Hermitcraft 6: Episode 117 - We MUST Improve!


  1. Mumbo Jumbo

    Mumbo Jumbo6 개월 전

    On the ray tracing front; - I recorded the clip assuming that the new ray tracing shaders were available! But I couldn’t find any anywhere, so used SEUS! - I know all cards support Ray Tracing, but my new GPU’s are far better at handling it! Specs wise on the PC front; yes they are embarrassingly silly! BUT remember, I do a lot more than ‘just’ play Minecraft. Editing and rendering videos, working on files from the RED, graphics work etc. It all takes a lot of processing power! On the FPS front it’s on 240fps because it’s limited to that, unlimited it goes up to about 800fps BUT it doesn’t feel as smooth as the frame variance is way higher!

  2. Dragon’s Helm

    Dragon’s Helm5 개월 전

    Mumbo Jumbo I Believe their is a shaders that is called upgraded vanilla. It looks quite good and it doesn’t have the side effect of being extra dark at night or when inside.

  3. zebragrrl

    zebragrrl6 개월 전

    Hey @Mumbo... Sahara's diamond vault needs a couple of cool doors!

  4. Dom

    Dom6 개월 전

    You need a ray tracing texture pack and then use shaders on top of it

  5. Snapdragon

    Snapdragon6 개월 전

    I can barely reach 60 FPS with regular Minecraft

  6. Chill Wigi

    Chill Wigi6 개월 전

    Keep the shaders!

  7. LEG1T ParadoX

    LEG1T ParadoX일 전

    Gonna be honest: Didn't know his name is Oliver

  8. daniel Ocean Smith

    daniel Ocean Smith6 일 전

    The 3x3 door pre honey blocks.... It’s very intricate ain’t it?

  9. ABorinGuy

    ABorinGuy9 일 전

    Wait why does your channel description still say that it's running on the i7? Also isn't a 9980XE a bit overkill?

  10. Jinhee Choi

    Jinhee Choi11 일 전

    The 'Earmitcraft" server. Nice.

  11. SkySharky 7700

    SkySharky 770015 일 전

    Me: Watches one Mumbo video. KOreporter: Oh you now like Mumbo, I shall suggest every episode of his Hermitcraft!

  12. Tom Severson

    Tom Severson23 일 전

    I thought it was my connection to the internet that was making the screen fuzzy. It was your FPS.

  13. Bartok and His Friends' Bad Ideas

    Bartok and His Friends' Bad Ideas개월 전


  14. Julie G

    Julie G개월 전

    Why is the name of the hermitcraft sever called Earmetcraft?

  15. Gorvex

    Gorvex개월 전

    you could do with giving minecraft some more ram to play with, personally on my rig i allocate 8gb to minecraft

  16. Natalie

    Natalie개월 전

    Mumbao: thinks 160 FPS is kinda slow Me: happy that I got my pc up to 8 fps

  17. Iplayminecraft

    Iplayminecraft개월 전

    Iskall is not faster

  18. Owen Byer

    Owen Byer개월 전

    I got Subnautica vibes at 16:55

  19. 鄭揚

    鄭揚개월 전


  20. Sawyer Boeke

    Sawyer Boeke개월 전

    Me watching Mumbo’s channel for several years and just now learning his name is Oliver.

  21. AyanaTheBananaPanda

    AyanaTheBananaPanda개월 전

    Under water Aquarian floor

  22. Aviona Gabrielle

    Aviona Gabrielle개월 전

    what’s the shaders called ? i would love to play with them as well.

  23. Josh Middlebrook

    Josh Middlebrook2 개월 전

    20:22 *laughs in arch linux*

  24. Clover Arcondas

    Clover Arcondas2 개월 전

    One of the categories they should be scored on should be "grain proofness"

  25. Clover Arcondas

    Clover Arcondas2 개월 전

    Grian: "wHat'S tHiS dO?"

  26. That One Asian Kid

    That One Asian Kid2 개월 전

    “200 diamonds are at stake” Me: “200 diamonds in a piece of steak!?”

  27. Dragon_54

    Dragon_542 개월 전

    I was am scared when I seen 3 villagers fly

  28. Nick Johnston

    Nick Johnston2 개월 전

    Someones jealous

  29. Graham Carter

    Graham Carter2 개월 전

    how did iskall get wither roses those must be terrible to collect

  30. Daily Fun

    Daily Fun3 개월 전

    i LOVE watching your vids while AFK fishing!!!

