqi6 개월 전

    finally spurs trophy cabinet have something to place

  78. Huh smh

    Huh smh6 개월 전

    Korea have 6 wins and 1 lose at the past Asian Games 2018 right? Well gg Korea and Good Luck Heong Min Soon with Spurs👍😋😋.Always Support u guys Spurs.

  79. Nathalie Marty

    Nathalie Marty6 개월 전

    I'm livinf for the relationship between Son and Dele

  80. The Infant Finite

    The Infant Finite6 개월 전

    Congratulations! From Indonesia :)

  81. Lyon Lyon

    Lyon Lyon6 개월 전

    I love the friendships he has with his teammates and how much they support him. So happy for him !

  82. erick Macias Chavez

    erick Macias Chavez6 개월 전

    :') 🇰🇷

  83. Jonathan Satya

    Jonathan Satya6 개월 전

    Best asian footballer in the world right now

  84. Wong Jowo

    Wong Jowo6 개월 전

    I like son handshake with aurier so unique 👌

  85. Yansen Efrid S

    Yansen Efrid S6 개월 전

    Asian games Indonesian 🇮🇩🇰🇷🎅

  86. Lukas Togatorop

    Lukas Togatorop6 개월 전

    After Asian Games in Indonesia...

  87. Lucky sATRIA

    Lucky sATRIA6 개월 전

    Indonesia indonesia

  88. Annisa .Haniev

    Annisa .Haniev6 개월 전

    Oleh2 dari pakansari tuh wkwkwk

  89. The Big LeBoschski

    The Big LeBoschski6 개월 전

    You've done well, my Son.

  90. fuck you

    fuck you6 개월 전


  91. Marco Magaña

    Marco Magaña6 개월 전

    Ohhh yesssss i will be able to see how my favorite player retires playing Soccer * u *


    RAYLEN B. DELREN6 개월 전

    트레이닝복 넘이쁨

  93. desoticon

    desoticon6 개월 전

    Got a little present from Pakansari, Bogor.

  94. Kim Mi Lo

    Kim Mi Lo6 개월 전

    Selamat Buat Son Heung Min Atas Keberhasilannya Merebut Medali Emas Di Indonesia

  95. Kaki Report

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  96. m. zuhdi

    m. zuhdi6 개월 전

    but but Malaysia won against south korea

  97. fuckdatb

    fuckdatb6 개월 전

    m. zahid no one cares.

  98. Spongebob NoPants

    Spongebob NoPants6 개월 전

    Won to Iran, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Japan, Bahrain and Kyrgyzstan. But lose to Malaysia smh

  99. fuckdatb

    fuckdatb6 개월 전

    What :/ no one cares tho

  100. EUNKY RIG

    EUNKY RIG6 개월 전

    love you, Son 💕

  101. Lehet Giovani Sitanggang

    Lehet Giovani Sitanggang6 개월 전

    What is Asian games?

  102. Huey A.O

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  103. PDP Project

    PDP Project6 개월 전

    Congrats for Indonesia!!!

  104. Jadon C

    Jadon C6 개월 전

    Liverpool fan but I love Son.