Hermitcraft 6: Episode 117 - We MUST Improve!


  1. Mumbo Jumbo

    Mumbo Jumbo29 일 전

    On the ray tracing front; - I recorded the clip assuming that the new ray tracing shaders were available! But I couldn’t find any anywhere, so used SEUS! - I know all cards support Ray Tracing, but my new GPU’s are far better at handling it! Specs wise on the PC front; yes they are embarrassingly silly! BUT remember, I do a lot more than ‘just’ play Minecraft. Editing and rendering videos, working on files from the RED, graphics work etc. It all takes a lot of processing power! On the FPS front it’s on 240fps because it’s limited to that, unlimited it goes up to about 800fps BUT it doesn’t feel as smooth as the frame variance is way higher!

  2. Dragon’s Helm

    Dragon’s Helm15 일 전

    Mumbo Jumbo I Believe their is a shaders that is called upgraded vanilla. It looks quite good and it doesn’t have the side effect of being extra dark at night or when inside.

  3. zebragrrl

    zebragrrl21 일 전

    Hey @Mumbo... Sahara's diamond vault needs a couple of cool doors!

  4. Dom

    Dom22 일 전

    You need a ray tracing texture pack and then use shaders on top of it

  5. Snapdragon

    Snapdragon22 일 전

    I can barely reach 60 FPS with regular Minecraft

  6. Chill Wigi

    Chill Wigi24 일 전

    Keep the shaders!

  7. K R Dubs

    K R Dubs3 시간 전

    Can i get that statistics window he uses on ps4 version?

  8. The Blue

    The Blue일 전


  9. The Blue

    The Blue일 전

    I need that as my desktop background

  10. David Osher

    David Osher3 일 전

    who else got the skydiving ad and noticed the shoelaces and the clothes weren’t moving at all

  11. AwsomeDSJ75

    AwsomeDSJ754 일 전

    This man bought a 1000$ gpu for minecraft

  12. Lurking Shadow

    Lurking Shadow5 일 전

    Your name is Oliver?

  13. RubyRedCat

    RubyRedCat6 일 전

    4:10 HOMIDGE WHAT it’s pronounced o-maj u uncultured swine

  14. SamPlaysStuff

    SamPlaysStuff8 일 전

    wow.. i cant even reach 60 fps.. and you get 200???? thats insane.

  15. KiwiNiyah Tv

    KiwiNiyah Tv8 일 전

    Progress update It’s episode 117 out of 121 I have 4 episodes left Also kind of disappointed I needed to count on my fingers to figure out how many episodes I have left

  16. trump 2.0

    trump 2.09 일 전

    I9 9980xe with 3 ghz XD

  17. Gurmehar Singh

    Gurmehar Singh10 일 전

    Hey mumbo can u please upload the screen shots u took .... Please I loved them

  18. Iron Bars Jack

    Iron Bars Jack11 일 전

    14:51 Me knowing nothing about car breeds: /woosh

  19. Iron Bars Jack

    Iron Bars Jack11 일 전

    2:14 is so pretty and he’s just punching a boat

  20. Samuel Howard

    Samuel Howard11 일 전

    what type of pc did you get?

  21. Danel Carels

    Danel Carels12 일 전

    Dear mumbo, if you want a pc even more ridicolous just get a ryzen 3000 proccesor wich is 2 times faster than Core i9

  22. valtsu0

    valtsu012 일 전

    RTX 2080 TI noice

  23. Darren Hash

    Darren Hash12 일 전

    Toyota Corolla 2001 was my first car :)

  24. Anne Gunz Roth

    Anne Gunz Roth12 일 전

    What’s that shader

  25. Daniel Solis

    Daniel Solis13 일 전

    I know it would be expensive but have a bunch of 3x3 piston doors that are timed perfectly to open

  26. Nolan Flynn

    Nolan Flynn13 일 전

    Look at the chicken when he’s showing off the ray tracing. It gets so grainy/staticky... as do many of the other shadowy areas, just the chicken shows it well

  27. Dark. al

    Dark. al13 일 전

    Olha o Vinícius 13

  28. Donovan Accardi

    Donovan Accardi13 일 전

    How do u build the piston door at the villager area

  29. MrSushiGaming

    MrSushiGaming14 일 전


  30. Ryan Walton

    Ryan Walton14 일 전

    does iskall have a in-canted flint and steal

  31. Lavender Krackerz

    Lavender Krackerz14 일 전

    “And this is where we put the failures. In jail. Where they belong.”



    Now turn on every farm in your base and then try surviving at least 1 minute.

