1. Fabby

    Fabby13 일 전

    Nommy is never happy lol ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  2. Toriyama 破壊の神sama

    Toriyama 破壊の神sama14 일 전

    Suraj liked this video😂

  3. Thomasshole Müller

    Thomasshole Müller15 일 전

    welcome back son im a man utd fan but.... i enjoy watching him

  4. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

    Heinz Doofenshmirtz18 일 전

    116 military officers saw this... Or all of them are alts of the trolling moron Suraj's Opinion is Better.

  5. david martinez

    david martinez26 일 전

    ¡son return

  6. Hh K

    Hh K개월 전

    I like Dele and son

  7. 실시간

    실시간개월 전

    소 농민

  8. 콩순이

    콩순이개월 전


  9. Paul Coates

    Paul Coates개월 전

    live in Singapore ..delighted we have an "Asian Player " winner !

  10. 성훈

    성훈개월 전


  11. 빛현수

    빛현수개월 전

    ㄹㅇ 국뽕이 찬다~

  12. 이빈

    이빈개월 전

    우리흥 환영해주는동료들 많네용 ㅎㅎ 훈훈하네

  13. Tùng Trần

    Tùng Trần개월 전





  15. bang fariz

    bang fariz개월 전

    Sapa sini orang indonesia

  16. Rotua Frans Manalu

    Rotua Frans Manalu개월 전

    when they lose against malaysia i though they gonna choke and burry son last hope

  17. Dhea Salsabilla Fananda

    Dhea Salsabilla Fananda개월 전

    Asian games jakarta - palembang is my country.

  18. Andriano pinory

    Andriano pinory개월 전

    Medali penyelamat karir... 😆👏👏👏😆

  19. Dimas Tiansyah

    Dimas Tiansyah개월 전


  20. mbahjemprut oo

    mbahjemprut oo개월 전

    Pamer dia

  21. ariztoo 28

    ariztoo 28개월 전

    Indonesia miss u😂

  22. Genesisone Chapter

    Genesisone Chapter개월 전

    Ronald is the european son

  23. mobbyn_ranger

    mobbyn_ranger개월 전

    wahadlo krencisz drzwiami i piszesz chuj ci na kurwe elo benc

  24. Kilo. Kemz

    Kilo. Kemz개월 전

    This is Good because his career was at risk if he didn't win a medal or he would serve 21 months in the army as it's a law.

  25. 양수혁

    양수혁개월 전

    Son vs lucas who's better

  26. Shafwan Dito

    Shafwan Dito개월 전

    You guys don't know how much south korean still mad about SK not getting in the WC knockout round even though they beat Germany.

  27. Tai Pham

    Tai Pham개월 전

    Việt Nam 🇻🇳 vẽ có một ngày đánh bại được Hàn Quốc 🇰🇷 chắc chắn là thế việt vô định

  28. Jordan Saragih

    Jordan Saragih개월 전

    Oleh oleh dari Cibinong

  29. Ahmad Solikin

    Ahmad Solikin개월 전

    Congrats for Heung son min !!! From Indonesia🇮🇩

  30. Arfa Faizirahman

    Arfa Faizirahman개월 전

    From where indonesiiiaaaaaa

  31. youssef PSV U15

    youssef PSV U15개월 전

    Everybody loves son

  32. Hashirama Senju

    Hashirama Senju개월 전

    The Korean Army dislike it

  33. Dykhalfth Fahliana

    Dykhalfth Fahliana개월 전

    INDONESIA Flag in your Medal Son #IndonesiaHostsAsianGames2018

  34. fiona macoscar

    fiona macoscar개월 전

    Good on him and South Korea

  35. SherlockShadow

    SherlockShadow개월 전

    l'm a Liverpool fan but I very like Son he is a best player from Asian.

  36. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

    Heinz Doofenshmirtz18 일 전

    During the Games, most of Reddit were united to support South Korea. Even fans of rival clubs like Arsenal and Liverpool.

  37. FIFA’s my Game

    FIFA’s my Game개월 전


  38. すー

    すー개월 전


  39. amirul hafiz

    amirul hafiz개월 전

    Still cant beat Malaysia tho

  40. Sulthan M Fathan

    Sulthan M Fathan개월 전

    So many South korea people overproud here

  41. Gigine Ahmad

    Gigine Ahmad개월 전

    0:49 that's one cozy cafetaria..

  42. ThBN

    ThBN개월 전


  43. Erik Espinoza

    Erik Espinoza개월 전


  44. Dhivakar Jayaraman

    Dhivakar Jayaraman개월 전

    Is that Hugo Lloris at 0.28 🙄 Why He isn't playing?!!

  45. Ronald Swanson

    Ronald Swanson개월 전


  46. Vihan Subramaniam

    Vihan Subramaniam개월 전

    Suraj is legendary commenter for all the wrong reasons (having shitty opinions)

  47. Agon

    Agon개월 전

    Y do u have to go to the military if you lose?

  48. Spidey 64

    Spidey 64개월 전

    finally spurs trophy cabinet have something to place

  49. cr7 lover

    cr7 lover개월 전

    wow great

  50. Testerkaos_ Pro

    Testerkaos_ Pro개월 전

    Korea have 6 wins and 1 lose at the past Asian Games 2018 right? Well gg Korea and Good Luck Heong Min Soon with Spurs👍😋😋.Always Support u guys Spurs.

