Here We Go Again!! This ones BIG!


  1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Roman Atwood Vlogs개월 전

    Today is full of so many huge things. Thank you so much for being here with us. We are so thankful for you. Lets keep this rolling.

  2. Kaycee Hewitt

    Kaycee Hewitt11 일 전

    I love you Roman and the rest of the family

  3. Devaiya Khan

    Devaiya Khan23 일 전

    Roman Atwood Vlogs I wish I could meet u

  4. Devaiya Khan

    Devaiya Khan23 일 전

    Roman I love your vlogs your videos are aresome

  5. Bruce

    Bruce23 일 전

    Roman Atwood Vlogs if she is pregnant, that could explain flash being to clingy and walks into wanting to be around?

  6. MetalDrummer 09

    MetalDrummer 098 시간 전

    ANOTHER ONE!?!!?!

  7. amir abid

    amir abid일 전

    Are condoms against there religion? 😂😂

  8. Jessica Smalley

    Jessica Smalley3 일 전

    Why did you name your g-fuel flavor Bahama mama?

  9. Cashboiii3

    Cashboiii3일 전

    Jessica Smalley I think In name of his mom

  10. Rachel Mills

    Rachel Mills4 일 전

    it looks like flash is in bulking season haha!!

  11. Evgenia Gymnast

    Evgenia Gymnast4 일 전

    I am so sorry that your mum pasted away😢

  12. MUFroo

    MUFroo6 일 전

    Who’s been watching since 2014

  13. Zens my dad

    Zens my dad7 일 전

    SmileMore Condoms.

  14. Sharon wilton

    Sharon wilton9 일 전

    August 16 is my dad birthday too

  15. jour de flamme

    jour de flamme9 일 전

    Somebody give this guy a sandwich. 😫😫😫

  16. Ian Mike

    Ian Mike9 일 전

    Nice man purse! 😂

  17. Marcy Whitesell

    Marcy Whitesell9 일 전

    How many kids do u have

  18. Talat Yilmaz

    Talat Yilmaz11 일 전

    Why only romaaan we wNy brrthy

  19. Talat Yilmaz

    Talat Yilmaz11 일 전

    Only romaan why noy brrty? Rom@n u use brrty

  20. Talat Yilmaz

    Talat Yilmaz11 일 전

    Great time

  21. Talat Yilmaz

    Talat Yilmaz11 일 전

    Dady hapy birtday

  22. Talat Yilmaz

    Talat Yilmaz11 일 전

    Bittish lovey girl. I wish i i have girl

  23. Talat Yilmaz

    Talat Yilmaz11 일 전

    My famly love. Your. Famly

  24. Talat Yilmaz

    Talat Yilmaz11 일 전

    Tell him hpyy brt dy

  25. Talat Yilmaz

    Talat Yilmaz11 일 전

    Bitthish. Iove her.

  26. RG Spider

    RG Spider11 일 전

    Bro stop going in the Frick chamber

  27. Fishing Life

    Fishing Life12 일 전

    I have been watching for a SOOOOO long like 4 years lmao keep up the good work

  28. Fat3 and F0rtun3

    Fat3 and F0rtun312 일 전

    This man is a living nightmare. How do you live with a child!?

  29. Muilisx

    Muilisx12 일 전

    How many kids do you need bro? Maybe it's time to yank the cords out or tie the tubes.

  30. Emmanuel g

    Emmanuel g13 일 전

    Another one

  31. Xtz ace

    Xtz ace13 일 전

    I am such a big fan a have not seen you guys sense you had you first dog I forgot his name

  32. Journey Through

    Journey Through14 일 전

    Love your video

  33. SLeepy

    SLeepy14 일 전

    Eh bee fam sucks, I said it I said it

  34. firat3000

    firat300014 일 전

    i think they don't know what condom's are !!!@

  35. Jaycob Michie

    Jaycob Michie14 일 전

    firat3000 they are adults and married they can do what they want

  36. Jorge Esquivel

    Jorge Esquivel14 일 전

    Flash had become self aware and knows what a camera is and who is behind the lens