  33. A minecraft fan

    A minecraft fan15 일 전

    Please play with shaders more PLEASE it looks beautiful!

  34. Dragon’s Helm

    Dragon’s Helm15 일 전

    I’ve been watching Mumbo for years and it’s funny to me that this is the second time that he has upgraded his computer in my time watching Mumbo.

  35. Justin Wang

    Justin Wang15 일 전

    Did Iskall have an enchanted flint and steel?

  36. Seymour Disapproves

    Seymour Disapproves15 일 전

    I absolutely love the look of the connected glass texture 😍


    ALYAN KHAN16 일 전

    Ask grian to join the hippies

  38. Richard Johnson

    Richard Johnson17 일 전

    HAHAHAHHAHA i thought my sticky keys came back up??? I WAS LIKE WTF I DISABLED YOU. SO glade it was your cpu lol. Very upsetting playing mc and that pops up A LOT

  39. UtuberBTR YT

    UtuberBTR YT18 일 전

    The gameplay is so smooth!!!

  40. FenRoarGamez

    FenRoarGamez18 일 전

    You should allocate more ram to Minecraft

  41. N0tch__II

    N0tch__II19 일 전

    DONT BUILD A CONTROL SYSTEM WITH OUT GRIAN PROOFING IT!!!!!!!! like so the system survives grian

  42. meriem AMMOUCHE

    meriem AMMOUCHE19 일 전

    *mumbo showing his pc's power* *me playing on my i2 2gb ram intel inside pc* : This is heaven °O°

  43. Frank

    Frank19 일 전

    Mumbo there will be official Ray tracing for minecraft. I hope you will make a video about it when it comes out.

  44. McGoon 914

    McGoon 91419 일 전

    Quartz mumbo door!!!!

  45. Midnight Wolf

    Midnight Wolf20 일 전

    What is your pc build?

  46. Cory Tucker

    Cory Tucker20 일 전

    I'm intrigued as to why you can't just transfer the hard drive files over from an old computer to a new one to avoid customization issues? That's what i've always done and there's never been a problem.

  47. Israel andersonHOME

    Israel andersonHOME20 일 전

    Mumbo just got a freaking nasa computer what the heck.

  48. Always lonely Gaming

    Always lonely Gaming20 일 전

    Use a i9 for playing Minecraft

  49. Saimon Sarmiento

    Saimon Sarmiento20 일 전

    Im happy because mumbo is happy at start

  50. NoahHeartArt

    NoahHeartArt20 일 전

    Yea sticky keys suck some time when I do my videos it pops up

  51. Michał Adamczyk

    Michał Adamczyk21 일 전

    What if you pay Grian to decorate it?

  52. zebragrrl

    zebragrrl21 일 전

    I hate it when Mom and Dad fight.

  53. CreeperPower storing

    CreeperPower storing21 일 전

    0:20, but i watch on 144p

  54. shadowcreeper8

    shadowcreeper822 일 전

    i have gotten use to mubo with no mushtash

  55. STRAFE Cxsper

    STRAFE Cxsper22 일 전

    Holy shit you using this thing for editing aswell? if its i9 9980XE and u dont edit i will commit die

  56. AlphaAmoizing

    AlphaAmoizing22 일 전

    I have 37 subs and a better computer than Mumbo

  57. swaggy link

    swaggy link22 일 전

    Wow didn't know NASA hooked you up with computers

  58. Commentur The Great

    Commentur The Great22 일 전

    Instead of killing a villager, have a system that pushes him into the area with the zombie that converts villagers. The unwanted villager will be converted into a zombie, but instead of being converted back like the others, it will remain there and help the zombie with its work.

  59. Logan Sanborn

    Logan Sanborn22 일 전

    When you realize the trading hall was in LWIAY

  60. willmor1224

    willmor122422 일 전

    0:21 Those specs... Oh my... Why not go with AMD though?

  61. Alex C

    Alex C22 일 전

    4.4M subscribers and over 1m views. I thought I would enver see it for a MINECRAFT youtube channel. Amazing, way to go mumbo.

  62. Max Rubinstein

    Max Rubinstein22 일 전

    sweet jesus... *cries in integrated graphics*

  63. BillyBobGames02

    BillyBobGames0223 일 전

    Should’ve gotten 12-core amd Ryzen 3900x or waited for 16-core Ryzen 3950x that’s coming soon.

  64. SpYrOS AleX

    SpYrOS AleX23 일 전

    Gg for the rtx

  65. Baran Yılmaz

    Baran Yılmaz23 일 전

    Hi mumbo love you