  31. Lacey Pitchford

    Lacey Pitchford3 개월 전

    Holly crap frame rates

  32. Pony

    Pony3 개월 전

    Iskall: hmm, ya know what? I know the perfect way to get rid of villagers... Builds giant funnel that blows them up to pieces. Me: swords, zombies, literally any other way...and you chose this... ... I secretly approve ;)

  33. Ryan Sheffield

    Ryan Sheffield3 개월 전

    As smoooooth as buuuter

  34. Charlie McCafferty

    Charlie McCafferty3 개월 전

    i am super impressed by the specs. just wait until Minecraft has RTX support

  35. Liam Cooper

    Liam Cooper4 개월 전

    holy heck mumbo pleeeeeeeeeease switch to ray tracing that looks amazing!!!

  36. SCREWY

    SCREWY4 개월 전

    bro, I know a little about computers and that is one hell of an upgrade

  37. XtremePlayZz

    XtremePlayZz4 개월 전

    I would like for you to keep the shaders

  38. A.G _empire

    A.G _empire4 개월 전

    Mumbo: Gets a 36-core CPU and an RTX 2080 Ti Also Mumbo: *Plays Minecraft on it* Yes I know he also does video editing and all that stuff, but we're just gonna ignore that at the moment.

  39. Shrek Is gud

    Shrek Is gud4 개월 전


  40. Samuel Knecht

    Samuel Knecht4 개월 전

    Holy fucking Shit. 36 Cores

  41. Koen van der rijt

    Koen van der rijt4 개월 전

    into the stratosphere!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Magnus Ihse Bursie

    Magnus Ihse Bursie4 개월 전

    All this new hardware, and he's still using a 2 GB Java heap. :-D

  43. MunchySlingshotz 78

    MunchySlingshotz 784 개월 전

    "This is the prison!" ~ iskall85, 2019

  44. Malek Chamsipasha

    Malek Chamsipasha4 개월 전

    I think iskall was trying to potato mumbo with that book thingy

  45. Dark Sidic

    Dark Sidic4 개월 전


  46. Dev 22184

    Dev 221844 개월 전

    There is a better chipset called i9 9990k

  47. TheWeirdSquid

    TheWeirdSquid4 개월 전

    Can we get an entire server tour using ray tracing?

  48. Jam !

    Jam !5 개월 전

    18:02 is that a penis?

  49. Josef Grimm

    Josef Grimm5 개월 전

    I put the screen shot of your base from the water view as my desktop background. I absolutely love it.

  50. Ned Young

    Ned Young5 개월 전

    But you are taking the car with better fuel usage

  51. FlamePanzer 1

    FlamePanzer 15 개월 전

    Follow my bro's tik tok richboi.z

  52. ً

    ً5 개월 전

    Your cpu is 2 FUCKING GRAND 2000, bruh who needs 36 CORES

  53. GodWell 251

    GodWell 2515 개월 전

    Use more ram

  54. Timothy O'Gorman

    Timothy O'Gorman5 개월 전

    People are missing the important part. His name is Oliver. We have a name, but his name ended up being Oliver. That is what we call a bruh moment, ladies and gentlemen

  55. Sure 123

    Sure 1235 개월 전

    Mumbo you should just do an episode where you ride all of the rail lines on hermitcraft, we don’t see enough of them.

  56. Kyle R

    Kyle R5 개월 전

    Can i get that statistics window he uses on ps4 version?

  57. B2J Studios

    B2J Studios5 개월 전


  58. B2J Studios

    B2J Studios5 개월 전

    I need that as my desktop background

  59. David Osher

    David Osher5 개월 전

    who else got the skydiving ad and noticed the shoelaces and the clothes weren’t moving at all

  60. AwsomeDSJ75

    AwsomeDSJ755 개월 전

    This man bought a 1000$ gpu for minecraft

  61. Lurking Shadow

    Lurking Shadow5 개월 전

    Your name is Oliver?

  62. RubyRedCat

    RubyRedCat5 개월 전

    4:10 HOMIDGE WHAT it’s pronounced o-maj u uncultured swine

  63. Whykiwi

    Whykiwi5 개월 전

    Progress update It’s episode 117 out of 121 I have 4 episodes left Also kind of disappointed I needed to count on my fingers to figure out how many episodes I have left

  64. trump 2.0

    trump 2.05 개월 전

    I9 9980xe with 3 ghz XD

  65. Gurmehar Singh

    Gurmehar Singh5 개월 전

    Hey mumbo can u please upload the screen shots u took .... Please I loved them