  51. Nathalie Marty

    Nathalie Marty개월 전

    I'm livinf for the relationship between Son and Dele

  52. The Infant Finite

    The Infant Finite개월 전

    Congratulations! From Indonesia :)

  53. Lyon Lyon

    Lyon Lyon개월 전

    I love the friendships he has with his teammates and how much they support him. So happy for him !

  54. erick Macias Chavez

    erick Macias Chavez개월 전

    :') 🇰🇷

  55. Jonathan Satya

    Jonathan Satya개월 전

    Best asian footballer in the world right now

  56. Wong Jowo

    Wong Jowo개월 전

    I like son handshake with aurier so unique 👌

  57. Yansen Efrid S

    Yansen Efrid S개월 전

    Asian games Indonesian 🇮🇩🇰🇷🎅

  58. Lukas Togatorop

    Lukas Togatorop개월 전

    After Asian Games in Indonesia...

  59. Kabar Bola

    Kabar Bola개월 전


  60. Lucky sATRIA

    Lucky sATRIA개월 전

    Indonesia indonesia

  61. Annisa .Haniev

    Annisa .Haniev개월 전

    Oleh2 dari pakansari tuh wkwkwk

  62. The Big LeBoschski

    The Big LeBoschski개월 전

    You've done well, my Son.

  63. Kaladana Apemalki

    Kaladana Apemalki개월 전


  64. Marco Magaña

    Marco Magaña개월 전

    Ohhh yesssss i will be able to see how my favorite player retires playing Soccer * u *

  65. NaGyeong ee

    NaGyeong ee개월 전

    트레이닝복 넘이쁨

  66. desoticon

    desoticon개월 전

    Got a little present from Pakansari, Bogor.

  67. Kim Mi Lo

    Kim Mi Lo개월 전

    Selamat Buat Son Heung Min Atas Keberhasilannya Merebut Medali Emas Di Indonesia

  68. Kaki Report

    Kaki Report개월 전


  69. m. zahid

    m. zahid개월 전

    but but Malaysia won against south korea

  70. fuckdatb

    fuckdatb개월 전

    m. zahid no one cares.

  71. What :/

    What :/개월 전

    Won to Iran, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Japan, Bahrain and Kyrgyzstan. But lose to Malaysia smh

  72. fuckdatb

    fuckdatb개월 전

    What :/ no one cares tho


    EUNKY RIG개월 전

    love you, Son 💕

  74. Lehet Giovani Sitanggang

    Lehet Giovani Sitanggang개월 전

    What is Asian games?

  75. Huey A.O

    Huey A.O개월 전


  76. All About Football

    All About Football개월 전

    Congrats for Indonesia!!!

  77. Jadon C

    Jadon C개월 전

    Liverpool fan but I love Son.

  78. Aris Fadiatmoko

    Aris Fadiatmoko개월 전

    son and dele alli like tyler and josh

  79. Faisal nur

    Faisal nur개월 전

    Medals from Indonesian ?

  80. Abal-Abal 14

    Abal-Abal 14개월 전

    Siapa kita🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  81. Behizy

    Behizy개월 전

    Hopefully he comes to a bigger club like Bayern Munich and leave Spurs.

  82. Jownees Polohindang

    Jownees Polohindang개월 전

    Medalinya dri negara gwww 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨

  83. sarad matthew tigga

    sarad matthew tigga개월 전

    Atleast he has won something with his country, which will not have happen while at spurs 😂😂

  84. Đại Kiên TV

    Đại Kiên TV개월 전


  85. BoA Yoon

    BoA Yoon개월 전

    Just proves that these spuds are gag as fuck. Hugs are super tight.

  86. CFCMAMO1

    CFCMAMO1개월 전

    maaaaaaan koreans are the coolest. love son! congrats on the win.

  87. jaskim oib

    jaskim oib개월 전

    is the best soon

  88. The commentor

    The commentor개월 전

    Son has a trophy. Son > Spurs

  89. Bagus Maulana

    Bagus Maulana개월 전

    Made in Pakansari

  90. R.D 030305

    R.D 030305개월 전

    Honestly really happy for son from a lfc fan

  91. 유성우

    유성우개월 전

    Son is king.

  92. 봉빡이

    봉빡이개월 전

    아싸인줄 알았더니 인싸네

  93. 존멋보스S2엔도시

    존멋보스S2엔도시개월 전

    달리 알리랑 소니 ㅠㅠ 애틋

  94. 손찬호

    손찬호개월 전


  95. 솔찬

    솔찬개월 전

    happiness 1.0

  96. Dany Tri Kusuma

    Dany Tri Kusuma개월 전

    Interview min. Gimana Perasaannya Habis Main Di Lapangan Indonesia

  97. Seraphina Chew

    Seraphina Chew개월 전

    That last one tho 😏

  98. Robert TheOneAndOnly

    Robert TheOneAndOnly개월 전

    I get that Son is South Korean but why does everybody have to speak Korean?

  99. Hohoho No

    Hohoho No개월 전

    Welcome back son

  100. 내구독자수손흥민 몸값

    내구독자수손흥민 몸값개월 전

    손흥민 월클이닷

  101. Galang Aditya Mahardhika

    Galang Aditya Mahardhika개월 전

    Asian games in indonesia !!!

  102. Greenster45

    Greenster45개월 전

    look at moura he is dont happy for son returns because he is warming bench again. maybe?

  103. 김태근

    김태근개월 전

    한국인들이 주모 찾는 댓글보다 외국인들 댓글이 더 많은 게 좋다