  37. Chris

    Chris14 일 전

    She could be going through the change at a early age

  38. Crue B-M

    Crue B-M15 일 전

    17:55 Me when I stub my toe

  39. Florida Life Couple

    Florida Life Couple16 일 전

    I’m a little late but Happy Birthday to your dad 🎂💓

  40. BoloJr- _

    BoloJr- _16 일 전

    Another one dude

  41. Talissa Vegas

    Talissa Vegas16 일 전

    Im late watching this but Happy Birthday Papa Atwood !! And I wouldn't mind another little Atwood lol

  42. Sarah Lonie

    Sarah Lonie17 일 전

    How disrespectful showing up at your house for photos that’s crazy!! Get electric fencing 😂 love you guys ❤️

  43. StrikeZone

    StrikeZone17 일 전

    Guys there are a thing called condoms.....Use them 😂

  44. Brittany Henderson

    Brittany Henderson17 일 전

    I subscribe to o your channel can I have 100,000doallars

  45. Kyeli Wehlage

    Kyeli Wehlage18 일 전

    19:35 is prolly why you clicked on this video, your welcome !)

  46. Londue

    Londue18 일 전

    Aww shit here we go again

  47. Gaming With Essa

    Gaming With Essa18 일 전

    Pick up Noah from the farm for old times sake

  48. UHadMeAtZombie

    UHadMeAtZombie18 일 전

    Happy belated birthday to your father!

  49. zriod gaming

    zriod gaming18 일 전

    Do you know what a condom is for ?

  50. KingMorris

    KingMorris18 일 전

    Damn Flash got fat xD

  51. Kaitlyn Janssen

    Kaitlyn Janssen19 일 전

    I love the arborvitae around ur house

  52. Glizzoxk Lzz

    Glizzoxk Lzz19 일 전

    20:07 was Roman boutta rap Bobby shmurda 🤔😭

  53. Pxsion X

    Pxsion X19 일 전

    Only OG remember when romans dog Zeus was alive

  54. Zander Thibeault

    Zander Thibeault19 일 전

    People have no respect these days

  55. Pale Gamer

    Pale Gamer19 일 전

    Anyone else remember when Roman would drop Noah off in an empty lot and Noah went to grab a slurpee out of nowhere

  56. Philly215 King

    Philly215 King20 일 전


  57. Joseph Roy

    Joseph Roy20 일 전

    Damn, his mom is back at that shit again huh... poor Noah

  58. Joseph Roy

    Joseph Roy20 일 전

    ROMAN just put a damn condom on 😳🤠

  59. Jeffrey Ray

    Jeffrey Ray20 일 전

    Happy Birthday To Roman Father

  60. Ima Potato

    Ima Potato20 일 전

    I left like a week after Cora was born and for some reason I thought she was only like one lol 😂 Also she's so adorable oml 💖 (Edit: my two yo cousin doesn't say anything she just whines and points lol)

  61. Nate Ricketts

    Nate Ricketts20 일 전

    First vlog I’m watching in a VERY long time, looks like I’ve missed a lot!

  62. Kyle Mcdougall

    Kyle Mcdougall20 일 전


  63. Jack Mildren

    Jack Mildren20 일 전

    You can tell that there’s been a lot of action in the bedroom

  64. Jerome Williams

    Jerome Williams20 일 전

    Roman you want a body gaurd/security gaurd

  65. Jojo James

    Jojo James20 일 전

    August 16th is my parents anniversary

  66. Terry Cratsley

    Terry Cratsley20 일 전

    To the atwood family IAM a army vet and when I heard you lost your mom I felt bad for you and your family unfortunately last week I found out first hand what losing your mother feels like we're iam know in life losing here it's just bad but I look up to you for getting back on the camera and getting back in the game I love watching your videos and it helps me smile when things are at there worst.